6.4 – Slaves or donors?

Last chapter vote results: A tie between Learn about being a vampire and physical training.


I measure how long my chapter is by the number of pictures it has. In Generation 1, with Rosahelminthe, the normal chapter length was 18 screenshots. Now for Zyla’s generation, so far a normal chapter has been around 40-50 screenshots. And I have considered that really long so far! (cause all the other generations were between 20-30), but now this chapter has a total of…


So yeah real big.

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

“I choose…” My voice was cut short as I breathed through my nose. I blinked against the smell of Alice’s blood. I cleared my throat. “I’m sorry, what were my choices again?”


“Physical training, learning more about being a vampire and your basic education Princess.” She repeated.

“I’ll take learning to be a vampire.” I replied. That should help with this need for blood.

“Okay. If you’ll follow me I’ll bring you to Kevil.” A smile appeared on my face. Kevil was the pink-haired guy who’d been so nice, this’ll be fun.


I followed Alice, keeping a safe distance away. I’m going to have to get nose-plugs.


I have to say, there are a lot of plants in this house. Is it related to being a vampire? I’ve never felt the need to have plants in every room.


Alice stopped and I, too engrossed in counting the number of plants, walked past her.

“He’s on the balcony Princess.” She said before turning around and walking away.


I looked outside, and instead of seeing short dark pink locks, I saw a mass of black hair. That wasn’t Kevil!

Unless of course it meant the black-haired vampire was called Kevil, and the other one was called Rehal…


I opened the patio door without a sound, and walked outside.

I would’ve preferred Rehal. Kevil strikes me like the type to make snappy comments at everything. He’s probably better than Simon, but still.


Maybe it was the soft piano playing in the background, or the fluttering of the flames and leaves, or maybe even the swishing of the paintbrush on the canvas…whatever it was, the moment I stepped onto the balcony I felt like I was washed with this peaceful feeling.


Even though I knew if I wanted to know how to stop feeling like I wanted to jump at anyone who’s blood smelled good I’d have to interrupt Kevil, I didn’t dare.

There was a calm ambiance and his brush strokes were delicate, but focused. He seemed so passionate about his work…I would feel horrible to interrupt.


Instead I leaned forwards on the balcony railing and let the peaceful atmosphere wash over me, the piano still playing in the background. I’ve never heard it before.


I looked out and recognized the water tower. Oh, see that makes sense. I’m in the huge house on the country hills. I tried to see my house, but I was unsuccessful.

I hope William is okay. I hope he gets back home soon. Same for Mincia.


If I want to properly make sure they’re okay, I need to learn how to control my vampire side first! I turned towards Kevil with the full intent of interrupting him, but seeing him so passionately paint stopped me.

I guess I’m only left with waiting for him to notice me…if that ever happens.


Before I knew it, I found myself observing him instead of the landscape. I was hypnotized; watching him paint was like watching a fluttering flame. His movements were smooth yet there would an odd flick of a brush stroke.


I managed to catch a glimpse of his red eyes behind his curtain of black hair. I wonder why he hides them.

Speaking of eyes, Blams’ eyes were clearly glowing today. Her eyes had never glowed before. And it seems like Kevil’s don’t glow either, but it’s hard to tell.


I got closer to get a better look. It’d be a lot easier if his hair wasn’t covering his face. If his don’t glow either than I have a mystery on my hands. Normally vampire eyes are supposed to glow no?


The atmosphere changed like someone had cracked it with a whip. Kevil stopped painting and even though the piano was still playing on the music player, I felt nervous now. And almost really bad as I realized I’d interrupted him.


He put his art supplies down and looked at me and I couldn’t tell if he was surprised or annoyed or if he was showing any emotion at all. I was feeling downright horrible now.

“Yes?” He asked.


I took a small step back feeling like I’d burst his bubble.

“I’m sorry, don’t mind me. You paint really well.” I replied nervously. I’d nearly said ‘I like watching you paint’, but that probably wouldn’t have been appropriate.


There was a small silence and I realized he wouldn’t be painting in my presence anytime soon.

“Alice said you would teach me more about being a vampire.” I said after a few moments of awkward silence.


He turned to the side as if he was thinking before looking back at me.

“What do you want to know?” He asked.

