5.25 – The missing piece, where is it?

I highly recommend listening to A simple Life by Brain Crain. It is the sole motivator for this chapter (Pleer.com link : http://pleer.com/search?q=brain+crain)

ScreenshotCain’s POV

Sariel’s breath was calm and slow. Her chest rose and fell. On the outside, my daughter was sleeping.

I wish she was. I wish she was dreaming about butterflies and rainbows. I wouldn’t mind if she was having a nightmare, just as long as she was really sleeping. Because if she was, then I’d know she’d wake up.


Is there anything? Anything at all I could’ve done? Anything I could’ve changed so she’d be awake?


This feels like Irene’s death all over again. It feels like my fault once again and I can’t live with that.

But the difference here is that Sariel is still alive, there’s still something I can do. The doctor said it was due to the pregnancy, but I have a feeling it isn’t.

I need to go back in my memories, there has to be something I missed. There has to be something….



8 months ago…

“We were talking a walk when we stopped at the park.”


“Rex was telling me how much he loved me and then…”


“He bent down on one knee! I can’t tell you how surprised and confused I was. I’m ashamed to say it took me a little while to get what he was doing.”


“He pulled out a ring and asked if I wanted to marry him! It might have been just me, but that ring was amazingly bright.”


“I’m sure it isn’t hard to guess what I answered. It’s right after that I decided to tell him the news. I told him I was pregnant! And now it’s your turn, dad. I’m pregnant and engaged now!”



7 months ago…

“Hey grandpa! I can’t wait to see you again! You know, I kind of panicked when I found out mom was having ANOTHER baby. The idea that I’d have another brother or sister like Zyla made me exhausted. But I found out my sister wasn’t as dumb as I thought today!”


“See, I couldn’t get her to listen to me reading to ANYTHING. Well, ok, just mystery novels. She would act like a baby and wouldn’t let me read it to her! So I assumed she wasn’t very smart, but today she let me read her a novel! Of course it was a fairy tale called ‘Snow white and the dwarves’, but we’re getting there. I think there’s hope for my sister yet!”


“Eliott on the other hand, I don’t think so. He’s the most boring baby I’ve ever seen. He’s almost like a brother because Mimi always leaves him here or brings him when she babysits us. But I’m happy he isn’t. He doesn’t talk at all, barely makes any sounds and prefers spending time with the dogs. Every time Zyla tries to play blocks with him or something like that he gets up and walks away. I tried picking him up once but he hit me!”


“Anyway, I really prefer Zyla because she smiles a lot more than he does. I find it cool even though we’re two different supernaturals that we both have glowing eyes! Ok, well sorry for bothering you! I talked too much, it’s Peter’s fault. Bye!”



6 months ago…

“Hi dad. I’m sorry you can’t come visit yet, but don’t worry we’ll postpone the marriage so you can be there! And either way, Rex and I have decided to wait until after the pregnancy. Speaking of, we’re a little low on money so we decided to put the crib in Zyla’s room for now. Rex is being paid well, but we’re going to have to wait a little before having enough to build another room.”


“Oh and Balt grew a lot since your last visit! Balt is a nice mix of both his parents, but personally I like to think he looks more like Rosa.”


“And he’s starting to open up more too. Balt used to follow only little Eliott around, but these days he’s taken quite a liking to Mincia. Especially when she’s in werewolf form. Something that’s happening a lot more often. I don’t know anything about werewolves dad. I hear controlling your werewolf side is extremely hard to do, but Mincia doesn’t need to control her werewolf side. She can change as she pleases as long as it’s at home.”


“I’ve noticed her hunting a good few times and she’s getting better at it at a surprising pace. I know my daughter’s smart dad, but I’m thinking she might have a werewolf teaching her. Yet, when I asked her about it she said there wasn’t. I’m not too sure if I should believe her or not.”


“Oh, Zyla’s making a fuss, I have to go! That little girl is magnificent, she laughs more than Mincia ever did as a toddler, but to be honest, her smile isn’t like the one Mincia used to give me. I’ll talk to you later.”



5 months ago…

“Hi dad, something weird happened today. We had a blackout. It wasn’t anything terrifying, but when the lights came back on we were missing someone. That cute little silent boy, Eliott wasn’t anywhere to be found. My children were safe, but we couldn’t find Miriam’s little boy. There was a huge panic before we finally found him, hiding behind the t.v. set. Somewhere we’d already searched.”


