6.11 – It was a refreshing view

Result: Zyla’s POV

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

Do you know which is the most important factor in chess Zyla?” Will asked.

I was reluctant to answer my…clearly deranged brother. I have no idea why he decided to knock me out and keep me in this hotel room, but I’m going to find out.


“The king?”

Nope it’s not the king or the queen or any of the pawns. It’s not even the board itself. The most important piece is the player. After all, who’s going to win if there isn’t anyone to control them from behind the scenes?” Will explained.


I win! I win!” Will suddenly exclaimed as he cornered my king. I sighed as he clapped happily.


“Can I talk to William now?” I asked in exasperation. I’d been playing chess for hours now.

But don’t you like me?” Will asked putting on a pouty face.

“I just want to talk to my brother.” It felt weird asking my brother if I could talk to him, but…this Will and Liam, there’s no talking to these guys. I miss my real brother.

Well technically I am your brother.” Will stubbornly replied.


Will sighed heavily. “Tell me what you want him to know.”


“…I just want to know why he’s keeping me here.” I said tiredly. Will got up and with a complete change of attitude started to shout at me.

Again!? Stop with that stupid question! Deal and accept your situation! Be a good vampire!” He yelled. It’s pretty obvious this is Liam. Liam is the hot headed leader type, and Will is the follower, more childish, yet know it all version of William.

“I’m sorry, but wouldn’t you want to know the same if you were in my situation? …Liam?”


Hmmm, good point.” Liam muttered before sitting back down.

“So?” I urged.

It’s really simple! By having you here we’re protecting you from the war and we can use you to get what we want!” Will excitedly replied.

“What you want?”

Yes, a weapon your daddy keeps hidden in his house.” Will replied.

A weapon? I never saw…wait, unless he was talking about that one weapon Velor told us about when we first met him. The one he used to win the war over the witches.

“You want the thing that killed so many people over 70 years ago? Why?”


Don’t make us sound like the bad guys! Of course if you put it in hands like his, it’s going to have bad consequences.

“What is it? Maybe I saw it, I could get it for you.” I said. I don’t know why I said it.

I doubt it it’sScreenshot-8

None of your business.” Will’s childish voice was replaced by Liam’s harsh one. I was tired of the sudden changes. “Very clever vampire. Trying to extract information from our dear Will.


“Whatever. Can you let me go? I need to stop this war.” Though it might be too late.

Huh? Why?” Liam said, replying exactly what Velor had.

“I don’t want either sides to die.” I replied firmly. “Why do so many people want this war?” I said, adding the last part more as a question to myself.


The death of both sides would be profitable for everyone. I can understand why you wouldn’t want the werewolves to lose, but the vampires, really?” Liam asked.


Not one person there is good or innocent or whatever.” He said, interrupting me. Guess he wasn’t done talking. “That whole family is a fricking time bomb! Don’t you get it?

I don’t like the fact that I’m seeing similarities between my brother and Velor. “No not everyone is-” I tried to say, with my friends clear in mind.

UGH, you still haven’t figured it out. Well I’m feeling generous, would you like know all the flaws in your little vampire coven?” He asked, and I decided not to answer. “Alright, let’s start simple. Give Will a name and he’ll tell you a terrible truth.


A terrible truth? Might as well play along for now.


Blams…Blams…the vampire queen…hmmm…it’s her fault mother went into a coma. Next?

Wait, what? That’s impossible, Blams told Eliott and I that she wasn’t-. Ah, but that was when we were children and I obviously couldn’t see her for how she really was. There’s little doubt she could lie to us. But if that’s true…

“How can I know that’s true?”

You can always ask mom. Next?” Will quickly replied with a smile. Oh so simple, I just need to go ask mom. I sighed internally.

“Velor, the vampire king.”

Oh, him. The best truth for you is….he’s the one that started this war by killing the vampire. Next.


Velor killed Diella? It was hard to believe, but at the same time it made so much sense!


Oh the vampire Prince. Well…the worst he’s done is kill that sleeping werewolf. But can you please ask about someone who you really trust? These are all obvious people.

Eliott-So it wasn’t self-defense.



It’s him!” Will exclaimed, suddenly standing up. “She said his name Liam! Him and his vampire friend, what was it—yes! Rehal and Kevil! Those are the two that kidnapped us and drank our blood.

“What? That’s-”

I think that’s enough.” Liam cut in. Rehal and Kevil couldn’t have they…unless they were under orders…

“How come you know so much Willi-Liam? How can I be sure-”

You can’t, and obviously we’re not going to give away our secret.


But if they know so much, maybe- Oh wow I’ve started naming him ‘they’ instead of ‘him’.

“Well then….would you know what’s behind that door in the basement.” I tempted. Maybe I was a bit too vague.

What door?

“Nevermind.” I sighed.

You’re asking a lot out of a teenager.” Liam commented. I’m not sure I got the sense of the phrase, but it made me realize something. I’m bigger, and I’m older than William. I could easily leave. I guess I stayed to see if there was some way I could help him, but obviously there isn’t.

