6.10 – The king’s ransom

Result: Kevil’s POV

Kevil had the shortest chapter, so…short chapter.

ScreenshotKevil’s POV

A few hours.

“Soooo, you and the Princess?” Rehal asked after a few moments with a teasing tone in his voice.

I groaned.


“Not getting into this.” I said, heading straight upstairs. Rehal followed.

“Not that I didn’t see this coming.”


“Miranda! I was looking for you.” The Prince exclaimed as we climbed up the stairs. The Prince. The innocent Prince. Self-defense my ass. But who am I to complain? I’ve killed more than my share.

Rehal and I continued on.


For the next hour, Rehal and I sparred while the front door continuously opened. The King and Queen had called on the vampires who’d pledged their loyalty to prepare for the upcoming war with the werewolves.

“You know, if you want to marry her you’ll need to get the king and the queen’s blessing.” Rehal absent-mindedly commented.


Surprised I nearly got hit.

“Who said anything about marriage?”

Rehal laughed at me before going for a kick.


We heard a knock at the door and we stopped our fight as Arianne came in.

“The Queen would like to see you Kevil.” She said sympathetically.


“Who’s a good little girl? You’re a good little girl!” The King cooed to his daughter.

The Queen had a small smile just wanting to come out. Seems she’s found another reason to punish me.


“You wouldn’t believe what I’ve just heard. Apparently the Princess has disappeared.” The Queen said in a mocking tone.

“Outrageous!” The King said, and the small Princess giggled in response.

“I do believe you were in charge of making sure of her whereabouts. Especially now that we are hours away from war.” The queen continued just as innocently.

There it was. I wasn’t in charge of that, but between her word and mine it’s pretty obvious who’s ‘right’.


“But I suppose it’s typical of a vampire like you.” She spat. “You’re not even trying to hide it anymore. This certainly merits some punishment.”

I suppressed a shiver. This is where I have to be careful. I should’ve been aware that one wrong move would give her more than enough joy to send me back there…


…with that thing.


But, I must’ve felt a little rebellious.

“Instead of focusing on torturing me, maybe you should send someone to find her. If you’re that worried about her.” I regretted it the moment I’d said it.

Velor raised his eyebrows at little Carla. “Well look at that…”

“It talks back now.” Blams commented in a warning tone.


The door slammed open.

“Your majesty!” Arianne exclaimed as she tried to catch her breath. “The werewolves have sent the first wave! They’ve come to attack!”

“Saved by werewolves, how ironic.” The king smirked in my direction.

The war had started. Seemed Zyla was unsuccessful.



I grabbed my sword on the way down to meet the werewolves. There were a dozen of them, all of them transformed into their ugly faces and throwing their snarls our way. I joined the group of vampires and the battle began.

“You’re mine vampire.” One of them spat at me. I unsheathed my sword and glared at him.

“Let’s just get this over with.” I didn’t particularly feel like killing right now.


We both assumed a battle stance.

I’ve never fought in a war before. But I have fought people. I’d guess it’d be about the same.


The werewolf’s attacks were short, quick and powerful. At first it took all I had just to evade or block his attacks. But the force between his attacks quickly became his weakness.

Twice I could’ve killed him. Twice I let him go with a scratch.

Our small battle had us go to all sorts of places on the ‘battlefield’. I saw a lot of my colleagues, but never once did I see Eliott or Rehal. I’m not surprised that coward didn’t come, but of all people, Rehal was the one who liked to fight the most.

My game of tag, because this is what it had become, was soon brought to an abrupt halt.


The werewolf stopped running and held its head, groaning in confusion.

“Finish him off.” A grinning voice called out to me. The King. “I’ve immobilized him for you, now you can chop off his head.” He continued smirking, his golden eyes shining brighter than the others.

He was laughing at me. How could I strike down someone who’s not even fighting back? This isn’t even a fight right now.

“I think you’ve played enough of cat and mouse.”


“What is this?” The werewolf mumbled.

If I disobeyed the king now, what would be the consequences? Would he kill me?

The king’s face became serious and a tingling sensation began in my sword arm.


The next thing I knew, I’d slashed quickly and cleanly at the werewolf. My left arm came up to block my face from the blood. The werewolf fell to the ground, instantly dead, his chest torn open. The tingling sensation left my sword arm.

“Really, Kevil what a bad move that was.”



I knocked on the king’s bedroom door.

It had been hours since the first battle had ended. With just a few losses, we’d won and sent the survivors back home. Now it was our turn to attack and Zyla hadn’t come back.

