6.17 – Slow-dancing

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You asked for it…here it comes…

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

“Simon! Will you please stop stepping on my toes?!” I exclaimed grabbing my sore foot.



“You’re hopeless.” I sighed. “You’ve stepped on my feet too many times.”

I’d been trying to teach Simon how to slow dance. Obviously it wasn’t going well.

“No, no I’ve got this! Give me another chance!”



“I was distracted by your beauty.” Simon stated giving me a smile.

“That’s very cute, but you have to concentrate.” I insisted.



And then he stepped on my foot again.



“Okay, yeah maybe you were right, maybe I’m not cut out for this.” Simon agreed.

“Maybe you should practice with a broom, and maybe I’ll go put some ice on my foot.”


“I’m really sorry.” Simon insisted as I started walking away.

“It’s fine Simon, I just need to go to the bathroom and I’ll be right back.” I replied.


In the bathroom attached to the master bedroom, I stared dumbfounded at the pregnancy stick in my hands.

Ever since we’d come back from France I had used pregnancy tests on more than one occasion. And finally, after two weeks it showed me a plus sign.


I ran down the corridor, back to Simon.

“Simon!” I called his name, barely able to contain my joy.

“Zyla? What’s wrong?” He called back sounding worried.

“I’m pregnant!”


“Pregnant? We’re going to be parents!” Simon exclaimed with the same overwhelming happiness as he scooped me up his arms.

I was already imagining whether it was a girl or a boy, and all the name possibilities!


“Oh we have to tell my parents!” I said as Simon put me down.

“And the dog, we should tell the dog too.” Simon replied with a huge smile. I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or not, but I didn’t really care right now.


“-pregnant!” I finished exclaiming.

“I’m going to be a grandma?” Mom asked with a smile. I nodded vigorously.

“Already?” Dad asked. Mom elbowed him.

“We are very happy for you two.” Mom said. I smiled, I was going to have a child. I was so excited!

But now I have to wait for nine months…


“Eh pregnant? What does that mean?” My little sister as she came around the corner.

“Oops, looks like we even have to explain the birds and the bees to her…” Simon commented.


“You know what a baby is right?” I asked Carla. She nodded. “Well when you’re pregnant it means you’ll have a baby. And that means you’ll be an aunt.” I added smiling.


“Your comments aren’t going to be useful when it comes to parenting, are you sure you’re ready for this Simon?” Mom asked.

“I second this question.” Rex said enthusiastically.


I turned to my parents annoyed.

“Simon is going to make a fine father.” I said before Simon could get angry.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” Sariel said with a small smile, clearly sensing the tension. I sighed, it seems my parents are still feeling icky when it comes to Simon.


“How’s it going at work?” I asked my mom.

“It’s okay, what’s with the sudden question?” She asked, shrugging a bit.

“Well…I’ve been thinking…if this baby is a vampire like me he or she won’t be able to go to school and…that’s something I wanted to at least give my children.”


Mom let out a small sigh.

“You still have options Zyla. You can homeschool your children, or you could hire a tutor.”

“I know…it’s just…I’d like those to be last options. I want them to go to school and meet other kids. If they turn out to be supernaturals they’ll be cooped up in this house.” I protested.

“Well, by the sounds of it, you’ll have enough to keep themselves company.”


“Yeah I guess.” I mumbled half-convinced.

“Well,” Mom announced straightening up. “Work is going fantastic. People do think I’m a bit nosy with all my questions about the supernaturals, but by the way it’s going I should be getting a promotion soon and that will open up some more possibilities.”

I smiled, now that’s what I wanted to hear.


“Ooh someone’s getting better.” I smiled at Simon. He hadn’t stepped on my feet once so far.

“Oh you know, I’ve been practicing with a broom.” He replied casually.


“Hey, have you thought of any names?” Simon asked as he twirled me.


“Yeah, I’ve thought of a few.” Simon said excitedly.


“Hmm, yeah I’ve thought of a couple. For example, if it’s a girl I was thinking of Raphaele.” I suggested.

“Raphaele? It’s pretty nice, but I was going more along the lines of Aliska.”


“That’s a pretty unique name.” I said.

“Yeah, and for a boy I was thinking about Lance.”

“Ha, sounds a bit like Lancelot…I was more thinking on the lines of James.” I replied.


“Then we’ll just have to have four kids.” Simon concluded.

“I agree with that solution.” I nodded enthusiastically.


“Dad, I think you’re just being stubborn.” I said.

“I’m just saying…”

“Simon is really sweet to me. Why won’t you give us your blessing? Mom gave it.” I continued pressuring my father. Of course, Simon and I could easily get married without my father’s approval, (Simon and I had a few arguments about that) but it wouldn’t feel right.


“He acts like a smart ass most of the time.” Dad said under his breath.

“Come on dad, if that’s the only reason…don’t you want to see me happy? Simon makes me happy. Isn’t that enough? It’s not like he’s an obsessive psychopath like Mincia’s dad…well at least I hope not.” I continued trying to reason with my dad.


“If it’s that important to you, then sure. You have my blessing.” Dad finally said.

“Thanks dad.” I said giving him a warm smile.


Rex’s POV

“What are you doing? You’re putting way too much butter on your bread.” Zyla said as she peeked at Simon’s breakfast.

“I can put as much butter as I want.” Simon declared, smearing even more butter on the bread.

“That’s unhealthy, stop that!” Zyla countered, grabbing the butter pot away from Simon.

“Hey! Give that back!” Simon protested.

“No you’ve already used too much. Give me your bread, I’ll take some of the butter off.” Zyla said.

Making an annoyed face Simon grabbed his butter filled bread and flopped it onto Zyla’s own bread, smearing it with butter.

“Simon! What is wrong with you!?”

“What’s wrong with me? You’re the one telling me exactly how much butter I have to put on my bread!”

They’d started arguing again. See it was because of that that I didn’t support this couple all the way. They kept arguing! That can’t be healthy.


Not two seconds later they started kissing. I slammed my head on the table.

“Why did I give my blessing? I can’t keep up with them.” I groaned. Carla laughed.

“If it works for them.” Sariel said shrugging.


Zyla let out a small gasp.


“The baby! It’s coming!”


Zyla gave birth to a gorgeous natural little girl named Raphaele.


That was a pretty abrupt ending of the chapter, but well…I have no excuse… *coughs*

SO. You can expect chapters of similar structure as I introduce all the children! First heir, Raphaele! Not a vampire, all is well for now…

Though these passages might seem carefree at some points, and in other points UTTERLY USELESS. Some actually have a deeper meaning, and to keep things interesting: I give vague hints as to what the childrens stories will be like, in the way they act, in what people say, but more notably huge hints are hidden in their rooms.

For your personal enjoyement, someone came back from the dead to declare vengeance

blams is back

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  1. *Mpart* says:

    As much as I love Simon, I have to agree with Rex in this situation. His reaction made me laugh. XD

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  2. Lmao, the bickering is brilliant. I might need to pick your brain for some later, I need to write a whole bunch myself. Yay for a human heir! I love Zyla but vampires are annoying for multiple generations.

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