6.20 – Not cut out for this

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

“I can’t do this.” I whimpered silently, letting the test fall on the floor.


“Zyla…” Simon whispered.

“I don’t want to…I can’t…I’m horrible…I” I hiccupped as the tears fell down my cheeks.

“Shut up for a second will you?” Simon gently ordered.

“But I can’t destroy another life-”


“You didn’t destroy a life Zyla, you can gave birth to one. Yes, James was born with damaged vocal cords, but it doesn’t mean you ruined his life, and it’s in no way your fault.”

“What if this baby does as well? What if this baby is also a vampire…I knew the risks yet…” I murmured.


“Raphaele, Lance and Aliska don’t have any problems and none of them are vampires. And being a vampire isn’t that much of a bad thing.”

“But this town-”

“Yeah it’s a bit harsh with supernaturals, but you’ve said it yourself, your mom is doing some really good progress. Why, wasn’t it just yesterday that she said there was a possibility she could convince city hall to have the city vote on the supernatural status? Plus, the people at the hospital didn’t make a big deal about James being a vampire. It’s worth the risk, Raph, Lance, Alis and James are all great kids, and it’s a bit late to back out now.” He said with a small smile.

“You’re right.” I said, letting myself be convinced. I placed my hand on my stomach. “We wanted more anyways.”



Raphaele’s POV

“Hi Raphaele, bye Raphaele!” Lance chanted as he ran past.

“Yeah, yeah.” I waved him off as I examined the chess board. For some reason, no matter how hard I stared the pieces would not move on their own.


Little James was the next to run by.

“It’s your turn Raphaele.” Grandpa said.

“I know, I know I’m thinking!” I stared at the pieces intensely. I was having a hard time understanding why mom and grandpa liked playing this game.


“I’m going to catch you!” Dad said to Lance and James as he too ran on by.

Oh boys are so immature.


“Rafel? Play wit me?” Aliska asked as she walked over.

“But…I’m playing chess with grandpa…” I replied slowly, still staring at the pieces.


“You’re playing with me!” Mom suddenly appeared, scooping Aliska up and throwing her up into the air.


“Checkmate!” I announced as I placed one of the pieces that are smaller than all the other pieces near grandpa’s king.

“I doubt a pawn can eat backwards.” Grandpa remarked.

“…no I guess not. I don’t think I’m cut out for this grandpa.” I said.

“I don’t think so either.”



“Heads up!” Lance called out as he prepared himself to throw the football.

“But I don’t want to play Lance!” I uselessly complained.


He threw the ball and I stumbled trying to catch it.

“You’re supposed to catch it not let it fall yo.” Lance said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Which it obviously is but he doesn’t need to point it out!


“I told you I didn’t want to play! I don’t like sports and stop saying yo!” I complained as I bent down to pick it up.


“Why don’t you ask someone else to play with you? Like dad? He likes to play sports!” I said as I threw the ball back.


Lance caught it with a smirk.

“See, this is how you catch it!”



Lance threw the ball back.

“I obviously prefer playing with dad, but when I went to ask him he was taking James away to change his diaper and I didn’t want to go in a room with smelly diapers!”


I failed to catch the ball again and Lance laughed.

“Stop laughing! You share your room with James anyway, so your room smells of smelly diapers all the time!” I shouted.


“Yeah well, mom is probably gonna put the new baby in your room and everyone knows new baby diapers smell worse than old baby diapers so NANANANANA!” Lance shouted back, giving me a full view of the inside of his mouth as he did so.


I was stomping over to tell Lance that he was wrong and that it was the other way around when the front door slammed open and grandma came out.

“Your new baby sister or brother is coming! Your mother is going into labour!”



Lance’s POV

“This is Nixanne,” Mom said as she showed us the little baby in her arms. “And that’s Alec.”

Simon showed us the baby he was holding.

“I thought you were only going to have one.” I said.

Raphaele elbowed me. “I was going to say that.”

“Too bad I said it first!”

“Stop bickering you two!” Dad snapped. We both froze and went back to listening to our parents.

“Raphaele, we’ll be moving you in Aliska’s room and the twins will sleep in your room okay? That way you won’t be woken up by them when they cry.” Mom explained.

“See?” Raphaele muttered at me. “Thanks mom, but I doubt they’re going to cry like Lance did when he was a baby.”


“As if you’d remember that! You were a baby when I was a baby!” I snapped at her.

“Was not! I’m super older than you!”

“That’s not true!”



“Hey focus!” Dad snapped his fingers in front of us. Baby Alec started crying.


Dad sighed. “I’m going to put him to bed, can you finish talking to these two?”

Mom nodded.

“Now she’s going to get mad at us because of you.” Raphaele complained. She only ever did that!

“Me? No it’s your fault.”


“Raphaele, Lance.” Mom said our names roughly. “Is it really that hard to have you two in the same room? Your father and I wanted to tell you this room would become a playroom since we’ve getting some complaints.”

“It’s because he won’t let me go in his room to play video games anymore! He’s hogging it all!” Raphaele spat as she glared at me.

“Well there’s a reason why it’s in MY room.”


“But since you guys keep snapping at each other, it seems you two will be the only ones who won’t have access to this room.”

