7.2 – Already in trouble!

ScreenshotJames’ POV

“It’s pretty cool so far.” Nix answered Raph’s question. “I’m just having a little trouble with finding the library.”

“Isn’t the library right down the corridor?” Raphaele asked.

I find school to be a bit boring.” Alec cut in.


Raphaele waved him off and looked at me. I shrugged, I found school okay. Nodding she turned to Aliska.

“What about you? First impression?”

Aliska thought for a few seconds before speaking up. “It’s a really nice place,” She began as if she was calculating exactly what she needed to say. “But I think it’s a little too…crowded.”


“Oh yeah definitely!” Alec exclaimed. “The bedrooms are WAY too crowded. Six kids in one room? Ridiculous!”

“Crowded? It does seem a little intimidating.” Raphaele continued speaking to Aliska, effectively ignoring Alec. She tended to that. Apparently he talks too much for her taste.

Aliska gave a small nod. “I feel a bit pushed around sometimes…”

“Well hey, you know the rules. Someone bothers you, you come get one of us. Preferably not Alec or Lance.” Raphaele said giving Aliska a smile.

“I’ll kick their asses no problem!” Nixanne yelled out. Some of the other students in the ‘chill-out’ room, as it was called, shushed her. Students came here mostly to study, watch tv, or chill out in front of the fireplace.


“Speaking of, where is that little brat? He knows we set up a reunion.” Raphaele started to grumble.

Since we were all a bit freaked out about the idea of school we decided, or well mom proposed and Raphaele enforced, that we have reunions at the chill-out place once the classes were over.


“He’s probably held up, hanging out with friends.” Aliska proposed.

I smiled, that was most likely what Lance was doing. He seemed like the type who’d get friends instantly.


Almost on cue, the door swung open.

“Speak of the devil.” Nixanne commented.

“Lance! Where have you been?” Raph asked as she got up to face him.


“Well I’m sorrrrryyyy,” Lance said as he rolled his eyes. “But I have a social life.”

Raphaele scoffed. “A social life? Really?”


“Hey! Yeah, I totally do! I’ve got a bunch of friends who want to hang out with me. I’m sorry, is that too hard for you to understand?” Lance shot back.

I sighed and leaned back on the couch. Alec and Nix started playing a game of rock paper scissors and Aliska decided to watch the cooking channel.

“What are you implying? I have friends as well! At least, I can find time to hang out with family! But, if you’d rather hang out with friends go ahead.” Raphaele sneered.


“Yeah maybe I will!” Lance yelled as he stomped his foot. The other students started shushing again.

“Go on then!” Raphaele said in a lower voice.

“Sayonara!” Lance declared before turning on his heels and stomping out the door.


“You chased him away again.” Nixanne said in a disapproving tone.

“Yep.” Alec agreed.

“Can’t you not chase him away one of these days?” Nixanne continued.

“That would be the day…” Alec said looking like he was daydreaming.

“It’s not just my fault!” Raphaele argued.

“He’ll be back right?” Aliska asked me. ‘As usual’ I replied, closing both my hands into fists except for my thumb and my pinkie and vertically bobbing them both twice.



I stood outside my next class, Aliska wanted me to meet her new friend. I was a bit worried she wouldn’t make friends, so I was more than happy to. She’d always been a bit ‘reserved’ at home, but at school she was even more so.

“So…” Aliska said taking a deep breath. “James this is-”

My older sister didn’t have the time to finish her phrase.


“Hello! I’m Mariposa, daughter of Anna the white fairy.” She said giving me full-toothed professional introduction.

I glanced at Aliska a bit in confusion. She shrugged.


“Oh.” Mariposa said as she caught the look I exchanged with my sister. “You don’t know either. It looks like no one in this town – no in this continent knows who my mother is.” She sighed.


I looked at Mariposa’s outfit, and asked Aliska about it.

“Oh, we have cooking class.” She replied.

Mariposa looked at her outfit, guessing I’d been gesturing about it. “Yes, and apparently I’m the only one dressed for the occasion!”


“Anyways, we have to go to class.” Mariposa said in her formal tone. The movement of her hands caught my eye. I was surprised to see she was making the signs to say ‘nice to meet you’. I checked her face, but it didn’t seem like she realized it.


With that they left. I’m happy Aliska made a friend, but this Mariposa strikes me as a bit weird. I mean, who introduces themselves by saying who their mom is? I’m not going to start telling people I’m the son of Zyla the vampire queen. I don’t want to get into trouble for acting pretentious.

Lance caught my eye from across the corridor as if to ask who that was. I shrugged at him.

“That him?”


Suddenly the girl from the student council who I think said she was named Jamie and a blond-haired a boy made their way through the crowd to come see me.

“Yep, that’s the jerk.” Jamie said, pointing me out clearly. I let out an annoyed sigh and rolled my eyes.


“Look at that! He just rolled his eyes at me!” Jamie exclaimed angrily.

“I’m going to beat you up now.” The boy replied.

Really? I’ve barely had one week of school and someone wants to beat me up?


I looked around the corridor quickly. At least four of my siblings were around and they’d probably get me out of this pinch if needed.

But I don’t really want to appear like a weakling who has to depend on his siblings.

If I actually managed to beat him up, it might make me look good.

Or I could just solve this problem by pulling out the prepared note (that I will always carry with me!) I made yesterday explaining that I’m mute.

All in all, this is the second time this girl is making me want to go back home!

Ok, first ‘official’ chapter done. It’s a bit short, but longer chapters take more time and I’m more entertained with the idea of doing short chapters rather than long ones! So we’ll see how it goes.

As promised, James’ generation has ‘possible interaction possibilities’. Yeah its a bit repetitive, but I want to make it clear that that means not every chapter will end with a vote. Only a few will, and well clearly this one does!

Kudos to anyone who can remember who Anna the white fairy is. Also, I am aware that she’s supposed to be in twin brook across the ocean, but per usual, there’s a reason for it.



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9 Responses to 7.2 – Already in trouble!

  1. Luna says:

    Interesting. . . . especially Mariposa. Poor James, Jamie’s being the jerk, not him, for not asking for an answer. Rude. Anyways, great chapter!


  2. brainofivane says:

    Raphaele looks lovely.

    I feel sorry for James. I can only imagine how much trouble one can get to if we don’t get to say what we need to say. A mute vampire. Wow. Anyway, glad I can now participate in the interactive votes! Yehi! Yehi!


  3. LoveLegacies says:

    Anna is the white fairy who watches Tarnowak in the first generation!!! Also, I love how you were able to show that being mute and misunderstood can be really hard…Great chapter! 🙂


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  5. Mariposa! Butterfly! That’s darling =)

    I always wondered whether Anna ever had children or not. Does that mean she’s still living as of this point? Fairies live a very, very long time, don’t they? =O

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Skcaga6 says:

    I love that Anna got to have the child she so badly wanted. But who is Mariposa’s father?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Trip says:

    The joys of speed-reading: never forgetting Anna. 😉 I wondered if that fairy lifespan would kick in!


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