And the winner is…

gen.6 heir vote results

Zyla is our new heir!

Yeah she was in the lead the whole time while Mincia and William battled it out.


So let’s welcome our vampire heir with open arms!


And well I chose this screenshot specifically with Eliott cause its obvious he’s going to be pretty present in Generation 6.

I’d like to bring it to attention that this is the first the heir hasn’t been part of a multiple, then again none of the children were part of a multiple this generation! I really can’t find a pattern anymore….XD

I’m excited to have a vampire! It’s like a whole new world just opened up in front of me and I have a thousand possibilities to choose from. There are several vampire stereotypes I could follow, or I could make my own! We’ll see how it goes. Zyla being a vampire will also mean a very long lifetime…

And now here comes the unfortunate news…For Zyla’s story I need to build a HUGE mansion. It’s going to be crazy huge and crazy filled with stuff (which might make my game lag but I’ll take the risk!) so I probably won’t have the next chapter out until next week at least. (As in I’ll start making that chapter beggining of next week XD).

Oh yeah since this story probably won’t let us see Sariel again for a little while, well if you were curious as to how she got into a coma there’s a nice big clue in this chapter

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12 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. autumnrein says:

    I don’t remember how close I am to being caught up but I had to comment. I so hope that Zyla and Elliott aren’t half brother and sister. I want to see them fall in love! I love this legacy so much!

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  2. Ica says:

    Wait, did she eat the poison apple? Ugh! This was bugging me lately so I Reread te entire legacy starting at Ros….(I’m not going to try and spell t XD)

    Sigh! On my way to Keep reading!

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    • blamsart says:

      I’m surprised anyone actually remembers that mystery! To respond to your other comment, no Sariel being put in a coma hasn’t been properly explained yet.
      There’s an obvious clue in Sariel’s generation, before she goes into a coma, and I’ve been dropping several hints over the generations of what exactly happened! It’s very subtle, and well hidden, to a point where Cain was never able to figure out what had caused Sariel to go in a coma.
      Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that very important mystery. The answer to how Sariel went into a coma is actually important to the story, so it’d be stupid of me to forget it. Right now, I’d say you have about 65% of concrete information needed to figure out what happened. I’ll be dropping more info soon enough, and I will eventually give the official story of what happened.
      Well if you’re interested I give you a few more hints.
      Number one: the poison apple. Been wondering about that eh? Let’s see if this helps…
      – Melody (Cain’s sister) made the apple and gave it to Sariel
      – Sariel kept it until she gave it to Raphaele (James’ sister)
      – Raphaele didn’t want it so she gave it to James
      – James has had the apple buried in his bag ever since
      Number two: There are two unanswered questions from Sariel’s generation. 1) How did Sariel get into a coma? and 2) How did Will and Liam come to possess William?
      (I got a bit carried away. Hope I didn’t bore you)

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  3. Bahh. I feel stupid. I can’t figure it out, even with the clue. I also thought about the poison apple, but in the comment above you said it kept getting passed down and I never recall her biting into it. Also doesn’t explain what triggered her to wake. I don’t know. Something to do with Will and Liam? I mean Sariel fell into a coma when William was born and seemed to have snapped awake when he left, that’s not lost on me, but the exact mechanisms at work here? I just don’t know. Since you speak of Will and Liam “possessing” William then are they supernatural beings and it has nothing to do with Dissociative Identity Disorder? Dunno, dunno. You say you eventually gave the official story, so I suppose I’ll simply need to remain patient.

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    • blamsart says:

      Wow! I have to say this is the closest anyone’s ever gotten!
      And that’s pretty impressive considering this IS a hard one to solve on your own with the information I’ve given.
      You’re still missing a few elements which I haven’t explicitly clued to, but are deductible in a stretchy way later on. I will say this though:
      It DOES have something to do with Will and Liam.
      The poisoned apple had little to no importance. (Though originally I thought it had a more important role)
      Blams definitely had a play in this.
      There was a third party present.

      It hasn’t been officially told yet, but I’m hoping it will soon. It’s one of those plot holes that irks me. Those one shots I talked about are pretty much one of my only ways to tell it at this point, because all the people who know the story can’t tell it.

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      • Oh, really? Well then maybe I’ll stop being so hard on myself. It frustrated me that I couldn’t quite figure it out, especially when I was fairly certain I knew who was involved, I just didn’t know HOW. I’ll pay extra attention to any new information surrounding this…particularly when it comes to Will and Liam!

        And Blams had a part…hmmm. That is what I originally suspected too, I just don’t know what was in it for her. To further divide the family so that when she tried to get Zyla to join her it’d be that much easier? Well if THAT was her plan it sure worked. As of the point where I am in the story Zyla despises her mother. Or it could have something to do with this other thing Blams has going on–the one that has her sending Simon on errands. Hmmmm. And why try to steal William too? To trigger the release of Will and Liam? If so, why? HELP I SOMEHOW HAVE MORE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS NOW! LOL OMG.

        *shoves another 1,000 votes toward the writing of this one shot* SATIATE MY CURIOSITY!!!!!!!! Lol.

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        • blamsart says:

          Right now I post one shots as intermissions between my min10 chapter long arcs and I just finished an arc, which means I’m about to post a one-shot. I’m definitely going to put that down as one of the choices.
          You’ll have till I finish the next arc to vote, and that’s waaaayyy enough time for you to get there at the speed you’re going.

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          • LOL. OKAY. *heavy breathing* *massages head* I CAN DO THIS. And if I don’t catch up in time, well, I can still see your most recent posts on the side there, so if I see anything about a vote I’ll jump on over!!!

            YES. WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN! *tackle hugs you* LOL XD

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            • blamsart says:

              Arc 5 will probably drag on because it will need to anyways.
              SO YOU HAVE SOME LEEWAY.
              Don’t rush yourself though, especially with these next generations! (like my absolute fav gen.7. Which you’re going to enter soon.)
              I’ll tell you which post it is if you haven’t read that point yet 🙂

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              • I’m not purposefully rushing myself! I just can’t stop! *pouts* lol.

                School work will force me to pace myself though *heavy sigh* I’m already avoiding assignments to read this, but they’re due Sunday so it’s okay >.> lol

                Alright ^_^ Thank you! That works out great 🙂

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                • blamsart says:

                  Just making sure not to pressure you lol XD

                  It always makes me so happy when people tell me they’re failing their grades to read my story 😀 (OK not failing, I’m just kidding XD. I do the same)

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