“Mostly how to not feel hungry around people whose blood smells good.” Which it seemed like every single natural in this house smelled like.

Kevil tilted his head slightly to the side. It was hard seeing any type of emotion on his face with his hair covering it, but I think it means he wants me to elaborate.

“Well, I didn’t have this problem before, but now, in this house, anyone that’s not a vampire has blood that smells really good. If they get too close I can only think about drinking their blood. I don’t like it, it feels like I have no control.” I summarized my current problem.


Kevil let out a small laugh. What was so funny about this?


“When did you last drink blood?” He asked.

“A few weeks ago…” I replied thinking back.


“Come on Princess.” He said with a small smile still lingering on his lips. He headed inside. Why do I feel like he’s patronizing me a bit?



I followed Kevil all the way to the first level in a part of the house I hadn’t seen yet.


The kitchen.


Kevil headed straight for the fridge without a word and I hung out behind, still not feeling at home in this place.

My eyes were caught by a small stuffed animal that seemed oddly out of place.

I hadn’t seen any kids here yet.


The fridge clacked shut and the sound reverberated in the house. It wouldn’t do it any bad to have some kids to liven it up.


Kevil walked back to me with a red juice box in his hand.

“Here.” He said handing it to me. I didn’t take it.

“What is it?” I asked, a little too cautious of its insides now.

“It’s a substitute for blood.” He replied pointing to the label that said ‘plasma juice’. A substitute for blood?

I was still reluctant to take it.


He grabbed my wrist and put the juice box in my hand.

“It’s not real blood.” He said. I looked at the box. A faint smell was drafting from it. It smelled good.


Taking a deep breath I sat down on the stool. Kevil followed, sighing as if he couldn’t believe I was making such a big deal out of this.


He just didn’t understand. I know he said it was fake blood, but what if it was actual blood? And what if drinking this made me want to drink real blood? I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to kill someone like Eliott had.


But I couldn’t deny my parched throat, and between drinking from a bottle and drinking from a natural, this was far better.

I brought the straw to my lips and drank.

The juice flowed down my throat like water, soothing it. It actually tasted better than grandpa’s blood.


I set the juice down and wiped my mouth as a trickle of juice trailed down.

Plasma juice was lot more liquidy than blood.

“Now do you feel better?” Kevil asked.


“Is it really because I was hungry that all the naturals here smelled…really good?” I asked, avoiding his question.


Kevil made me sit down at the large dining room table.

“They’re pure-blooded naturals.” He replied.

I frowned a bit in confusion. What’s the difference?

“Pure-blooded naturals are naturals that don’t have supernatural family blood relations, so they taste better and well, smell better.” He replied, reading the question off my face.

That means…all the naturals I’ve seen so far; Arianne, Simon, and Alice, were chosen because of their blood?

“How come? Supernaturals taste bad?” I asked a bit annoyed. Living your life as a juice box for creatures with sharp teeth…who’d want that?


“On a level of who tastes the worst it would be, first, vampires, then fairies, supernaturals and naturals.”

“Fairires taste bad? I always thought they would taste…I don’t know magical.” I said.

Kevil laughed, and it would’ve been an enjoyable sound if he hadn’t added the last part.

“It’s because they taste bitter that our ancestors when to war with them instead of eating them.”


“So that means all the naturals here…” My voice trailed off as I tried to change the subject. It didn’t trail off because it was a touchy subject, no it was because something caught my eye. It was like the air itself was fluctuating. I didn’t know if I was seeing an illusion or not…

“Serve as a food source.” Kevil finished my sentence.


“You were raised by naturals right?” Kevil asked. I looked back at him and nodded. After that the illusion was gone.

“So it’s natural you feel that way. But there is no better taste than human blood. Once you drink a real pure-blooded’s blood…nothing tastes better.” He said giving me shivers. It really sounded like he’d drunk someone like that already.

“Have you…” I started to ask.

“Me? No. They’re pretty rare these days, but we’ll have the opportunity soon enough.” I wonder what he means by that.


A small silence installed.

“What’s the next thing to control myself?” I asked.

“That’s all. Just drink some blood and your body won’t react so much to the smell.”

I frowned. “But I just drank-”


“Plasma juice works as well.” He said as he got up. I let out a little sigh of relief. I wouldn’t ever have to drink real blood!

