6.8 – War is on our doorstep

Results: Follow him

This chapter was…interesting to write…

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

I hadn’t seen my brother in a year and now that I’ve finally seen him again he thinks he can just up and disappear?

That was my state of mind when I started to follow my brother, but I ended up losing him when we got to town. It seems he really didn’t want me around. It was nice to see him…I suppose.

As I walked for the sake of walking, I kept thinking back to what he’d said. William had been kidnapped by a vampire, and he’s saying that that vampire is in the house. But who could it be? I’d like this to be a situation where I can’t imagine anyone being guilty, but with the recent events anyone could’ve done it.

But…I can immediately say Arianne, Simon, and Alice aren’t guilty. Afterall they aren’t vampires. Miranda can’t be the vampire either, since she hasn’t been here long enough. That leaves Velor, Blams, Rehal, Kevil, Kord and Diella. I’m tempted to blame Blams and to declare Kevil and Rehal innocent, but…I sighed.

Could William be mistaken?


Before I knew it, I spotted my childhood home. I guess it couldn’t be helped. This was my original destination.


I stood before the door of my old home and hesitated. Could this still be called my home? Did I have the right to open the door? Shouldn’t I knock?

With my heart beating in my chest, I formed my hand into fist to knock. But I couldn’t knock.

The night was silent and I couldn’t decide what to do now that I was here. I knew she was in there, my mom. I can very faintly smell natural blood.

They’re probably asleep. I don’t want to frighten them. I did drink plasma juice yesterday, but I shouldn’t take any chances.

“You don’t need to if you don’t want to.”


I turned around quickly to see grandpa looking at me with a small knowing smile. I smiled, happy to see him.

It would’ve been nice to have a power like grandpa’s. It would be pretty useful to see people’s emotions right now.



“Come with me. My legs hurt.” He said, leading me to the bench beside the house. I sat down behind him. This bench made me feel nostalgic.


“How are you doing?”

I’d talked to grandpa on the phone from time to time too, but I guess he preferred to see me say it. Or should I say, make sure I’m not lying or anything.

“Fine. There’s a bunch of stuff I don’t know, and I know a bunch of stuff I don’t want to know, but it’s not bad.”

I haven’t said everything to my family. I gave them the bare minimum, I live in a house full of vampires with Eliott. I didn’t tell them I almost killed Simon. I didn’t tell them about Blams or what she’d done to Kevil. Actually I didn’t even elaborate on who Rehal, Miranda or Kevil is. I don’t know why I don’t tell them everything. Maybe it’s just never a good time.

“Are you happy?”

Surprisingly, grandpa’s question caught me off guard. Was I happy? That house has an eerie feel to it. When I’m with my friends it’s fun, but when I’m alone…the house feels haunted, for lack of a better term. (Afterall it is technically haunted since Lilith roams around…)

“I don’t know.”

I replied thinking about Eliott and Blams.


“Your mother and Rex really want to see you. Sariel always looks sad when Rex finishes his phone call with you. But I understand how you feel so take your time and when you’re ready you can come see her. I have feeling you weren’t really ready today.” Grandpa said. When will that be? Do I even want to be ready?


After a few moments of staring off into space, grandpa spoke again.

“I’m sick Zyla. The doctors gave me the news a few days ago. They’ve given me a few more years to live.”

It didn’t sound like he was sad, he actually made the whole thing sound ridiculous.

“I saw William today.” I said, not finding anything to reply to the news he’d given me. “He’s alive and he looked healthy. He seems to be doing fine on his own.”


“Well, while we’re exchanging information, a boy around your age stopped by here. If I hadn’t been outside he probably would’ve walked right on. He was a little peculiar. He only stopped to tell me you were probably going to change things, for better or for worse he didn’t know. After that he kept walking. Do you know who I’m talking about?” Grandpa asked.

“No.” I replied. Another silence installed.


“The sun is going to come up soon. Bye grandpa.” I said as I got up from my seat.

“Be careful okay?” Grandpa said.

“Yeah of course.” I replied quickly. But the words grandpa had said were enough to solidify the thought that had been forming in my mind. I’d barely only grazed the surface of all the things that happened in my house, and maybe it was better that way.




The pieces of dark black hair fell into the garbage.


“It’s looking nice, isn’t it?” I commented as I continued cutting.


His silence could easily be translated into a ‘we’ll see when it’s over’.


I still remember when he came back from the mission the Queen had sent him on. It’d be hard to forget. I must’ve looked pretty childish, standing in front of him and practically pleading for forgiveness. I’d built up this guilt inside me over the months, but he said it wasn’t my fault and I really didn’t need to apologize.


