6.9 – Haven’t you figured it out yet?

Results: *silence*

Truth be told I started and finished this chapter on Sunday. Cause on Saturday it was 100% for *Silence* so I wrote the chapter in consequence. It’s shorter than what I usually write, but I’m keeping with my past sort of fragmented type chapter.

Oh, and just before we start, whatever happens in this chapter is NOT my fault. *not guilty* Afterall I’m not the one voting on the polls…

*ahem* Anywho read on.

ScreenshotZyla’s POV


I bit my bottom lip. I couldn’t answer. I didn’t know what to answer. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but saying I wasn’t in on it…I was at the scene. It also felt like she was asking more than whether I was in on it. It almost sounded like an: ‘Are you with them or with me?’. And what could I answer to that?


Mincia turned to face the king and queen.

“You wanted war? I’ll make sure you get it.”


“Zyla, come with me.” Mincia told me. But I can’t! I still have things to do here, you can’t ask me to leave. Not when you’ve declared war against my family. Yes, I consider everyone in this house to be my family now.

That’s what I wanted to tell her. But I was interrupted.


“It wasn’t very smart of you to come alone.” Velor said in a low intimidating voice.

That’s when I’d realized we’d started to corner her. Miranda and Kevil had arrived, and in total we definitely outnumbered her.

The threat was clear in Velor’s voice.


My sister didn’t need to be told another time. She left without another word. No sooner had the door closed that I’d turned on Eliott.

“Eliott! What is wrong with you?!”

“Me? What’s wrong with you?” He spat back.



“Zyla.” Kevil said putting his hand on my shoulder. I tried to calm down, all the while glaring at my brother. I didn’t like the person he’d become.



Mincia’s POV

That place…Those vampires…they corrupted Eliott and Zyla. This war is going to kill them, so I’ll have to save Zyla. Eliott is too far gone, I never liked Eliott that much anyway.

“We’re going to get her.” Dad said after I’d finished telling the story.

“That’s dumb.” Michael said as he came to the table.

“You can’t do that dad, they’ll kill you. Nearly 80 years ago it was against witches that they had a war. No, the clan and I will take care of this.” I said.

“Can’t you avoid this war?” Mom asked.

“It’s too late. My clan won’t stand for the death the vampires caused. It’s already in motion.”


“Zyla is going to get caught into this, can’t we try and convince her to come?” Dad asked.

“She didn’t want to. I gave her a choice and she stayed.”

“What can we do?” Mom asked.

The front door opened and a gust of cold wind hit us.


This is where I come in, right?



Zyla’s POV

“I’m confused, I don’t know what to think Kevil. There’s just too many things that are trying to make sense in my head and I can’t….I don’t what there to be a war. I don’t want my sister to be mad against me, but I don’t want to leave this place. If I left with my sister I might’ve been able to convince the werewolves not to go to war but I wouldn’t have been able to convince my father. This feels like its spiraling out of control. I don’t know what to do.” I complained. I really didn’t, the last few events were making me confused on things I thought I knew. Or, maybe I was just in denial.


Kevil gently held my head in his hands.

“Zyla.” He said to calm me down, and it did. Almost instantly. Kevil had never been this gentle before. There was something in his eyes too..



“You’re smart Zyla, I’m sure you’ll make the right choice.”

I took me a few seconds to regain my spirits.


“You…you know it’s really hard to tell things like this with you!” I exclaimed.

Kevil shrugged lightly giving me this gorgeous smile. I smiled back, enjoying the happy fluttery feeling in my heart.

But…what was the right choice?



Whatever the right choice, I needed to at least try to convince my father not to go to war.


Without knocking I quietly opened the door. On more than one occasion I knocked and ‘loudly’ opened the door and I had the King wanting me to go back outside and go back in as silently as I could. I really don’t understand my father.

Once inside I had the surprise of seeing Alice with Velor.

“Your majesty, I have served you for 70 years. I am mere days from becoming an elderly woman. If you would, please, grant me my reward.” Alice asked.

“Your request is just, stand Alice.”

Seeing him so professional didn’t seem very realistic…


She stood up and he suddenly grabbed her arm and bit her.

I flinched, not wanting to see this and I would’ve headed right back out if I hadn’t noticed something different.

There was blood trickling down her arm. He wasn’t actually drinking her blood…

Or maybe I was just imagining-


My eyes widened as this hazy red fog enveloped Alice for a few seconds before dissipating.


“May I stay in the house until then?” Alice asked. Velor nodded and shooed her away.

“Ah Zyla! Welcome.” He greeted me, licking the remaining blood off the side of his mouth.


“What was that about?” I demanded.

“She successfully served the required number of years…” The King said as if I should’ve known this all along.


“She was a prisoner here!?”

My father burst out laughing.

“Nice one, nice one.” He said giving me two thumbs up. I frowned at him.


“Ohhhh, you’re serious.” He sighed. “She came here of her own free will so that I could transform her into a vampire. All the naturals you see here, really only want that. Afterall, only the royal family can make new vampires.”

“Is it something in our blood?”

“Hmm? No. Any vampire can make a new vampire. But imagine if all vampires started making vampires as they saw fit?”