“I’m going home.” I stated. Liam rolled his eyes.

I told you-

“You don’t need to protect me, and I really doubt my father would give you a weapon he said he killed people to protect.” I continued.

of course he killed Anastasia…” He mumbled.


“What?” I asked, but waved the subject away and headed for the door.

It’s useless if you leave, the first battle has already ended.

I thought so, I was here too long. But if it’s the first battle, that means there’s still a chance for the next ones.

“It’s not too late, I’m leaving, so goodbye.”

No, stay, I want to see how the king reacts to my letter.” Liam said as he reached for my arm.


I shook him off and left the room.


“Good job guys. It went pretty well.”



I left the hotel and realized I knew exactly where I was. I was relieved to still be in town.


Just as I was beginning my walk, I heard and spotted a group of naturals.

“Those horrible supernatural! They’re at it again!”

“Did you hear about it? Apparently someone spotted them fighting on the hill.”

“No way again? With their stupid petty disputes.”

“It’s the vampires against the werewolves this time.”

“Always the vampires. They never learn.”

“If this continues we’re going to get caught up in it again.”

“Hey isn’t that a vampire?”

“What where?”

“That one with the pink hair.”

“How can you—Oh yeah I see the v-mark! And her eyes!”


I didn’t stay long enough to hear anything else, I sped off before they could decide to come after me. The naturals hated us even more now. Everything was getting worse.


At some point someone grabbed me and pulled me to the side. I nearly panicked and hit the person, thinking it might be those naturals.


“Kevil! You came to find me?” I asked, a smiling growing on my face.

“Well you said a few hours.”


“Let’s go back before it’s too late.” He said before a silence installed.

“I can’t, the war-”


“It’s already started, and the next move is the vampire’s, so if you want to change something you’ll have to do it from there.” Kevil said.

“Okay.” It made sense.

Kevil half-turned to leave, but then seemed to change his mind.

“…The king said you were kidnapped.” Kevil said as if he’d come close to not saying it.


“Yeah, my brother is the culprit, but it’s okay. He didn’t mean anything bad by it.” Well I think he didn’t.

Kevil didn’t say anything.


We walked the long walk home in silence.

Kevil has always been the silent type that likes being alone. I mean, most of the time when we hang out it was him painting and me reading a book.

So it was pretty surprising when it turned out he liked me.


I guess I sort of guessed it, but I was still surprised. And even though we did exchange two kisses, I’m not too sure where we stand right now…

But that doesn’t matter right now. Priorities, priorities!

I looked at Kevil’s back, because that’s the only thing I could see. For some reason, it seems lonely today.

My skin is starting to itch.


Meters away from the house, Kevil suddenly stopped walking. I ended up walking ahead of him for a few centimeters.

Then, Kevil broke the silence.

“I wanted to thank you Zyla, for seeing the world differently. Thank you for letting me glimpse at it. It was a refreshing view.”

“Kevil did something happen?” What was with his weird way of speaking?


“Zyla. Whatever happens from now on isn’t your fault.” He said, his eyes looking a bit regretful.

“Kevil what are you saying?”

“Don’t try to find Simon.” He said with a serious face. Simon? He knew about Simon?

“You know where-”

“Don’t trust Rehal.”

“Kevil you’re confu-” Why was he saying this?

“Lilith can’t keep secrets, Miranda is on Eliott’s side, be wary of Kord, and I don’t think I need to warn you about the king and the queen.”

“Kevil! Why are you saying allt his?” It almost sounded like a…


“Because it’ll take a miracle to make sure I survive the next few days.” Just as he was saying the words he was struck with an idea.

But I was shocked. What exactly was he saying? Was he…

Kevil took off his eye contacts.

“What are you doing? They’ll know!”

“They already, the king and the queen, they love to use it as an excuse. Look Zyla, I know this is asking a lot, but whatever happens can you stay here? Stay in this house? Can you become Queen? Because out of all the people here, you’re the better candidate.” He said, throwing the eye contacts away.

“Please stop talking like this Kevil.” I pleaded, my voice on the verge of cracking.


“The royal couple has had enough of my disobedience, they’re going to kill me, so before they do I’m going to try and help you be queen.” He continued.

“I don’t understand.” I croaked out.

The front door of the house opened.


“Ah you’re finally back!” Blams’ voice called out. I would’ve turned around, but Kevil’s gaze was holding mine in place.


“Zyla, listen to me, the weapon the king has,-”

“Hey! Listen to me!” The queen yelled.

“-that your brother asked for as ransom,-”


“VELOR!” Blams shouted.

“It’s a person.” Kevil finished.



“That’s enough Kevil, you’ve overstepped the line.” Blams said.

I blinked in surprise, I was too focused on what Kevil had been saying…I didn’t see her come.

“Use your eyes, Zyla.” Kevil said, completely ignoring the Queen.

What happened next, I could barely even see it.


Blams backed up almost at the same time as Kevil closed his fists and swung his leg up to kick her. She brought her arm up and deflected his kick.