I checked the length of his hair and put the scissors away. It’s crazy how long he’d let it grow.


“There, don’t you think it’s much better now Kevil?” It took forever to convince him, but now I could finally see the fruits of all my hard work.


“Man, what’s wrong with your eyes?” Rehal asked. It was one of the biggest arguments Kevil used against cutting his hair. Turns there was an existing state seen rarely in vampires.

“It’s a thing he was born with. His eyes have never glowed.” I answered for Kevil.

“Oh…wow. I get it. Nice to actually see your eyes.” Rehal said as he patted Kevil in the back.

“Yeah yeah.” Kevil mumbled, staring at his reflection. I smiled, he’ll come to like it.


“I’ll see you guys later.” I said as I checked the time.


I headed straight for my little half-sister’s room. Blams had given birth to a very healthy baby, and they’d constructed a huge room for her. Way bigger than Eliott’s and I. Eliott was extremely jealous of the fact.


And what a surprise to see my brother here. He’s absolutely obsessed with Carla. He spends most of his time observing her, as if he’s waiting for her to make a mistake, even if she’s just a baby. Blams doesn’t seem to be bothered.


It was a bit of a surprise to see Carla born with the golden eyes. It’s rare for there to be three possible heirs. Since I told Eliott he could be king, it’s really between those two. And well, since Eliott seems to be greedy for the throne, he’s not giving Carla a chance. Anything she does is considered suspicious and evil. But, just like her mother, she doesn’t really seem to care what Eliott does.


I walked over to the crib.

“Again Eliott? I’m pretty sure you have somewhere else to be.”

“That baby. I know you say it’s innocent, but you’ve never seen it stare at me the way it does. It knows.”

I rolled my eyes. Guess all my brothers have gone crazy.

“Just get out, you’re like a creepy stalker.”


Eliott got up and left and I picked up Carla.

“Hey there.” I said with a smile as she played with my hair.

I believe I’ve made progress. After Kevil came back, I put my all into changing a few things in this house. The most prominent one being the blood donors. It took me longer than I would’ve like, but in the end I managed to convince my father to get blood from the blood bank instead of drinking from naturals’ necks.


Of course, I don’t know how he gets the blood bags, and Arianne and Alice decided to stay and continue to serve as donors for the king and queen, but at least I don’t have to drink from a human again and no one dares to drink from a natural in front of me. I made my position pretty clear, and I have Rehal, Kevil and Miranda supporting me. They decided to take up drinking from blood bags as well. It’s going to take a while before I can convince the other vampires that have started to join our cause to stop keeping donors at their sides like slaves. Drinking from animals was an interesting option, but the taste was bitter and disgusting.


There are several vampires now, almost all the vampires in Legacy Island II that support our cause, but I highly doubt ‘our’ cause is what they made me think it was. All these vampires keep talking about violence and war, I haven’t heard even one mention fixing our standing in this town.


All these vampires started to come after Kevil came back. Blams had sent him on a recon mission and he brought back information that supported her prediction of an upcoming war. I don’t know all the details, but I’ve started to pressure my father in including me more on the goings on, which is why I’m heading for the attic now. He’s called for a meeting of royals.


I stopped my march in front of that door. The door that’s always locked, one of the mysteries I want to know the answer to most. This is the door I saw Blams and Kevil come out, with Kevil beaten up and Blams without a scratch or spot of blood on herself. It tortures me not to know what’s behind that door.

I tried opening it again, but the door was locked. I hate this door, I have a feeling once I open this door I’ll see something I probably shouldn’t see but…


I shook it off and headed for the elevator. I was curious as to what was so urgent for this meeting.


I hadn’t been in the attic since I met my grandfather. This dark ominous attic…it’s so dark you can’t see where the room ends.


“Finally, we’re all here.” The king said in a mocking tone as I sat down. How did everyone get here before me? I saw Carla just a few moments ago, how did Blams get her up here before I arrived? I’m suspecting there’s a secret passage somewhere. Unless Carla can teleport, but I highly doubt that.


I glanced at my uncle Kord. This is a meeting of royals, wouldn’t Aunt Diella be here as well? Unless being married to the old vampire Prince doesn’t give her any right to be here.

My father the king stood up.


“We are going to war.” The king announced. Already? I glanced at Eliott, but he didn’t seem to care. He was too absorbed with glaring at Carla. He was probably bothered by the fact that she could attend the meeting.

“Why?” I asked, since no one else was.

“Someone is missing.” Kord mumbled in a scary voice.


“Diella has been assassinated.” Velor explained.

Diella? She was dead? I looked around at people’s reactions. It looked like I was the only one left out of the loop.

