6.14 – Let’s play tag

Result: ‘control’ him

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

I guess it was in that moment that I finally let go of Eliott. Of who I had thought he was. It was also then that my hate for the King and the Queen came back with a roar. It burst inside my chest like an explosion. It was all their fault! It was all because of them that my whole world has spiraled out of control! I hate the situation I’m in right now and I hate Blams with everything I can muster.


“Drop the gun!” I yelled at Eliott transferring all my anger in that one shout. Simon jumped a little in surprise.

“Zyla…” Eliott attempted to say with the same emotionless face. I hated that face. I hated that he could point a gun at me with that face.


“DROP IT.” I yelled, my arm still extended in front of me. I felt the power surge in my words. I knew exactly what I was doing. Since I was born with this…curse – because these eyes hadn’t brought anything good – I might as well make use of them.


Eliott released the gun and it fell to the ground with a clunk.

“You can do it too!?” Eliott suddenly yelled once his initial shock was gone. “Why can you do this too!?”


“Eliott, will you please listen to reason?” I pleaded as a last effort, my initial strength already fading.

“That was nice, how about you make him kick it over as well.” Simon said.


“No! It’s not fair! It’s not fair that you can do this too!” Eliott continued yelling.

“Kick it over.” I said lacing my words with the same power I had before. Eliott looked at me with a look of betrayal. He didn’t have the right to look betrayed.

“How dare you use that against me!” He said, clearly fighting it.

“Kick it over Eliott!” I yelled, tired of his nonsense. He kicked it over.


“I hate you Zyla.” Eliott spat. “You have everything! You’ve always had everything. I’m going to kill you. And then I’ll become king and finally have something that’s mine! I’ll finally have won something over you!” Eliott screamed at the top of his lungs. Eliott ran for one of the doors and disappeared.


“If you could like convince him to suicide as well, I think it would save us a lot of trouble.” Simon commented as he picked up the gun.


I turned to face him.

“Okay, sorry, bad joke. Come on.” Simon said, his face losing it’s snarkiness as he saw mine. I was on the verge of tears. Was that really how Eliott felt? I never suspected a thing. But I suppose in a way he’s right. I’ve always had more than Eliott. He’s right to be mad at me. But that doesn’t give him the right to point a gun at me.

I guess since I controlled him, we’re even now.


I silently followed Simon as he led me to his lab. We went through an even bigger corridor that looked exactly the same, but it had a multitude more doors.


As we walked there was one space with a bit of decoration. Decorations that seemed absolutely pointless, there was a lot of those in this house. But knowing Blams and Velor, there’s probably a reason to all these pointless things.


But I don’t have the time to think about that now. I have to worry about getting out of this basement. Kevil can hold his own, I know that much, and I don’t want to stay in a basement with a brother who swore he would kill me and a dangerous weapon everyone seems to fear.


We finally went inside Simon’s messy lab. He immediately headed for a few potions that were lying on the floor and picked them up.

“With that bastard on the loose who knows what we’ll need.” He muttered as he kept grabbing potions.


I sat down on the floor feeling defeated. I couldn’t see a way to mend things with Eliott, and I felt bad when I realized I didn’t want to.

That look he gave me and the way he’d said that….he really does hate me.


Simon slumped to the floor beside me.

“Since the moment I saw him I knew he was a bastard.” Simon affirmed.

The idea of him trying to comfort me was so ridiculous it made me chuckle and I wiped away a tear that had begun to form.

“Don’t beat yourself over it Princess, he really doesn’t deserve it.”


“You’re being nice. It’s freaking me out.”

“If you’d like I don’t mind stopping.” He replied. But at the end we both had smiles on our faces. I wiped the remaining tears.

Simon handed a potion over to me.

“It’s knock-out gas, don’t smell it cause it’ll knock you out.” He said as I took it.

“I guessed as much.”


“Well, now we really need to find a way out.” Simon said as he got up. I followed.

“Yeah, but all the exits are blocked.” I said stating the obvious. I was surprised when he didn’t call me captain obvious or something.

“I was thinking about that…I heard a rumor about a fire pole…”

“A fire pole?”


“Yes a fire pole. You know a pole you- never mind. Basically, it was just a rumor, and as far as I know you can’t lock down a fire pole.”

“It’s a lead I guess. We better get searching, and with luck we might bump into Kevil.”


“With luck,” Simon scoffed. “You’re very funny Princess.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes before leaving the room. We had thousands of rooms to search.



