6.12 – High ambitions

Last result: Wriggle free and run to the house, ‘control’ her, stay still and learn more about their hate for white-eyes

A triple-tie! Somehow I managed it…

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

I struggled again as hard as I could, but Blams simply tightened her hold. Is it me or are all vampires way stronger than I expect them to be?

“Will you stop it?” Blams impatiently asked as I tried to kick her legs and elbow her.

“No let me go!” I shouted.

“If I do, you need to promise to stay put till this whole problem is over.”

“Is that how you see Kevil? Just a simple problem?” It was unfair how they treated him.


“Sometimes I forget you were raised by naturals.” Blams sighed. And sometimes I forget I have another option. I stopped struggling and instead focused on having her let me go. I don’t know if it worked, but after I stopped struggling she simply held on to my arm.

“What’s so horrible about white-eyes?” I asked, trying to distract her in case I had managed to control her. I didn’t want her to realize it and decide to knock me out or something. It seemed like something she would do.

“I suppose we should thank them in a way. It’s because of white-eyes that the weapon exists. But because of that, a white-eyed has more control over it than the royal family line.”


“That’s why you panicked when Kevil headed for the basement.” I said, coming to a realization.

“Panicked is a strong word.” Blams said as she glanced at the front door.

“Velor can control it thanks to his golden eyes, but if white-eyes have more control over it than Kevil can overpower Velor’s control and the weapon wouldn’t be Velor’s anymore.”

“Precisely. So it’s better if we leave the basement to those two. They’ll fight for control of that monster. It’s a shame for the pureblood.”


“Simon is downstairs as well!?” So Lilith was telling the truth when she said he never left. By the sounds of it, Blams and Velor are probably keeping him against his will.

“There are a lot of things in the basement.” Blams replied, looking bored.

Kevil was right. These people…I didn’t think I could hate someone as much as I hate Blams right now. I didn’t think it was possible for people like her and Velor to exist. People who kill their own family to start a war. Nope, clearly they shouldn’t be in charge. Kevil had the right idea to go after the weapon. It was because Velor and Blams used it nearly 100 years ago to end their battle with the witches that I couldn’t go to school. That this town doesn’t like supernaturals. And they were probably going to use it again for the battle with the werewolves.

“I don’t approve of your methods.” I told her.

Out of all three choices I really am the best choice to be Queen. Eliott is being corrupted and Carla is going to be raised by Blams so I know that’s not going to end well. It’s clear, I need to take their place and the only way to do that is to start the fight for the throne. I remember Kevil taught me that as long as one of the heirs is of age, the battle can be started, and the last heir standing takes the throne.

“Is that so?” Blams said with a smirk.

But…I don’t want to fight Eliott, or Carla, she’s just a kid. I’ll have to find another way.


“So, to fix that, I’ll have to take your place. Don’t expect to keep the throne for much longer.” I declared, and before she could respond I headed for the house.

“Well then , I’ll be fighting for Carla.”


Oh great…I’m aiming pretty high with my ambitions.

I hope I’m not too late, I hope the basement hasn’t completely been locked down.


Just as I was thinking that, I spotted Arianne.

“Arianne!” I called out.


“Have you locked the basement?” I quickly asked.

“Yes.” Arianne replied.

“Well, unlock it! I need to go downstairs.” I commanded.


“But the Queen-” Arianne began to protest.

“I’m the Princess, just let me through and then you can lock it behind me.” I proposed. I didn’t think it would work.

“…I’m sorry I can’t do that.” Arianne replied with a small smile. “But I was about to go block the elevators. And I do remember a hidden door on the second that I haven’t locked yet. One without a doorknob and near Carla’s room…You know the one with the button on the left to open it.”

“Thank you Arianne, I owe you one.” I said with a huge smile.


With all the hints she’d given me, it wasn’t hard at all to find the ‘hidden’ door. Just as I was heading for it, someone called my name.

“Zyla? What’s with all the commotion?”


I glanced back to see it was only Eliott.

“Nothing, goodbye.” I hastily replied.


I went into the small cramped space and pressed the button on the elevator.

Eliott followed me.

“No really, what’s going on?” He asked again. I took a deep breath.

“Kevil went downstairs to control the weapon Velor bragged about, Blams ordered the basement to be locked. Velor went after Kevil, probably to kill him, and I think I might’ve accidently started the fight for the throne…Blams made It sound like it. I sure hope not.”

The elevator dinged.


We both stepped into the elevator and I pressed on the ‘basement’ button.

“We aren’t going to fight each other anyway right?” I asked Eliott.

“And why are you going downstairs?” Eliott asked, carefully avoiding my question. My hopes crashed. It seems Eliott is willing to fight me for the throne.

“…Several reasons.” I replied.


