5.31 – William’s Part

BlackWilliam’s POV

I woke up with my hands and feet tied, and a cloth over my eyes. I was sitting on cold rocky ground and I was leaning on a wall. I blinked repeatedly, but the only thing I saw was darkness. I tried to move my feet and hands, but I stopped once the rope dug painfully in my wrists.

Where am I?

“Oh, he’s awake.” A morbid voice said. My eyes scanned the darkness like a scared cat, my heart thumping painfully in my chest.

I tried to remember what happened. I was taking the clothing off the cloths line when….and then it’s all very vague. I think I remember seeing a pair of brilliant red eyes…

A phone rang loudly in the room.

“Hello?” Another voice said. This one was dark and lonely. I shivered, I didn’t like this. I waited and tried to bring my hands up to my face, but it was hard with them behind me. The first person noticed this and put their hand on my shoulder. I shrinked away from the cold touch.

“Now, now.” Man #1 tsked.

“We won’t need him after all.” Man #2 said as he hung up the phone.

“That means we have to let him go doesn’t it…” Man #1 sounded genuinely disappointed. I couldn’t stop a smile, I didn’t want to stay here any longer than needed. I struggled against my ropes again. “Then again no one will notice if we keep him.” My smile vanished.

“I’ve been thirsty a lot lately too.” Man #1 continued as he touched my neck with his cold fingers. I shivered.

“Please…” I pleaded. He chuckled. Quicker than I could register he placed his hands on my head and shoulder and parted them, then he sunk his teeth into my neck.

I let out a scream as my skin was pierced painfully. I felt him drink my blood and my whole body trembled from the loss. I tried to struggle, but he held me firmly in place.

I’m going to die.



No one’s POV

The blue-haired boy relaxed his tense neck muscles, catching the vampire off guard. He cut his rope with one sharp swipe at a relatively sharp rock on the ground. He dug his fingers into the vampires mouth, directly touching his teeth. The vampire snarled in surprised and backed up just enough so that the boy could push him down.


He took off the ropes on his feet and rubbed his sore wrists.

“What…” The vampire muttered in surprise. Shaking it off he stood up.


But by then the boy had run to the ladder he’d spotted.

“Thanks so much for your help.” The vampire sarcastically said to his black-haired friend. The boy was supposed to be let go originally and he didn’t feel like chasing him.

“You’re the one who tied him with cheap rope.” The black-haired vampire replied, rolling his eyes.


Hurry! Run Liam! They’re probably right behind us!

Can’t you see that’s exactly what I’m doing?” The boy muttered.


I don’t want to go there ever again…

It’s not like we went there on purpose Will!


I didn’t know vampires could be bad! Eliott and Zyla aren’t…

Mhmmm.” The boy began breathing heavily.


Well, what do you think Liam? Why did they kidnap us?

Guess who’s running and can’t talk right now?…I think they’re not following us.


Don’t take any chances! We need to hurry home and get healed.

I wasn’t going to!” The boy touched his bleeding neck and cringed. The vampire had ripped his skin when he’d struggled.


I see home!


The boy stopped running.

Liam? Why’d you stop?

We’re not going back there.

Why not?

That place is… unhealthy.


Stop fooling around Liam, let’s go!

No. That place is horrible.

Not much needed to be said between the two. Their mother, a woman they didn’t know, was in a coma. Their father was a distant figure. Their big sister was gone. Their other sister had drunk the blood of their grandpa. That house was always filled with palpable tension and awkwardness. The boy had never been happy there. He had enjoyed playing the scientist and going to school, and he’d put on a smile and tried to keep himself happy, but the weight of the sorrow and worry on that house weighed him down.

But Liam….

The boy hid his face in his arm trying to fight the tears filling his eyes.

If we can’t go there where can we go?

Somewhere else.

…It’s not our place to decide to run away Liam.


The boy shrugged.

Fine we’ll let him decide.

AND BOOM. Sariel’s generation is over! *breathes normally again* And yes, if you haven’t figured out yet, William developed a case of multiple personalities. There’s not three little boys in that one body. This was my favorite of the three parts to write!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten comatose Sariel.

Now, go on vote! Quickly, go go go!

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2 Responses to 5.31 – William’s Part

  1. brainofivane says:

    Gosh… this family has a knack for getting kidnapped, don’t they? O.o

    William scares me. O_O


  2. I love William. What a quick thinker and such a clever boy to get out of that mess! God my heart goes out to him though. The trauma he’s endured. It’s no wondered he’s developed multiple personalities. They’re protective; they’ve helped him get through this hell. At the moment he seems very conscious of them, which I suppose is good because it implies a sense of control, but I worry what will happen now if he runs away from home T__T Oh, William. T______T

    Liked by 1 person

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