5.28 – It makes you think…

ScreenshotWilliam’s POV

I barely had the time to hang my coat up that I immediately caught sight of Zyla’s huge smile.

“William!” She exclaimed as she saw me come in.


“That’s me!” I replied cheerfully.

“How was school!?” She quickly asked. I opened my mouth to reply, but already a torrent of other questions came out of hers. “Did you make any friends? Do you have any homework? Are the teachers mean? I wish I could go to school too! Was it fun!?”


“Eh…it was actually kind of boring.” I replied once she paused to breathe. She looked at me like I was kidding.


“No really. All we did was introduce ourselves. We didn’t learn anything at all. I don’t even have homework.” I told Zyla. She’d been so excited for it, I had actually expected more from school.


“Ah! William! Come over here I need your help with something!” Grandpa called from across the room.

He needs my help? Only one thing came to mind. Something I’d seen on t.v. last night…


“You can change your own diapers grandpa!” I replied before running into my room.



Zyla’s POV

“Hey come on, I’m not that old!” Grandpa called after William. I chuckled.  William was weird sometimes. As if grandpa had diapers!


Seeing dad trying to not laugh made me smile even bigger. “That kid watches too much t.v.” Grandpa glanced between us two. “It really isn’t that funny!”


“Daaaaddd?” I asked as I walked over to my father with long strides. “Why can’t I go to school again?”

I knew the answer, but I really wanted to go. I wanted to have other friends than Eliott. And since I can’t hang out outside to meet new people for a reason that doesn’t make sense to me, I want to at least go with William to school!

Grandpa smiled and went to the bathroom.


But daddy didn’t even have the time to answer when the front door slammed open. Mincia came coming in, her face so twisted in anger at first I thought she was in her werewolf form…

“How could you!?” She yelled at dad. Feeling another fight coming I grabbed onto daddy’s arm.



“You inconsiderate asshole! Did you only ever think about yourself?!” Mincia yelled, cutting off dad. I flinched at her use of swear words and clutched dad’s arm tighter.


“Mincia? What’s wrong? What did I do?” Dad asked and I could clearly hear the worry in his voice. What could have made Mincia so angry?

“What di-As if you didn’t know! What good did it do?!”


“Minc-” I started to say, but my big sister ignored me.

“I always knew you weren’t my father, but I never thought you would be the reason I didn’t have one!” She snapped.


“You’re talking about Charles!” Dad suddenly realized, an angry frown forming on his face.

“Dad…” I said weakly, tugging at my daddy’s sleeve.

“Yeah! The man you put a fucking spell on so you’d have mom all to yourself!” Mincia shouted.


“You’re at fault here too mom!” Mincia shouted at mom’s door, pushing dad aside before he could say anything. “You said he left us alone! That he was a psycho and a goddamn jerk! Well you know what, you were wrong!”

Tears filled my eyes at all the yelling. I hated this!

“Mincia!” I pleaded.


“Mincia!” Dad snapped, drowning out my voice. He grabbed her arm and she spun around angrily.

“Let me go! I don’t know what you’re even doing here anymore! The only child you’re father to is William! Guess you just weren’t enough for mom eh!?”


I couldn’t take it anymore. They wouldn’t listen to me! Just yelling and yelling!

Tears streaming down my face, I ran out of the house as quickly as I could.


All I wanted now was someone who would listen to me. All I wanted right now was a hug.


So I thanked whatever god there was when someone with open arms awaited me outside.


I let myself cry.


From that moment on, this vampire became an eternal source of comfort for me.



Mincia’s POV

Unable to say another word, and unwilling to hear any I headed straight for William and Zyla’s room the moment I had finished yelling at Rex. I was still fuming mad about what Rex had done to my father!

Just moments ago, Charles had revealed to me I was his daughter. His ‘friend’ had released the spell on him and he remembered everything.


But he said he had to leave. He’d used finished a good few years of his life stuck here, trying to remember something he had forgotten and he wanted to catch up on everything he’d missed. It made me sad, because that was just one more person that neglected me. After I led Michael to Peter, well let’s just say I haven’t heard a word from Peter since.

Unable to decide whether to feel sad or angry, I said hi to William. He was up to his usual scientific stuff.


Seeing me arrive he quickly put away his lab suit.

“Mincia! Is it true? Is dad really not Zyla’s dad??”


“It really makes you think….if that’s true how can I be sure he’s even MY father?” William wandered off in his thoughts.


“Nah, I’m 100% sure he’s your dad. It’s obvious he’s not Zyla’s cause she’s a vampire and the only way to have a vampire kid is to have at least one vampire parent.” I explained.

“Well then maybe we have a different mother….” William said, nodding his head like it was an elaborate plot twist.

“Um…no. I really really doubt that.”


“Well then that explains it.” William declared. I raised an eyebrow.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, since I’m dad’s only child, it makes sense now that I’m his favorite.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“It’s pretty obvious Mincia…This science lab kit he bought for me is proof.”


“You’re kidding right?” I asked, unable to stop a small chuckle from escaping. “Sure he bought you a science lab kit, but who has her own room? And who has her own seesaw?”

It took a few moments before he accepted my arguments and laughed along. “Okay, yeah you’re right.”


“Oh! Oh! Oh! Do you want to see how I make ‘potions’?” Wiliam asked excitedly. I didn’t have much of choice as he was already putting on his lab coat.

Watching William make weird faces as he mixed potions made me smile even more.


There was a reason why I come to see William when I’m mad against Rex. I never have to tell him what I’m mad about, I don’t even think he realises I’m mad, but after a few minutes of hanging out with my little brother, my frown is turned upside-down.

Don’t go hating on comatose Sariel now…She can’t even defend herself!

And it’s official! This is the ‘last’ chapter, sort of, of this generation! Only three chapters are left, and these are Mincia, Zyla and William’s parts. So start thinking about who to vote for 😀

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5 Responses to 5.28 – It makes you think…


    ….well I assume we’ll find out later? WE BETTER.

    And I don’t blame Mincia for being angry. They should have been honest with her from the start. Then maybe she’d understand better. Right now she only sees this subdued, relatively harmless Charles and that’s not the man her father was. Doesn’t help either that Sariel can’t speak up to defend herself. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. I wish I could read faster, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      We are supposed to find out eventually but because the story veered somewhere else it’s not been officially answered.
      I’ve been doing ‘one shots’ where I fill up old plot holes or just show some cute day to day stuff of some characters. The readers are voting on the ones they want, and that very much needed one shot will answer all the questions from this chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Duiricloud13 says:

    Gahhhhhh…oh, green-haired vampire, how much I want to spoil everything for new readers! Seriously, I’m making myself go crazy with all these old characters and how much I want to talk about them, before remembering you get a lot of new readers and I’m forced to keep my mouth shut! XD But seriously though, I miss all the vampires – Zyla, Simon, Kevil, Ms. Green-Haired (because spoiling her name to others would be unfair!), etc. etc.. We see a lot of James here and there, as he’s pretty much everybody’s favorite, so I can’t say I miss him that much.

    Also Mincia, don’t be sad! It’s better to have a good father figure in your life who’s not your dad than to have an asshole who is! Rex only wants the best for you, and I’m sure he’s at his wits end with the stresses of raising you three AND dealing with Sariel anyways!

    (As always, wonderful work! I seriously can’t stress that enough! ^-^)

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Thanks for not spoiling!
      Ahh I miss them too, they really brought about a whole new era to this legacy XD

      Thank you so much for the praise, it always means a great deal to know people appreciate this story!


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