6.16 – The war is over

Edit (can’t believe I forgot this): WARNING, there is gore in this chapter, not enough to rate it pg-13, but be warned.

Result: 5 years later

Keep in mind the beggining of the chapter doesn’t start five years later, it’s a few minutes after the last chapter. I still have a few things to clear up.

ScreenshotMincia’s POV

“No, is no Mincia! Stop pressuring me and let me explain.” Rak, the chief of my clan of werewolves growled. I stubbornly avoided eye contact.

After Rex came back from work, and I’d had to repeat the story of grandpa’s death over and over again I was at my wits end. I’d come charging into the alpha werewolf’s room and demanded we battle the vampires now!


“The vampires are weak now! The main house is empty, and you said yourself the spies had noticed an internal conflict! The time to strike is now!” I needed to see the vampire king pay.

“No! Our injured are still recovering and the situation has changed.”

I knew what dangerous path I was treading here. I’d continuously disobeyed since we’d stepped into Legacy Island II. Starting with my angry visit to the vampire king’s house. I was known as one of the more hot headed werewolves.


“The fortune-teller, your aunt Mary has given us a premonition.”

The werewolf clan were nomads and we’d traveled in a lot of places, notably where my aunt Mary was staying in china. As thanks for introducing her to them, they gave me a more important place in the werewolf hierarchy. I pretty sure they regretted it from time to time.

I kept my mouth shut to let him talk. Nala, his wife, gave me a small smile. She was one of the sweetest women I had ever met. She was gentle and caring, but could be strict. She was the perfect mate for the alpha chief.


“My first child is to be a true child of the wolves.” He said with a large smile. “As you know, the werewolves are the ones who have suffered the most from the progressive fall of the supernatural.”


I knew it all too much. Coming into this clan, I learned of what it meant to be a werewolf and that we should be ashamed to call ourselves one. Our transformations used to be different, centuries ago, a ‘transformation’ meant more that simply being stronger and smelling better. It meant a whole lot more, but the loss of magic world-wide was having a huge impact on the werewolves.

For Mary to give a premonition like that…it was like giving hope on a silver plate for the future of the werewolves.


“If my child is to be the rumored prophecy child, I don’t want to expose my wife to anymore danger than she already is. We will be leaving Legacy Island II so that I may raise my child in a safe place. Only once he or she is old enough, will we come back to avenge our fallen ones. Until then, you will have to be patient.”


“Okay.” I mumbled, bowing a bit in respect. The chief was probably as heartbroken as I was with everyone that had been lost so far. It was a hard decision for him to make, and there is nothing at this point I can do to change his mind.

I’ll just have to wait a few years for my revenge.



Zyla’s POV

“RISE AND SHINE PRINCESS.” Lilith whispered loudly as I woke up spluttering blood. I coughed as if I’d drank water in the wrong pipe. My hand came to touch my face as I regained my sense. The blood had splattered over my face and it…tasted delicious. It couldn’t be my blood, no I’d tasted this one before…

“Damn it! It just came pouring out!” I recognized Simon’s voice almost instantly. Almost unwillingly I licked the sides of my mouth to get all the blood.


“It’s thanks to the slave you’re alive Princess, or should I say Queen now?” Lilith whispered.

I turned to look at Simon, there was a long bleeding cut on his arm. As our eyes made contact he looked away almost embarrassed.

“Whatever, don’t thank me.”

“How…” I tried to ask, but a pain in my chest cut my sentence short.

“Vampires can heal faster thanks to natural blood.” Lilith answered my question.


My eyes drifted to what was behind Simon.

“I’m sorry Zyla.” Kevil said, but I ignored him. I could only see my dead brother, my dead childhood friend. I know he said he’d kill me, I know he said he was mad, but…

I clutched my wound to dull the pain as I got up.

“Are you crazy? What are you doing?” Simon protested, but I walked over to Eliott’s body, catching a glimpse of Blams’ corpse as I did so.


