5.29 – Mincia’s Part

ScreenshotMincia’s POV

I’m annoyed.

No, I’m beyond annoyed, I’m frustrated. Even better, I’m PISSED.

I did an amazing thing for Peter. I found his brother! A brother he’d been looking for, for years! Yet how does he thank me? A simple hug and goodbye? At first I thought they just needed time alone so I didn’t mind leaving, but it’s when he didn’t come see me the weekend after that I started to worry.


So I went to see him at his apartment, but he was never there and the key wasn’t where he usually left it. After that I called him. I called him every day and left a message. Weeks later, Peter finally called me back and left a message when I wasn’t there.

A message telling me to stop calling him, thanking me once again for finding his brother and telling me to do other things with my weekends.


That’s one ‘abandonment’ in my life. The other is my ‘father’. When he said he wanted to do all the things he missed out on I didn’t think it meant he would never come back. Now I felt bad for having yelled at Rex, but I’m too stubborn to tell him that.


I’m lonely. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have a real relationship with Rex. My relationship with my mother doesn’t count as social interaction. I’d like to hang out with my grandpa, but he looks so weak I’m afraid he’ll break down if I so much as hug him. Zyla is okay…but she’s just so…girly. And she’s always hanging out with Eliott. I’m not forgetting William, but he’s easily distracted and I’d really just like some interaction with people my age or older.


I finished an extremely exciting and gory murder mystery novel. I’d never read anything like it before! I usually didn’t do this, but for this book I read the thanks section. There was the usual thanks to the family, to the editors and the friends, but there was one odd thank you I’d never seen before.

A special thanks to this website for the inspiration.

Under the phrase was the website itself. Controlled by curiosity, and lack of anything else to do before my shift at my new job, I decided to check it out.


I pulled up the website.

Nothing exciting happening in your life? Completely out of inspiration? Have you lost interest in life itself? Or maybe you’re just trying to kill time?

Either way, this game will fulfill any desires for a thrilling adventure you’ve ever had.

You’ll get to meet new people, build your character, discover abilities you probably never knew you had, and most importantly, make memories that will last you a lifetime.

If you’re interested, click the sign in button on the bottom.


Hell yeah, I’m interested! I clicked on the sign in button. I was expecting to have to fill out some personal information and an email address, but surprisingly enough it wasn’t the case.

Thank you for signing on! We assure you this is not a decision you will regret!

Please insert your full name in the box below.

Before letting you join the game, we will need you to invite two of your friends. Just to keep the game interesting.

An idea suddenly came to mind. If I invite Peter, then he’ll have to have contact with me and explain exactly what happened. And for the second person…well I’ll just add Michael. I put in both their names and their last names, including mine and pressed the ‘ok’ button.


A loading screen appeared.

Please wait while we localize you and your friends.

An attendant will be with you shortly.



The computer screen went black and the lights in the room turned off. I frowned. A blackout?


I got up from my seat. So much for that. It sounded pretty interesting too.


The door creaked and I spun around. Nothing had moved. I swear I heard a door open though…I walked to the door and peeked through the window.

That’s weird. The lights outside the computer lab were open….only this room was out of power?


A movement caught my eye and before I could react my arm was roughly grabbed and pierced with a needle.

I didn’t have time to scream or be surprised as the substance made my vision lose focus.


And soon enough, my mind shut down and I fell to the floor, quietly and unnoticed…

One down two to go!


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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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1 Response to 5.29 – Mincia’s Part

  1. brainofivane says:

    Whoa… This is really interesting. I kinda feel bad that Mincia didn’t win. Would’ve liked to know where this goes. Even if it has a very “Cain” vibe to it.


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