7.4 – There’s no reason to be scared right?


PG again

ScreenshotJames’ POV

“James, your brother is doing it again.” Joshua said, taking a bite out of his Peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.

“Joshua, stop staring at them it’s mean.” Jamie snapped, hungrily biting a chunk out of her breakfast.

The day Joshua almost tried to beat me up, these two had decided to sit with me at lunch, and well since, we’ve sort of hung out.


“But, look at them, they’re so disgusting. You can’t eat when you’re cuddling like that! Is that even called cuddling? No, they are being squished into one person!”


I ripped off a piece of bread and flung it at him. It hit his cheek, leaving a jelly mark.

“Okay, okay I get it.” He grumbled as he wiped it off.

I can sort of understand him though. My brother got even worse than Raphaele ever since he got that growth spurt. Hours after he had a girlfriend, and then today he has a completely different one. And that was only two days after the dead teacher was found in the corridors. You would think he’d be a little shaken up…Hell the whole school should be. But it seems everyone just keeps on going like nothing happened. Even the police just came and left saying they’d be back.


My eyes drifted off and met Mariposa’s. Aliska’s friend. Seeing me she flashed me a huge smile and waved. Weirded out I gave her a small wave and cleverly hid her face from my view with my bread.

You know, before I found her weird, now I just find her creepy. Every time we cross each other in the corridor she has to make this big deal of saying hi to me.

Aliska says it’s just because she’s really friendly. I think she should cut back a bit on the friendliness.

“Okay, here’s the gist.” Jamie said, finishing up her sandwhich in one swift bite.

Both Joshua and I leaned forwards to listen to what Jamie had to say. Yesterday she had a student council meeting and she promised us she’d bring back information.

“Alright. Apparently the body was drained of blood, more than there was on the floor.” Jamie began. I grimaced as I remembered the gory scene. “Also, apart from the bite marks on the neck it’s like there wasn’t any struggle whatsoever. The police think it’s a vampire. They’ll probably start questioning you soon James.” Jamie said, giving me a ‘sorry’ look.


I frowned. That’s whole lot of information.

“No way the student council knows all this!” Joshua exclaimed.

“Sure they do! We have a new informant.” Jamie said giving us a knowing wink. Seeing both our frowning faces, she sighed and explained. “We got the info from the electronic club. They have this new epic member who apparently got the info from the police computer. It’s pretty awesome! Don’t tell the teachers though! Or else they might get suspended and then we’d lost our secret informant!” Jamie urged.


I nodded, I wouldn’t tattle tale.

And just as Jamie predicted, the next day the police came over and interrogated me. I don’t know if they found me suspicious or not, but they left without saying if they still thought I was a suspect. It wouldn’t make much sense if I was, I can’t really drink blood, I’m not old enough. Same for Alec.



“It’s a teacher, so we don’t have anything to worry about.” Alec declared. Nixanne rolled her eyes at him and kept watching t.v. “No but really, whatever it was, it attacked a teacher not a student. So there’s no reason to be scared.” Alec said, staring right at Rosy as he did so.


“Maybe, but still, it’s something that killed a teacher Alec! It could decide it wants to kill us  as well.” Rosy said.

“The other teachers said there was nothing to worry about.” Nix said, not taking her eyes off the screen. I wasn’t too sure about that.

“Yeah, see. And, plus, didn’t you hear? There were bite marks on her neck. James saw it right?” Alec said, looking to me for confirmation.


‘Yeah, I remember all too well’, I replied.

“See? Bite marks means vampire and vampires don’t drink other vampires, so you’re fine Rosy.


“But what about the police? What if they think I’m the culprit?” She kept voicing her worries.

“Well are you?” Nix asked.


“Well that settles that.” Nix finished.

“Are you scared of everything?” Alec asked in not the nicest of tones.

“But-” Rosy tried to speak again. Boy was I relieved with Lance finally cut in. Her voice chirping in my ear was starting to annoy me.


“Hey! It was one death. If you’re that scared you can go home whenever you want. That’s what our parents just told us like ten minutes ago. So chill out. We’re trying to watch t.v.”


I nudged Nix on the arm so she’d look at me, before I said with my hands ‘I still wonder who the culprit is’. She nodded, looking pensive.

“If you guys wanted, I bet we could find who did it on our own…”

“The police haven’t yet, you expect us to?” Alec asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Well, I can at least find a list of all the vampires at the school. There are barely any, I bet I could easily have a small list.” Nixanne continued.


“Don’t even try. I know without a doubt who the culprit is. I mean who else could it be? It’s obviously Carla.” Alec stated bodly.

