6.6 – I’m only vampire after all

Edit: due to some complaints I’ll be giving 3 days to vote instead of 2

Ugh, this chapter is a bit shorter than I originally planned (it’s still pretty big though). I had to cut a lot of scenes due to technical problems (mostly with poses and accessories). And wow! Most of the complicated poses were made by me, and boy they were hard!

Anyway, enjoy, this chapter has a little more action in it than most…

(before I forget, the results of the last poll are : Kiss him)

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

On a whim I decided to kiss him.

Unfortunately in my clumsiness, just as I was reaching up (somehow I miscalculated) our foreheads knocked together.

My cheeks flooded with embarrassment.


“What are you doing?” Rehal asked with a slight laugh as I backed up, bringing my hand up to my sore head.


Before I could reply something appeared between us. The sudden appearance of this wavery form made me take another step back.


It was a ghost.

“Lilith?” Rehal asked in surprise.

“The new recruit is here!” The ghost whispered excitedly.

I blinked in surprise. I’d never seen a ghost before!


“That’s great! Thanks.” Rehal said before leaving. The ghost stood with a smile on her face and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.


The ghost glared up at me.

“It’s rude to stare!” She whispered angrily.


I didn’t say anything, for some reason her bright white eyes kept me hypnotized.


Seconds after the young ghost disappeared.

There’s another mystery to add to my list.

I found myself thinking about my big sister. Mincia would love to try and solve all of the ones I’ve been accumulating.


I got dressed and decided to go see what the ghost had talked about and where Rehal had gone.

Just thinking about him made my cheeks feel warm. I almost kissed him! But he didn’t seem to realize it…


I followed the sound of a discussion coming from behind the kitchen. The house wasn’t as confusing as the first few days, I know my way around a lot better now.


As I got closer, the voices got clearer.

“It will be a pleasure to have you with us.” I heard Blams say.

“True, we’re starting to get our hands full.” It wasn’t hard to recognize Rehal’s voice.

“Speak for yourself.” Kevil said. It sounds like pretty much everyone is here.


Turning the corner I saw the new recruit and she saw me too.

“Princess!” She exclaimed in a little bit of surprise. She quickly got to her feet, her soft and shiny hair moving gracefully around her shoulders. She gave me a quick bow. Another vampire.

“Come sit.” Blams said, smiling slightly in my direction.


I sat beside Eliott.

A feeling of being left out was born in my chest. Why had Eliott been called and not me? Did forfeiting the future throne to Eliott mean he was going to be privy to more things than I from now on?

I smelled Arianne before I saw her. Even she was here!


“Miranda is a new warrior.” Eliott informed me with a bit of excitement.

“I couldn’t not offer my services when I heard about your cause.” The warrior Miranda said.


“It was about time the vampires fought back.” She continued.

Miranda radiated an air of toughness. I didn’t doubt she could hold her own, and by the sounds of it she was dedicated to our cause. It was nice to know other vampires wanted to restore the supernatural standing in this town, though she made it sound like our methods were a bit violent.

All in all, she seems like someone nice, loyal and hard working. But for some reason, I really don’t think I’m going to like her.


Boy was I right.

She’s bright, extremely athletic, friendly, and she beats me at everything. Everything she does bothers me.


If she was only simply way better than me, I could’ve lived with that. However, ever since she’s arrived I haven’t been able to spend any time with Rehal. He’s always busy, or he’s always training, and more than often I find the two chatting away. The only time I get to see Rehal these days is when I need to train, and even then she’s always there showing off.

It seems I’m the only one bothered by her. Eliott actually likes her a lot. He keeps swooning over her and asking me questions about her when we usually hang out.


And then there’s Blams. Ever since Miranda became the third warrior she’s been looking excessively happy. Sometimes I find her skipping in the corridors, and just last sunset I caught her picking flowers with a huge smile on her face.


