6.13 – Knock knock, guess who?


Result: Search for a key

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

Resigned to my fate, I started searching the room for a key. I opened drawers, checked in the couches and looked at the walls.

“Why are you even down here anyway? I doubt it’s to free me.” Simon asked after a few moments.

“I’m searching for Kevil.” I replied.


Simon sighed and leaned on the bars.

“Yeah, I guessed that much.”

Where could that key be?


I finally found the key in what looked like a surgical tray. There was a variety of things from needles to scalpels. I picked the key up. Since this place was originally locked I guess it makes sense not to perfectly hide the key. I guess.


I came up to his jail door, but I hesitated before unlocking it.

“You promise to tell me what happened?” I confirmed.

“You can eat me if I do otherwise.” He replied.

“That’s not funny. I’m thirsty enough that I might actually do it.” I snapped.

“Just open it.”


I unlocked the door and Simon came out, stretching his limbs.

“Oh man! This feels weird.” He said to himself as he looked back at the jail cell. He gave the middle finger to it before turning his back to it again.


Simon grabbed the chair hiding in the corner and dragged it to the middle of the room.

“So this is what they see. I guess I can understand the feeling of power…”

I had let him have his fun. It was about time he told me about Kevil.

“Had enough fun?” I said, giving a fake smile.

“Let an imprisoned man rejoice his freedom…”He said as he closed his eyes. My patience was wearing thin.

I started to tap my foot.


“You’re such a party pooper. Yes I did see Kevil.” I knew it! “Moments ago actually. He let my jailmate out and left me to rot without a look back. But that’s Kevil for you.” Simon replied.

Kevil probably had a good reason. Maybe I should’ve thought twice before letting Simon out then…

“Where did he go?” I demanded.

“Hmm let me think…out the only exit in this room. The door.” He mocked.


I sighed in defeat. What a lead. Now where am I supposed to look? Should I just check each door. This basement is huge! I’ll probably get lost.


“Well, it was nice being released. I’m outta here.” Simon declared as he stood up and saluted me with his finger.

“Yeah, good luck with that.” I muttered as he headed for the door.

With what looked like an enormous amount of effort he stopped walking.


Simon groaned as he turned around.

“And what do you mean by that?”

“Blams locked down the basement to keep Kevil in.” I explained.

“Of course she did.”


“Well come on then Princess! I’m sure she’ll let you out and I can just sneak past!” Simon exclaimed, clearly fed up with being in this room.


“I doubt it.” I reploed. “I’m pretty sure I accidently began the fight for throne.” And I wouldn’t be surprised if she couldn’t care less whether I lived or died.


“Great. So this is just a bigger prison then.” Simon mumbled.

“Eliott is here though and he had the key to this room. He might know how to leave.” I exclaimed, suddenly struck with the idea.

Yes, Eliott could help.



Balt’s POV

Balt was an old dog. Balt knew what it meant to be an old dog. His parents, Rosa and Milo had been old dogs and then they had fallen asleep. Balt’s masters took them away when they wouldn’t wake up, which is why Balt does his best to stay awake all the time. But it’s starting to be harder and harder.

Balt finds his masters peculiar. They keep coming and going.


And today one of them came back with a worried look.

“Time to hide, come on follow me!” The master ordered. This master was really weird, sometimes it felt like there were three masters instead of one.

“William? What-” The master beside Balt tried to say. This master wasn’t really a master…Balt felt more like this master was more dog than human. Unfortunately she didn’t get yelled at for digging holes, even though she digs holes all the time!


“No time to lose, come on!” The blue-haired master continued ordering. Balt ignored him and attempted to continue watching tv, but someone had closed it.

“What’s going on William?” The mother master talked. Balt liked her very much, she spent hours petting him and she was his mother’s ultimate master. His mother had loved her very much.

“My life is most likely in danger and I need to hide until things cool off, and well I’ve poked the type of person who likes to kill people’s families.”

Balt started to feel sleepy.


He jumped off the couch to stretch his legs. His fellow werewolf master did as well.

“Stop it! Explain in detail!” She exclaimed.

“I don’t really have the time to talk right now. I’m surprised it took him this long to come looking for me.”


“Who are you talking about?” The old master asked. Balt knew he was old too, he was just like Balt. Always sleepy, and barely doing any exercise. Soon he would be going to sleep too.

“The vampire king of course. Now we need to move its only been a few minutes since he’s decided to find me-”

Balt’s nose twitched, something it didn’t do often. There was a bad smell coming from outside.



Balt instantly starting barking. He didn’t usually bark so vigorously for strangers, but this stranger smelled very hostile.

The blue-haired master went to answer the door but the younger blue-haired master stopped her and shushed her.


Balt had hoped the barking would drive the stranger away but it wasn’t working.


“Open uuuupppp! I know you’re in there….I can smell your blood.”



Zyla’s POV

“Oh! The Prince is here too? This just keeps getting better and better.” Simon said.

True Eliott is being a bit odd, but Simon is exaggerating.