“The enemy we have been monitoring struck Diella on one of her daylight strolls and she was cut down. Only a bloody mess of her was left. This act cannot go unpunished. At sunset we will make sure they can’t do this again.” The king continued. The emperor, who was usually very withdrawn, nodded once.

“We will kill them all.” Kord said with the same voice.

“Obviously not that extreme.” Velor said letting out a small laugh. But it wasn’t a happy one, it sounded a bit condescending.


Kord got up and left. Apparently he’d heard enough.

“I will be going on this mission.” The king continued, completely ignoring his brother.

“And you two will join him.” Blams cut in, talking to Eliott and I.

“We will?” I asked. It sounded a bit dangerous.

“Well, you both have been demanding to be more in the loop. Consider your wish granted.” Velor cheerfully told us. “You can each choose one warrior to bring along as well.”


It’s not hard to imagine that I chose Kevil and Eliott chose Miranda. Rehal was pretty jealous that he couldn’t go on the mission. I was actually getting excited at the idea of finally getting a piece of the action. I might be able to use the training Rehal had given me. Of course this was only a quick in and out sort of thing. Velor just wanted us to find any evidence of who they would attack next.

My mood for the mission was ruined when Lilith made an appearance to give me a warning in her whispery voice.

“Be careful of the deception.”



I walked behind Kevil trying to see something in the dark. Velor had separated us into two groups. Kevil and I on one side, and Eliott, Miranda and Velor on another.

I held on lightly to Kevil’s shirt. Not being able to see anything was giving me the creeps. We were in enemy territory. These people had killed Diella and they were asleep. I was walking on my tippy-toes afraid I’d wake them up.

What went through the King’s head to let me come on this mission? I know I asked for it, but if something goes wrong it’ll probably be my fault!


Kevil rummaged through anything he could find, bringing it up close to his face so he could see it in the darkness.

“Did you find anything?” I whispered when he took more time than usual to examine something.


“Do you know what this mission is really about?” Kevil asked aloud. I flinched looking around and listening to hear if anyone had woken up. When I was satisfied I replied.

“We’re here to find clues to know when they’ll attack next, to defend ourselves.” I whispered.


“Zy-” But Kevil’s voice was interrupted by a loud heart-wrenching yowl.

“What was that?!” I asked fearfully, my heart thumping in my chest.

“A werewolf.” Kevil replied calmly.

The sound of dozens of heavy footsteps suddenly filled the house. We were done for! Whatever monsters had killed Diella and left her as a pile of flesh and blood had woken up!


Lights started turning on and doors were slammed open. Kevil grabbed my hand and we headed straight of the exit.

Screenshot-39We met up with the others and ran away till we were safe.

“What happened?” I asked between breaths. I took a quick glance at Kevil, but, for some reason, he was glaring at Eliott.

“They attacked us. We ended up killing one in self-defense.” Eliott replied in a stone-cold voice. Miranda cast a look at Velor, and he simply shrugged.


“How…?” I started to ask.

“It just happened. What’s done is done.” Eliott replied in the same voice. Something’s wrong…why is Eliott talking like that? It’s not convincing me at all.

But I let it go.


“How did it go?” Rehal asked the moment we’d come in.

“As smoothly as planned.” Kevil said sarcastically. He was really mad.

“Rehal? Could you call Lilith for me? I have a few questions for her.” The warning she gave me before leaving gives me the feeling she knew what would happen.

“We’ll see if she’s in the mood. Li-”


Lilith appeared in front of me with her finger pointing towards me.

“Downstairs.” She whispered before disappearing.

“Guess she was in the mood.” Rehal said.


Once downstairs Lilith led me to Simon’s…lab? Really messy room. At first I was hesitant to go in, but he wasn’t inside. After all this time, this place was the last that I suspected he could be. Or else that would mean…

“Ask away.” The ghost whispered.

“I haven’t seen Simon since that time, I never dared to ask before, but he left didn’t he?”


Lilith shook her head.

“He didn’t?” I asked frowning. “Then where is he?”

“It will be more shocking if you find him yourself.” Oh great, Lilith is the cryptic type.


“When you told me to be careful….did you know a werewolf was going to die?” I asked. Lilith was silent for a moment.

“You intruded in their home.” She finally answered with a small smile.

“I didn’t know werewolves were our enemies.” If anything, I expected them to be our friends. But I’m biased since my big sister is one.

“Didn’t you hear? They killed lady Diella.” She said, her smile growing larger.


“One last question. Have you ever gone in the room-” I didn’t get to describe the room’s location when the ghost laughed.

“You’re funny Princess.” She whispered before disappearing.



