6.18 – If I was a vampire

ScreenshotA few months later…

Sariel’s POV

I’m so old. Today we’re celebrating my and Rex’s passage to elder hood. I asked Zyla not to make such a huge deal about it, but obviously she didn’t listen.


“They’re so energetic.” I chuckled as I watched my daughter and her fiancé dancing. It was practically their favorite pass time these days.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’d be able to do those moves now.” Rex said. I laughed.

“Neither could I.”


“We’re going to be so old by the end of the day. We’ll have even more wrinkles than we did this morning.” I said.

“No matter, you’ll still be as beautiful.” Rex said. I gave him a big smile.

“And you’ll be just as handsome.”


“This reminds me of our first date.” I said, as Rex twirled me.

“I was so nervous for that.”


“But it was definitely worth it.”

“Yes it was.” I agreed.



Carla’s POV

“Babies are so cute…” I mumbled as I stared down at my niece. She lived in Eliott’s old room now.

“I know.” My big sis agreed. “Here let me just pick her up…”


I stepped out of the way.

“It’s so cool you’re having another one. Hey what’s Simon doing?” I asked. He’d been going around the house with a screw driver for the last few days.

“I am upgrading this!” Simon answered.

“But you’re just poking it with a screwdriver…” I commented.

“You’ll understand the complexity of this action when you’re older.” Simon, said grinding his teeth as the machine refused to be upgraded.


“He really is just poking it.” Zyla said giving me a smile.

“I heard that.” Simon grumbled.

“Do you want to hold her?” My sister asked. My eyes widened and I stared at Raphaele.

“Can I? Can I really?” I asked excitedly.

“Of course, you can take her to see her grandma. So do you want to?”



“Thank you dear.” Sariel smiled as I handed her little Raphaele. I shook my arms nervously. I really thought I’d drop her at some point!

“Welcome. She’s heavier than she looks.” I said.

These old people were my big sisters parents, but sometimes I see them like my grand-parents. They’re nice people.

I asked big sister about my parents. She told me my mom was dead and my dad, well our dad, had left. It’s weird that she has two dads, but I got used to it.


Simon and Zyla don’t really answer when I ask them what my parents were like, so I tend to go ask uncle Kord. I didn’t really get any useful information out of him…but he told me about a vampire that used to play music. Really good music, and well I’ve been searching for something to do. Music sounds like fun.



Zyla’s POV

“Momma! Look!” Little Raphaele exclaimed, pointing towards a group of blue butterflies. She was the cutest thing in the world, and soon I would have another super cute little thing.


“You like the butterflies?”

Raphaele nodded vigorously, laughing as I tickled her stomach.


I was glad she wasn’t a vampire. I didn’t want her to go through the complications I had gone through. I didn’t want her to not be able to spend hours out in the sunlight, to have to depend on blood to survive.


It was already worrying enough that Carla was a golden-eyed vampire. Soon, after she becomes a teenager, she’d started wanting blood. But Simon and I decided to tell her about it, to at least prepare her to what will come. That way if she feels thirsty, she’d know exactly what it meant.

But I knew what it felt like…

“It might solve some future problems, if you let me turn you.” I dared to murmur to Simon one day.

Simon sighed. “Zyla…” He didn’t need to say more, I knew the answer would be the same.

“I know, I’m sorry, but I just…vampires live longer and…” I couldn’t find the right words.


“Maybe someday, but that day isn’t today. Meanwhile I bet I could just whip up an immortality potion.” He smirked, as if it was the most simple of things.

“You put a little too much trust in those potions of yours.” I said kissing him.

“Yeah, but thanks to it we’ve got a kid, and one on the way.”

“True that.”



“You are now my apprentice alchemist!” Simon declared.

“You can’t decide what she’s going to be in the future for her.” I said.

“Oh but she wants to, don’t you Raph?”

“Yeah!” Raphaele exclaimed.


“Well if that’s how it is, she should be an astronaut! Ooh, I found another star!” I exclaimed for the fifth time.

“Yeah!” Raphaele exclaimed again.


“Oh is that how it is? You want to go into space? Well here let me give you a head start.” Simon said, lightly throwing Raphaele into the air. She giggled happily.

“Too high!”


“See, I knew you were a more down to earth kid. Alchemist it is.”



“No cheating, remember?” Carla said to Raphaele, even though it was obvious she was cheating.


“Sorry to interrupt, but it’s Raphaele’s bedtime.” I said.


“No, no!” Raphele complained.

“Sorry Raph, it’s the rules.” Carla said as she got up.


“Oh come on don’t make that face.” I told Raphaele as she gave me an angry pout. A quick tickle and she was back to her giggly self.


“Say goodnight to daddy and Lance, Raph.”

Raph’s pouty face came back. “Night daddy. Night Lance.”

“Goodnight pumpkin.” Simon said with a huge grin, Raphaele caved in and smiled back.


After I’d put Raphaele in her crib, I went to check on Simon and Lance, to whom we’d given Kevil and Rehal’s old room.

“Goodnight bud.” Simon said, kissing his son’s forehead.


I walked over and wished Lance goodnight as well.

“We’re pretty lucky aren’t we?” I said, watching Lance suck on his thumb.

“You mean to have two natural children, or to have two children in general?”


“See? If I was a vampire, it’d be sure that these two would be vampires.” Simon whispered in my ear.

“Does that mean, when we’re done having children you’ll let me make you into a vampire?” I asked hopeful.

“It’s an option worth considering.”



“You sure you don’t want to play?” Carla asked Raphaele again. She shook her head.

“No.” She stated again.

“But it’s really fun! See, Lance likes playing with them.” Carla tried again.


“I don’t want to eat blocks.” She said, giving Lance a cautious look.

“Lance, don’t eat the blocks!” Carla said as she tried to take the blocks away from Lance.

“Mine!” He exclaimed bringing the block far behind him. Carla sighed in defeat and Raphaele went to play with her other toys.


“You don’t have to force yourself to play with them.” I said to Carla with a smile.

“No, no! It’s okay! I like playing with them.” She said with renewed vigor.


“So what are we calling this one?” Simon asked me.

“Didn’t we already decide? We had four names: James, Raphaele…”

“Aliska and Lance. So now we’re down to James and Aliska, I know that, but what if we have twins?”

“Well then we’ll call them Aliska and James.”

“Yes, but what if it’s twin girls or twin boys?” Simon asked.

“So we need another boy and girl name?”

“Sure why not? Here, how about…Pheonix for a boy?”

“Well…I like the sound of Tyler better…”

“Well then we’re all set for triplets.” Simon joked.

“If we have twins we’ll think up names, but I doubt we’ll have twins.” I said. I didn’t go to the hospital for my pregnancies, we still weren’t sure if it was okay to be seen in Legacy Island II. Simon was usually the one, with my dad or mom, that brought Lance and Raphaele over for a check-up to make sure everything was fine.

Mom said she was trying to convince to think over their decision in city hall, hopefully soon her hard work would pay off.

Another chapter and more kids! So now Lance joined the gang! And Simon still refuses to be cured…

Oh, and enjoy this pic of Simon dancing for Raphaele XD

Simon dances for Raphaele


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    I’m happy for ’em! Guess I was right that fgone future gens look a little like Simon (or if my hopes were with Kevil or Rehal, ah well!)

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