6.23 – First impressions


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ScreenshotRaphaele’s POV

I stood up after the last person had done introducing themselves. I cleared my throat and swallowed my nervousness.


“Hi.” I croaked out nervously, but the teacher gave me a reassuring smile and I found the strength to go on. “My name is Raphaele. I’m new to the school and I’m not a supernatural.” I finished.


The teacher nodded and I sat back down. The boy in front of me stood up, and I felt myself blush a little as I watched his gorgeous form move.

“Hi, I’m Dan. I’m completely natural and I’m the best they’ve got on the team.” He said, turning a bit to flash me a handsome smile. The shine of his teeth nearly knocked me out. I happily smelled his cologne as he sat back down. So this is school…


A girl to my left nudged my arm as the other students stood up one at a time. She flashed me a knowing smile.

“Hey there Raph, can I call you that?” She whispered. I nodded.

“Yeah, you must be Anne right?” I asked, faintly remembering when she’d stood up.

“It’s Annie,” She replied and I felt bad for getting her name wrong.


“Thought I should give you a proper welcome. You seem like a nice gal, and you’ve obviously got good tastes.” She said, subtly gesturing to Dan. “You should hang out with us at lunch.”


“Really?” I asked, surprised to be already making friends. She nodded. “Okay, I will.”

Boy school really was fun. Why didn’t mom send us here before?


Lance’s POV

I waited in line in gym. School was kind of boring so far. Nobody really seemed to even notice me. It’s like I’m just some wallpaper and everybody is just minding their own business, completely ignoring me! I want to go home, I’m like the star over there!

I smiled at that thought.


Some kid pushed me as the line shortened.


I watched the kids kick the soccer ball and drastically fail. This is very painful to watch.


I rolled my eyes as the kid in front of me failed as well.


Finally it was my turn, now it was going to be fun!


I shook my limbs slightly. I really felt like showing off now.


I kicked the ball…


and it went straight past the teacher! Straight into the goal. As expected. The teacher must’ve thought I’d be easy like the others.


“And that’s a goal!” I exclaimed, very proud of myself.


The teacher praised me and suddenly I was surrounded by students.


“You’re so good!” A student said.

“Where did you learn to kick like that?” Another classmate asked.

“Pure talent.” I said smiling.

Never mind. School looked like it was pretty fun after all.


Aliska’s POV

I walked amidst the students nervously. I’d been hoping I’d be in one of my siblings’ classes or at least have a locker close to one of them, but none of that had come true. Apparently they were too old or too young to be in the same class as me, and the students near my locker were people from my classes.


School was crowded and nerve racking. People keep running back and forth and I keep getting pushed around. I’m used to knowing everyone around me, but I just see hundreds of strange faces everywhere I look. I hope I get used to this soon.


Something purple appears in my peripheral vision. There it is again. Ever since I’d had that strange dream of a messy room filled with junk I’d been almost always seeing something purple just hanging out of sight. I’d ask my siblings about it, but they said they’d never seen anything of the sort. When I told mom and dad they thought I meant black splotches and that I wasn’t having enough sleep or that maybe I was dehydrated.


I looked towards the purple, but it had moved towards me! It ran in front of my legs and I tripped over it, falling painfully to the ground


“Hey careful!” Some people exclaimed while others laughed.

Cheeks flushed with embarrassment, I got to my feet and hurried to my destination. I don’t like the purple thing anymore.


James’ POV

I closed my locker. School hadn’t really been how I’d expected it to be. Mom did say the kids at school probably couldn’t understand sign language, but she’d made sure my teacher could.


It was weird being in a place where people couldn’t understand me. At home, I didn’t even have the talk with my hands for my family to understand me. They’d come to instinctively understand my non-verbal, but to communicate with the students here I had to write what I wanted to say down. And even then the two kids I tried to approach got bored and walked away.

It feels strange to know people can’t understand you. It’s like I’m an alien to them.

I shook those negative thoughts away.


“Hey!” A girl’s voice called out. I frowned, could she be calling me? No that would be ridiculous. Even if most everyone was already outside.

I kept walking.


“Hey I was talking to you!” The girl exclaimed as she ran to my side.


Me? I pointed to myself, a bit incredulous.


“Yeah you! I’m Jamie from the student council and I need to welcome you to the school.” She stated a bit out of breath. She held out her hand.


Oh, I’m a bit disappointed. I shook her hand.

“What’s your name?” She asked, a smile still plastered on her face. I tried to use sign language but she frowned in confusion. Great now I just need a pen and a paper.


I headed for my locker and she decided to follow.

“You know I asked you a question right? It’s rude to walk away!” She complained. Yeah I know. “I just want to know your name! Is it that horrible?”


I shook my head.

“Okay, so just say it!” I sighed. I can’t say it! When is she going to click?


Angry, she jumped in front of me.

“You’re mean! I was just trying to be nice and you’re ignoring me! I take back my welcome!” She said, pointing her finger in my face.


And with that she stomped off.

Ugh, I already find school tiring. I’m going to have to make sure I always have a notepad with me.