But then why don’t the vampires here drink plasma juice instead of having naturals here for that purpose?


“For now you’re lucky, you don’t have to drink blood as much. But as your vampire side matures you’ll need blood more and more often, until you’ll need it every day. That’s why we have the blood substitute. The slaves wouldn’t survive an everyday feeding.”


Slaves? They’re human beings too!

“They’re not slaves.” I got up abruptly.


“In this house they are.” He said in a low intimidating voice as he walked past me, brushing my shoulder.


“Don’t get the wrong idea about vampires Princess.” He added before heading off.

I rolled my eyes. Now he was annoying me.


“Hey!” I called after him. “What do you mean by that?” Having the wrong idea about vampires…?


“It means vampires aren’t nice.” He snapped, turning around harshly as I grabbed his shoulder.

I backed up in surprise.

“You aren’t the princess of a happy joyful kingdom. You’re the princess of a vampire society. Of a species that doesn’t gift their servants with love and a good rule, but one that eats their enemies and enslaves them. Just like naturals eat animals.”


“But you don’t have to.” I said. “You have a substitute for blood.”

Kevil let out a short mocking laugh. “Ha, it’s a weak substitute. A vampire can’t live off it. A vampire needs blood, real blood, or else they die. Death by starvation is far worse for a vampire than it is for any other species.”


I frowned in disbelief. But that would mean…

“That’s right Princess, you’ll have to drink blood from a natural.” He mocked cruelly.


We stood in silence. I didn’t want to be around him anymore.


“I need to go the bathroom.” I said, coming up with a brilliant excuse on the spot. There was a few seconds of silence before he told me there was one behind the cubicle over there.


Without another word I left, and a few seconds later I heard him climbing up the stairs.


I opened the bathroom door and switched on the light.


And then sat on the ground and resisted the need to cry.

I don’t want to be a vampire anymore. I’d always had regrets to not be a natural. To not be able to go to school like William. To have restrictions in my going abouts. But I’d never wanted to not be a vampire as bad as now.

If this is what it meant, I really didn’t like it. I don’t want to treat people like slaves, I don’t want to drink someone’s blood.


The door opened and someone walked in.

“Oh, the sun is still just as scorching!”

I quickly got to my feet, regaining my composure.


“Excuse me.” I said as I moved to leave.

“That isn’t how a Princess greets someone they don’t know.” The woman said stopping me in my tracks.


“I’m sorry.”

She sighed gravely. “I knew leaving you and the Prince with those naturals was a horrible idea. However the royal couple do as they please…” I felt worse.


“I am your Aunt Diella.” She said sternly.

“You’re my father’s sister?” I asked.

“No. I am your uncle’s wife.” My uncle? Oh right, Blams mentioned something about that…

“Oh. I’m sorry, it’s my first official first day as a Princess.” I apologized again.


“I can see it’s going very well.” She said sarcastically.

“Yeah…So far I haven’t had that great of a welcome.” I said thinking about Simon and Kevil.


“How come?”

“There are some…pretty grumpy people.” I said avoiding her eyes. I didn’t feel like telling her who, I didn’t want to sound like I was insulting them. Especially if she’s close to them.

“Who?” Diella asked.


“Um…Simon and Kevil. But I’m probably making a big deal out of nothing.”

“The slave?” Diella asked in disgust. A small spark of anger lit inside me at the word she used. “I’m surprised about the warrior. Kevil is normally more reserved. They should know better, you are the Princess after all.”

Oh great, now I made them sound like the bad guys. “Kevil was supposed to teach me about being a vampire, and he was actually nice in the beginning until he brought on subjects that…” I trailed off. She was a vampire too. She probably didn’t mind drinking blood from naturals.


“You’ve already started training? Goodness, the Queen isn’t giving you the time to breathe!” Diella exclaimed.

“She said it was urgent, because there was a battle coming or something.”

“Or so she and the King say. It still needs to be proven.” Blams had also mentioned something about the vampires losing faith in the Gold family, right? Was this what she meant? I sighed.


“Hmm I know exactly what could cheer you up Princess. This house is filled with talent.” She said. I didn’t have much else to do. I do wonder what Eliott is up to though…I think I remember Alice saying he chose physical training.