“Eliott…” I whispered shocked at the sight. I heard Kevil walk away, I know I should’ve stopped him and told him I didn’t blame him at all. This isn’t the end I wanted Eliott to have, but Eliott had been attacking Kevil, it’s natural he would defend himself. I wanted tell him I forgave him, but I didn’t.

This isn’t the way I saw this story end. In fairytales, good always wins, and everyone feels victorious when the evil is beaten. I just feel sick seeing Blams and Eliott’s dead bodies.

But the story isn’t over yet. I thought shaking my head slightly as tears began to form in my eyes.


“King is home.” Lilith announced.

There was still an evil called Velor.

“I’ll check it out.” Lilith whispered as she floated away.

My heart began to beat anxiously. Kevil was gone with the weapon, and Blams was dead. What would Velor do when he saw us? Would he go in a mad rage and just finish us off? Simon is just a natural, and I’m severely injured. Could we hide out here until we get better? In Simon’s lab?

These questions ate away at my brain as we waited for Lilith to come back with the news.



No one’s POV

Lilith was one of those special ghosts. She was just a little more than a simple phantom of her old self. Lilith had been the last generation’s vampire Princess, but she had been killed by her brother, the current vampire King, for the throne. Of course, she always came to the conclusion he had killed her because she had killed one too many of his cats, but that’s another story.

Lilith hated her older brothers. She hated Kord for a being coward, and Velor for, well, killing her. Being a young hotheaded brat, her intense anger had somehow managed to make her into a ghost with a purpose. She was what people called, a glitch in death. In this case, she wanted more than anything to see her brother fail.

And it seemed today, she would get the opportunity to see this.


Lilith nearly burst out laughing as she saw the scene outside.

There was her father, Francon the old vampire King, basking in sunlight. He was apparently feeling suicidal today. Sure a bit of sunlight here and there can itch the skin, but staying outside in broad daylight for a good few hours, can easily kill a vampire.

“I’m disappointed.” Francon said to his son with his nose in the air. This time Lilith did laugh. Velor had always had this father problem, he wanted his father’s approval, and Francon did everything he could not to give it.

Lilith had, before Velor had truly arrived, told the situation to her father. She’d told him of all the failures Velor had shown. His wife was dead and Kevil and the weapon had left. Kevil is pretty smart in that regard. If he’d stayed Velor could’ve easily controlled him, and in so doing control the weapon and all of this dumb bloodbath would’ve been for nothing.


Lilith watched with glee for her brother’s reactions as he learned about Blams’ death and the whole mess he was creating. There was a small look of surprise and some grinding of teeth but that was it.

But then, as Velor called for Arianne to unlock the basement, Lilith’s brother noticed a corpse under the bush. Father had some weird ideas of punishment, and this was one.

“You drank my last remaining slave?” Velor asked astounded.

“I’m disappointed in you.” Father simply replied.

Lilith was floating in the air, holding her sides from all the laughter. Seeing her brother so distraught was delightful. Velor took a deep breath.


“My king, you shouldn’t stay outside, the sun is quite bright today.” Miranda said as she came out to greet Velor.

Lilith observed her brother’s great talent for ignoring his burning father.

“I smelled Rehal while I was searching for the kidnapper, where is he?” Velor demanded.

“He’s…not here…I haven’t been able to find him since the first battle began my king.” She replied.

Velor looked away annoyed. Of course he’s not here dear brother, Lilith thought, Rehal recently starting working against you with a little blue-haired boy, and you’ll never guess who helped him find a certain object. Lilith floated happily, making faces at her brother event though he hadn’t noticed her yet. Everything was crumbling apart, and knowing her dear brother, there was only one thing he would do.


It didn’t take him two seconds to turn around and leave.

Velor was first of all logical, he would never let himself be driven by his emotions, because he knew he would fail that way. He had examined the situation.

If he went downstairs now, knowing Kevil and the weapon had a head start, he would find two weak injured people. He could easily kill those two, but it would be meaningless to. To add to that, his own vampire followers would start to leave knowing the werewolves had left town. They weren’t excited unless there was a war.

