6.15 – Maybe next time

Result: Zyla’s POV

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

Tears formed in my eyes as the dagger protruding from my chest was all I knew. It became my world in an instant. The pain, the feeling of something foreign, the feeling of losing touch with the world, it was all I could focus on. My heart trembled with anxiety as Blams’ sadistic words slithered into my ears.

The feeling of meeting something evil. The world truly was cruel in its design.

As gunshots shook the air, as I struggled to breathe, as my hands trembled as they touched the bleeding wound, as the tears formed in my eyes, I forgot what was beautiful in the world. I forgot what it meant to be happy, to be smiling. I forgot what it meant to love life. I only felt the darkness of the dagger inside me. I only knew of the evils that had been tormenting my everyday life. Of the hate, of the jealousy, of the thirst for power.

A strong emotion of sadness befell my heart as I slowly forgot the pain of the hole in my chest.


The weight holding me back disappeared, and the blurry world tilted downwards, my limp body tagging along. Something ended my fall with a shock and I let out a small cry of pain as the air ate away at my injury. I wanted to scratch it, hug it, hit it, anything to make it stop sending waves of pain to my brain, but my body wouldn’t respond. Instead I lay there, supporting the pain and barely keeping my eyes open.

Apart from the buzzing in my head, the crushing despair settling over my heart, and the knowledge I was going to die, the only thing that kept me awake was her. The almighty Queen, bleeding on the ground just like I was. My vision was blurry, my head was foggy, my eyes kept drooping, but I was certain she had the same small hole, maybe not as large and not as significant, but hopefully as damaging.

I’ve never wanted someone to die before, but if she could come along with me, I wouldn’t mind all that much.


Something blocked my view and a severe hiccup tore at my chest as my lungs gasped for air. I coughed harshly, as my body attempted to reject the red liquid.

Worried words drifted to my ears, and I inhaled sharply after coughing.

The smell of a cure invaded my nose. And for a full two seconds, my body concentrated on the smell as if it could stop the leak. Stop my life force from flowing out. My heart strained to pump more blood and my nose searched out the smell.


My head lifted itself and my mouth opened, almost begging for the blood it had located. My body used part of its last strength to move towards the smell, but an outside force stopped me.

“Stop moving, you’re just losing more blood!” An impatient voice snapped.

It didn’t matter, I didn’t have any more strength to move.

“It’s better if you don’t see that anyway.”

Fatigue settled over my body, and I stopped trying to take in air. My muscles relaxed.

All I wanted to do now, was snuggle against the person next to me, and fall asleep.


So that’s what I did.

I closed my eyes, released my last breath, lay down on my support and listened to my heart’s last beats.

There are several things I regret not doing.

I regret not seeing my mother. I regret not seeing how jealous Eliott had been. I regret not visiting my family more often. I regret not properly standing up to Blams and Velor. I regret not going to school. I regret not making more friends. And I guess I regret not falling in love.

Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.



No one’s POV

William used Velor’s surprise to run straight for Mincia’s room to climb out her window.

“Damn that kid.” Velor growled, punching poor old Cain so he’d get out of the way.


But the vampire King was too late. The sneaky teenager had already fled through the window, and his scent was gone.

What saved the whitelight family from then being feasted on by Velor, was a sort of sixth sense feeling that something had gone wrong back home.

The vampire opened the window and climbed out.


“Grandpa?” Mincia exclaimed as she saw Cain’s limp form. The momentum of the punch had not only knocked the daylights out of him, but sent him flying against the counter. His head had hit the sink too hard.

Old Balt nudged Cain, but he didn’t respond.

“Oh god, grandpa!” Mincia shook his leg and then checked for a pulse. She didn’t feel one. She never would.


Angry, she ran for her bedroom and searched for the vampire with an almost fervent death wish, but he’d already left.

So, she sat on the counter and cried. She cried and cursed the living hell out of the vampire king.


short but effective

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8 Responses to 6.15 – Maybe next time

  1. Cocoa a.k.a. Kay says:

    OMG. I felt like crying during this chapter. . . . But I’m one of those people who can’t cry unless they’re in pain, so I couldn’t. But still! Zyla!!! At least Simon was there for her, holding her up, and Kevil and the ‘weapon’ looked like they were killing Blams, so those two things were good. And it turned out to be yet another blood bath. . . . I bet Lilith’s ghost isn’t happy at all.


    • blamsart says:

      I know I’m the same when it comes to sad things!
      Yeah…believe it or not I originally wanted to avoid a bloodbath…(it didn’t work out too well)

      And yeah, well said! Lilith is going to be pretty pissed with how things turned out…


  2. Oh my love, Cain T_________T He lived such a long, amazing life…to go out so suddenly. God I hate the king more than ever! Heartless, sadistic bastard.

    And Zyla noooooo. It’s a trick, isn’t it? You’re messing with us all! GAHHHH *more mad clicking*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think I recognise that white/grey hair… is that the girl we’ve seen previously? One of the spares befriended her and almost fell in love with her, but I can’t remember any names. Is she the weapon?

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Ahhhh no no, the girl who went with Max, Sariel’s twin brother. Nope that’s not her.
      First time we get to see the weapon here.
      That other girl was named Jophia, but she died a while ago.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Trip says:

    I’d say “you cannot” but I am a slut for throwing a wrench into the line of succession. Or whatever the plan was. But it’s a big family. 😛

    Also the joke I’m so glad to be the first to make here: death of the author 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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