5.22 – False hope

ScreenshotSariel’s POV

Pain ripped through my body as it forced my baby out.

Rex was at my side caressing my back and telling me sweet words of encouragement.


The nurse on the other hand was practically yelling at me to push, which was exactly what I was doing!

And then I heard my baby’s cries and my heart melted at the sound.


The nurse picked the baby up and went to clean her as I collapsed on the bed. Rex held my hand and smiled reassuringly before looking for the nurse.


(Yeah there was a weird technical color error, it’s actually a girl XD) I forced myself to sit up as the nurse came back with a little blue bundle…and a disapproving look. I started to panic at the idea something might be wrong with my child.


She walked over to Rex. “I’m sorry,” She said to the both of us. “She’s a supernatural.” She declared in a way that made it seem like one of the most tragic things on the planet. I remember the nurse during Mincia’s pregnancy had the same reaction.

Rex tensed.

The realization hit me. We both weren’t supernaturals, so how could my daughter be a supernatural?

“Your daughter is a vampire.” She said, confirming my suspicions. The baby wasn’t Rex’s…


The nurse put my baby girl in my arms and I looked up at Rex, trying to gage his reaction.

He finally turned around and gave me one long sad look.

“Rex I-” But he wouldn’t hear any of it. Without another word he left the room.

Ignoring the events, the nurse asked what the name of my baby would be.

“Zyla.” I replied. We’d already talked about names. I held back my tears and looked at my daughter’s face.

Would I have another child without a father?



I came home, with only Zyla, and was surprised to find my house was a lot more filled than usual.


Dad was the first to rush over.

“I came over as fast as I could the moment I heard about it! Is that my granddaughter?”


Dad didn’t have much time to say anything else as Mimi arrived and practically shoved him out of the way.

“Ooohhh she’s so cute! What’s her name??”

“Zyla.” I replied.

“She smells a bit like…” Mimi began sniffing the air above her.

“She’s a supernatural isn’t she?” Dad asked.


“Yeah, a vampire.” I confessed.

“A vampire?” Mimi frowned. “Rex isn’t a vampire. How….”

“It’s a long story.” I cut in.

Zyla gurgled a bit.


Mincia jumped beside me demanding my attention.

“Mom! Mom! You have to – Oh hi new baby – you have to help Peter!” At those words Peter got up from the couch as well.

I looked up at Peter and frowned. He avoided my eyes.

“What’s wrong with Peter?”


(I fixed it, now Zyla has her rightful pink colored blanket)

“What’s wrong is his family got kidnapped! Some stupid-”

“Mincia!” I cut in. She sighed heavily.

“Fine, dumb…” I continued looking at her disapprovingly.

“Ignorant! Ignorant people took Peter’s mom and brother away because they were supernaturals!” Mincia finished angrily.


“Peter…” I said as I looked at him. I had no idea his family were supernaturals.

“I’ve warned the police. And no, I’m not a supernatural.”


“So he needs a place to stay mom! Since his house burned down!”

“His house burned down?” Mincia nodded impatiently.

“Yes! Can he stay with us till they find his family? Please mom? Please?” Mincia pleaded.

“I’m sure he has other family he can go live with…”

“No, he only has us.”


Peter finally decided to chip in.

“I won’t be a bother. I’ll sleep on the couch and pay rent. Just until I find my family.” Peter said trying to convince me.

“Alright.” I agreed.  Peter had never been a bother and right now I had something else to worry about.


After giving a few final smiles, and not mentioning Rex, I headed to my room to put Zyla to bed. Zyla had fallen asleep in my arms quite easily a few minutes ago. Rosa followed me in and sat down in front of the crib.

I pulled out my cellphone.


I dialed Rex’s phone number and waited, but I only hit the answering machine. A sob built up in my throat and I ended the call, unable to find the voice to say anything. I dropped the phone and collapsed on the bed.

The tears flowed freely and I let the sobs shake my shoulders violently.  I’m a horrible person. I never should’ve lied. I never should’ve gone to that bar. I have no idea what happened there, but I shouldn’t have gone! I shouldn’t have yelled at Rex. Why can’t I seem to do anything right with Rex? It feels like I have no control…


Cain’s POV

I saw those flutters around Sariel, I know something’s wrong, and the fact that Rex isn’t here just adds to my suspicions.

