6. 1 year

ScreenshotLight the way to heaven is now one year old! June 14, 2013 was when Rosahelminthe’s first chapter was published. I can’t believe it’s already been one year…

Rosahelminthe: *lights fire*


Rosahelminthe! I’ve missed you, I haven’t seen you in a very long time! How’s my game treating you?

Rosahelminthe: You mean after you killed me just because you felt like it?

…I…I…you’d just given birth to quads I mean come on…

Rosahelminthe: Lookie here, I’d finally beat up the evil witch, I had five kids, I was HAPPY. Did it bother you so much you decided to kill me off?



Millie: I’m sure she didn’t mean it.

Millie! Yes that’s right I didn’t mean it.

Millie: Just like she didn’t mean to have Roland assassinated by naturals in a dark alley, right?


Rosahelminthe: Millie? My youngest daughter…you were treated badly as well?

Millie: I got imprisoned in a fairy house.

Rosahelminthe: Ugh…fairies…


Balthier: Fairies aren’t so bad. But I guess I’m biased since my dad and my twin were one.

Balthier! Haven’t seen you since you died of old age!

Rosahelminthe: Oh so he had a normal death?

Millie: At least he had one. We were just talking about how badly we were treated son, what about you?

Oh Balthier had it nice, right?

Balthier: Well…The mother of my first children died giving birth. All my three children got kidnapped or disappeared at the same time. I got shot.

OK, just…I named dogs after you three!



Cain: You want to talk bad treatment? Let me tell you my story.

Oh…nevermind go away XD, you’ll just make things worst!

Balthier: Oh yes, I was there for most of it too!

Cain: First off, I get kidnapped by deranged fairy children-

Rosahelminthe: The fairies again, they’re bad I tell you.

Cain: Then an anti-supernatural group takes interest in me, but because I reject their offer they kill my grandpa.

Millie: So that was why Roland died…

Cain: Then they shot my dad, killed Clarice –

Millie: Clarice was still a white-eyed eh…

Cain: I got possessed by an evil witch because of a book-

Rosahelminthe: You shouldn’t have touched it in the first place!

Cain: I killed someone because I was possessed, my family was kidnapped, and I saw my wife die in front of me. And then-

Balthier: It really never ends.

Cain: My son hated me for a while, my daughter got kidnapped by her psychotic boyfriend, and then she was put into a coma by a vampire, and to finish I was killed by a vampire.

All: *turn to look at me* Shame on you.

I’m sorry! *hides*


Sariel: I feel kind of out of place now. My life wasn’t so bad.

Cain: I beg to differ. First off, kidnapped by Charles, and then left to raise a child on your own, and when you find someone you like you get controlled by the vampire who killed me and he impregnates you.

Sariel: Well it’s still not as bad as everyone else.

Balthier: It’s worse than mine dear. I probably had it the easiest.

Rosahelminthe: Yeah, no mine was the easiest.

Balthier: But I lived at least four times longer than you did.

See your lives weren’t so bad…


Zyla: *sits with a sigh* My story finally calmed down.

Cain: Ah Zyla’s was pretty bad, how did it go finally?

Zyla: Oh you mean, after I nearly died?

Millie: You nearly died?

Rosahelminthe: That’s nothing. I actually died.

Zyla: Well if you guys really want to know…

Balthier: So far everybody has said everything that’s been bad about their lives, so feel free.

Zyla: Okay, well, my mom was in a coma for most of my childhood-

Sariel: I’m really sorry about that Zyla.

Cain: It’s not your fault Sariel.

All: *looks at me*

But what? No, it was Blams and the pregnancy, it was Blams and the pregnancy!

Zyla: Anyway, my big sister was kidnapped when I was still a kid, I drank my own grandfather’s blood-

Rosahelminthe: Ohhhh

Cain: It’s nothing, she didn’t drink a lot.

Zyla: If dad hadn’t stopped me I would’ve. I got sort of kidnapped I guess, to the vampire mansion where they told me I was a vampire princess.

Millie: A princess, how nice!

Zyla: Yeah but then I got caught in this whole circle of madness that I could barely keep up with. My brother turned on me and tried to kill me. Blams tried to kill me. William kidnapped me once. And there was all this big hoohah about a huge powerful weapon that turned out to be a person and….I’m just happy it’s all done with.

All: *expresses sympathy*


Okay, yeah sure I gave you guys sucky lives (it was all to make it interesting), but you gotta admit there were some nice moments. I gave you beautiful love lives and all.

Millie: Yeah, I’d do it all again to keep Roland with me.

Sariel: Everything Rex and I went through has helped strengthen our relationship.