My Aunt motioned for me to follow and she led me out of the bathroom.

“For instance, I’m sure you’ve noticed some paintings on the wall? They were painted by Kevil. There seems to be a new one everyday! Our slaves are also exceptionally talented.” She continued.


I noticed a stuffed animal near the mirror of the entrance. That’s the second one now. I haven’t met anyone who seems to like stuffed animals yet…

“Ah but here is the talent I appreciate the most.”


Diella opened the door to a music room and walked in. Once the door opened, the sound of a piano reached my ears.

I looked inside to see Rehal! A smile appeared on my face. He’d been the real nice one so far!

Sure Arianne and Alice were nice, but they kind of creep me out.

“Come on Princess.” Diella called.


Diella made me sit down on the couch, and she sat back, sighing in appreciation. If Rehal had noticed our presence he hadn’t made any sign of it.


It felt like I had just stepped into a bubble of comfort. The notes that radiated from the piano made me feel like what I’d considered to be a problem was actually just a speck of dust.


This calm feeling is oddly familiar. It reminds me of the music that was playing on the balcony while Kevil was painting.

Could Rehal have been the one to play it? I closed my eyes and concentrated on the notes. The more I listened to more it seemed to be the case.


I looked at Rehal and noticed his eyes were, more than often, closed. But his fingers were still dancing on the keys naturally. I’d never seen anyone do that before.

Then again, apart from on tv, I’d never seen anyone play the piano before.


I couldn’t help myself, the moment he stopped playing I clapped.


Rehal got up with a smile and bowed.

“You’re too kind Princess.”

His comment made my smile grow wider.


I walked over to him, barely noticing as my aunt Diella left the room.


“You’re amazing!” I exclaimed. I couldn’t think of any other way to express how great I thought his playing was.


He smiled.

“The haircut suits you.”

“Thank you.” I said blushing lightly.


“Is it my turn already?” He asked before an awkward silence settled down. I frowned in confusion, I had no idea what he was talking about. “Arianne told me you were going to train.”


“Yeah I guess it is then.” I replied. His face lit up in excitement.

“Great! You’ll need to go change into something different. I’ll be taking care of your physical training. When you’re done you can come meet me in the gym. It’s the door right beside your room.”


I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the clothes in the closet were just the color I preferred them. I found some shorts and a tank top and decided they’d be my ‘gym’ clothes from now on.


I put on some comfy runnings and tied my hair back.

I looked at my frail arms. It really wouldn’t hurt to get some muscle.


It felt weird coming out of my room. Now I was very, very mismatched with the rest of the house. But to be honest this house could use some cheery colors.

I headed for the door Rehal had mentioned.


I opened the door expecting to see a gym, but instead I saw a bedroom. I frowned wondering if I’d misheard Rehal.


A bunkbed, a t.v., a dresser and a painting that I think was drawn by Kevil on the left.


And on the right…a door that led to what was probably the gym. I headed straight for it.


I wonder if this is Rehal’s bedroom?

Do Kevil and he even live here? I’m tempted to think so, but… I shrugged mentally. It doesn’t really matter all that much right now.


A strong upbeat music reached my ears as I walked into the gym.

I saw Rehal training Eliott. That’s right! Alice said Eliott had chosen physical training first.


It didn’t take long for Eliott to notice me and to hurry over. It didn’t surprise me at all that his first reaction was to notice I’d cut my hair. He told me how amazingly huge his room was and the amount of clothes he had.


I told him about how many people I’d met and he told me he’d only met Arianne and Rehal so far. Who, until recently, had left him all alone to train. The view was really nice from here.


After a few minutes of catching up, Rehal insisted we start training. Rehal put Eliott back on the running machine and played a training video for me.

He was really helpful, showing me how to do each workout well, but I kept having the feeling he wasn’t helping Eliott as much as he could’ve…Not that I minded all the attention. Nope not at all.


After a good few hours, Rehal brought the training ‘session’ to a close. There was apparently a bathroom with only a shower in the bedroom I’d seen earlier and we decided to take turns. I ended up being first to go.


