5.30 – Zyla’s Part

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

“Really?” I asked again, still unsure.

“Yes, I’m sure she’s fine.” Dad repeated. William swayed on his feet as worried as I was. Mincia hadn’t been seen for at least two days!


“How do you know? Have you seen her dad? Are you sure she’s okay?” William asked.

“Yes I-”

“When will she come back? And if she’s fine why did you talk to the police?” I cut in.

“Hey you two!” Grandpa interrupted.


We both turned to look at grandpa.

“Your big sister is missing, but the police is looking into it.” Grandpa said sternly.

“But Mincia said the police weren’t good at finding people…” William cautiously said.

“True.” I agreed.

“That’s not true.  My uncle is in the police and he found your mother when she was your age.” Grandpa said remembering something we didn’t know about. William glanced at dad and made a I-think-he’s-crazy gesture. Dad smiled a little.

I relaxed, Mincia should be okay.



But after a few weeks I got restless. William was younger than me so he accepted the idea easier, but I just kept getting more and more worried about my big sister. And I could tell Rex and grandpa were too.

So me and Eliott decided to ask the vampire Blams for help. I’ve come to depend on her for advice and help, and so has Eliott. She’s very nice to us and always answers our questions as best as she can. She only comes to visit once a week and it’s always for a few minutes, but it’s always nice to see her. I do feel bad not telling grandpa about her. I want him to know that she’s not the one who put mom in a coma, but Blams told me not to.

That’s why when she told us not to worry about it and that she would look into my sister’s disappearance, I stopped worrying.



Time passed and I underwent some odd changes. First one was my teeth.  They grew longer, almost as long as Blams’! I spent days fingering the sharp incisors, proud of their length and laughing at Eliott when we realized his were shorter.


Another happened without me being able to do anything about it. I was having a small debate with grandpa for a mathematical question that William had received. William had the answer and he refused to give it to us so we decided to solve it on our own but we came up with different answers! I knew I was right and it was frustrating that grandpa couldn’t see that.

A strange rush of power had swept over me and both our eyes had glowed brighter than their original state. Grandpa had swayed a little on his feet, a confused look in his eyes.


And the third change was my taste for blood. Still feeling the rush of power, unable to think clearly, the smell of grandpa’s blood had invaded my nostrils.  I hadn’t been able to control myself as I gripped his arm and bared my teeth.


I’d never done this before, but it had felt natural as my teeth had sinked into his arm and drank the blood. The liquid was thick and sweet, falling down my throat like syrup. I hadn’t known then how thirsty I’d been.


Dad had to pull me off grandpa. I’d never felt more ashamed and guilty in my life. And dad’s face clearly showing he didn’t know how to react to this didn’t help.


The only thing that managed to comfort me was Eliott. When I told him what happened he revealed the same had happened for him. He’d drunk blood from his mother.


When he told his story I felt horrible for thinking mine was bad.


Eliott was having a fight with his mom when the thirst came. There was one difference between what happened to me and what happened to Eliott.


He didn’t have anyone to stop him.


Blams was weirdly excited about the news when we went to her for help. She told Eliott she would take care of his mother’s body and she started to examine our teeth and our eyes. When her examination was done she said she had to prepare, and they would get news from her really soon.

Then, before we could ask any questions, she left.



“William?” I called out coming into my brother’s room.  After Mincia disappeared I took her room and William had our old room to his self. This is only temporary of course. When Mincia comes back she can have her room back!


“William?” I asked again. I was sure he’d be here…Shrugging I left the room.


I went to ask someone where William was when I remembered dad was working and grandpa was walking Balt, which was good because I tried to avoid grandpa. It was hard to look him in the eye, much less the scar on his arm.

They had both said it was okay and dad had bought blood from the hospital so I could drink to my satisfaction. I left those in the fridge though, I couldn’t even look at that. So far I hadn’t wanted to drink again, and hopefully it wouldn’t ever again.


Someone knocked on the door and I headed to it, casting another look around the room to make sure William wasn’t hiding.


“Hello?” I went outside searching for the knocking culprit. Was this a prank?

The sweet smell of blood drifted to my nose and someone cleared their throat behind me.


The scene was like something out of a fairytale. The boy, clearly my age, was kneeling down before me like a knight to a princess. It would’ve been delightfully romantic if he hadn’t said the next few words in that tone.

“Your highness.” He said as if he was painfully pushing the words out. He put emphasis on the ‘high’, expertly calling me a snob.

“Who are you?” I asked frowning and slightly irritated.


He got up and pursed his lips before bowing again. The scent of his blood struck me once more.

“I’ve come to get you.” He said as nicely as he could. I raised my eyebrows.

“Ok…bye now.” I headed for the door rolling my eyes.


He grabbed my arm and spun me back around.

“Now wait a second! This is my first job! You don’t get to screw this up for me!” I frowned in confusion and surprise at him.

We were closer than before now and the smell was stronger as well. Panic started to fill chest as it was harder and harder to disregard the smell. I didn’t want to drink blood again!


My body was rigid as I struggled to ignore my instincts. Noticing this the boy sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Untrained.” He muttered like an insult. He brought his hand up and karate chopped a spot on my shoulders.


My body jolted from the shock and I immediately fell unconscious, into his arms.

“Aw man, I wish I’d gotten the other one.” He said, struggling to swing me over his shoulder.

Another part! Woo! What is this? Your highness? Hmmm….

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4 Responses to 5.30 – Zyla’s Part

  1. My god. Eliott killed his mother? I know they were always locked in conflict, but I can’t imagine how traumatizing that must have been.

    And oh my god again. Mincia has been sucked into some sort of video game, Zyla just got kidnapped, and the fact that William has already been hinted at being missing in this part tells me that he might have been taken too? Wow. It sure sucks to be a Whitelight at this point in the family tree.

    Also, Blams? A self-insert character? Curiouser and curiouser….wondering where you’re going with this! Also not thrilled that she was delighted to hear about what happened. I mean clearly she’s happy that the vampires are maturing, but Eliott committed murder and Zyla very nearly did so too. Not very delightful in my opinion. Gah >.<

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      This is also the point where I realized I was pulling a Balt gen again XD Just vanishing all the children. I was having a phase I suppose 😛
      *awkward laugh* HAHA
      Yeeaahhh self-insert, more like I named a character after myself. I don’t remember why and I regret my decision. But what’s done is done. And it’s led to me making some interesting decisions in the future.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Trip says:

    Say what you want about self-inserts but nothing’s more ominous than the author pinky promising to protect characters because we know the truth. Bad feelings about the kidnapper though! Blams in the story is sleeping through this and he just looks like Xavier and Niko IMO so I can be super afraid of how he gets into the bloodline. Or if. Idk. Dark screenshots and all (’cause it’s NIGHT I GUESS)

    Liked by 1 person

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