Balthier: Angel is someone I’d do anything with, every moment with her was precious.

Zyla: I love Simon, I really do, and I hope we can stay together for a long time.

Rosahelminthe: In the beginning Tarnowak was wonderful.

Cain: You killed my soulmate.


Cain: But, when she was alive…there wasn’t anyone else like her.

There, those nice feelings you’re all feeling now, I gave you those.

All: Um…NO.


So what? You only give me credit for the bad things?

Balthier: What you did was put obstacles in our way.

Cain: We are the ones who went over them and lived our happy moments.

Sariel: Just be nicer to the next generation okay?

Zyla: Yes! Please be nice and don’t kidnap all my children!

I do have the tendency to do that these days don’t I?


Zyla: It’d be nice to have a little more control over our destinies sometimes.

I’ll take that into consideration. Now woosh, you gotta go make the next generation!


My heirs all fit around a campfire…Oh wow now I’m feeling old and nostalgic…

It took me one year to write 6 generations. I think that’s pretty good.


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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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19 Responses to 6. 1 year

  1. brainofivane says:

    Hahaha… this was so much fun to read!!


  2. Ica says:

    Blams and her pregnancy? Hmmm then the fact she wanted to Go Into politics to try and make the supernatural live In harmony. With the upcoming war it would make sense if the vampires out her under so she couldn’t.

    But part of me feels that it wasn’t Blams… Maybe Melody and Collin? They dissappeared around that time right? And let me guess.. Their reasons are “confidential” 😉

    But then I’m worried, if the spell worked somewhat like Jeremy’s did she wake up because Melody died? (Assuming it is her because she is the witch) I can’t remember if either one comes back into the story…

    Lol I am so invested in this mystery! I can’t wait to figure it out!


    • blamsart says:

      Sariel wanting to go into politics was never a very known thing. Sariel had the dream when she was a kid and then forgot it until after Zyla had claimed Velor’s home. That’s when she decided to officially go into politics. Before Sariel went into the coma, no one really knew she’d ever had the idea of going into politics to try and resolve all the supernatural conflicts.
      Ooh Melody and Collin? Now that’s a thought. Collin came back once and met Max when he was a teen. He stayed with the family a little while, around the same time Melody came over. But then they both left together. Melody became a witch teacher and Collin continued working in the um…”law enforcement”…
      Keep in mind that Sariel moved to Legacy Island II and stayed there. Cain, Max and Balthier moved to another town close to Twinbrook. Until Cain moved in with Sariel to help out. And everyone else stayed in Twinbrook. Apart from Melody and Collin who went to Bridgeport because that’s where Collin worked.
      You’re right not to jump to the conclusion it was Blams…here’s an extra hint: Her involvement wasn’t completely direct. It was more indirect than anything else. But without her Sariel probably wouldn’t have gone into a coma.
      Oh wow! I forgot who Jeremy was for a second there! That’s true, Roland’s father cast a spell on Millie that disappeared when he died. Spells are tied to the caster’s life force.
      Melody died a few months before Cain did.


      • Ica says:

        Thanks for putting up with me while I go through this… It’s actually really exciting right now lol! I was interested when you first wrote it but figured it would be solved soon enough and then forgot.
        Thanks for the challenge!
        (Lol you forgot who Jeremy was? That’s okay, it’s been like 1.5 wars since you last mentioned him XD)

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          I love – no adore – talking about my story! So this doesn’t bother me at all! It’s very entertaining to see you try and solve the mystery!
          (Haha! It’s probably the one character I’ve ever forgotten the name of. And that’s only because I called him Roland’s father for most of Millie’s generation until I finally decided to name him Jeremy at the end. It’s really cause I didn’t use it much XD)


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  4. Livvielove says:

    This was way too much fun to read. I love the shade that Rosa threw you here:
    “Zyla: Oh you mean, after I nearly died?
    Millie: You nearly died?
    Rosahelminthe: That’s nothing. I actually died.”
    I was clapping for that one.
    If I sat all my heirs around a campfire? Oh man… That’d be one party.
    I do love Cain, as always. ❤ "You killed my soulmate."

    Liked by 1 person

  5. 1 year and 6 generations….That’s actually freaking fantastic! After FIVE years I am still on generation 5. Oh man……

    *furiously reminds self not to compare myself to others* *furiously reminds self not to compare myself to others* …..ah, too late. God I’ve got to get moving.