“Oh! No I’m sorry mom!” Raphaele immediately asked forgiveness.

I pouted. “I’m sorry too.” I mumbled.

Mom sighed.

But really, she can’t blame us for fighting like this. After all her and dad do it from time to time. Why is it bad if we do it? Isn’t it a sign we get along? It’s not like I hate Raphaele or anything.

She’s just a tad bit annoying…



Carla’s POV

With a parched throat I opened the fridge and reached out to take a plasma juice.

My hand closed on empty air. There wasn’t any plasma juice. I looked thoroughly inside the fridge, but my eyes weren’t betraying me, there really wasn’t any plasma juice left.

Panic began to appear in my chest.


“Simon!” I squeak before gaining control of my voice. “There’s no more plasma juice.”

“Yeah, Zyla decided to cut down on the plasma juice consumption. We’re apparently running low, so you’ll be drinking just a little less plasma juice until she can find out how to get more.” Simon casually said as he continued repairing the dishwasher.


His nonchalance was annoying me, but it’s only natural. He’s human so he can’t smell how good his blood is. He doesn’t want to drink blood, actually if he drank as much blood as I did, he’d probably die from it.


What am I going to do? I don’t need to everyday, but I force myself to drink plasma juice every day because Simon’s blood smells too strong. But now if I’m limited…what if I can’t resist?

I don’t want to disappoint my big sister. From the way they act, I’m pretty certain my parents weren’t the best of people. I don’t want them to think I’m as bad as they thought my parents were.

I want to be like Zyla. She’s by Simon’s side every day, hell she sleeps with him, yet I’ve never once seen her drink his blood! I wish I had resistance like her.

I know I don’t, so until Zyla finds a way to get more plasma juice I’ll just avoid Simon as much as possible. I don’t want to take any chances.

Oh why hasn’t she turned him yet? It’d be a lot easier…I know Kord’s been tempted to drink Simon as well and I rarely see him drinking plasma juice. I wonder how he does it.


As if thought alone was enough, Kord appeared and sat down on the couch behind me.

He’s always been like a guardian angel to me. He rarely talks and when he does, he prefers talking to me rather than anyone else. The kids don’t pay much mind to him, and a relation between him and my sister’s family is practically non-existent.

For them he’s part of the background, for me he’s an important part of my family. He seems like an empty shell, but to me he’s like an open book. And one thing I always found peculiar about my uncle, was the hate he held for Zyla and Simon. He never acted on it, but I could see in the way he stood near them, the way he looked at them, they’d done something he hadn’t liked.

“There’s no more plasma juice. I’m thirsty.” I mumble loud enough for Kord to hear.


“I’m tired of being here.” He replied in a low voice. A few seconds later he spoke again. “I’ll tell you about your parents if you let me teach you how to hunt.”

There was a challenge in his words, and a deal I was going to have trouble rejecting.




Aliska’s POV

Nixanne and Alec’s giggles caught my attention. No! Concentrate! Mom wants me to finish reading this by five…

My eyes drifted back to the book in my hands.

“What does 35 times 2 equal?” Raphaele asked.

“90.” Lance replied.


Raphaele checked the answer sheet. “Liar, it’s 70!”

“I didn’t lie! You cheated! You checked the answer!” Lance shot back.

“I did not! Liar liar pants on fire!” Rapahele stuck her tongue out.

“Stop talking I’m trying to concentrate.” Lance said, frowning as he stared at the pages of his book.


Sometimes I wish Raphaele and Lance were mute like James. They really are annoying when they yell at each other.

Mum says it’s just a phase though, but I don’t think so. I think they just lack the intelligence to be mature.

I hope they can’t read my thoughts! If they heard what I was thinking about them they wouldn’t let me live it down!


I blinked in confusion. Did I just read two pages without actually reading them? Arg, I got distracted again!

I quickly flipped back.

Aw poor Zyla she got scared…but Alec and Nix turned out great! AND look at that no one has Zyla’s hair! Plus, all the vampires (James and Alec) were born with the golden-eyes! I had absolutely nothing to do with it!

And, now my top favs of the moment, Raph and Lance! They certainly take after their parents…their father in particular actually! While Aliska takes a little more after her mother…just a little though.

Here’s a few bonus pics 😀

Aliska & James stare contestScreenshot-35Demonic children

Haha, the last one was supposed to be part of the story, but the kids were giving me such sneaky looks (that oddly totally fit their story later on) that I had to take another one!


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  1. LoveLegacies says:

    Suspicious of sneaky look look!!! T-T, mmmmh…
    😀 Great chapter, love the children!
    Especially Raphaele and Lance, they just keep fighing! XD


  2. Cocoa a.k.a. Kay says:

    They all look soo cute! Although, I have to say so far, James is my favorite >.< But I like the rest of them too, I just think James is adorable!


    • blamsart says:

      They are! James very much indeed!
      This is what I find frustrating, I can never decide who I like best. Some days I prefer Alec, then I prefer James, and then Lance, and etc. I’m unbelievably curious to see who the heir will be!


  3. Woot, grandparent blue hair FTW! And the random black hair on Lance, nice to have something different. I actually like Aliska best atm, her name is great.

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