Mincia’s POV

The door was forced open and Velor came in smirking. His eyebrows raised a bit in surprise as he saw William.

“Oh the little boy we kidnapped. It was you then? You kidnapped your own sister for my weapon?” He asked chuckling.


(unfortunately for some reason, when Mincia transforms she looks the same, so don’t be surprised…)

Rage controlled me at the simple sight of him and I let my transformation take me over.

“Oh aren’t we a little jumpy?” The vampire king said to me. I growled in response.

“Who are you?” Mom demanded.


“Someone who might get thirsty if you don’t shut up now.” He said waving a hand in her face.


Mom’s eyes closed and she slumped to the floor.

I growled again to catch his attention. He wasn’t going to hurt my family.


“Oh shut up mutt, I didn’t come here for you.” Velor snapped in my direction. It’s only then that I noticed William had backed up behind the couch and grandpa had dragged mom away from the danger.


“You’re not getting anything! Leave vampire!” I growled towards him.

“Are you mocking me!?” Velor exclaimed looking at something behind me.


I couldn’t even register his mouvement, he was behind me in no time, grabbing William by the throat.


“You’re just a kid. A little pathetic kid.” Velor smirked. Surprisingly enough William simply smirked back.


A kid with protection.” He said showing something to the vampire I couldn’t see, but at that point I was beyond pissed. I charged at the vampire’s back.



Zyla’s POV

“Why did they lock you up?” I asked Simon as we reached another dead end. It had been on my mind for a while now. I couldn’t figure out why they felt they needed to lock him up. And I was really tired of this really heavy silence. Heck I was tired of being down here and it hadn’t even been a few hours yet.

“It’s a boring story.” Simon asked me as he closed the door.

“I’m already as bored as I can get.” I said as I shrugged.


“Alrighty then. Say one word and I’m shutting up so…shut up.” Simon warned.

“Just say it already.”


“After I recovered from my near death, I finally came to my senses. Vampires are horrible. It was the worst decision I’d ever made to want to become a vampire. So I decided to leave and they got pissed and locked me up.” He said with an incredibly monotous voice.

“That’s it?” I asked, a bit surprised.

“Yeah so? Do you want me to go in detail about how distressed I felt when I finally realized exactly what I was to this family? That I wasn’t a guest working to have the ‘honor’ of becoming a vampire? That the moment they saw me they never intended to fulfill my wish and turn me simply because I had the best tasting blood around? That when I decided I didn’t like being here anymore I lost whatever free will I possibly had? For the last few years I’ve been stuck in a prison cell beside a monster. The only visit I received was from the said royals who were suddenly a little bit thirsty and wanted a taste of my blood. Yeah royals as in the king, the queen, and your bastard little brother. Do you want me to elaborate on the hopes I got when Kevil came around, and how those hopes were crushed to pieces when he left without even looking at me?” Simon took a deep breath. “There you happy?”


“I…I had no idea.” I said, at a loss for the right words and a bit pissed at his attitude.

“Of course you didn’t.” He grumbled. I felt horrible for not finding the right thing to say. Was there a right thing to say here?


I was getting anxious to find an exit. My thirst was still present, and in normal situations I would’ve been able to bear with it, but now I was beside a pure blood. It was awfully tempting to drink his blood, especially when he annoyed me for some reason.


“It really would be better if you became a vampire. That way no vampire would want to drink your blood again.” I found myself saying out loud. Simon stopped walking.


“I’m never becoming one of you.”



Liam’s POV

The vampire king let go of my now sore throat in surprise at the object and immediately went to counter Mincia’s lunge. I tucked the object into my pocket. I knew this little charm would come in handy.


As the two fought I caught Cain looking at me again.

I didn’t doubt the old man suspected something.

Take her into the room.” I ordered as the vampire and the werewolf fought it out.

He didn’t listen. He continued to watch me with those eyes of his. I knew what he could do, but I had carefully hid my emotions. He won’t be able to catch anything with those eyes.

You? Don’t take all the credit!

Okay, it’s all thanks to you Will.

He really creeps me out. Sometimes he feels like he knows who we really are.

Yeah, but he doesn’t and we’ll keep it that way.


Oh oh, our sister is losing, we better hide!

Will was right, the hit the vampire had given her in the side had made her fall on her leg. She was limping now.


I headed for Mincia’s old room to climb out the window when the old man grabbed my arm. He stared into my face concentrating hard. Boy he almost looked constipated.

