6.21 – Plasma juice, check


Zyla’s POV

“Come on Dad please?” Lance asked again.

“Your father said no Lance.” I said.

“But we just want to check it out!” Lance insisted again.

“Well we don’t have to…” Aliska muttered behind the two.

“I was kinda looking forward to it, but dad said no Lance.” Raphaele said, defeated.


“You’re giving up already?” Lance asked dumbfounded.

“Mum and dad said no.” Aliska attempted to cut in.

“Come on, Raph it’s the basement.” Lance whispered to Raphaele mischievously as if that would convince her. Raphaele hesitated.


Grumbling Lance sat down beside his father.

“Let’s be adults about this.” He said, giving Simon a serious look. A smile formed on my lips.

“Oh, alright then.” Simon said, positioning himself in a more serious way that bordered on ridicule.

“We are old enough to scream for help if anybody gets hurt, and you need to keep active minds…well active. That’s what the article in the bathroom said! And we’re three, and what could be bad about the basement that we can’t go down?” Lance attempted to argue.

Simon seemed to think for a few seconds.

“Hmm…the answer is…no.” He said, tapping Lance’s forehead with his finger. “We gave you a whole playroom to play with, and if you’re really bored you can go outside. You don’t need to go to the basement.”


Lance sighed, admitting defeat and the kids left just as the front door bell rang.

“I’ll go get it,” I said, bringing Alex along with me.

It’s not that the basement was excessively dangerous, but it was hardly safe and we didn’t even know half of what was down there yet. Blams and Velor could’ve kept anything down there.


I opened the front door and I had the surprise of seeing two vampires and a child.

“Hello Queen, we’ve heard of your dwindling supplies of plasma juice and we’ve come to offer you a deal.” The woman said bowing slightly. A bit surprised, I let them in.

“Look at the child, it has the eyes.” The man whispered to the woman.


The woman’s eyes locked onto Alec’s golden ones.

“He is beautiful, what is his name?” She asked.

“What are your names?” I asked in a serious tone, turning my torso slightly so Alec wouldn’t be so much in their field of view.

“I apologize.” She said bowing her head again.


“My husband and I come from one of the neighbouring towns,” The woman began. She was being purposefully cryptic. “We heard of your ascension to the throne, and we wanted to congratulate you. We highly prefer this reign to your father’s. We would’ve come earlier, but we were rather busy. However, once we heard of your troubles with plasma juice we thought it was our duty to come and aid you.”

It sounded a whole lot like she was trying to suck up to me, but I let her talk. The best lead I’d gotten for the plasma juice was that it came from a fruit. What fruit? I had no idea.


“We have a large amount of plasma juice we could easily supply you with.” The male finally cut in.

“What would you like in return? You did say this was a deal.” I asked.

“We ask only that your son,” She gestured towards Alec. “And our daughter Rosy, come to be friends. And hopefully more as time progresses.”

The two toddlers eyes met. A smile of greeting was passed between them.


“You want to impose on my son an arranged marriage with your daughter in exchange for plasma juice?” I asked with hostility.

“Yes, but if either one doesn’t wish for the arrangement they are clear to back out! This isn’t the medieval ages after all.” The vampire clarified. “We would just like to have ties with the royal family. It is a small price to pay for the precious plasma we are willing to give.”

The woman observed my face to gauge my reaction.

A simple price eh?

A short scream was heard upstairs.

I asked the couple to wait here and I headed upstairs as quickly as I could.


“Simon what…” The smell of Simon’s blood hit my nose harshly.

Simon was thrown on the floor, a little bit of blood trailing down his neck, and Carla was thrown on the other side, blood dripping from her mouth.

“OH MY GOD, that was freaking awesome!” Lance exclaimed.

“It was not, shut up Lance. Didn’t you see Carla tried to drink dad’s blood?” Raphaele whispered angrily at her brother.


Kord was in between the two, looking more active than usual, surveying Carla in case she made a move.


Carla’s eyes locked onto mine and her mouth opened as if to explain her actions, but it shut itself and instead she avoided eye contact.


Carla forced herself up and ran off towards her room.

I wanted to run after her, but I needed to make sure Simon was okay first.

“I’m fine, Zyla. You should be more worried about her than me.”