    In the meantime, although this was quite some time ago, CONGRATULATIONS FOR SUCH AN AMAZING FEAT!!! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      yeah but you have so much thought put into your chapters! You can tell they were fleshed out and the quality assured 🙂

      1 year for 6 generations…
      and now 2 years for 2 1/4 generations…
      Yet I’ve always posted a chapter every two weeks! The plot just got longer XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ummmm well….maybe the later generations, lol. But I could be being too hard on myself. I used to be super proud of my Generation 4, and now with this Augustus/Gemma Arc I feel like that’s the only well-written part, lmao. And then watch later I’ll look back on it and think that’s crap too. I swear I have to exercise serious restraint sometimes not to trash my entire blog and start over, no joke >.<

        Gahhh, every two weeks *shiny eyes* GOALS. But definitely relate to the plot getting longer…each of my generations have been longer than the last!

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          It’s totally normal to be hard on yourself. It’s how we learn to get better.
          Just as long as you don’t get TOO hard on yourself. There’s no point to that!
          I have “phases” While I’m writing it, it’s fantastic. Once I’ve written it and posted it there’s a period of time where i feel it’s not as good as I wanted it to be. But after a few months when I go back to read objectively I see it was actually pretty darn good.

          It’s a deadline I gave myself because I’ve started so many stories and never finished them that…well I realized that personally the big problem was that I just stopped at some point. If i give myself a deadline, I’ll never leave it alone long enough to grow bored or anything. And boy this is a 24/7 hobby. I need to think about it at least once a day with the huge amount of information I need to make sure is taken into account.

          Ahhh your Gen.5 was really awesome to read even if it’s not over yet. That whole idea of ‘corruption’ of the good…I don’t read that kind of topic often, but it’s a big weak spot of mine 😀 And you wrote it so well! Ahh, really made me want to try my hand at it.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ah yeah, that’s true. I definitely relate to the phases. Though sometimes I’ll also have moments when I look back and I want to scream and burn it all. But then another day I’ll look back and laugh at how humorous and entertaining it was and it’s those moments that remind me not to trash it…to keep going and be proud of how far I’ve come and not attempt to erase evidence of a very real past.

            I’ve tried setting deadlines for myself, but I suppose I’m not very disciplined because I never make them, lol. Evidently I don’t take myself serious XD Like right now, I totally have this deadline in my head to get the next Augustus/Gem chapter out late November/early December and then a Joanne chapter (finally) in late December/early January to coincide with the holidays, but….I mean I shouldn’t say this, but….there’s something in the back of my head that always says, “A noble goal, but realistically you’ll likely never make it because of everything else you have on your plate until then.” And then the rest of myself says, “God, you’re right. We have so much to do without this too.” And….yeah. BUT the goal is still there, an idyllic beacon of hope, lol. If I can pull that off…I’d be really pleased with myself. But then…all those papers I have due…cover letters, interviews….*balls up beneath my desk and screams*

            Ah, thank you ^_^; I’m glad you thought it was well-written. It’s funny because my next generation is going to be more action-y/supernatural and that’s MY weakness…though obviously your strength, haha. Perhaps I’ll learn something from you while I read this ^_^ Wait, pfft, “perhaps”? I already have!

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              *tries to keep excitement contained at the idea of a Joanne chapter in january*
              I have to say this now, but your romance, particularly Gus and Isaac right now have me worshipping you. They always hit me so hard in the feels and I just REALLY want to be able to write that kind of romance with those vibrant feelings and how I’m screaming in my pillow with them just exchanging a look let alone Isaac SNUGGLING his face in Gus’ shoulder like UGHHHHH
              I’ve always considered romance to be one of my weaknesses. I can write it obviously but not the way I want to.

              Liked by 1 person

              • OH MY GOD YEAH CONTAIN THAT. I WANT it to be January, but goodness knows there’s a damn good chance it won’t be until later, lol. Although I do have a much lighter semester come Spring….gah, no! Contain it! Do NOT get your hopes up! Lolol.

                And awwwwww your comment had me grinning like a maniac, although that also could have been because I suddenly started thinking about Gus and Isaac….LOL. They are sooooo ughhh. *slithers onto the floor and face plants* THEY WRITE THEMSELVES. Even their sims are always exchanging looks and I’m like STOP HOW DARE YOU I AM DEAD. Sim Gabriel always does that to Sim Jo too. …Sim Jo is just as self-centered as her character, LOL, but she loves him very much–promise XD

                Okay okay, you work on romance and I’ll work on action and mystery! And we shall help each other =D Hehe. ❤

                Liked by 1 person

  6. Emily Anne says:

    This straight up made me cry! (and I will probably jack this idea at some point in my legacy story *awkward laugh*). It was so wonderful to have everyone sitting around in one place. *wipes tears* now I am blaming you for giving me the feels!!!! Loved this ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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