“I know he’s been acting weird and he does seem to have some thirst for the throne, but he’s still Eliott.” I tried to sound convincing but my words drifted off at the end.

“Yeah weird alright. I don’t know who the Prince was before he came here, but he’s exactly like them.”


“You’re probably the first nice vampire I’ve ever met. The irony.” Simon said more to himself than me.

Me the nicest vampire he’s ever met? Why do I feel a little happy all of a sudden? He was clearly insulting me at the end.

“Well we can just find Kevil, if the weapon is with him, it can probably create an exit. After all it almost killed half this town once.” I proposed. I actually haven’t the faintest idea of what the ‘weapon’ is like. I’m really betting on Kevil at this point. He wouldn’t have come down here without a way to escape right? And then I remembered his last words, which sounded a whole lot like he thought he would die here.


“You want to go towards that thing? You must be missing a few screws.” Simon said as he made a ‘cuckoo’ gesture with his hand. “Not that it’s that surprising.”

“Oh, whatever! Stay here if you like!” I snapped, really pissed off with his comments.


It would’ve been the perfect opportunity to walk past him, but I didn’t really trust myself to get any closer to him. I could smell his blood really well from here, and true I had gotten way better at controlling myself, but still…

“Wait a second…you’re trying to make me believe, the pampered Princess knows her way around?”


“Come with me then. We’ll go to my lab and get some defenses.” Simon answered to my silence before turning on his heel.

“I don’t think we really need-”

“Arg, defenses for me then!” He exclaimed cutting me off. I shrugged, I’ll go along with it.


A few moments after we’d come out, Eliott came out of one of the doors. The moment he saw me, he can running over.

“Zyla! I found an exit!” He exclaimed. A small smile appeared on my face.

“That’s fantastic!”

Simon proceeded to groan and lean on the wall. “Of course, of course he comes running around the corner. Of course he does. God I feel sick now.”

“You’re over-reacting.” I snapped.

“Of course the prisoner is in the wrong.” He snapped right back.


Half-way there Eliott stopped running.

“Come on, it’s this way.” He said waving us over.

“You know what I think? I think it would be a horrible idea if you listened to what he said, but that’s entirely up to you.” Simon said, recovering from his apparent nausea.

“He found an exit, why are you being so stubborn?”

“Come on, it’s useless to waste time!” Eliott urged.

“Two seconds.” I said to my brother.

“Let me ask you something. You said the fight for the throne had started?” Simon asked. I nodded impatiently. “Does he know it started?”

“Well yeah I told him…” But my quick reply was cut short by a slow realization. I figured out what Simon was trying to tell me, but I really wanted to believe Eliott wouldn’t do something like that.

“There we go! Now come on.” Simon urged.


“Don’t.” Eliott warned as he pulled a gun from behind his back.

“Eliott!” I exclaimed in surprise.

“See!? What did I tell you? We need those defenses.” Simon muttered behind me.

“Just come with me Zyla. I don’t want to shoot anyone.” Eliott continued.

I searched Eliott’s face for a sign of…anything really! But it was blank and that made me sad.

I wanted to cry.

What should I do now?


*shivers* Oh god, you really creeped me out in this chapter Velor XD (its not really a spoiler that it was him at the door is it?)

Who is the master of poses? Simon is! I never thought I would say this, but he’s the best when it comes to animations and poses! He’s better than Cain was! It’s unbelievably the number of faces this guy can pull. And so far he’s the sim/character in this story that speaks by himself the most.

What I mean: Yes, I do write out the characters but there’s always those odd characters that make themselves. I didn’t plan for Simon and Zyla to get into an argument nearly every time they meet (no scratch that: EVERY time). It happens on its own! I start writing and these snappy comments just keep getting tossed back and forth. Sometimes I think one might be opening up but the other one attacks and it just keeps going! I really feel like Zyla is a concrete character when she’s arguing with Simon :D, its very entertaining!

It seems my chapters are gettting shorter and shorter…yet there’s so much more happening now XD. No more hidden foreshadowing, we have actual action…

For the curious;

Search for key (current result)

Demand to know about kevil first (the two would’ve argued over it for a very long while, before Zyla would’ve broken first and searched for the key. However they would’ve split up almost immediatly)

Get Eliott, maybe his key can open it, or maybe he knows where the key is (Zyla would’ve left to find Eliott and ultimately gotten herself lost…)


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3 Responses to 6.13 – Knock knock, guess who?

  1. Rainie92 says:

    Ok loved balts pov (is that sad of me) XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, Simon had the same colour hair as Miranda and Elliot (and Arianne?)… another of Velor’s offspring. I wouldn’t put it past him to bring them all into the house to ensure he can control them.

    Ooh, will Zyla be able to break Velor’s hold over Elliot? If indeed he is controlling the Prince and Elliot’s not just acting out of his own self-interest…

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Lol well brown is a common color yes, Arianne was just a natural blood supply.
      Zyla and Elliot and Carla are the only offspring of Velor here.
      Mhmmm Zyla make sure you aren’t blinded by your hope that Elliot is still innocent,…

      Liked by 1 person

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