The elevator led us straight to the corridor I wanted to go. The basement was huge, but I had a feeling the door I couldn’t open was the most likely to have the weapon.


I tried the door and cursed myself for even hoping it would be unlocked.

“Arg! Still locked!” I exclaimed.

“It’s okay.” Eliott said. “I have a key.”

Eliott….Eliott has a key? Why does he have a key?



No one’s POV

“Well?” Blams asked her husband.

“He let it out before I could get there. I vote we keep the basement locked and let them starve to death. I have more pressing matters. Those werewolves and a kidnapper need to be assassinated.” The King replied.

“Ahh, but I have to go down there.”


“The fight for the throne has started and both the heirs are downstairs. Of course, I’ll be fighting for Carla.” Blams explained.

“Oh, and I was just getting used to being king.” Velor said sounding a bit disappointed.

“Don’t worry, you’ll stay King until Carla comes of age.” Blams reassured him.

“Is the war with the werewolves really that boring?”


“Well, that and the fact that Zyla is having a rather bad influence. Eliott turned out nicely, but Zyla…you saw what happened with Kevil.” Blams said.

“Are you going to kill them?” Velor asked sounding pleased.

“Zyla for sure, but if Eliott is intelligent enough he’ll disqualify himself. Basically like what happened with your sister.” Blams said, hinting at when Kord had forfeited the fight.


“Which reminds me, Kevil didn’t bring back the kidnapper’s head. Funny, he wants the weapon, he kidnaps Zyla and when she comes back Kevil goes straight for it…What if he planned all this?” Velor thought out loud.

“You’re giving him a little too much credit.”


“Nevertheless, it’s best if I kill him.” The king groaned. “Ugh, I have so many people to kill, I wish I got a break! Well, since I wanted to deal the huge final blow on the werewolves with the weapon, I guess all I can do now is kill the kidnapper. When I’m done I’ll come and take care of Kevil, okay? Will that be enough time for you to have your fill, darling?”

“Definitely.” Blams replied with a smile.



Zyla’s POV

I handed the key back to Eliott once I’d unlocked the door.

“You’re not coming in?” I asked. Eliott shook his head as he took the key back,

“I’ll go see if they forgot to lock one of the doors.”

“Ok…” I replied, doubtful any doors would be unlocked.


Once Eliott left I went into the room. Wait, wouldn’t that mean I was locked in the basement? Nah, Kevil probably knows another way out…

I shook my thoughts away and focused on what I was doing. The room was dark and gloomy and I spotted something that looked like a prison cell in front of me.

There was also a peculiar familiar smell that made my throat feel parched.

“Well if it isn’t the Princess.” Came an annoyed voice. I nearly jumped a meter high in surprise. There were two prison cells and one of them held someone I knew.

“Simon?” That’s where the smell was coming from. The smell of his blood was just bringing back memories of when I’d almost killed him.


“No, some other stupid pureblood you nearly drank to death.” He said rolling his eyes. That’s Simon all right.

“I’m sorry about that.” I apologized, instantly feeling horrible. I really did regret what I’d done. I glanced quickly around the room. There were only two prison cells, and the other one was empty. Apart from that there were some comfortable looking chairs and random bookcases here and there.


“Sorry? Sorry!?”

The smell continued to tickle my nostrils, and I realized I hated drank blood for more than a day.


“Sorry doesn’t cut it! You owe me.” Simon shouted.

“You sure are lively for someone who’s been in prison for who knows how long!” I shouted back, unable to contain myself.


“Too long, that’s how. WAY too long.”

I felt bad for saying something like that. If I counted from the moment I drank his blood to now, he’s been in here for years.


“So did you come to let me out or to gawk?” Simon asked once I stopped myself from snapping back.

I hadn’t thought of that. The logical option would be to let him out, but at the same time…I don’t really want to let him out and it would be best if he stayed inside, you know, so I don’t drink him to death or anything.


“Did you see Kevil?” I asked him.

Simon leaned on the bars and pretended to think.

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. Maybe if you let me out you’ll know for sure.” He said giving a huge fake smile.

I groaned. Now I had to let him out.

“You make an ugly face when you’re upset Princess.” He sneered.

“Shut up.”

This chapter is actually shorter than I expected…



Second floor:


For the curious,

…All the results sort of changed when I realized there was a triple-tie, so can’t give you any inside info this time.

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3 Responses to 6.12 – High ambitions

  1. brainofivane says:

    The plot thickens… Im really enjoying this generation…


  2. I see Lilith hovering there, either Velor/Blams didn’t see her, or they wanted her to her and go help/warn Zyla. Or possibly Lilith is in with them, though I can’t see it. She’s been trying to warn Zyla from the beginning.

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    • blamsart says:

      Lol Lilith is just SUPER bitter against Velor and for good reason snort. So she doesnt care much for Zyla, but anything that goes against what Velor wants…


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