You ain’t going to find anything here old man.” I snapped shaking him off.


Mincia gave a yelp and was thrown against the wall. Velor straightened his shirt before turning his attention back to us.

“Now, where were-”


This time it was the old dog that made him trip. This family really is useful.

Maybe using them as a shield isn’t the best idea.


The poor dog was carelessly kicked aside.

“I’m starting to get annoyed.” The vampire king growled.

(ignore the zs….)



Zyla’s POV

“Good you won’t have to.” Blams taunting voice came from behind us. We both turned around in surprise.

It was her. The cause of all this.


Simon took out Eliott’s gun.

“Don’t worry Simon, I won’t kill you.” Blams smiled in his direction. So she really was coming down here to kill me.


“Yeah you’re just going to feed on me! I prefer dying at this point.”

Blams tutted. “Don’t be like this Simon, I read you stories.”

If Blams was down here that had to mean a part of the basement was unlocked right? Unless they locked it back up behind her.


Simon shot at Blams!

I ducked on instinct and somehow Blams managed to avoid it.


“Careful Simon! I might decide you aren’t worth all the trouble.” She hissed in his direction after making sure she hadn’t been shot.


“Screw you!” Simon yelled shooting again, the bullets bouncing all directions.

“Simon what are you doing? Stop it!” I yelled over the gunfire.


Blams took cover behind the wall.

“Come on! Let’s not waste this opportunity!” Simon said as he grabbed my hand and dragged me away.


“Playing tag are we now?”



Cain’s POV

The vampire advanced towards my grandson and I with an annoyed glare. I had no idea who this vampire was, but I had an odd feeling he was related to Zyla. By the look of his eyes, I’d be willing to guess he was her father.

I had no idea she lived with such a monster, I’m amazed at how strong she is. My legs started to feel weak as they usually did if I stood for too long.

“Just before I kill you, I wouldn’t mind if you told me how you came to learn of my weapon.” The vampire said to William, completely ignoring me. It was only natural. I was just a weak old man. And he was someone who was, without a doubt, much more powerful than me.


Not telling!” William said as he stuck his tongue out.

William had certainly changed, I don’t know what happened to him when he ran away, and I certainly didn’t expect him to kidnap Zyla to exchange her for a weapon. I couldn’t guess much of anything with him anymore. But even though I can’t see the emotions of that green-haired woman, this vampire and my grandson, I can still trust my judgement. And even though he’s changed William is still my grandson, and I’m not about to hand him over to a murderous vampire.

“Please leave.” I declared making my presence known. I saw Mincia move in the corner of my eye.


“Really, what is with this family? Are you really the type to hide behind people little boy?” The vampire smirked at William.

“Leave now.” I said again. I can’t do much in my state, but I can distract him long enough for Mincia to gain her spirits again.


“I’d kill you, but I’m afraid he’d run off before I do, so why don’t you sleep meanwhile?” Velor said as he waved his hand in front of my face as he had with Sariel.

But I didn’t fall asleep.




Zyla’s POV

We were hiding in one of the many rooms in this corridor. Simon had put up a decoration thingy against the door, but we doubted it would hold.


“Can’t you control her like you did with Eliott?” Simon whispered to me as he listened for Blams’ light footsteps.

“I don’t know, I didn’t think to try, wouldn’t it be better to just keep going? There’s a door right there.” I commented, gesturing towards the door behind us.


“Yeah…that door probably leads to where Eliott went. I don’t want to take any chances.” Simon hesitated.

“What? You mean you got us cornered?”

“Hey! This is totally unrelated to me! You’re the one cornered; this matter doesn’t even concern me. I’ll probably live.” Simon angrily whispered back.


“You shot at the queen I doubt you’ll live.” My mouth was open, but it hadn’t been me who’d said those words. They’d come from behind the door. They were Blams’ words.

Simon backed up in surprise as the doorknob began to turn.


“Guess we’ll have to take the risk!” Simon exclaimed as he grabbed my hand and we headed for the door.

We burst through an already occupied large room (reminds of a ball room for some reason).


I had the surprise of seeing Kevil and Eliott. Eliott was pointing a new gun towards Kevil. Kevil on the other hand wasn’t in any sort of battle stance, but the simple fact that he’d drawn his sword showed he combat-ready.


It didn’t take long before Blams decided to join the party and all eyes turned to Simon and I.

“Just one more, and all the people I hate would be gathered in this one room.” Simon grumbled beside me still gripping the gun.

