6.22 – Back off

ScreenshotZyla’s POV

“Hello?” I picked the ringing phone up.

“Tell the old hag to back off.” A low muffled voice said on the other side.


“Who is this?” I demanded angrily.

“Tell her to back off.” The voice said again before hanging up.


I closed my phone up angrily, but then worry settled.

What did mom do?


I left my room to go find my mother when I nearly ran into James.

“Ah James! Sorry, didn’t see you there. Have you seen your grandma?” I asked him.


James nodded once and pointed towards the playroom.

“Thanks hon.” I said, and he smiled in response.


“Ah mom, there you are.”

“Mama!” Nixanne exclaimed as she saw me come in.


“Hi Zyla.”

“Mom did something happen at work recently?” I asked.

“At work? I don’t think so, and speaking of work I have some good news to tell you.”

“Are you sure? Did anyone threaten you at work? Did you stick your nose where it didn’t belong?”


“What is this about Zyla?” Mom asked a bit worried.

“Well, I just got a pretty worrying call. Some guy called to say you should back out of whatever you backed into.” I said, gauging her reaction.

“Oh well…I did find something today at work…”


“So something did happen!” I exclaimed.

“I didn’t think much of it, but during my break today I did a little bit of research. I was on the verge of convincing the city council to authorize a vote and I wanted to see if there was a last minute back-up argument I could keep in store. However, I stumbled onto some classified information-”


“But it didn’t seem like much from what I saw before the computer closed down.” Mom said shrugging.

“Not much? Sounds like you found something big…what was it about?”


“It was just some sort of lab report dating back to over two hundred years ago.” Mom said casually.

“Was there anything interesting on it? What do you remember about it?” Classified information…

“Well I remember there being this big red success stamp across it, and I think I saw the name of the doctor in charge. It was doctor Hank…no Hans…Hansel? Something along those lines.” Mom said shrugging.


“And how did you ‘stumble’ onto this?”

“I’m telling you Zyla, I really did stumble onto it. I was using the clearance I’d gotten recently and I was typing words like ‘supernatural’ in the search bar and it just came up at some point.”

“Okay, well thanks for telling me. Just no more looking at classified information okay? I don’t want you getting hurt over stuff you just stumbled onto.”

Mom nodded in agreement.


“Now that we’re done with that, I can tell you my news. I finally didn’t need that extra information, the city council finally accepted today to host a vote. One month from now, city hall will hold a vote for the inhabitants of Legacy Island II. We have one month to convince the town to have the mayor go back on the law he set against supernaturals all those years ago. We have a chance Zyla, but it’s going to take work.” Mom said with a large smile.

“How are you going to do that?”

“Speeches, campaigns, things of the sort. A lot of people aren’t going to like the concept, so we’ll have to be on our tippy toes for a month.”

Mom was right. Some people weren’t going to like the idea, and some of them might act on it. And unfortunately it wasn’t that secret where we lived. We could start getting surprise visits.



Raphaele’s POV

“Oh my god that was so scary!” I exclaimed as the fireman took out the fire.

“I can’t believe you were scared of that. It’s t.v., it was totally fake.” Lance said.

“But it looked way too real! Who knows there could’ve actually been a fire on the stove!” I shot back.

“Either way it’s not that scary.”


“Like you would know!” I said angrily.

“Yeah I totally would!”

“I bet you would be as scared as a little girl if you saw fire.” I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

“I so wouldn’t! You’d be the one peeing your pants!” Lance shot back.

Dad turned off the t.v.

“Calm down you two! Do I have to quarantine you?” Dad snapped.


Dad was a vampire now. It was really surprising when mom announced dad would be becoming a vampire! We were all like ‘whaaaatttt?’. But now it’s like nothing changed at all. Dad was sort of in his room for a few days, but now he’s out and being dad again.

Mom didn’t say it, but it probably means me, Lance, Aliska and Nixanne are going to turn into vampires when we grow up. Dad must’ve been pretty late to turn since Carla’s been a vampire since I can remember! I wonder how it is being a vampire…Alec and James (with the hand things for James obviously) told me they didn’t feel like they were different. Meh.

“1,2,3,4…I’m missing two kids. Where are Alec and Nixanne?” Dad asked.


“Ah, Raphaele can you go get Alec and Nix?” Dad asked just before Lance and I started fighting again.

“With pleasure!” I stated loudly, spinning on my heels. Lance stuck his tongue in my back and dad reprimanded him.


I didn’t really need to search that far.

“Don’t do that, let me do that.” Nixanne whispered to her twin.

“No I got this.” Alec whispered back, pushing her fingers away from the keyboard.

“It’d be easier if you did this.” She said trying to reach for the keyboard again.


“No see I totally have it.” Alec said as he clicked a few last keys.

“You’re in!”

“Told ya!”


“What are you guys doing?” I asked. Alec quickly closed the computer and they both turned around.

“Nothing!” They said at the same time.

“Yeah, okay, sure I believe you. Anyway, dad, you know, wants to do our daily exercise thing-a-ma-bob.” I clearly explained.


Following my lead, they excited the playroom.

“Rosy?” Alec asked, surprised to see his ‘fiance’ as we liked to call her. Mom keeps saying she’s not, but they’re both totally okay with it. “What are you doing here?”


“Hi Alec. I’m not too sure. Apparently your mom wanted to talk to my parents. I think it was something about school.” Rosy explained.




No one’s POV

“Yes school.” Zyla said.

“We’re going to send you to a boarding school.” Simon said.

“It’s just a town away, but it’s a town where they don’t care whether you’re a supernatural or not.” Zyla continued before the kids could protest.

“You’ll be able to call us whenever you want, and if you really hate it you can come back. Carla will be going with you too.” Simon said with a small warning look.


The kids glanced at each other a bit uncertainly before Alec answered.

“Sure why not? I was getting bored of staying at home anyway.”

The other kids ended up shrugging in agreement one after the other.

Zyla sighed in relief. She’d really thought this would be harder.

ANNND now we won’t be seeing the house for another little while. They’re all children! (with raph being a day away from being a teen) One more chapter before the heir vote. I hope you guys know who you’re voting for!

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  1. Gosh, Zyla and Simon didn’t waste any time having all those kids! 6 within, what 15 days or so? And now for a new adventure, school!

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