6.2 – Elaborate paths

Hey if you really want to get in the state of mind I’m in when I write these chapters you can listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7tc0VfZwtk

Btw, the results of the vote were a tie between Explore and Leave the house. So I’ve used both…

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

My eyes drifted to the candles hanging on the wall as Arianne walked away. The fluttering flames hypnotized me and I realized I actually had time to think.

I’m a princess. On that subject I’m convinced. I still view Rex as my father, but now that I see it, it’s obvious he’s not my biological father. I’m not just going to discard him when I haven’t even met my real father though. No, I may not have his genes, but Rex is still my father.


I’ve always adored those wonderful stories about Princesses and knights. I’d loved the romance behind it, and I had always had the secret wish to be a princess myself. But, this wasn’t exactly how I imagined it.


The castles in my fairytales were a little more…lively. This place seemed way too dark for my taste.

Anyway, I won’t be going in my ‘room’. Because for one, going in would be like admitting I want to live here which is ridiculous. I barely know anyone here apart from Eliott and Blams. If I accepted to live here I’d be engaging myself in something I know nothing about. For example, I’m suspicious about why they need warriors here.


I started to walk back the way Arianne had taken us. I don’t care if I’m a princess and I have responsibilities, you don’t just take someone and decide they’re living with you. Too bad if Eliott wants to stay, I know from experience I won’t be able to do much to convince him otherwise. I’m leaving and if they really want my company that bad they’ll have to ask with a little more respect.


I rounded the corner and immediately backed up and hid behind it as an intense familiar smell of blood invaded my nose. My heart pounding I peered over to see Simon on the top of the stairs.

I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I had every right to leave the house. There was no reason to feel so paranoid.


Nonetheless, I stayed hiding and waiting till Simon left.

Apparently I wasn’t the only paranoid one here. Simon was nervously looking at some place I couldn’t properly see from here.


Once Simon had hurried down the stairs, I started to follow. I was in that much hurry to leave the house, and I was curious to see what he was so nervous about.


I looked over at what Simon had been nervously peering at.  There were some pictures and a drawing board, but not much else. Shrugging I started my descent.


I came down the stairs without a sound and looked around before finding Simon. He was heading for the multitude of corridors. I glanced at the front door. I can double back whenever I want.


I had the time to blink and he’d already taken one of the corridors.  I’m pretty sure he went into the second corridor from the left.


I followed smell of his blood and spotted a cubicle that, unlike the rest of the corridor, was somewhat decorated.


It was a little weird and things didn’t really fit together in the one space.  I thought they would be better at decorating with the great entrance they have.


I reached the end of the corridor before realizing I’d gone in a complete circle. And Simon’s blood wasn’t as present anymore.


I headed out of this labyrinth and towards the front door I’d seen. I had better things to do than stalk someone. No matter how entertaining the idea seemed. I smiled as I remembered all the times I’d tried to follow Mincia to her ‘midnight’ escapades.  She never told me what she was doing, but I always assumed she was meeting a boy. No matter how well I hid she always found me and brought me back to the house.

A feeling of sorrow followed soon after the memory. I hope my big sister is okay.


“Didn’t take you for the stalking type.” Simon was indeed standing in the entrance of the house, arms crossed and looking annoyed. How he got there I have no idea.

Now that looked less like the Simon from earlier and more like the one that knocked me out.


“I wasn’t following you, I was just heading h-”

Simon practically shoved his hand in my face. The smell radiating from his blood made my throat feel parched.

“Oh shut it liar.” Okay, the first part was a lie, but it didn’t give him the right to be so rude. If I’m the princess, he should be a little nicer.


“Hey!” I was getting annoyed.

“Princess?” Arianne’s voice cut in.


“I hope you liked the room.” Arianne said, purposefully cutting in the conversation. Not that I minded. “We tried to make sure you’d like it.”


Arianne looked at my outfit. “You’re not wearing the clothes we left for you?”

Looking at her slightly disappointed face, I felt like I’d done something wrong. Which I hadn’t.

“I’m not staying.  It doesn’t matter what weird idea you have of being able to decide what I do, I’m going home.” I stated.


Simon laughed. “Well that’s too bad, this is what happens when you’re born in a royal family.”

I was seconds away from shoving his smirking face away and stomping out the door, just to get away from him. However something attracted Arianne’s attention.


Blams arrived, touching lightly my shoulder before coming in my line of view. Arianne and Simon quickly left the scene.

“Darling you can’t leave.”


“Yes, I can. It’s what’s known as free will, Blams. And why are you dressed so…formerly? It’s not like you.”

“I had some important things to attend to that require formal wear. Zyla you have to understand that we need you here.”

I couldn’t think of any way I could help them. “I’d be surprised and you have the very resourceful Eliott.”


“At least let me introduce you to your grandfather.” Blams said with a smile before turning around and walking away.

My want to go back home lost over my curiosity. I mean really, another grandfather? I’d like to meet him. So I followed Blams.


As we walked down the numerous corridors, Blams started to tell me about vampires.

“I know you were raised to believe vampires were just another type of supernatural, but that’s entirely false. Vampires are a species on their own.”


“Actually some researchers proved that most supernatural descended from vampires and fairies. Werewolves and all eye related supernatural are a mutation that began with vampires.”


“Excluding the white-eyed, that was a horrible accident of nature. We’ve been trying to annihilate that for a while, but then of course it multiplied and that just got bothersome.”

