6.3 – The Princess life

The results of the last poll were: Go see bedroom and Call home.

For those interested, I’ve been listening to another song for certain parts, and probably will keep listening to this song as well. It’s called Me and my broken heart by Rixton.


Zyla’s POV

“Look I-” I started to say, but Blams interrupted me.

“Here you could have the education your brother is getting, and in the long run you could have the resources to search for your sister.” She said as a last try to convince me.

And it worked.

“Okay.” I replied without hesitation. Blams smiled.


“Oh this is fantastic!” She exclaimed.  “It’s unfortunate you had to be raised in a non-vampiric environment, but you’ve always learned quickly darling, I’m sure you won’t have any problems. But you’ll still have to go through some training to be a proper vampire, and a proper princess.” Blams started to rant on.

“Um…” I cut in. “I’d like to at least call home first.”


“Of course, there’s a phone in your room. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go change.” My eyes drifted to her emerald ring. Blams was pretty much green everywhere. “I suggest you change as well. As a Princess of the Gold family, there’s a certain color dress code you need to respect.”


“When you’re ready you can…I’ll just send Alice over to you and she’ll show you where to go.” Blams finished.


Blams gave me one last smile before speeding up the stairs I hadn’t taken yet. Stairs that now that I think about it, might have been quicker to get to and from my room. But if I had taken those stairs earlier I wouldn’t have spotted Simon sneaking off somewhere.  I’m still curious about that, especially with his short-tempered reaction.


Then again all the times I’ve talked to that jerk he hasn’t been necessarily nice. The more I think about it, the more I hope being a Princess means I won’t have to see him.


Well here it is, the room I’ll be sleeping in from now on.


I entered and was welcomed with a mixture of blue and pink. My favorite colors.  I smiled. Blams really knew me. I glanced at my outfit. Then again it’s pretty obvious what colors I like.


The room is huge! It’s even bigger than my old living room. Then again most of the rooms I’ve seen so far are bigger than my old house.

There’s even a bookcase! Apart from the library I’ve never seen so many books in one place. The most I saw were the couple dozen on Mincia’s bookshelf. All of which were mystery novels and all of which I ended up reading when I had nothing to do. That must be why I’m so curious about Simon’s sneakiness.


There was a huge wardrobe and a mirror the size of one of the walls in my old bedroom. I moved in front of the mirror, fascinated by the fact I could see my whole body in the mirror. Princess life sure sounds nice so far.


The bed had a pile of clothes on it, which I was guessing were the clothes everybody seemed to be talking about. There were also two windows giving a nice view outside.


Glancing outside I didn’t really see anything of interest.


After being fairly done exploring the room, I picked the phone up. Another great thing, I have an actual phone in my room. I dialed home.


I waited as the phone rang. I looked at the time. Dad should be home.


“Hello?” A woman answered.

A woman. A voice I didn’t recognize. Did I call at the right place?

“Hi, is Rex is there?” I asked.

“Yes just a moment.” Her voice was gentle, but what was she doing in my house?


“Hello?” Dad’s familiar voice asked.

“Hi dad,” I didn’t have time to say much more.

“Zyla?” Dad asked sounding both relieved and surprised.  It didn’t feel like I had been gone for more than a few hours. Had it been more?

“Zyla? That was Zyla on the phone?” The woman in the background asked. How did she know my name? I was starting to get annoyed with her.

“Who is that dad?”

“Who?” Dad asked a bit surprised.

“The woman who answered.”

There was a small silence on the other end and I got ready for the worst. Dad had gotten himself a new lover hadn’t he?


“Your mother.”

I certainly didn’t prepare for this.

My mother? My comatose mother? The mother who was only an image behind a door I couldn’t bring myself to open? One who was the complete opposite of all the mothers I’d seen on tv? Complete opposite of even Eliott’s mother? Suddenly she was out and about, answering phones? Just like that?

Anger towards my mother built inside of me.

“Where are you Zyla? We were worried.” Dad said after my small silence. My anger towards her grew as my father used ‘we’. So what? She wakes up and suddenly she’s part of this family again? Sleeping all those years, and boom everything’s fine now?


“I’m at my biological father’s house.” I stated. Well I’m pretty sure it’s his house.

“…So you know.” Yeah I know mom probably cheated on you now.


“But don’t worry dad, you’re still my father. I haven’t even met my other one yet. Oh and I’m a vampire princess now.” I said unable to stop a small smile.

“Are you coming back?”

“No, I’m sorry dad, but they have a lot they can give me here. They’re going to give me a more thorough education and they’ll help me understand my vampire side. I’ll come visit you when I’m sure I won’t hurt you guys.” I didn’t mention the possibility of me finding my sister. Dad would try to tell me not to.

To be honest, I wasn’t that worried about hurting them. It happened once, and the only times I’ve felt thirsty after that was here. No, the idea of going home and seeing my mother was something that made me angry. I didn’t want to see her.

“Okay. Well, you better call often.” Dad said after a few seconds.


“Don’t worry I will.” I said with a smile.

“Oh, Zyla! Do you know where your brother is?” Dad asked as he suddenly remembered.