His wife was dead, he’d been betrayed by two of his warriors, one of his heirs was dead, his own father was tired of living and was killing himself in broad daylight, and his slaves were down to zero. Velor had lost. All he could do now was chase after Kevil. And even though he tried to hide it, Lilith thought for sure she could see the air of defeat around him. She had won, whether he knew it or not didn’t matter to her.

“Take that cat lover.” She spat.



Dear journal,

I’m stuck in bed, so I don’t have much else to do but write.

So much has happened…I’m relieved it’s over! I really thought we were going to die when Lilith never came back to tell us of the news. Simon and I were waiting downstairs for hours before he decided to go upstairs to check how things were (turns out Blams really had let a part of the basement unlocked). We had another fight (how surprising), but since I was injured he didn’t really need my permission to go. When he came back he looked pretty relieved. Turns out the whole house was empty apart from Kord and Carla.

Simon carried me all the way upstairs, and treated my wounds before going to explore the house.

He found my grandfather’s corpse outside, well more like his ashes and his clothes, and he also found Arianne’s body. Miranda, Rehal, Velor, none of them was here! Simon found Kord and told him what had happened, I think Kord has been chilling out at the pool since. He’s sort of like furniture sometimes…

Kevil still hasn’t come back, but I doubt he will. Since Velor is missing I can assume he’s chasing after Kevil. I hope he’ll be okay.

The house is really empty and echoey most of the time. Apart from this one time where a gang of vampires came to the house and asked what the hell was happening with the werewolves. Thanks to them we learned the werewolves had left town. I’m happy the war isn’t continuing.

However, when they saw Simon the pureblood, they got hungry. I really thought they were going to drink him so I controlled one so he’d walk away, and it frightened the others enough to make them all run off! I guess I did look a bit scary, with my sickly face and groaning noises I was making.

I’m so thankful Simon decided to stick around, I don’t think I’d still be alive if he hadn’t. He keeps saying he could leave anytime he wanted, he really doesn’t need to stay, and every time I tell him thank you and he sort of looks away super embarrassed. It’s really cute!


Dear journal,

Sure feels like an eternity since my last entry, I’ve just been unbelievably busy! Being Queen sure is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be!

As you know, after Blams and Eliott were killed I got stuck in a bed for weeks. After I recovered, I felt the need to fill the empty house, so I called home and told my parents to come and visit.

Or in other words, we can say I finally met my mother.

She looks a whole lot like William! She has the same eyes and the same hair. When she saw me she was so relieved she hugged me and kept telling me she was sorry for not being there. She seemed like such a nice and sweet person, that I asked my parents if they wanted to come live with me. The house was huge, there was space everywhere!

To my joy they accepted! Even though Simon had found Velor’s huge stack of gold in the basement (which was more than enough to pay for everyone), dad insisted he keep working at his job and that he pay me for the rent.


After that, I could think about Carla (She’s grown so much :D). True she was the product of two evil vampires, but she was still young. I could raise my little sister to be a nice young woman. Simon was totally against the idea (naturally), but that’s when Kord came along. (you know the one who never does anything) He said he’d like to help raise his niece. Since technically it’s more his house than mine, Simon stopped protesting.


The next problem was sustenance. I didn’t know how Velor had acquired those blood bags, but I had a nagging feeling hospital patients could have used them. So once Kord and I had gone through the last blood bags I attempted to try animal blood again. But it still tasted as bitter. We stuck with the plasma juice, and after a year it was starting to become a problem. Plasma juice (we found a humongous stash of it downstairs) isn’t enough to keep us alive, we needed actual human blood. But I was too stubborn to walk around on the street asking for blood, especially since the naturals were keeping a close eye on us. Simon said he’d seen a good couple arming themselves in town. Seems they haven’t realized that there won’t be a war.


I was affected quicker than Kord was (I suspect Kord might’ve gone hunting on his own without telling me) and Simon, who had at that point become a dear friend, got pissed at me. I was having periods where I passed out and had painful headaches and Simon was angry that I was too stubborn to do something about it.


And then he did something that shocked me. He told me to drink his blood, it was a much simpler solution. I got inexplicably angry and we got into a real fight. Before it was just small disputes that were sometimes even amusing, and we forgot about them after two minutes, but that one was intense.