“Zyla what-” Kevil started to say as he spotted me, but Eliott took advantage of the distraction and shot towards Kevil.

Kevil didn’t have any trouble avoiding the bullet, but the action troubled the person behind him enough to make it hiss towards Eliott.


I didn’t have time to react or say anything, before I knew it a knife was protruding from my chest and a sadistic voice was whispering in my ear.


“You’re wide open Zyla.”


Half the people have guns and bullets were shot everywhere, but Zyla is the only one injured and it’s with a DAGGER. THE END. Yeah, so like I just killed off the heir and Zyla didn’t have any kids, so that was the end of my story. I sure hope you all liked it. It was real fun and blabbadi and blabbada. But since I’m nice let’s do one more chapter kay? 😉

Except for this poll, you get to choose from who’s POV you want to see Zyla die! Won’t it be fun?



Ugh, this chapter was such a fricking pain to write. The first few screenshots came easily, but after it was hell in sims XD. The most problematic was Cain. See, a few chapters ago he decided it was time he passed away, but I reset him to prevent that. However there was a bug and now I can’t control him. Using a variety of controls I can make him take poses, but that’s it! So when he’s not posing he tends to walk around and get in the way! Urgh…I tried something new with this chapter, I got this burst of inspiration and I wrote the chapter before taking the screenshots, so that gave me a lot of challenge as well. Basically this was WAY too hard, and I won’t be doing it this way again.

Ahhh, I’m so weird, I totally went all happy and freaking out when Simon and Zyla ‘held’ hands and when they had that touchy moment. *desk slam* I feel like they’re getting closer! XD

There was so much stuff in this chapter it’s hard to comment on it all. So I’ll just go thumbs up to Balt, Cain and Mincia. And thumbs down to Sariel for falling asleep, even though she wouldn’t have been able to do much good… (if you were wondering Rex was working) AND, late spoiler alert: Blams has a knife in the third last pic! XD

Required explanations: First off, yes Eliott always thought he had nothing and Zyla had everything. She had the house, he had a cramped appartment, she had a huge family that supported her vampire side, he had a mother who he barely got along with, who’s sole priority was changing him. He even ended up killing her! So when they arrived to this vampire castle really, he saw a place he could fit in. Where he’d been drinking blood was horrible, especially in little saint Zyla’s view. Thing is, he’d actually liked drinking his mom’s blood, and then he meets psycho Velor and Blams and all those people and decides he will dedicate himself to them. And then he’ll take the throne. He completely embraced this dark side, and he was happy that for once Zyla would let him be. But now she was all unwilling to let him be king so he felt he should just scare/threaten her into forfeiting, but then she controlled him, an ability he has a lot of trouble with. He can’t even do it yet. So he just got pissed and decided he’d kill her for sure. Why he ran away at first? Simple, they have a gun and he doesn’t. He needed to go get another one.

Another question you might’ve asked yourselves: Why didn’t Velor just control everyone? Or why didn’t he just killed them to get to William? Well first off, Velor is strong, but he can’t control EVERYONE at the same time, and when he controls one person he needs to concentrate. Also, Velor had William in the beggining, but William happens to have a handy little object that made Velor a bit more hesitant to go for his throat again. More on that later. Plus, he’d like to see them suffer a bit. Of course it’s natural he gets annoyed when all these ‘useless pints of blood’ keep getting his way.

Feast your eyes on a DERPY SIMON. He kept making that face at random times in the chapter. No really, that Simon was probably my favorite sim in this chapter. HE LISTENED TO ME, compared to William and Carla who suddenly wanted to age up. *grumble*

derpy simon

Your torture has ended, I’m sorry you had to read all that XD


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  1. Cocoa a.k.a Kay says:

    NOOOO! I’ve been a silent reader up until now. . . . But still! Zyla!!


    • blamsart says:

      First off, hello silent reader *shakes hands*
      And second off, its interesting to know I have to practically kill my heir so silent readers comment XD


  2. Wait, what?! But the story continues! There IS an heir! WHAT!? Omg. WHAT!? I mean she like miraculously survives, right!? And gets a really neat scar!?! *clicks ahead in distress*

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    This liking you thing is confusing me. I start to like you again, then you have someone kick a dog. Sheesh. No wonder I have a freaking headache.

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  4. Lmao, derpy Simon! I really like his character, so glad Zyla didn’t accidentally drain him fully. I am beginning to suspect that she might hook up with him… which would put paid to my theory he’s Velor’s son. Yicks.

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