I should go see my daughter and make sure she’s okay, but Mincia and Peter just left saying something about finding Peter’s family on their own…without supervision.

“What should I do Balt?” I asked the puppy.


Balt was silent. He awfully reminded me of my father’s lack of good humour.

“Fine then, I’ll take the children.”


I hurried outside to see what Peter and Mincia were up to. They weren’t playing outside like they said they would be and instead heading straight into the thin woods.  Instead of stopping them in their tracks, I decided to follow them to see what they thought could help find Peter’s family.

I was extremely surprised to find Mincia had led Peter to Charles. No, I was more surprised of the fact that Charles was still in town, and that Mincia knew him, and that Sariel didn’t know anything about this.


I put aside my surprise and observed the other person with Charles.

I could easily read Charles in a matter of seconds. He was harmless. He didn’t have any negative emotions, or positive for that matter. It was almost as if he was walking around half-asleep.

On the other hand, I couldn’t read anything from the green-haired person. The moment they noticed Peter, Mincia and probably me, they quickly left whatever conversation they were having with Charles.

“Mister!” Mincia called.


Charles turned at the sound of Mincia’s voice.

“Hi sir, remember me?” It doesn’t seem like either know they’re father and daughter…


“It’s starting to get cold, what are you doing here?” He asked. I frowned, if I hadn’t seen him with my own eyes I wouldn’t have recognized him. He didn’t sound at all like his normal self. This smells of supernatural doing, but who would do whatever they did to Charles, to a werewolf?

“Well I need your help. My friend’s,” Mincia pointed at Peter. “family got kidnapped by gangsters because they were supernaturals. The police are searching for them, but you’re a werewolf you could sniff them out!”


“Please mister. They’re stubborn enough to get themselves killed quickly.” Peter added.

Charles shook his head. “No. I can’t.” Charles said as he made eye contact with Peter.

I noticed Peter’s mood changed to surprise.


“Mister…I think someone cast a spell on you.” Peter said slowly.

Peter had never met Charles? How would he know?

Charles frowned.

“I’m sorry, it’s just…you’re not the first person I’ve seen with that kind of vacant look, or that need to stay in one place. My mom cast a curious amnesia spell on someone once. They were stuck in one place, trying to remember what they’d forgotten.” Peter explained.


“An amnesia spell…” Charles muttered.

“Amnesia? Doesn’t that mean to forget? What did you forget sir?” Mincia asked.

Someone chuckled from behind the trees. “How curious…” It whispered. I searched for the source, but I couldn’t sense anything.

“Who was that?” Peter asked looking around as I’d done.

“It’s a new friend of mine.” Charles replied. Charles took a deep breath. “I won’t help you find your family, but I can teach the little girl to hunt so she can find them.”


There’s something about Charles…no not Charles himself, but that friend of his. If I can’t sense them it can’t mean anything good.

It’s also getting really cold outside.

It feels so long since I last posted a chapter XD. First off sorry about the quality of this chapter, I had to force myself to write this in more than one place. It’s not as expected in some parts and better than what I thought in other parts…

And yes, I did that. Rex is not the father of the baby. That random vampire was. I’m sorry Sariel, but I guess vampires are more fertile….

I changed Mincia into a young male adult for the fun of it and I noticed Irene/Sariel/Mincia’s nose looks horrible on a guy. The nose is huge! I didn’t take a picture, sorry about that.

Charles seems to have a new friend.

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2 Responses to 5.22 – False hope

  1. LoveLegacies says:

    Nice chapter, I don’t get why you think it is not good, I finally know who is the father!!!


  2. brainofivane says:

    Oh no… 😦 Can’t say I didn’t see that coming though, but I hoped… I so hoped!

    This place isn’t safe for supernaturals. Geez… why on earth did Charles pick that place to kidnap Sariel to… *kicks Charles*

    Oh no… oh no… Do I want the amnesia spell broken? I don’t think I do…

    Anyway, I still want Sariel and REx to end up with each other!


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