At least the donors and Kevil seemed to be unaffected by her presence. (I’d add in my father, aunt Diella and uncle Kord, but I don’t see them that often) Though there was a time Kevil acted a little weird. On one of those times I was searching for Rehal (and hoping he wasn’t with what’s-her-face) I spotted Kevil taking out eye contacts. (Which explains why his eyes didn’t glow before)


The moment he saw me in the mirror he put on this mean looking face and slammed the door. He really looked like he had something to hide.

I’ve lost count of how many things I don’t know.



“Hi dad.” I said, beginning our weekly conversation. At first I called, or he called me every night, but we’ve spread it out to a week.

“Zyla! Great news!” Dad said, sounding extremely excited. “Your sister came back!”

I stood in shock.

Mincia was back?

“Zyla? Are you still there?”

“Um, yeah I am.”

“She came back yesterday, I’d love to let you talk to her, but she’s been sleeping since.” My big sister was back, and she sounded safe and sound.

How many years has it been? It feels surreal…


“You should come by and see her.”

I didn’t respond. Going back home? I sure would like to see grandpa and dad…I haven’t seen them in a while. But that would mean seeing mom too and…


“Sorry dad. I won’t be coming anytime soon.” I couldn’t. I didn’t want to see my mother, and no matter how much I’d missed my big sister, I didn’t want to dare go home. I’ve started feeling hungry for blood again and I was afraid I might do something I would regret.



How did I stumble onto my house’s bar? What a great question. Maybe my recent obsession of following Miranda and Rehal around like a stalker is the cause. I’m almost 18 years old, I should know better than to act like that.

Basically I was following them again in the corridors and I lost them. Instead I discovered this room, with my father playing darts. I’m assuming this is why I never see him around. That and the fact that he doesn’t really seem to have a fatherly side. He basically ignored me when I walked in.

When I came in Alice had greeted me from behind the bar and the smell of her blood had parched my throat. I was going to need to drink some plasma juice soon, but I was putting it off. A bit defeated, and after realizing how pitifully I was using my days, I sat down at the bar and asked Alice for a drink.


“My darling of a wife wants to see you Alice.” My father’s voice cut through the silence. As I drank Alice left.

The drink felt almost spicy against my tongue, but I chugged it. I was a little surprised at how quick I drank the cup; I felt thirsty and finishing it I only wanted another one.


After I drank a second one I felt even thirstier than before. It didn’t make sense, so I drank another one, and another one, but my throat kept feeling more parched. It wanted blood.


When I was out of drinks, I slumped on the counter.

“Being a vampire sucks.” I mumbled against my arm.


I didn’t even hear the door open, but at some point Simon appeared and sat down beside me. The smell of his blood rushed over me and I nearly fell off the chair.

“It’s unfair.” I mumbled, keeping my nose covered.

“What’s unfair?” He asked.


“I don’t like you, don’t talk to me. Your blood smells too strong.” You know, I put a bunch of effort into avoiding him for the last few weeks and here he has the audacity to just sit down and quietly talk to me. Ridiculous!

Simon didn’t say anything.

“It’s just really unfair that she’s so cool and everything! I’m supposed to be the all-important Princess, but she can do real awesome stuff and Rehal is always hanging out with her! I don’t even see him anymore. I don’t see anyone anymore apart from Arianne. Eliott is boring because he only talks about Mira-what’s-her-face. I. Don’t. Like. Her.” I grumbled.


“I don’t see what’s keeping you here. Can’t you hang out with someone other than Rehal?” Simon tempted.

“You don’t understand.” I said with a loud sigh.

My eyes widened as I breathed a lungful of the smell of his blood. A smile curled on my lips, it smelled so good. Like the sweetest nectar…like a forbidden fruit…

Why was I against drinking blood again? It smells so good there can’t be anything bad in it…


“Hey Simon?” I said, turning towards him. “I want to try something so don’t move okay?”


My heart was beating twice as fast the closer I got. The smell was intoxicating! How did the other vampires resist it?

Oh well, they probably didn’t.


I lunged forwards, my eyes fixated on his pulsating neck. What taste could be hiding under that smooth skin?