“Miriam said it was probably his vampire side. She said we didn’t know anything about vampire powers after all, they could be anything. I didn’t think so. I found a long green hair stuck on his clothes, dad, and that, for some reason, worries me. But what worries me most was Miriam’s reaction. She’d been really scared and she stuck to the idea that his vampire side would take him away from her. She told me she was going to search for a way to make him into a human.”


“She also told me I should do the same. That my children would be fine as children, but when they grew up it was going to be complicated to stay in this town. It’s one of the worst places I could’ve chosen to raise supernatural kids, she’d told me. I know she’s right dad, I mean you’ve said so too, that I should move. But I can’t bring myself too. Rex’s job is here, I have two kids and a baby on the way and I feel like this house is more like home than the one in Twinbrook ever was for me. So for now, I’ll stay. As long as we have each other right?”



3 months ago…

“Dad, I think I’m being watched. It might sound crazy, but it first appeared when I was outside with Zyla. I’d discovered that vampires don’t get cold. Temperature doesn’t affect them. I found that out when Zyla refused to let me put a coat on her. She struggled and said it was itchy and not comfortable.”


“I was sitting on the bench and I had this horrible chill in my back. I guess it could’ve been the winter wind, but you’ve raised me to trust my gut instincts and I’m pretty sure that chill wasn’t natural.”


“When I turned around to see if someone was watching me, I only saw leaves. Another weird thing I noticed, Zyla seemed oddly receptive. She kept searching for something around me and I swear her eyes glowed more than before. When I got up because of the paranoia she stopped fidgeting.”


“But, my hormones are raging right now, and it could just be my maternal instincts kicking in. After all, I only get the chill when I’m with Zyla.”



1 month ago…

“Hey, grandpa I was hoping you could give me some advice. I usually ask Miriam or Peter, but Miriam is never there anymore. It’s really weird. Sometimes she comes to visit and drops Eliott over for a few hours, but that’s it. And Peter, well he’s the one I want advice with. You see he used to be a lot of fun.  He used to get me new mystery novels and we used to play these real fun detective games!”


“I guess it’s because the police haven’t found his family yet and he must be disappointed because I’m not able to hunt well enough to…Ok, can you promise me you won’t tell this to mom? Ok, well I found a werewolf! And he’s agreed to teach me how to be a werewolf that way I can help Peter. Please don’t tell mom, the man doesn’t want anyone to know. I just told you because you don’t live here so…”


“The point is, I want to do something to cheer Peter up. He’s been here for a year even though mom told him only a few weeks. Soon he’s going to be an adult and he’s going to have to leave. I think he might be sad about that too. I’m trying to help him find his family, but that’s not working very well so do you have an idea grandpa?  I just really want funny Peter back. Oh well…thanks anyway.”



A few days ago…

“Hi Cain! I’m glad you answered! This is a very short call, my fiancé, I mean your daughter, is in labour! I’m calling you to let you know! I need to get to hospital now!”

Yeah…Sariel is comatose…And we have the third and final child.

Can you find what it is that sent Sariel in a coma? It might not be as obvious as it seems…I’d love to hear your ideas 😀

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6 Responses to 5.25 – The missing piece, where is it?

  1. brainofivane says:

    Oh wow. Never heard of Brain Crain before. Loving the music. O_O

    Okay… “this feels like Irene all over again” coming from Cain is never an indication of anything good. Waaaa!!!

    Mincia ought to be a writer at some point…

    Why won’t you move, Sariel?! Rex can find a job elsewhere!! *calms down*

    I don’t know! I never know what’s on your mind… And it’s frustrating. >.< Go write a novel, blamsart (what's your name anyway?) I'll definitely buy it.


    • blamsart says:

      Yeah Brian Crain makes some nice music.
      Yes! I was thinking the same thing! You must move Sariel! Do not be so emotionally attached! I guess she still hopes in a way that things can be fixed…?

      Ah man, I try writing novels, but I never finish them…


  2. Emily Anne says:

    No clue about the coma, (although I will continue reading after work to find out) but the music was a great touch to the story!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh man. See? Once again Sariel is rendered helpless by forces outside of her control. It’s so frustrating, but at the same time it’s obviously not her fault. So I’m not annoyed with her, just at the fact that this keeps happening and that there currently doesn’t seem to be anything she can do to prevent it! I want to say the green haired girl had something to do with it because she’s been watching them and even snapped up Eliott once, but….I don’t understand the purpose of it all. Must. Keep. Reading.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m loving this legacy so far! It’s so amazingly written

    Liked by 1 person

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