The Queen took another step back, thinking Kevil would attack again, but instead he used the opportunity to take off running.


“Your majesty!” Arianne called as she came out of the house, no doubt answering to Blams’ yells.


“Where’s Velor?” The Queen shouted.

“He’s coming, he was in the attic.” Arianne replied.

“Too far! Tell everyone to lock the basement!”

The basement? Why would…does that mean Kevil is heading for it?


I went straight for the house, but Blams grabbed me from behind with a monstrous amount of strength.

“Let me go!” I struggled.

“Stay still Zyla, if you go down there now you’ll be killed.” Blams said as she kept her hold on me firm.

“He said you were going to kill him! Why?”

“Didn’t you see? He’s a white-eyed.” She spat. I’m not liking that reason.


The front door opened and Velor stepped out.

“He’s going for the weapon!” Blams yelled, clamping her hand over my mouth. I stopped struggling.

Velor sighed. “Doubling back then.” He went back inside.


I felt it. My lack of struggle and Velor’s quick visit had made Blams loosen her hold. I had a chance to get free.

*breaths* This was one of the hardest chapters I’ve ever done. I hate doing chapters outside because the day changes faster than I can take pictures. It’s maddening! Oh and the poses too…I haven’t ever had this much trouble with taking pictures. This was a really demanding chapter!

Anyway, I won’t be putting up the pictures for the house, since there was nothing new, and I’m getting tired of having to find them everytime XD.

So, finally not a POV choice, but an actual action choice…

For the curious:

Zyla’s POV (current result)

Kord’s POV (an inside/backstory on Velor and Kord as kids)

William’s POV (same beginning, but once Zyla leaves William would’ve headed home to find Mincia and *SPOILER ALERT: the following content contains too many spoilers….*)


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5 Responses to 6.11 – It was a refreshing view

  1. Ohhhh my goodness! All my suspicions were confirmed!!!!! That leaves the weapon…a person, huh? I didn’t foresee that. I’d say it was the lizard-creature, but…that would definitely require a shape-shifting ability because that’s hardly a person. Hmmmm. Something in the basement….the basement was where Simon worked. Simon….but where is he now? Hmmmmmm.

    Also, Kevil, oh my god! You brave, brave man! IF YOU DIE I WILL MURDER YOU >:O WATCH YOUR BACK! fhdfhsd I can’t even type anymore I have to read more lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Duiricloud13 says:

    Okay I’ve finally found enough time to comment, and this has actually been one of the thoughts that has ALWAYS plagued me about Zyla’s generation. And I’ll prolly forget to ask about this in the future, so I’m just gonna ask about it now. ^-^

    *Some mild spoilers ahead for new readers. Don’t read if you don’t want to know the them!!!!!!!*

    Did you ever have a storyline where Zyla and Kevil stayed together?? Or was their relationship always supposed to just be a fling of the sorts, because his destiny lies elsewhere?? Like I said, this thought has always gotten me thinking, partially because that raises the question that, if they did stay together, would their relationship have produced another white-eyed vampire (and yes, I say another, because you explained the cases of multiple ones several times already XD)?

    Also, another small question: this war with the vampires and the fairies, did the vampires give the curse of the hatred between shadow and light-winged fairies to them, or is that just a coincidence?? Idk if I’m the only person that caught into that or not lol.

    O_o I have the feeling I should know who this Anastasia is as well, but I’m drawing a blank on that. *stares at my phone* C’MON MEMORY WORK!

    And as always, you are an excellent writer! One of my favorite ones, actually. Your chapters always make my day and/or week soooo much better! =P

    Until next time!
    ~Going to eventually change my username AGAIN so I’m just gonna put this really long explanation down (I’m tired, if you haven’t noticed XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      All romances for Zyla were possible at some point. I honestly had no idea who’d she end up with! I really left it up to the readers, and the choices y’all made led to this.
      At this point tho, it’s as if this was the original storyline. Kevil’s destiny does indeed lie elsewhere.
      If they HAD stayed together, they probably wouldn’t have had a white-eyed baby. Kevil would’ve stayed the only white-eyed. The White-Eyed soul is too weak at this point to transfer again (if you will *makes quote marks with fingers*).
      Hmm, vampires and fairies don’t usually interact much. They did once, they went to war actually because vampires didn’t like how fairy blood tasted (lol). But they weren’t very cunning about it, and it ended in a weird tie. The hatred between shadow and light winged fairies was a result of a civil war for them.
      Heh, Anastasia was Balthier’s first daughter, Cain’s older sister.
      Aww gee thanks! *tries not to blush too hard*


  3. The weapon is a person, and Kevil knows who/what it is? Interesting…
    I really love William, kind of wishing he’d been heir, we could have gotten to know the multiple personalities so much better. Very intrigued to know how he discovered so much about the vampires. None of it was really a *surprise* (to me at least, surprising to Ms Unobservant Zyla) but it’s not like that kind of information would just be easily divulged.

    Liked by 1 person

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