5.27 – Meetings and Reunions

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

“William no.” I said to my little brother as I grabbed his hands. I smiled at him to let him know I wasn’t angry.


“You can’t eat the dog food.” I said. He gave me a little frown. My little brother was so adorable, but I really couldn’t wait till he stopped trying to eat everything! He even ate the ear off my teddy bear!

“Whhyyyy?” William whined. He tried to reach for the dog food, but I caught his hands again. “Doggy eat!”

“But you’re not a doggy!”


The front door opened and Eliott came in letting a huge burst of cold air into the house. I let go of William’s hands and he let himself fall on his little behind.

“Hey William, let’s go do something fun together ok?” Grandpa said as he walked over. Grandpa always did that when Eliott came over because he knew how much I liked playing with Eliott. And William always needs to be entertained!


“Bye William!” I called.

“Bye!” William waved as Grandpa picked him up.


Grandpa doesn’t actually live here. He told me he was just staying here till my mother woke up. But I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.


Eliott and I got on the bascule dad bought for me on my birthday.

I’m a vampire and so is Eliott, actually he’s the only other vampire I know! So, in a way, we have to be friends. We used to not be friends, I think, but then we realized we were the same! Mincia is a werewolf and dad is a witch, and William is a natural like grandpa and Miriam, so we have to be friends.

I like being friends with Eliott, but sometimes I wish he would talk more. He’s always so quiet. I have to be the first one to talk!


“Hey Eliott? What is it like having a mom? My mom is always sleeping, but you have a mom who’s awake and takes care of you.” I said.

Eliott sighed. He did that a lot.


“It’s awful. I’d rather have my mom sleeping.” Eliott said as he got off the bascule.


“It can’t be that bad!” I said, quickly running over to him.

“Yeah it can. Do you know what she does all day Zyla? Do you know why I’m always here playing with you?”

I shook my head.


“It’s because my mom is trying to find a way to make me human. She can’t like me for who I am so she’s always trying to ‘fix’ me as she says. I wish I had another mother.” Eliott replied.

I looked down sadly.

“Yeah, I wish I had another mother too.”


“Hey wouldn’t it be cool if we had a mother that was a vampire like us?” I asked.

“Yeah! That way she would actually like us for us!” Eliott agreed. I was more thinking along the lines of her helping us know how to be vampires, but that worked too.

“Well how convenient, I’ve been looking for children of my own.”


Eliott and I turned around at the sound of the new voice. The green hair immediately set Eliott on defensive.

“Go away! Mr.Cain said you were a bad person!” Eliott said.

I felt kind of bad for not noticing right away. I stayed behind Eliott.


“Yeah! Because of you my mom is in a coma!” I shouted at her. If Eliott thought she was the bad person grandpa kept talking about, she had to be.


“You have to have the wrong person. I’ve never met your mother.” She said.

Eliott and I gasped at the sight of her sharp teeth. She was a vampire! But her eyes didn’t glow…But there was that V mark.


“You’re a vampire?” Eliott asked. We both automatically looked away from her fangs, it somehow seemed impolite.


“Of course I am, this town is practically run by vampires! Didn’t you know that?”  She asked.

A weird smell wafted to my nose. It smelled a bit like Mincia’s burned macaroni she tried to cook a few days ago.

“No…” Eliott answered.


“Well hey, I could tell you all about it. How’s that sound?”

“Yes!” Eliott replied, sounding very excited. I was still a little doubtful, but I trust Eliott.

“Well not today, I have to go, but I’ll come back soon okay? Don’t tell anyone about me though, most people don’t like vampires.” The vampire said, smiling and showing her tall fangs.

I touched my small fangs and felt a small pang of jealousy.

“Okay!” Eliott agreed.



Mincia’s POV

I hadn’t wanted to break in Peter’s apartment, but I was afraid Michael would just up and leave. He was unbelievably hard to convince. At first he didn’t believe I knew his brother Peter, and then when I finally convinced him, he didn’t care at all that his brother had been searching for him for years! When I tried to convince him to come and see Peter he was really reluctant and kept saying he had better things to do.


