5.26 – Accidental discoveries

ScreenshotMincia’s POV

I walked cheerfully beside my mom’s room.

“Good night mom!” I called out. I placed my hands behind my head as I waited for an answer. Maybe this time she would answer…maybe this was time she could hear my voice…


Angry at myself for hoping once again, I charged into my room, fighting the tears that threatened to escape.


“You get better now!” I said to myself in the mirror, imitating a pose I’d seen on t.v.

It didn’t work.


I made funny faces at myself in the mirror. I sighed; it would be funnier if it was someone else doing it.



Rex’s POV

Zyla clung to my leg as I brought her brother to see their mother. I stared sadly at the wires attached to her, tubes that were the only thing keeping her alive.


William looked at the sleeping form of his mother with the same turquoise eyes as her.


In the first few months we used to spend all of our time here. Me, Zyla, Mincia and William, but soon the visits weren’t as frequent, and Mincia stopped entering Sariel’s room all together.  I wish I could talk to her, but I don’t know what to say…

So for now, I’ll make sure Zyla and William get to meet their mother and that when she finally opens her eyes, she’ll have a couple of smiling faces waiting.



Cain’s POV

I checked my pocket as I walked to make sure the bag containing the strands of hair was still there.

After a lot of thinking, I came to the conclusion it couldn’t be anyone other than that green-haired woman. There was no other explanation as to how Sariel could be in a coma! Somehow, that woman was involved.

With that thought in mind I’d laid in wait to see if she would come stalking the house like I’d caught her doing once. I didn’t have any luck, but I did find a couple of green hair strands.


With this, all day today, I’d asked people if they’d seen a woman with this shade of hair. All the answers were negative and I even received a couple of weird looks. There was only one person who’d been helpful. It was a homeless man who’d seen the fruits of my personal investigation.


He told me that any mystery I wanted to solve was hidden in the mansion up in the fields. He didn’t say much more, and due to a lack of leads, I headed for it. If it didn’t turn out promising, I’d drop the strands of hair at the science lab and hopefully get some more information on the woman.

The mansion finally came into view, and it was huge, at least three stories tall! I wonder what type of people live there.


I stopped in my tracks as I confirmed the sound of footsteps behind me. For some while now I’d sensed two men following me.  I guess it’s only natural, I was looking for trouble after all.


I started to turn around to greet my not-very-subtle stalkers when the butt of a gun collided with my head.


My head spun from the shock and I collapsed on the ground. I vaguely heard voices and what sounded like the beeps of a cellphone.

“do….him now? yes….m’am…”

Slowly I lost consciousness as hands searched and found the bag of precious evidence.



No one’s POV

“You said you would help me.”


“You said you knew how to get my memories back.”

“I do.”


“Which brings my original question back. Why aren’t you helping me? I’m tired of being stuck here. I’m tired of not remembering and always thinking I nearly have it. I’m tired of not being able to do anything else with my life.”Screenshot-16

The woman laughed and Charles frowned.

“I don’t see what’s so funny.”

“You have to be patient. This isn’t all about you. My interests are much more important than yours.”

“Can’t you at least tell me who it was? Who did this to me?” Charles continued.


“Nope.”  She said with a delighted smile. “But I can tell you that it’s linked to that little werewolf you’ve been training.”

His eyes lit up (figuratively speaking considering they already are shining) at the new information.

“How? I knew I felt some sort of connection with her but…”


“Here. Have some pity food.” She interrupted, throwing Charles an apple as she stood up.

Charles greedily ate the apple. Without this woman’s ‘pity food’ he would’ve died of starvation a long time ago. It’s for that only reason that Charles restrained himself from pressuring her further. Seems he would stay in this amnesiac state for a little while longer.



Zyla’s POV

Have you ever had a mother? I thought I did, until I saw the ones on t.v. and realized Miriam was Eliott’s mother.

My mother was always behind a door. I vaguely remember having seen her, I think she had blue hair like William.

I never go in the room, because I’m scared. So, I do like my big sister Mincia used to do, I talk to my mother through the door and hope she can hear me.  And normally that’s enough.


But there are some days, like today, where the curiosity gnaws inside me and I want to open the door. I want to see what my mother looks like…


But then there’s always something that snaps me out of it; be it a dog’s bark, William’s cries, or in this case my big sister.

“Whatcha you doing?” Mincia asked in an annoyed voice.


“Nothing!” I quickly answered.

“Nothing? You were standing in front of mom’s door, wanting to go in again weren’t you?” She asked in a way that made me feel like it was a bad thing. I kept my mouth shut.


“We should just pull the plug already! Keeping mom alive is just bringing us all down.” Mincia exclaimed in anger. Dad tensed and I wanted to run out of the room. Mincia and dad never got along well, I think it might be because he’s not her dad but I’m not sure.


“You take that back.” Dad said in an angry voice.

“No! It’s true and you know it!” Mincia declared glaring back at him.

“Dad….sis….” I mumbled nervously. I didn’t want them to fight again.


“Go to your room if you won’t change your attitude!”