William! I’d forgotten about him! Before Simon knocked me out I was searching for him. Looks like he actually disappeared.

“No, I don’t.”

“Okay, well don’t worry, he might have gone somewhere yesterday and not come back yet. Maybe he’ll call like you did. I’m relieved you called.” Dad said. Well now that makes two siblings to search for.


I exchanged a few more words with my father before hanging up. Then I grabbed the clothes on the bed and got changed.

The dress was beautiful, the colors really didn’t match what I usually wore, but I guess that’s what Blams meant by color code.


I had this feeling I was started a new life, and I was excited by it. I spotted a garbage can and dragged it over. If I was getting a new room, a new house and a new pair of everyday clothes, I felt like changing my appearance a bit. I found a pair of scissors in the desk and came back to the mirror.

There was a hairstyle I’d always wanted to try, and now seemed like a great time to try it out. I cut my hair, letting the pieces fall into the garabage.


Halfway through, I realized my bangs weren’t long enough to make the hairstyle I really wanted. A bit frustrated with myself,  I cut my hair just above my shoulders and, using fingers, brushed my bangs to the side.


Now I look like a Vampire Princess. I smiled at myself in the mirror. Snow white was always my favorite.


A Princess. I was an actual Princess. It felt a little bit like a dream.


I had a castle, because the size of this place was probably as big as a castle. I had a huge room. I had servants. I remembered Arianne. And by the way Simon ran off when Blams came along, he’s probably some sort of servant too. I even had the knights. I remembered the two warriors, Rehal and Kevil.


The pink-haired one in particular. I don’t know who’s who, but I’m guessing his name is Kevil, after all it’s the most handsome sounding of the two names. I smiled as I remembered how he’d bowed down and the way he’d said ‘oh so sorry my lady’. My lady!

“I wonder if Princess’ and Knights can…interact.” I asked myself, giving the beautiful Princess in the mirror a sly smile.


Once I was done primping I sat down on the bed and waited. Blams said she’d send someone called Alice over.  I was curious as to why Arianne wasn’t sent.

However the wait was a little long.


So after a few minutes of waiting I got up. The room was really nice, but apart from books and a phone it was lacking a little entertainement. I also felt like exploring my…castle a little more.


You can imagine my surprise to see a bare-footed, curious Arianne was bare-footed as well, lady waiting outside my door.

I recoiled as a smell that brought images of melted caramel to my mind hit my nose. I blinked in shock and stared at the woman.


The shock of the smell kept my eyes on her pulsating skin. I could almost see the blood flowing and I was slightly terrified as the want to suddenly jump out and bite her delicate skin became the only thing I could think about.


She stepped forwards and I automatically stepped backwards, my back hitting the doorframe.

“I am Alice.” She said in a small voice. A voice that managed to make me concentrate on something other than the juice under her skin my throat craved for. “What training would you like to being with Princess?” She asked.


“Training?” I asked as I pressed myself against the wall. Anything to get farther away from her.

“Yes, you have three choices Princess.”

“What are my choices?” I asked swallowing my saliva. I was thankful she was standing still.

“You can train yourself physically, learn more about being a vampire or start learning your basic education.” She replied.

“And what is Eliott doing?” I asked as I breathed through my mouth. The smell wasn’t as intense when I did that.

“The Prince is training physically.” She replied.


I picked an answer quickly so I could get away. “Okay well I choose…”

Oh looks like you have to choose readers! XD So Zyla got herself a makeover. I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but it’s growing on me. Too bad Zyla is all angry at her mom now. Poor Sariel she wakes up and none of kids are there to greet her.

Now that Zyla has agreed to be a Princess, I certainly feel like she’s found her calling 😀



First floor:


Second floor:


Third floor:


All three choices have some interesting…meetings attached to them. The first two polls were more practice than anything, now this is one of the votes where the result directly effects some key parts in the story…

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4 Responses to 6.3 – The Princess life

  1. brainofivane says:

    I love Zyla’s new look! It suits her well. (Sorry for the sparse comments… Not in a very commenting mood, and I’m dying to catch up!)


  2. Zyla is acting as though Sariel being in a coma was her fault. Like she was asleep for her entire childhood because she FELT LIKE IT. God that irritates me. I mean I understand her not feeling like everything is fine again, of course it isn’t and of course it’d be difficult to immediately accept Sariel’s sudden involvement again, but Sariel isn’t the one to be angry at. It’s whatever or whoever put her in that comatose state in the first place!

    And she still thinks her mother cheated on her father. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. I wish her parents would have been more honest with her from the start. Gah. So frustrating.

    And how on earth does Rex just AGREE to this? “Yes, sure, of course—live with the man who raped your mother. He’s going to give you a good education.” UMMMMMMMMM.

    Oh, but she’s happy. I suppose I understand why. She’s basically just been given the world, and after growing up not allowed to even go to school I can imagine why this feels so appealing. But everything about it makes my skin crawl >.<

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Zyla’s makeover! Suits her much more than the bright colours and girly ponytail.

    Liked by 1 person

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