“Leave me alone.” Carla grumbled as I entered her room. I sighed.

“I’m not mad Carla.” I started to say.

“I don’t care, go away.”


I sat down on the couch beside her.

“I know how it is.”

“Oh is that how it’s going to go? We’re going to talk and you’ll give me a lecture like you do Raphaele and Lance? I’m not your kid Zyla, I’m your sister.” Carla said.


“I’m not trying to be condescending Carla.”

“Yeah, yeah. Look, I’m sorry I won’t do it again. You can leave now.” Carla said, practically shooing me away.


“It’s normal to feel ashamed or scared. I lost control on Simon too once. It is hard since his blood smells so good.” I said.

“Ashamed? Scared? I’m not like you Zyla, and I’ve made my peace with that. I’m not the wonderful strong-willed saint you are.” Carla said in an almost mocking tone. “It’s not that much of a surprise considering my genes. Yeah, Kord told me all about my wonderful parents.”


“It’s not that bad and it wasn’t your place to decide whether I got to know what kind of people my parents are.” Carla stated.

“I’m sorry Carla, but you were young and we didn’t want to make you think you were going to end up being like them.” I said, trying to find my words.

“Stop trying to be all parent-y! You don’t get to decide things like that! When I asked you what type of people my parents were, you should’ve told me the truth! I may not be as strong as you, but I’m sure I could’ve at least taken that truth.”


Carla exhaled and looked away.

We sat in silence. I couldn’t find anything to say, she was right, but at the same time she was wrong and so far what I’d said had only made her madder.


“About Simon-” I started the conversation up again.

“Yeah I know. I’ll do better at resisting; it’s just… when you stopped putting as much plasma juice in the fridge…”

“About that, I think I’ve found a solution for that.” I said, giving her a reassuring smile. “So you won’t have to be afraid of losing control anymore.”

“It’s not losing control I’m afraid of…” She muttered under her breath.





Aliska’s POV

“Is dad going to be okay?” I asked.

“I’m going to be fine Alis-” Dad sat up, before mom pushed him back down.


“He will be if he rests.” Mom ordered.

“It’s really not that-” Dad attempted again, before mom forced him down. Dad sighed and gave me a smile. “I’ll be fine kiddo.”

I sighed in relief.


I was really surprised when Carla reached for Simon’s neck. I only ever sometimes saw mom or her drinking from the donors that come to visit on weekends, but it’s the first time I saw Carla drink like that. She had a creepy smile on that made me tremble in fear before she sank her teeth into dad’s neck.

It gave me a cold feeling that refuses to leave. It’s a feeling that makes me think there’s a ghost following me sometimes…


I opened the playroom door to join my brothers and sisters.

“You’re being unfair!” Carla protested against something Raphaele and Lance had said. I tried to understand what had happened.

“No we’re not!” Lance shot back.

“You hurt dad.” Raphaele said.

“What’s-” I tried to cut in.


Carla’s face softened and her eyes locked onto Raphaele’s. “You’ll play with me right Raph?”

Confusion flashed across Raphaele’s face. “I…”


“Come here Raph.” Carla insisted. Raphaele took a step forward, but Lance stepped in front.

“Stop controlling her! Mom said you couldn’t do that!” Lance yelled.

“But…” Raphaele attempted to protest, but then she shook her head. “What?”


Carla’s lonely eyes narrowed in confusion.

“But I was…” But then her eyes drifted to James. “No way…”


“We won’t let you eat us!” Lance said.

“I wasn’t going to.” Carla replied angrily.

“Guys…” I murmured, but they ignored me.

“Go away vampire.” Raphaele ordered.

“I just wanted to…nevermind.” Carla looked away a bit sadly before storming out.

“Weren’t you guys a bit harsh?” I tried to reason with Raphaele and Lance.

“Are you crazy Aliska? She tried to kill dad.” Lance said, and that was the end of that conversation. I sighed.



Zyla’s POV

“Please Simon! The event with Carla should be more than enough of an argument.” I argued.

“But Zyla, it’d be reckless to turn me now, not when we have a shortage of plasma juice.” Simon reasoned.

“But we don’t anymore.”


“Some vampires came and made a deal with me. In exchange for supplying us with plasma juice, they want us to let their daughter Rosy hang out with Alec.” I finished.