“Screw you! Mom’s never going to wake up! Get that through your dumb skull!” Mincia yelled back. I wanted to put my hands over my ears.

“Right now Mincia.” Dad said in a scary voice.


Still glaring she went to her room.

“I can’t wait till I can get out of this sad house.” She shot back before slamming the door.



Mincia’s POV

I climbed out the window and closed it behind me. Rex was so stubborn it was frustrating! Sometimes I wish he’d leave and only grandpa would be stuck taking care of us.


Ever since mom gave birth to William everything just…crumbled. First off I had to start wearing glasses and these freckles appeared on my face. Second off, Charles finally said I was ready to start hunting for Peter’s family. Boy was I happy at the news! I was such a naive little kid back then.


Both Peter and I had actually thought we’d find his family on the first try, but noooo that really wasn’t the case. Every night I’d transform and search for his family using the smell from various objects Peter would give me. I’d always get a lead, but usually it led me to the garbage or homeless people.


Transforming every night took its toll on me and Rex started to ask questions. That’s when our relationship took a wrong dive. I was always tired, impatient and angry from lack of sleep and socialization. I took it out on Rex and then I took it out on Peter.


While Rex and I swam in sour waters, my angry attitude towards Peter actually turned out for the best. He understood my situation and stopped pressuring me. Having reached the age, Peter moved out and bought himself an apartment.  He works most of the time, but he still comes to see me on weekends like he did when I was younger. Which means every weekend I hunt for his family, which is already a lot better than every night.


I hate that my mom is ‘sleeping’.  She used to be the one that made sure I had a good education, and gave me homework and such, but now that she’s in a coma it’s like everyone forgot I’m supposed to be ‘homeschooled’. At first Rex wanted to continue, but after one angry fight between him and me he just gave up. Peter sometimes gives me things to do, but it’s not the same. I’m stuck searching at the library and even there, there aren’t any schoolbooks.


Because it was unbelievably boring being at home, I took the habit of taking walks, constantly. Mom used to tell me I shouldn’t go outside too much or people would know I’m a werewolf, but I’ve managed to prove her wrong. Unless I actually transform into a werewolf, no one knows I’m a supernatural! Apparently naturals who don’t have any kind of supernatural blood don’t see ‘glowing eyes’. That being most of the people in this town.


Doesn’t mean I can’t be careful.  There are still people who have a relation to a supernatural, like Miriam, who don’t like supernaturals. One reason why I’m happy I have glasses, I can just blame it on the reflection of light or something.


I stopped in my tracks as an oddly familiar smell wafted to my nose…A smell I’d been searching for years!

I couldn’t smell as well in my human form, but the smell was close enough for me to recognize it.


It felt surreal…I couldn’t just accidently stumble onto THE smell, while walking a road I always walked, without actually searching for it. I couldn’t have actually found Peter’s family?

I ran following the smell, my heart thumping in my chest at the image of Peter’s overjoyed face when I’d tell him the news.


The smell led me to a place I’d been to on more than one occasion. This was Peter’s old home, where it had been before the fire had reduced it to ashes.  The town took it down and since then it’s been overgrown with grass.


There was a boy in the middle of the scenery, it was from him the smell was coming from.

He looked like Peter, he had Peter’s hair color and he vaguely reminded me of Peter. The age fit, everything fit! I coughed to attract the boy’s attention.


He turned around sighing and looking like he’d just woken up from a nap.


“Yeah?” He answered to my earlier ‘ahem’. One look at his bright green eyes confirmed my suspicions. He was, without a doubt, Michael, Peter’s little brother!

I so felt like doing a victory dance right now.

Poor Mincia, she was so lonely when she was a kiddo *hugs*. She turned out really pretty! Now is it just me or does Mincia awfully look like Anna from Frozen? Minus the glasses of course.


Man that movie was awesome. Magical ice powers!

Oh wow, Michael what could you possibly be doing there?

And really Cain? You should know better than to investigate on your own. And what is with that ‘there is no other way that Sariel could be in a coma?’. There are several other ways you’re just to lost in the past right now to see what’s right in front of you!

And for the curious ones, little William is not a witch. That would’ve been pretty cool if all three children were all different supernaturals XD. I’m kind of disappointed he didn’t get anything from Rex.

Okay I’m done, enjoy this chapter that refused to write itself. XD

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4 Responses to 5.26 – Accidental discoveries

  1. brainofivane says:

    Love your screenshots so much. Anyway…

    Don’t get yourself killed, Cain.

    Of course… Cain loses consciousness. Again.

    I feel sorry for Zyla… 😦

    My goodness… so many questions… where are the answers? O.o


  2. Skcaga6 says:

    Mincia telling Rex they should “pull the plug” brought back so many memories for me. It was a choice I had to make for my own father. Hardest choice ever to make and 12 years later, still breaks my heart and makes me wonder if it was the right choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      It’s….definitely not an easy choice to make.
      Sometimes it’s easier to imagine what they would’ve wanted. Would they rather you pull the plug or wait and see what could happen?


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