Alec’s POV

Nix and I were checking out our rooms. It was kind of sad we weren’t in the same room and that we had to share our room with five other people, BUT there was an upside…

“Look Alec! A computer!” Nix exclaimed.

“Looks kind of old, but it’ll do.” I said, nodding my head in approval.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” Nix asked giving me a sly look. I nodded.


“Race ya! Though I’ll probably win.” Nix challenged.

“No way, I’m getting in first!” I said, accepting the challenge and running straight for my room. Nix chuckled and casually walked towards her computer.


I ran into the room nearly slipping on the smooth ground and headed for the old computer already thinking about how I’d proceed.


I jumped into the chair and wiggled my fingers.

Nix and I have this cool thing just for us. Mom and dad don’t know about it. Raphaele, Lance, Aliska and even James don’t know about it!

Nope it’s our special secret.


And honestly, if our parents found out we’d probably never be able to do this again.

I frowned as I realized the computer was a lot weaker than I expected. I went on the computer, bypassed the school’s restrictions, downloaded what I needed, made a few modifications and searched for my sister’s computer.


I found my sister’s computer, and was about to press the buttons to send the program over when something popped on my screen.


Nix: TOO LATE! 😛

My fingers froze in disbelief. No way.

Alec: No fair! You had a head start! 😡

Nix: Nope, you did! I waited a full minute! I beat you NANA

I was going to get my revenge. I tried entering her computer to give her a nasty surprise, but I found myself blocked.

Nix: Nice try Alec! I’ve got this computer covered already.


I couldn’t believe it.


My sister had surpassed me.


The door opened but I barely noticed it.

Nix: Alec? Have you realized how much better I am? 😉

Alec: I’m just having a lousy day.

Nix: Oh excuses.

Alec: Can we not talk about this anymore?

Nix: Oh don’t be a sore loser Alec!


Alec: I’m not being a sore loser.

Nix: Just because for the first time ever I finally beat you! You’re being a bit unfair.

Alec: You know this isn’t as fun as it used to be.

Nix: Okay fine, let’s talk about something else. What game do you wanna play?

“Alec? Looks like we’re in the same room.” Rosy noticed as she entered, I nearly jumped out of my chair in surprise.


She walked over.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing important.” I said as I closed down the computer.


Nixanne’s POV

Nix: Well? What game?

Alec: *disconnected*

“Alec!” I said aloud in frustration. Why was he being such a bad loser? Why can’t he be happy I finally beat him? God.


My fingers froze on the keyboard as I felt a presence behind me.

“You’re pretty good with computers.” A boy’s voice said behind me. I immediately closed everything. How did I not hear him coming?


I jumped off my seat. “What did you see?” I demanded.

“Enough? Look whatever you did I won’t tell anyone. So you don’t need to be so angry.”

“I’m not angry.” I said quickly.



“And whatever you saw you probably wouldn’t be able to explain it. It’s something that’s way beyond you.” I said, still proud of my skills.


“I could try to explain it, but you’d probably never understand it.”


“Sure…Hey look, if you’re as good as you say you are you should join the electronic club.” The boy proposed.

Electronic club?

“What’s that?”

“…You aren’t as smart as you look.”

“Hey!” I protested.


The boy laughed.

“Sorry. My name’s Cliff.”

“I’m Nixanne.”

“The electronic club is in the library upstairs. There’s a bunch of computers and we get together after lunch so if you want you can come check it out.” He said.

Well now that Alec is angry that I’m better than him, I need other people to challenge! Because I assume that’s what he meant by electronic club.

“Okay thanks. I mean, you’ll be lucky if I let you see my cool computer skills.” I said, catching myself.

He rolled his eyes.

 Last chapter of Zyla’s generation! Holy that’s really…just woah. I have a already? and a finally! feeling. Well I’m curious to see who you’re all going to vote for.

SIDENOTE. I had to build a huge school! It took so long and there are so many details! And scenes such as the one where Aliska is in a crowded corridor IS A LOT HARDER TO CREATE THAN IT LOOKS.

The vote should be up in a few minutes!

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  1. Livvielove says:

    Ok, I wanted to wait until this post because I think it’s safe to ask now, but whatever happened to K-EVIL (hear Mermaidman’s voice when I spell it like that. XD)?
    I love Simon, but I clearly missed Kevil’s part in this and I was super secretly (loudly) cheering for him when he kissed Zyla.
    No hard feelings all around, I was mostly just curious. XD

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    • blamsart says:

      DARN IT, are you trying to ruin Kevil’s name for me??

      I promise your curiosity will be satisfied. *cough* WE HAVENT SEEN THE LAST OF HIM *cough* (I always kind of pitied him because of this to be honest…if he hadn’t run off, Zyla and him could’ve been together)


      • Livvielove says:

        I loved him and Zyla together. I’ll be honest I kept waiting for the shoe to drop, and Simon to do something and suddenly have Kevil show up and be amazing and win back Zyla.

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  2. ANOTHER GENERATION COMPLETE! WOOOOO. I did pretty much nothing today except read LOL. I regret nothing!!!! *stumbles into bed*

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