I pierced the skin with my fangs and Simon let out a gasp of pain and surprise. I sucked as the blood came pouring out and I nearly let out a gasp of pleasure. The blood was like nothing I’d ever tasted before. It was better than the sweetest nectar, it was…for lack of a better word: Pure.

Simon resisted and tried to push me away, but I drank his blood so quickly to calm my parched throat that he was soon too weak to stop me.

The taste was intoxicating and I couldn’t stop myself. Not that I particularly wanted to.


Just as Simon started to sag in my arms the door slammed open and a flurry of footsteps came up behind me.



A pair of strong arms pulled me off Simon and he fell to the ground. What’s-her-face Miranda rushed to his side to make sure he was still alive.

“Let me go!” I snarled, blood dripping down my chin. All I could think of was the taste leftover in my mouth, and the puddle of it that was forming on the ground beside Simon. My throat yearned for more and I struggled against Kevil’s hold.


My eyes happened to drift and see Rehal. The look he was giving me…How dare he?! We were vampires weren’t we? Isn’t this what vampires did?

“Let me go!” I yelled louder, concentrating on that one phrase. Why was he holding me like this? Why couldn’t he let me go?

“Let her go…” Miranda whispered almost uncertainly.

“Put me down!” I shouted again.


Rehal reacted and went towards me to help me. However, Kevil pulled out a gun, and still holding me with one arm, aimed it at Rehal.

“Stay back.” He said, in an intimidating voice. Rehal’s actions slowed down and he looked confused.

“Why are you so strong?” I whined as I struggled against his one arm. He looks so weak though!

“Hmph, I missed again.”


Kevil brought me up to my room and dumped me on the bed.

“There! Now stay still!” He ordered me.

I stayed still and gave him a dirty look.

“I would’ve if you would’ve just let me be! It’s not like I was gonna eat him.” I told him. He sighed in fatigue.


Kevil slumped on the ground looking emotionally tired. I lay down on the bed and fingered the corners of my mouth where the blood was drying.

“Was it really that good?” Kevil asked after a few moments of silence.

“It was the best thing I ever tasted.” I said delightfully.


“Does this mean you’ll take a liking to drinking humans from now on?” Kevil asked.

What a weird question. Would I? No I wouldn’t.

“Hmm…probably not. It was kind of hard not to try and drink Simon’s blood. I’m starting to feel bad about it now.”



I turned around on the bed. I was starting to feel sleepy, but at the same time I was feeling restless.

“Hey Kevil?” I asked. Kevil had been sitting there in silence while I tried to decide whether I wanted to be asleep or not. He turned to look at me. “Why do you hide your face? And why do you have eye contacts? It’s been annoying me.” I groaned. He had something to hide and I liked knowing secrets.

He thought for a few moments, then with a small smile that seemed more for him than for me, he said: “You’ll probably forget it anyway.”


Kevil took out his eye contacts and parted his hair so I could see.


“There. I think you can guess the rest.”

White eyes. He had glowing white eyes. All the times he was teaching me about vampires he always made a point to underline the fact that vampires are disgusted with white eyes. If a vampire and a white-eye were to meet, only the vampire would leave the area alive. It was almost second instinct, that’s how strong the vampire society of today hated white eyes.


I know I wanted to know secrets, but that’s a pretty big one!

“Why did you tell me?” I asked. Someting like this…Isn’t he afraid I’ll tell another vampire? And how did he manage to hide it from the others?

Kevil eyes drifted into the distance. “Sometimes you just need to tell someone.”


Kevil grabbed his eye contacts and started to leave the room. I jumped off the bed.

“Is Simon going to be alright?” I asked in worry.

“I don’t know.” Kevil replied. Guilt started to gnaw inside me.


The door closed and I was left in the huge empty-feeling room.

And so began my hazed swirl of self-hate. What exactly had I done?