After that training I realize more than ever how bad I am athletically! But at least I’m not the only one, Eliott seemed to have a lot of trouble too. It must be in the genes…

It’s still weird. I would’ve never considered Eliott and I to be siblings before. No, when I was smaller I actually imagined kissing him! But not only are we brother and sister, but we’re a Prince and a Princess. It still feels so surreal…


I changed back to my other clothes and came back.

Eliott was talking really enthusiastically about something with Rehal, but I didn’t catch a word. The moment Eliott saw me he sped past me complaining about sweat.


There was only me and a sweaty Rehal left.


Seeing me, he smiled and walked over. I smiled back.

“I heard you were raised by a natural family Princess. It must be a shock to suddenly live in a house full of vampires. If I may.”

I wanted to tell him to just call me Zyla, but I didn’t know anything about vampire etiquette, something my…Aunt Diella made me realize.

“Yeah a little.” I replied. “I’m not used to the idea of drinking bood. I’m a bit confused about that, I didn’t need to before I don’t know why I’d need it to survive now.”

“It develops a bit after puberty.” He said.


I played nervously with my hands.

“Do I really need to drink someone’s blood?”

“It can sound disturbing, but some people don’t mind. Every donor we have here is willing. They wanted to give their blood.”

My respect for him grew as he said ‘donor’ and not ‘slave’.


“You’re so much nicer.” I remarked.

“Oh, you officially met Kevil then.” He said laughing slightly. I nodded.

“Don’t get the wrong impression; he’s not a mean guy. He was just raised in a family with…very vampiric values.” He continued with a smile.

“Okay.” I conceded, smiling back. He had a really nice smile.


We chatted until it was Rehal’s turn to take a shower.


“See? What did I tell you? The clothes are really nice.” Eliott said showing off his outfit. I nodded in agreement. They fit him well. “So, what do you think of the place so far?” My…brother (I’ll have to get used to thinking that) said.

“It’s not bad.”


“I don’t know about you, but I’m curious to see our father.” Eliott said, all of a sudden whispering.

“I’ve already seen our grandfather and I’m not sure I want to see our father after that meeting. And why are we whispering?” I said.

“You saw our grandfather? When?”

“A few hours ago. Blams brought me up to see him while she told me about this family’s history.” I replied, only remembering vague parts of the monologue Blams had given me.

Eliott sighed happily. “I can barely believe it Zyla. We’re actual royalty!”

“I know!” I said smiling along with him.


“I’m a bit worried though…Kevil said-” I started to say.

“Kevil?” Eliott asked.

“The black-haired vampire.”

“Oh right. He seems kind of shady with his hair covering his face.” Eliott said, hiding his forehead with his palm.

“Yeah well, he said we’d have to…drink blood more and more often and…” For some reason I had trouble saying the rest, but Eliott didn’t need me to say much more.


He stayed silent, and avoided my eyes.

The door opened and Rehal walked in a step.

“The Queen wishes to see both of you.”


I felt my cheeks burn and my heart beat faster as I saw his shirtless self, water still dripping from his hair and torso.


Eliott left the room to go see Blams, but for some reason I was really reluctant to leave. To just simply leave would be…regretful.

*dead* Oh man, that was the longest…hardest…most attention demanding chapter ive made so far. And hopefully it’ll be the last! This chapter is humongus!

I had a lot of different ideas for what the vote at the end of the chapter could be, but I’ve settled on something pretty simple. (Nearly two weeks to make this chapter…damn…)



First floor:


Second floor:


Third floor:


Ah, just before you vote. Here’s a little insight in my choices using the last chapter’s poll;

Physical training = Rehal

Basic education = Simon

Learning more about being a vampire = Kevil

Now, on you vote!

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    Liking the Zyla/Rehal pairing… 🙂


  2. Ahhh! I think this was one of my favorite chapters yet. Evidently I’ve a thing for long chapters 😉 It’s just really cool to learn more about how you’ve conceptualized vampires and to learn more about each of the characters living in this place. I like the Zyla/Rehal pairing too, but for some reason I feel suspicious of it, haha. Like…everyone has been a little cool toward her, so it’s suspicious that he’s been so nice XD Funny enough, I feel like Simon is the most informed and honest in the house. He seems to know something…something big. Of course that could just be wishful thinking since much about this rubs me the wrong way. Surely all my suspicions aren’t unfounded? Gotta keep going to see!

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