“It would be disastrous!” He exclaimed waving his hands around (and almost hitting me).

It would, all these new vampires would need blood, and soon there wouldn’t be enough naturals to feed them all.


“So rules needed to be set. Since you’re a Princess you could sire a natural as well. Doesn’t stop them from reproducing between themselves though…” The King started to drift into thought.

“Is there any way we can avoid this war?” I asked my original question.


“Why would you even want to stop it in the first place?” What was he saying?

“Didn’t you tell us we were trying to have the naturals like us? Going to war with the werewolves is only going to worsen things.” I explained.

“Are you really so clueless? Clinging to an ideal world Princess? Your brother caught on quicker than you did.”


“Vampires thrive on war Princess. Didn’t my lovely wife tell you all about it?” He said with a creepy smile.

I didn’t know what to respond.

“Have you figured it out yet?” He asked.

“You…” But the words wouldn’t form. I muttered in frustration before turning around sharply and leaving his room.


Without a second thought I headed straight for the front door. I was going to go fix this before it was too late. I don’t want to be caught up in a war, and especially not a war where I want both sides to win.

“Zyla? Where are you going?” Kevil asked. I glanced behind me to see the three vampire warriors looking at me with a nice amount of concern.


“If the King doesn’t do anything to stop this war,” And I doubt I’d be able to convince Blams. “I will. I don’t want the two sides to fight.” I explained.

“I’ll come with you.” Kevil said. My heart leaped with joy at hearing the concern in his voice. The one person whom it was usually hard to read the emotions from.

“So will I.” Rehal pitched in.

“Thank you, but it’d be better if you didn’t come. I’m going to go talk to my sister. If I can’t convince my father, I’ll convince my sister.” I stated.

Kevil still didn’t look convinced.


“I’ll only be a few hours.” I said as I kissed him. That’s all I wanted to do right now, but I needed to keep my priorities straight.



I cursed myself for not bringing a jacket, winter was arriving fast.

I took a deep breath.


I know my mom is in there and it’s about time I faced her. And I’m pretty sure making certain this war doesn’t happen is more important than my…negative feelings towards my mother.

Okay let’s get this over with.




Something hard cracked on the back of my head and my vision blurred before I slumped against the door. It wasn’t very long before I blacked out.


You’ve arrived just on time vampire. Didn’t that sound super cool Will?

Noooo Liam, stop talking to yourself XD, or else you don’t sound like a cool person anymore!

Who here is weirdly liking William more and more? Show of hands? *raises hand*

Oh yeah, Lilith the ghost wanted to age up in this chapter, and Cain wanted to die. I managed to prevent them both from doing so, but ugh…! That and Zyla’s usual insane antics. You know that one pic where we have everyone looking and cornering Mincia? You have no idea how long it took before I got everyone to stop jumping around happily and just fudging stare at that werewolf! That one pic took a lot longer than it should’ve…

Oh and of course there was that one pic where Kevil is holding Zyla’s head, he’s the only one posing so he doesn’t move, but she wasn’t posing and as a sim she kept going: oh my look at that, I’m much too close to an inanimate object so I will walk away like so or she’d go: hmm I have decided to look EVERYWHERE but at your face

Me: *frustrated* STAY STILL.




First floor:


Second floor:


Third floor:


On with the voting, oh you must’ve been wondering…What choice could Zyla possibly make being UNCOUNCIOUS. Yeah well it won’t really be Zyla choosing…

*added Cain as a last minute thought* (Cause Cain needs more screen time…)

Yes, indeed these are POVs! (point of views) Now what does this mean? Several things, and actually each will drastically change the storyline. More than the other polls. (crazy right? But hey *shrugs* Gotta have some of those.)

All right for the curious ones:

*Silence* (current result)

It was self-defense! (oooooh what a bad answer that would’ve been. Mincia would’ve taken it badly, and well the last part probably wouldn’t have happened. But know this, this timeline led to Rehal’s certain death.)

Eliott is right, your clan killed a vampire first. (Mincia would’ve argued and Zyla would’ve found out more dark things about the said King and Queen. She wouldn’t have gone home, instead she would’ve finally been able to open that mysterious door….WELL GUESS IT WON’T HAPPEN NOW. *evil smile*)

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6 Responses to 6.9 – Haven’t you figured it out yet?


    Really glad Mincia managed to get away and glad that Zyla is now trying to actively DO something. Stopping this war is a very good idea–otherwise way more lives will be lost.

    As for William, I assume he knocked Zyla out so they could capture her and protect her from what’s happening? Like that was a rescue knock-out, right? LOL. Omgggggg *CONTINUES*

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  2. *Mpart* says:

    Oh man, I really adore how this generation you had multiple paths set out for the readers to decide where to take the story. It’s amazing and I’m not sure if I could ever do it. As amazing as your story is…I’M STILL MOURNING IRENE, DAMN IT. WHY? WHY?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol, called the Kevil/Zyla romance. Kind of sudden, but then again, that’s Zyla’s pov for us. Like Harry Potter being so dang clueless, girl just ain’t observant or curious at all.

    You know, I had never considered Liam to be a short version of William before… but now I can’t unsee it. Loving him, we need MOAR!

    Liked by 1 person

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