I’d managed to stop thinking about it, but it was well past dawn and she was still absent. You could say I was getting really worried. Unfortunately I can’t leave the mansion without permission.

“Come in.” The king called. I walked in and immediately dropped to my knees. I was relieved to know the Queen wasn’t here.

“My king, the Princess has been absent for too long, I would like to-”


My voice was cut off by a burst of laughter from the king. That’s when I noticed he was reading a letter.

“Ha! How ridiculous!” The king exclaimed, his back facing me. Was he laughing at my request? Was he really that sort of man? I thought ,of all things, he would at least care for his daughter. “So there truly are naturals like this.”

“My king?” Maybe he hadn’t realized I was there yet.


He tossed the letter carelessly to the floor and walked over to me, still laughing.

“Oh I haven’t been this entertained in a long time.”

“What is it?” I asked, starting to get impatient.


The King was silent, and his stone face made me realize my mistake. After a few seconds however, a small smile started to appear.

“It’s a ransom letter for the Princess.” He replied, gauging my reaction.


“I don’t think you’d like me to repeat.” He said in a warning voice.

“Will you pay the ransom?”


There was another small silence.

“I liked you better before, Kevil. You were contained. You were more silent. You knew your place then.” He said, poking at my chest with each phrase.


“But no matter! I was going to tell you anyway, since you came all the way here. No, I will not pay the ransom.”

He’s not going to…What about Zyla? Will he just leave her there? No there has to be a reason.

“If I may, why not?” I asked, trying to choose my words carefully.


“Not only is the price outrageous – I would never give that up – but I have two other children who can take the throne. The Princess didn’t even want it in the first place.” The King said as if I should’ve known that was the reason. As if it should’ve been the obvious thing to do.

I couldn’t find anything to respond. There he was showing his ugly side again. I hate this man, and I hate myself for taking so much time in realizing it. I always thought he and the Queen were a bit odd in a bad way, but never this…


“Ahh, but since you’re so eager, why don’t you go rescue the Princess like the good knight you are? But when you do, I suggest you watch your back. Disobedience isn’t a valued trait here.” He said casually.

Is that what Simon did to deserve that? He disobeyed you? Not that I would say that outloud.


“Now off you go, who knows what the kidnapper might do to her?” The king said as he shooed me away. “Oh, by the way, if you do come back I expect you to bring me the kidnapper’s head. He may have entertaining possibilities, but he may also prove to be a little too dangerous.” He added with a strange glimmer in his eyes.

I felt disgusted. He was worse than my parents.

Eh Velor *shakes head*. He truly is the kindest and most gentle person you could meet *heavy sarcasm*. So we got to see a little bit inside Kevil’s head (and I suffered trying to take battle pictures…*groan*)

Oh my, what was that lizard eye thing? And kidnapper? I wonder…

Meh, you know, I could’ve drawn the blood when ‘Kevil’ killed the werewolf, but I had a feeling that would’ve sort of ruined it…



First level:


Second level:


Third level:


Since we’re not with our heir yet, we have some more POV possibilities…

For the curious:

Kevil’s POV (shortest chapter, current result)

Zyla’s POV (well I’d say what would’ve happened, but it actually contains spoilers, so I’ll just say lotsa people died for no reason…people y’all know…)

Cain’s POV (More spoilers I don’t want to reveal, instead I’ll stick with basically we’ll have seen Cain be like himself and well nearly die from it….again…)

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6 Responses to 6.10 – The king’s ransom

  1. Livvielove says:

    I loved Kevil.
    Though if I’m entirely honest with you, every single time I see his name I think
    I have no idea why that man pops into my head every time I see his name written out like. K-EVILLLLLL EVVVIIIIIILLLL!
    Don’t get me wrong, I *adore* Kevil, but… I was waiting so long to post that up somewhere…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yep, I thought the controlling was a royalty thing. I kind of like Velor even more now, even though he’s a douche. His logic is absolutely sound. Cold and calculating and not at all emotional, but sound. Kevil was absolutely playing with his opponent and should have finished him off (by incapacitation if not actually killing) much earlier. Hopefully, no-one got hurt while he was playing around.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Velor is such a douche but he’s a practical and smart douche

      kevil started to DOUBLE guess himself and whether he really should be killing people. But it’s a bit of a bad time to do that hahaaaa and that’s betraying VELOR. So he did him a reminder of his place.

      Liked by 1 person

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