I was woken up by a shout coming from the king and queen’s room. I had a slight headache and I felt like I’d been flatten by bulldozer, but curious, I got up to hear what it was about. I leaned on the wall, closing my eyes, and listened.

“I put you in charge of their eating! I made you the one who fed them and controlled their blood intake until they could do it themselves!” Raged a voice that sounded a lot like Blams’. “And what did you do? You let her, not only near the pureblood when she was thirsty, but nearly killed him! Don’t think this’ll go unpunished Kevil!”

A door open and closed and then it was silence.


It wasn’t hard to figure out what just happened. Kevil just got in trouble because of me. All because I was too stubborn to take the plasma juice. Now I’ve hurt both Kevil and Simon. I hate that I feel full.


“Knock knock, anybody home?” Eliott called before coming in my room. “I come bearing news, and I really can’t get over the difference between in here and out there…”

“News about Simon?”


“How’d you guess?” He said with a laugh. I kept a serious face. “Yeah I guess it is still a bit early. Don’t judge me, but I am a little jealous. Isn’t he the one with the pure blood? That no one ever drank from before?”

That just made me feel worse. “Is Simon okay?”

“Yeah, he’s unconscious and lost a ton of blood, you really drank it out of him, but he’s still alive. He’s in the slave’s dorms.”

Eliott is saying slave now too?

I sighed a little in relief. Thank god I didn’t kill him.


To make me feel worse the door slammed open and Blams stomped in.

“You should be ashamed Zyla!” She yelled at me.



“No no no! Not only did you have Ariane and Alice if you were hungry, but when we drink we LIMIT ourselves!” Blams scolded. How was I supposed to know Simon was off limits? I’m not saying this justifies my actions in any way.


“BUT, it’s okay.” Blams finished with a smile. I was confused. “You’re still new at this, and I have great news! I’ve been suspicious of it, but I’ve finally confirmed it.”


“Well what is it?” Eliott urged.

“I’m FINALLY pregnant!” She exclaimed.

“What?” I asked in surprise. Pregnant? Wasn’t it supposed to be hard for a vampire?

Eliott stood in silent shock.


“Isn’t it wonderful? I have to go now, I’ll see you two later!” She said, giving us a wave before leaving. She was pregnant?


Eliott started to leave as well.

“Eliott?” I said in concern. His silence was starting to worry me. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I just…I’m going to go do something I’ll see you later.” He quickly replied.


Eliott and I had never been close to the point of talking about our feelings like a bunch of girlfriends, but we had been close. Now, ever since we’ve become royalty I feel like a distance appeared between us. I hope it’ll fade.

I sighed. Even though Eliott told me Simon was fine I still want to check up on him. At least say sorry. But at the same time I don’t think I should even go close to him. Well if I can’t decide on that, maybe I should go try and plead for Kevil’s cause. It isn’t his fault after all.

This chapter feels like a mess and a success at the same time…Well now King Velor seemed to be having a lot of fun playing darts, heh…

Let this be known to all vampires, don’t wait till you’re starving! Or else you end up draining people. Let’s hope Simon is going to surive this.



First floor:


Second floor:


Third floor:


This vote is a pretty decisive one, choose wisely grasshopper…

By the way here’s what the last votes results would have given:

Kiss him (current results)

Try to get him to ask her out, Rehal was going to be way too dense and not figure it out

Chicken out, Zyla was going to leave and end up having, finally, a normal conversation with Simon

Reveal feelings, Rehal would have expressed similar feelings and the two would have moved their relationship to the next level



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12 Responses to 6.6 – I’m only vampire after all

  1. AHHHHHH! I KNEW IT. As soon as I read how Kevil always keeps his hair in his face and wears contacts I suspected that he had white eyes! Also, I’m finding it a bit amusing that I like and trust everyone Zyla doesn’t. Simon and Kevil are my favorites in this building and they’re literally the two Zyla has been most annoyed with. Well, besides the new warrior, but that’s because she’s jealous since she has that crush on Rehal, who I still don’t trust, lmao. Don’t like the King either, and Blams is suspicious what with this secret mission she’s been ordering Simon to do. Also, Eliott…oh that power hungry soul. Definitely wasn’t lost on me that he got all quiet after hearing about Blams’ pregnancy. I hope he doesn’t do anything drastic, but somehow I feel he’s off to do exactly that.