At that point we’d been friends for over a year, and (I would’ve never admitted it then), but I had developed a crush on Simon. I couldn’t help it, I’d seen the gentle side of him on more than one occasion and he really wasn’t that bad to hang out with. Plus there was the fact that he was still sticking around. I didn’t say anything however, because I was positive he didn’t feel the same way. I had no doubt whatsoever, I was sure I was being ridiculous and that I had created this perfect handsome illusion of him only because he’d saved me.


Well…I was wrong. He was so frustrated with the uselessness of the fight that he shut me up, by basically showing me his feelings. It was all very surprising in the first second, but


I caught on pretty quickly, and that’s how pretty much how all our petty disputes ended themselves.


It was all very nice (and it still is), but there was still the problem of blood. Luckily, a few days later we got a surprise visit.

A natural, who’d heard about how vampires could turn humans into vampires in exchange for their services and their blood, had decided to come ask to be turned. I couldn’t see any other solution, and the girl was willing…at that point I had no choice but to accept.

I refused her services however. I told her to come see us every week, and after ten years I would transform her. She was incredibly pleased because she’d heard the time period was around 50 years, but I didn’t want to abuse.


For the next four years, I tried to restore the supernaturals reputation with my mom. She joined the political career in Legacy Island II so she could have some leverage (after all we learned it was the mayor who’d decided that supernaturals were bad) and dad would try to bring the subject up at work. It was a very slow process, but I had a lot of time on my hands.

Dad ended up disapproving of Simon. Simon kept kissing me, playing with my hair, and whispering stuff in my ear that made me giggle (all the time but also,) when my parents were trying to talk to me. Mom found us adorable, and dad started to dislike Simon. Worst thing is, they got along really well before Simon and I got together.

It’s been 4 years, but dad hasn’t really changed his mind yet. But I think it got a little better since Simon asked my father if he could marry me a few weeks ago. He made my dad laugh so I guess that’s a good sign? Nevertheless, he has yet to give us his blessing.


It’s already been five years since I almost died and we changed a few things here and there, and it felt like a lot when we did, but it really isn’t. Simon and I spent months redecorating the master bedroom, but the moment you step outside the of the room it’s like nothing changed. It’s still the same dark/dull brown color.


I’m leaving for France with Simon today. Vampires have a hard time conceiving, and Simon and I have decided we’d like a child. I didn’t have much hope I’d be able to get one, but Simon reminded me of Blams’ pregnancy. He told me Blams had him make a potion, a fertility potion, and since it worked for her, it’d be natural to try with me. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the hardest ingredient to find is in Fran


“Whatcha ya doin?” Simon asked.


“I’m done packing come on.” Simon insisted.

“Just a little more…” I said as I attempted to finish the word ‘France’.

“No come on, let’s go.” Simon said as he nuzzled my neck.

“Okay okay!” I giggled.



“Oh wow! This place is gorgeous!” I exclaimed once we’d arrived in France. “Everything looks so classy!”

“Yeah I know, I’ve been here before. Come on let’s go make sure the plant is still there.” Simon said already starting to walk. I grabbed his arm.

“Hey, not so fast! Let’s take our time to visit! It cost a whole lot of money just to come here.” I protested. Simon sighed, but agreed. I slid my arm in his, and we started to walk.


We had fun walking around, sightseeing and when we’d been outside for too long, we visited the stores.


I think the most fun store was the artifact one. At first I was very appreciative of the old relics, but then Simon started to notice a bunch of faults. “Someone wrote their name here” or “Look at that a price tag from Walmart!” It was so much fun I joined in, but the employee got pissed off with the bad publicity and kicked us out.

Nevertheless we never forgot the goal of our visit here.


“Ah, it’s just as I remember it.” Simon said as he pointed at one of the plants on the small island. “Took me forever to find this the first time. Looks like we’ll have to cross the pond.”

“I’ll wait for you here. I don’t want to get my feet wet.” I replied, already looking for a nice spot to sit on. Simon slowly turned to look at me with a are-you-serious? face.