“Power hungry vampires huh?”


“Well, if Rosy and Alec hit it off, they’d have access to the royal family, and well the genes for the golden-eyes.” Simon stated.

“Yeah, they did seem fishy that way. But for now there isn’t any harm in it. The only thing that could go wrong is having more vampires have a taste of you.” I brought the subject back around. He sighed. “You don’t understand Simon. What are you going to do when it’s James or Alec who loses control? Sure, you’ll live through it, but it’ll stay with them for a long time. It’s already scary enough for them that Carla lost control.”

Simon stopped my endless arguments. “It was a sigh of defeat. So, go on, turn me.”

I blinked in surprise before nodding.


I hesitantly placed my hands on his shoulders.

“What? Now that we’re here you don’t want to anymore?” Simon asked, slightly surprised.

“No…” I brought my mouth close to his neck, my fangs drawn.

I don’t remember how his blood tastes, and for this I can’t drink a drop.

Taking my determination in hand, I pierced Simon’s neck with my teeth. Simon tensed and I focused on not drinking his blood.

I could taste it, swirling in my mouth and I wanted to drink it badly, but I resisted and the venom in my fangs entered his bloodstream.

Once I was sure enough had gone into his blood I pulled back gasping.


Simon drifted to the floor, fingering his small wound.

“Am I a vampire now?” He asked. I chuckled.

“Not yet, it takes a little bit of time, but now your delicious pure blood is tainted.” I said giving him a smile. He snickered.



Aliska’s POV

I hazily opened my eyes and the darkness was replaced by an odd room. I looked around in a panic.

“Oh no!” I whispered to myself. Had I gotten myself lost? I looked around in confusion, trying to recognize something, but the dusty furniture stirred nothing in my mind.


In my panic at being lost, I nearly missed the blur of purple pass by. It scurried behind the bookshelves and I walked towards it…

But then my mind faded back to black.



No one’s POV

“Aliska!?” Lance asked in surprise as Aliska came out of the door that led to the elevator.

Aliska’s eyes lazily drifted to his face.


“You were in the basement weren’t you? You went without permission! I’m going to tell mom.” Lance jealously stated, but then he noticed something weird. “Aliska? Are you okay? Your eyes…”


With slow, bored movements Aliska looked away from her brother.

“I didn’t know your eyes glowed…” He muttered staring dumb founded at his sister.


Aliska stepped forwards and the slowness of her gesture nearly made Lance take a step back in worry.

“Aliska? Are you sleepwalking or something?”

“I have a present for you brother.” She said, her voice soft and low. Lance had a hard time hearing her voice.


She took off an amulet from her neck and placed it in her brother’s hands.

“Woah, did you get that from downstairs?” Lance asked, staring at the object. Aliska gave a slight nod.

“It’s very special brother. You must not lose it.” Aliska whispered in his ear.

“What does it do?”


“It’s a magical object. If you keep it close it will save you, but you must never show anyone brother. It’s only for you.” Aliska said.

Lance thought for a few seconds before nodding. “Okay, I’m not too sure what’s going on but thanks! You better head back to your room before mom or dad figures out you went downstairs. Don’t worry I’ll keep your secret.” He said before heading to his room.


Aliska’s eyes drifted shut as her brother ran back to his room.

OK CHANGE OF PLANS. Remember when I said there were ten chapters left? Well I’ve decided to shorten that. My original plan was to have a sub story to introduce the children on a deeper level, but I started planning that and I realized I’d be skipping stuff that could easily have time wasted on them. (the substory will still take place, just from the heir’s point of vue only) So instead of 8 chapters left there are only 2 XD. Unlike in the beggining of this legacy, the heir will take place when everyone except Raphaele is a child! But no worries I’ll show you a pic of what they all look like older…

Now I’m going to be mean and say that I already have all the chapters up to the heir vote done and written XD. The only reason I’m not posting them is because I’m going on a vacation soon, for like three weeks. So, to respect my two-week deadline, I’ve been working like furious to get these done so I can post them with the click of a button on Fridays. Yes that is right, the next chapter will be up on next friday (11th), and the friday (18th)after that and then the heir vote will last until friday the 25th, which will give me two weeks to prepare a chapter. Its all planned out! Anyway, it was just a warning.



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