5.24 – To solve list

ScreenshotMincia’s Detective Journal


You will be my official book where I document all the important stuff that happens in my life and ALL the mysteries. 😀

Well first off, Rosa got real old lately. Rosa is my mom’s dog that mysteriously came from my mom’s birth city which is VERY FAR AWAY. So far away there’s a whole ocean in between. Anyway, that was a mystery but turns out it was just boring old Rex. He’s apparently a witch but he refuses to do any magic tricks for me, which isn’t fair because mom told me she had an aunt who would do magic tricks for her.

Oh yeah and Rosa and Rex’s dog, Milo had a baby dog which they named after my great-grandpa who is my grandpa’s dad. His name was Balthier but some reason they decided to call the puppy Balt.


But really that’s not that important. No what’s really important is that I have a little sister. Yeah a thing that’s smaller than me. Mom and Rex built her a room like they did for me, and they decorated it, like they did for me. But my room is still way better.


Anyway, this kid is dumb! It’s horrible, I never met anything dumber that was human! Because, there’s Milo and he is as dumb as a dog. Rosa on the other hand is really smart.

Peter was telling me when I was Zyla’s age I was really smart. He read me mystery novel books and I actually knew who the culprit was! Whenever I try to read a mystery novel to Zyla she complains and throws her toys at it. It’s really annoying. The only thing she likes to do is play peek-a-boo which is really boring.


The only reason I’m talking about her is because I think there’s a mystery behind her.  Mom and Rex are supposed to be Zyla’s parents, but Zyla is a vampire and I’m pretty sure you need to have at least one parent as a vampire to be a vampire. She also has these golden eyes that no one in my family has. Maybe Rex’s parents have golden eyes, but it’s doubtful. But mom says Rex is her dad so we’ll have to put that mystery aside for now.

Speaking of dads, I should have one. There’s no way mom could have a baby all on her own, well from what mom and Peter tell me.  So I have to have a dad, but that’s a mystery I don’t want to solve just yet.


While we’re still on the subject of dads let’s switch to Eliott. Eliott is Miriam’s son and she just became pregnant one day. She kept telling me it just happened, but Peter says Miriam sleeps with a bunch of guys and one of them is the father.


Oh here’s the funny thing. Eliott also has golden eyes. Suspicious right? Then again it could just be a vampire thing.


One dad I’m positive about is my grandpa. I’m absolutely 100% he’s my mom’s dad. You can just see it in the fact that I have his eye color and Zyla has his hair. I love my grandpa, he comes to visit us ever few months and it’s always a ton of fun! He also likes to repair stuff around the house cause Rex sucks at it. Rex got electrocuted once and it was really funny, but then it was really disgusting because mom kissed him.


Rex and mom are always making out it which makes me want to gag. There was like this pause when Zyla was born and we barely saw Rex anymore and then he just came back and they just keep kissing! It’s another one of those mysteries I need to solve.


But right now I have a bigger mystery to solve. I have to help Peter find his family. The sir I’d found always hanging out on a rock accepted to teach me to hunt because he’s a werewolf too! He’s not very nice when we train, but so far I can find things that smell really strong from far away.

I can only train when it’s late at night, because or else mom would be asking questions and the mister doesn’t want anyone to know he’s here. When I asked him why he said his friend thought it was a good move.

And then I asked about his friend and he said he didn’t want to train for the rest of the night. I tried asking him again some other night and he finally replied that I might meet his friend some time. That’s another mystery. And let’s not forget I have to solve the mister’s memory too. I have way too many mysteries to solve!


Right now though, I have to focus on Peter! His family was kidnapped and when I’m good enough I’ll be able to sniff them out for him. The police are trying to find them, but they’re not having a lot of luck. Peter is living with us because his house burned down but I only see him when we eat and during my training. He goes to school during the day. Oh and he teaches me about math and how to write properly during the weekends. During the week days Rex and mom teach me boring stuff, like history or science. They don’t make learning as fun as Peter does cause they’re always too busy gushing over each other.

Well that’s it for today. I’m tired and mom is going to get really mad if she catches me still awake at 12 o’clock.

Mincia sure can write XD

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3 Responses to 5.24 – To solve list

  1. brainofivane says:

    “Yeah a thing that’s smaller than me.” – Again, I love Mincia’s voice. Too bad she didn’t win the poll… 😦 Tried not to spoil it for myself, but the latest heir poll kinda spoiled it for me with “it’s been fun writing Zyla” or something to that end…

    Zyla’s so cute with that peek-a-boo thing.

    “Anyway, this kid is dumb! It’s horrible” – hahaha… so mean! I can see now why she didn’t win…

    Oh dear… Elliott and Zyla aren’t half-siblings are they? O.o

    We love your grandpa too, Mincia…

    Love your character development as always… 🙂


  2. Loving Mincia as always ❤ I also had the next heir spoiled for me and I'm sad it's not her, but hopefully I'll still see more of Mincia in the chapters to come! =)

    Liked by 1 person

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