I was playing video games with Rehal when the front door slammed open. Surprised I ended up losing at the game, but Rehal and I weren’t concentrated on it anymore.

“Are you looking for war!?” The intruder yelled. I gulped. I guess it was only a matter of time before the werewolves came to yell at us. Let’s hope this doesn’t end in a blood bath.


“It’s dangerous to be here werewolf. Especially alone.”

“Coward what the hell are you trying to achieve!?”

Mincia? Was that my big sister? She looks different than I remember. I’ve only ever heard her on the phone. What is she doing here? Did she know the werewolf we accidently killed?

“Whatever could you be talking about?” The King said in an aloof manner.


“A guest? I didn’t hear anyone knock.” Blams said calmly as she came down the stairs. It only made my sister angrier.

“Oh of course, act cool! You killed one of your own!”

“Truly you are mistaken.” Velor replied.

“We have eye witnesses and your bloody vampire smell all over the dead body! So I ask again, are you looking for war?”


Eliott was next to arrive on scene. Seeing him, I thought he’d manage to calm Mincia down and then we would all talk this out, but instead he verbally attacked her.

“You attacked us first!” He yelled.


“You killed one of our own first! So back off werewolf!” He spat with hatred. Eliott had never hated Mincia before.

“You’re with them.” Mincia growled.


I was finally close enough to jump in.


Mincia took one look at me and she gave me a sad and defeated look.

“Are you in on this too Zyla?”

Ugh…not too sure about this chapter. It feels cut up into tiny little pieces XD Omg stuff happened and people grew up! T^T



First floor:


Second floor:


Third floor:


Oh hey blooper;

ive got you now

me: *setting up scene after deleting like three police people cause zyla is out past her curfew* *turns camera for a screenshot*


Zyla: This isn’t going to work.

me: IT WILL. *deletes police officer*

And then Zyla (who just happens to have the insane trait by the way) started shooing away her imaginary friends, so I had to wait some more before taking the pic. The sims…even if I’m supposed to control them they don’t always do what they’re told!

Big turning point over here!

For the curious;

Follow him (current result)

‘control’ him (talk about aggravating the situation, William would’ve turned on her and well real bad stuff would’ve happened)

Let him go (same thing except she wouldn’t have gone to her childhood home and had a talk with cain and a few things in the future wouldn’t have happened the way they will now…)

Call him back (William would’ve turned and given her a real useful info before leaving)


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6 Responses to 6.8 – War is on our doorstep

  1. Rainie92 says:

    Ok kevils sword looks like one from bleach, just putting that out there. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have the sickening suspicion that the King and/or Blams had Diella killed and then pinned it on the werewolves to give everyone a “reason” for attacking them.

    Also, it’s driving me a little mad how Zyla “lets things go.” BE CURIOUS. INVESTIGATE LIKE YOUR SISTER ALWAYS DID. But I suppose in such a situation the fact that she lays low may actually be keeping her alive. Still frustrating though, lol. Least she has stood up with some things, such as getting rid of the concept of human slaves to feed off of and using blood bags instead. Zyla KNOWS something is wrong though…I wish she do more to find out what! In addition, Eliott is clearly falling off the path! I wish she would have interfered right when she saw him pulling away from her. Instead she shrugged it off as her brother being weird. No, love, this is so much worse than simply acting “weird.” Arghhhh >.<

    AND AHHH MINCIA! Oh my gosh look how amazing she looks! And just as lively as ever barging right into enemy territory. Hoo, boy! I hope that Zyla hears Mincia out and starts believing HER words, because I feel like her story is a helluva lot closer to the truth than the lies that this so-called royal family has been feeding her!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, Zyla (and Elliot) aged up! I love her new look, seems like she’s now accepting darker clothing like the other vampires. And Kevil’s makeover is also amazing. He’s so hawt now… I can understand why Zyla might fall for him. 😉

    I wonder if Zyla has practised (intentionally or otherwise) more of the mind control in the years since she drank from Simon. That could come in very handy during a war, if she can control some opponents.

    Carla is indeed adorbs, yay for green hair! But three kids with the golden eyes, that’s well done Velor. I wonder how many other kids he had and discarded because of the lack of golden eyes/vampirism… Is Miranda possibly one of his kids? Her hair colour looks very similar to his.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Mhmmmmm (winks at Kevil)

      I do like to think she HAS or else girl you used your time badly. But Zyla’s always had a bit of an aversion to mind control sadly

      Hahaha oh boy Velor had a LOT OF KIDS and these are the only ones with golden eyes and that are vampires. And nope Miranda isn’t one of his kids, she’s just a warrior he keeps close by.

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