We stopped in front of an elevator and Blams pressed a button. I didn’t know what a white-eyed was but I didn’t feel like interrupting her.


“To be honest, vampires used to aim for a world united under one rule and back then the fairies wanted to be the one ruler.  That was back in the medieval ages, and that was when the greatest wars anyone had ever seen happened. The Gold family was the top of the food chain, we were the official rulers of the vampire species.”


I felt the elevator take us downwards.

“We had millions of vampires at our service, willing to lay down their lives to kill those back-stabbing power wanting fairies. But most importantly we were in our prime. But then the witches forced us to write a peace treaty with the fairies. After that this family crumbled to a pitiful state.”


“It sent your grandfather, who was seeking revenge and who was king at the time, into a pathetic depression.”

The room we came in was oddly decorated, like that one cubicle. I smiled in amusement at the exit sign.


“Your grandfather had a son at the time, his grandest warrior, who was to become king, but the dark ages for him had begun and all idea of passing on his crown became foreign to him.”


“If that wasn’t bad enough, his wife gave birth to another son, with the same golden eyes. In the Gold family there is only place for one heir.”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise as I saw another elevator down the hall.


“If there is more than one they have to fight for the throne, and that usually ends up in a blood bath. It is good fortune your uncle refused the throne.”


“Your father became king without any problem, and between you and me he’s less suitable to be king than his brother.”

This time the elevator went upwards. Where we going?

“Don’t be surprised by any of his behavior.” Blams said as she finished her story telling.


The doors opened and a chill ran down my back. I suddenly found myself wondering what type of man my grandfather was. Was he as nice and kind as Cain? I’d never seen a real depressed person before…


Blams came out first and I looked at the man sitting in the red chair.

His golden gaze was indifferent yet intense. I was happy he wasn’t looking directly at me.


Blams sat in one of the chairs set in a circle. I awkwardly stood still, only the books on the table serving as an obstacle between my grandfather and I.


“This is Zyla, you’re granddaughter, Emperor.” Blams introduced. I swallowed my saliva.

His eyes locked on mine and the rest of him stayed as still as a statue. He didn’t even look like he was breathing.

“Hi?” I cautiously said.


He stood up and I resisted the urge to back away. He was even scarier than Rehal and Kevil, the two warriors I’d seen.


He straightened his jacket and walked past me. I found myself releasing a breath I didn’t know I was holding as he walked on.


Not sure if I should follow him or not I turned to where he’d left. But by then he had disappeared into the darkness.

Blams got up. “You have his approval, that’s good.”

I’m not too sure how she came to that conclusion.


“Okay, let’s go back. Serves nothing to stay here longer than needed.” Blams said as she gave me a light shove towards the elevator. “Hey, tomorrow you can meet your father.” Blams said with amusement.

If he’s anything like that, I’d rather not. That was scary.


“And now here comes the problem.” Blams began as we started the long walk back.


“After 50 years, when the last tragic accident happened,” Is she talking about the accident that made this two hate supernaturals? “We are facing yet another battle. Your father and I have been aware of this for a while, which is why you and Eliott exist.”

That was a bit vague. By the way she’s talking I’m starting to think she’s probably the Queen Arianne was talking about. It doesn’t really surprise me.


“We’ve been steadily preparing for the upcoming battle, hiring two new warriors for example. We would’ve liked to hire more, but not a lot of vampires believe our warnings. We’ve been gradually losing our influence…”


“Now here’s where you come in. We don’t know what the results of the fight will be, and we need to continue the family line. We didn’t expect there to be two of you with the golden eyes, but we can work with that.” So, in their eyes I am needed. But this arrangement seems more helpful to them than to me.


“Now before you ask,” Blams said, stopping us the elegantly decorated entrance. “I know this seems like you don’t benefit from this. But, Zyla, not only will you have the status of a princess, but you will be in a place with people more than adequate to teach you how to be a vampire. To teach you how to not kill your precious ones.” Blams said, giving me a look.

Flashbacks of my grandfather’s blood spilling down my throat and of Eliott telling me he drank his mother to death, made me look away from Blams.


“But it’s all up to you. I hope you make a decision we can all benefit from.” Blams added casually. I sighed.

Yes I hope you all make a decision we can profit from…



First floor:


Second floor:


Third floor:


Just want to make you all aware that choosing Go see Bedroom and Go see Eliott means Zyla agrees (though a little be reluctantly) to help out, choosing Go Home means she’s against it, choosing Call Home, means she still doesn’t know what she wants to do.

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  1. brainofivane says:

    A bunch of polls I can’t participate in. 😦


  2. So the King and Blams (Arianne? The queen?) needed an heir, so the king went out, put Sariel under a spell, raped her, and then went and seduced Eliott’s mom to impregnate her too? ZYLA IS MISSING THIS MOST IMPORTANT OF DETAILS. GET OUT OF THIS F*CKED UP PLACE. Ughhhhh. Doesn’t she realize Sariel didn’t CONSENT? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. *head desk* Knowing something the characters don’t is the worst. *gnaws on a pencil out of stress*

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    • blamsart says:

      The king went out and did a lot of women, he certainly didn’t limit himself to those two.
      They were just the lucky ones to be born with golden eyes! (Though I think that’s explained later?)
      BUT YES, she should’ve left the moment she could’ve of! Instead of letting herself be charmed into staying…

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