Carla! Of course! Why hadn’t I thought of her before?

“Carla? That’s a bit quick judgement.” Nix said.

“No it isn’t. You heard what Raph, Lance and Aliska told us. She almost killed dad.”

“I agree with Alec.” Lance said, not leaving the screen.


Nix narrowed her eyes at Alec. “Yeeahhhh I’m still going to pull up a list. You know. In case you’re actually WRONG.”

Alec glared at her as she purposefully insisted on the last word.

Carla…it would make her weird attitude make sense, then again it’s really not all that different compared to home…and didn’t she walk out of the very hallway the body was found just seconds before? But why would Carla be all over eating teachers? I never saw her drink anyone except those donor people and she never looked like she was particularly enjoying it.

I don’t know. I’ll have to see who’s on Nixanne’s list once she’s made it.



I yawned loudly enough for Jamie to hear (not so loud as to bother everyone else in the library). I was beyond tired.

“I’m with James on this. Why do you need this book right now? Its way past my usual bedtime…” Joshua complained.

“Because I forgot to read it.” Jamie replied, scanning the bookshelves.

“Can’t you get it tomorrow?” Joshua asked. I nodded enthusiastically, yawning at the same time.

“I have to read it for tomorrow.”


“Okay cool. Why did we have to come with?” Joshua kept whining.

Jamie reached out for a book then decided it wasn’t the right one.

“Because I don’t want to walk in the corridors alone.” She replied in a monotone voice. I raised my eyebrows. She really takes us for her bodyguards.

“Eh! No way! You’re scared?”


Jamie twirled around so fast she nearly hit me.

“Am not! Shut up!”

“Okay! Okay, fine.” Joshua grumbled, getting tired again.


“Hmph. It’s probably over there.” Jamie said, holding her head up high as she walked away.

Joshua rolled his eyes.

“Can you believe her?” He asked me. I shook my head.


We ended up following her anyways.


Jamie suddenly crashed into me as we rounding the bookcase, looking like she’d just seen a ghost.

“J…James…she…” She stuttered trying not to look behind her.


My eyes locked onto the scene behind her.

As if one traumatizing image hadn’t been enough.

Eh? What’s this? Yet another death? Oh oh…

Yep, Lance grew up XD

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9 Responses to 7.4 – There’s no reason to be scared right?

  1. brainofivane says:

    I enjoy the dynamic between James, Jamie and Joshua.

    James looks so sagely (and cute) in this shot: https://lightthewaytoheaven.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/screenshot-61.jpg?w=660

    Oh dear… what is with these deaths? And what is with Lance kissing all these girls? Lol…


    • blamsart says:

      I think so too, it was completely accidental, but I love the shot XD (those are often the best ones)

      Lance is…experimenting? Heh, who knows. As long as he’s having fun XD


  2. Luna says:

    Gosh, another death! I’m shocked, and really interested so far.


  3. autumnrein says:

    Holy guacamole, Lance is a good looking boy! I love his hair. Did he get the white tips naturally or did you add them after?

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      It’s Simon’s hair color! Simon’s hair has white tips, it just couldn’t be seen with his current hairstyle. So yeah, I guess you could say it’s natural.


  4. Livvielove says:

    Alright! I’ve officially caught up to where I binged to during my midterms! Woohoo!
    I really like James, and it’s an interesting perspective and I love how quiet he is. There’s a lot of deaths going on right now, and while I think I know who did it, I also wonder if you’re trying to lead me to think I know who did it by making it seem slightly obvious and pointed but in reality it’s them being framed!
    Or it’s late at night and I’m overthinking things as usual. (rolls eyes at self).
    Either way, I love all the kids and I really have to give you a super kudos for doing all these scenes with so many children in them.
    I’m looking at all the people in those screenshots and just… wow. I’ve worked with 15 (when I was doing a meeting of the Gods and had to set up all 15 gods) and it was just… painful. So… you’re awesome and the screenshots are fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Quiet wise, i mean, the fact that he’s mute helps lol

      Thank you, thank you, apparently I didn’t learn my lesson and went up to placing twenty sims in a screenshot, go figure why *silently rages at those future screenshots, well future for you*


  5. It’s really suspicious that the staff doesn’t seem concerned. Something like this should have sparked widespread concern, and I can’t imagine the fact that it hasn’t isn’t significant. I know the previous chapter depicted Carla with blood on her mouth, but that almost feels like too simple an answer. Maybe she is involved, but if she is I don’t think she’s the only one in on this. It’s too early though to make any definitive predictions, so I’ll just keep reading =)

    Liked by 1 person

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