“Nice try, but you’re coming with me.” He declared, grabbing my hand and pulling me along with him as he crossed the water.

“Simon!” I protested as my feet got soaked.


On the other side, Simon let go and went straight to the plant, harvesting the leaves.

“Ah! I’m all wet now!” I complained as water dripped from my skirt. “And we’ll have to cross over again.”

“Oh it wasn’t that bad honey, and we don’t need to cross back just yet.” Simon said as he sat down on the grass and invited me to do the same.


Simon showed me the big bag of leaves he’d gathered.

“Oh wow do you really need that many?” I said.

“Well no…I just need a few. I just took a lot in case…you know we might want more than one.” Simon said a bit nervously, shrugging slightly in the process. I smiled.

“That certainly sounds nice.”

Simon’s face lit up. “Well hey, I made the potion in advance so all we need to do is crumple up the leaves and boil them with the mixture. So…we could start baby making right now.” He said giving me a flirtatious look.

I laughed and caressed his hair. “Sure, why not?”


Yay! I’m so happy! I love this couple! And now I’m tempted to say I love them more than I did Balthier x Angel, Cain x Irene, and Sariel x Rex…but I’m starting to see a pattern…

Anyway , I still found goddamn adorable especially Simon when he makes faces like these;

Simon puppy face

Hes one of the best sims I’ve created…*tears of joy*

Anyway, I need to specify something. Velor might have looked a bit out of character, verging on pathetic here. Keep in mind what you saw was what Lilith saw of her brother, or really desperately wanted to see of her brother. And yes, Lilith passed away. If you have any questions about things I might’ve forgotten to put in, don’t be afraid to ask! If it doesn’t contain spoilers (or if I didn’t purposefully leave it out) I’ll answer!

Now, we’re pretty much concluding Zyla’s generation, and I could continue on and find some other drastic and dramatic storyline with which to continue her generation, but I’m really excited to get some babies out and for once I want my heir to raise her children in peace with her soulmate.

So, that means this next poll is going to be the very last one! After that it’s going to be all about the children.

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6 Responses to 6.16 – The war is over

  1. Oh dear, I really liked Kevil. I rather had my hopes set on him being this generation’s spouse T_T However, I get that he’s on a mission and truth be told, things never had a chance to progress between him and Zyla because the war broke out. Gah.

    I’m at least comforted by the fact that I like Simon too. I liked him from the very beginning! Him and Kevil both, so if not Kevil, I’m glad that it was Simon. He does make the cutest faces too, hehehe. Ah, finally, a happy ending for Zyla =) I’m so glad she didn’t actually die!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Called it! And tbh, I prefer Zyla be with a natural, it seems more like who she would choose given her history. I love Kevil, but he was never right for her. Simon taunts and teases her and keeps her on her toes, which is what a good relationship should be, they’ll never get boring!

    I loved Lilith’s pov, really gave us a different perspective on Velor and the royal family. Will not be surprised when he comes back, though hopefully Zyla and co get some time to be happy before then.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      hehehhee YOU DID
      Yeah I always meant for these two to get together lol, I’m weak for that tease kind of relationship too.

      It’s a messed up childhood alright lol and it makes me want to DIG INTO THEM. Tell me more about this siblinghood between Lilith, Velor and Kord XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • I freaking love the love/hate thing, with the endless bickering etc. Keeps things fun and prevents us from drowning in the fluff.

        Yas, I need more about the childhood of Velor and co. First-borns are usually more leaders, so it’s interesting that Kord chose to abdicate the throne. And that Velor is such a hardarse, usually middle children are more mediators. Perhaps it’s the age gap between them? (Guess who’s been reading about birth order and its effect on people’s personalities? 😛 )

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Hohoho lol lemme guess, YOU

          It is ehhhh! I’m quite glad because in generation 8 I write a one shot that talks about them a little more. But Kord’s a bit of a laid back man and Velor has always been QUITE ambitious.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Trip says:

    Aww, no heir death and Lilith not even getting a pity kill (no cats this time pls) I wanted William to ascend to the role but unlike Zyla, can’t see him breeding. 😛

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