    Ughhhh talk to Kevil and Simon moreeeeeeeee. Especially Kevil. I really like Kevil, lol. Gosh I love this generation. Even though Zyla irritates me sometimes, lol. But it’s so freaking interesting. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t stop readingggggggg. This has been like my entire day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      You caught that about kevil? I’m so happy and impressed! I always feel like I make things too vague sometimes XD
      Oh Eliott.
      I really like Kevil too!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well you’ve definitely got my brain working. I’m currently mindlessly scrolling Tumblr because I have a headache from reading and trying to figure things out all day, LOL. And yet I want to keep reading XD

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Haha oops sorry for the headache XD
          It was super fun to get this flux of comments though.
          Rest your head! It only gets more complicated!
          I mean more fun!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ooooh, I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed them! At some point I wondered if I was leaving too many or even being too honest with my comments, haha. I tend to just literally say what’s on my mind in that moment!


            I am actually really excited to get to Generation 7 because I recall you talking about how much you love James and holy wow, his generation is so long that I’m dying to know what in the world happens during it! So I’m trying to finish Generation 6 tonight, but my head is like fjdkshfkjdsf lolol. I should really be using this free time too to work on Different Winters, but….THIS. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE AND I NEED TO KNOW IT ALL! GAHHHH! lololol halp.

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            • blamsart says:

              If I don’t reply it’s cause i don’t know what to reply, but I still adore them.
              Heat of the moment comments are the best.
              Lol I just said so in the last comment, but I will definitely say it again.
              GEN.7 IS A FAV. ❤
              I started that generation thinking 'I must surpass gen.4.' AND I SUCCEEDED. I succeeded so bad, I had trouble moving on when I started gen.8 and I was hit with some writer-self-esteem issues O_O (just for a while. It was completely different stories. no comparaison could really be made).

              Liked by 1 person

              • Oh man, definitely know that feeling. Funny enough though I already like Xavier from all the pose packs, LOL. I mean I know nothing about him, but he and Edmund look really cute in the poses XD Course that might say literally nothing about the generation, but still, I’m excited to read that one too =)

                Liked by 1 person

                • blamsart says:

                  Haha *internally, oh no spoilers*
                  No, but that’s great that you’re looking forwards to them.

                  It doesn’t seem to change much how you feel about your writing in that phase, because when you go back to it after the phase has passed, you realize it really wasn’t so bad afterall. Pretty darn good even!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Lol don’t worry, I’ve actually had relatively few things spoiled for me so far. Just who the heir is a couple times and then like I said, that pairing. But I’ve no idea how it comes about or what they’re like or anything like that, and that’s half the fun! ^_^

                    Pfft yes, of course it’s good! This is ALREADY good. I have to imagine it only gets better ❤

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  2. I agree, this chapter was a little all over the place, but it works because we’re in Zyla’s head and her head is a confusing place atm. Sounds like the typical teenage angst of liking one boy but then he stops hanging out with her and so she finds solace in another. Just with added supernaturalness!
    The character named Blams always makes me laugh when I read the name. And that outfit with the sunglasses outside at dusk, cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I regret calling her that looool, I was an eager youngster though so I forgive myself. I had big dreams for Blams(vamp) that didn’t come to pass.
      But I have found a way to make her existence here more bearable for me as the writer lol, but that’s for another story.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Trip says:

    And I did NOT guess that Kev was a secret white-eye because I’m a big dummy. Name a more iconic duo than TS3 and face-hiding emo hairs, it was a different time~

    It is nice to see those more sensitive moments while Zyla…isn’t. But that’s just biology and I fear hormonal Blams a lot more (take that any way you might!)

    Liked by 1 person

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