It was even harder, because he preferred playing with distractions rather than listening to me, but I dragged him all the way to Peter’s apartment.  But then we got here and Peter wasn’t there, so I broke into the room using some special tools I found at the store a few years back.

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I waited for Peter.


Meanwhile though I ‘observed’ a half-asleep Michael.  Peter had never really talked that highly about his little brother, but I hadn’t expected him to be like…this! I also hadn’t expected to find him just standing around on the ashes of his old home. Peter was so amazing it was hard to understand that it wasn’t somehow genetic.

“So…witch eh?” I asked, trying to break the ice.

He opened his eyes slightly.

“Witch sounds girly. Wizard is better.” He replied before closing his eyes again. He wasn’t much for conversation either, compared to Peter. No really, Peter was a lot better than his little brother.


“Well, Mr.Wizard, if you don’t mind my asking, where the hell have you been for the last few years?”

He completely opened his eyes in a bored manner. Our eyes met and I waited for him to respond. He didn’t take long to change positions to look at the door.

“When is my amazing big brother coming?”

I felt a little angry at his lack of respect for Peter.


Footsteps were heard walking behind the door. Excited, I sprung from my seat and rushed to the door.

The footsteps, however, simply faded away.

Michael snickered.


“Hey, what’s so funny?” I asked, turning sharply on my heels.

Our eyes met, and once again he looked away quickly. What is it up with him? Is he just naturally shy or something?

“Absolutely nothing.” He said in his bored tone again.

“Aren’t you the least bit excited to see your brother?”

He sighed and passed his hand through his hair. I rolled my eyes, I won’t be getting any useful information from him.


The door flung open and Peter walked in. Oblivious to his surroundings he dropped his keys on the corner. It’s only then that he noticed us. Or more he noticed me first :).

“Mincia?” He frowned. “What are you-”


His eyes drifted to Michael.



Michael said nothing. He didn’t move, he didn’t speak, and he didn’t make a sound. If I hadn’t known better he would’ve looked dead from here.


It didn’t take two seconds for Peter to grab his brother off the couch and give him a hug. Michael remained impartial to the whole exchange as my heart melted from the sight of two brothers reunited. It was like watching that soap opera that plays on Saturdays.

Michael completely ruined the moment by giving me a this-is-all-your-fault look.


I rolled my eyes. I could care less what Michael thinks.  All that really mattered was that Peter was happy.

I cleared my throat. “I found him where your old house was.” I expertly sneaked in.


Smiling Peter walked over to me.

Rolling his eyes, Michael slumped on the couch.

“Thank you Mincia.” Peter said as he hugged me.

I was so happy, my heart was nearly bursting with joy!

I like writing about teenagers! Always so focused on themselves… So boom brotherly reunion!

And also, we have finally seen that face I’d been continuously trying to sneakily hide to cast suspicion. Is she like you imagined?

And and….Cain is an elder now! I’ve never felt so sad to see a sim become old. He completely caught me off guard with his age up. I hadn’t expected it to be come so quick…

Lastly, it is official. This is now the longest generation so far! (Cain’s generation was 26 chapters long)

EDIT: I realize I didn’t really explain what happened to Cain after the last chapter. It wasn’t important in enough to put in the chapter. They didn’t do anything to him apart from taking the green hair. They dropped him off in front of his house as a sort of ‘warning’. One he took. Cain knows better than to ignore a warning.

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3 Responses to 5.27 – Meetings and Reunions

  1. Ica says:


    wow you have been busy in the small time i had no internet.. good job! 😛

    uh oh.. whats with Micheal? I can hear the omenious DUH DUH DUHHHHHHHH loud and clear.. Hehe Elliot and Zyra are siblings arent they? Peter became good looking too… ahh ok word jumble thing is done… for now 😉


    • blamsart says:

      She did! I loved how she turned out!
      And yes, I just love this family so much, I can’t get enough of them XD.
      Eliott and Zyla siblings? *shrugs innocently* Who knows…


  2. GIJo says:

    PETER IS SO PRETTY!!! Gaah! Look at dat face. He definitely suits stubble.
    Sorry, just had to comment – I’m in the middle of catching up because I only just found this blog! Its Amazing! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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