Maybe I shouldnt be tellling you guys this…

But you see this picture here?


The left gravestonne is Sariel’s no doubt about it. The right one however, is not Rex’s. It’s a no name paparazzi who died on my lawn one day. Yes you heard right!

Thing is, over the course of Zyla’s generation and beyond the house has gotten a lot of unanswered door bell rings. The whole family has a min of two star celebrity status, and usually my heirs tend to reach five star before I even realize what’s happening. So there are ALWAYS paparazzi hanging out. (my sims aren’t exactly famous to the naturals so I can’t put that in the story)

Thing is with the paparazzi, they decide to hang out so long they end up dying of old age. I’m not kidding. Because I’m too lazy to clean the front yard, there are at least five gravestones just chilling out. And one of them is some random dude who died from hunger and another from burning up. Adding those several tombstones on the front lawn, I also left Blams and Eliott’s graves in the basement which accounts for some nasty ghostly hellos. Apparently Mincia declared she was Eliott’s enemy without my knowing it when he was alive so she’s the only one who gets upset when his ghost comes up. Which is usually how I know he’s roaming the premises.

The point of this, because I’ve obviously trailed off, is that when Rex died, he died in the middle of town, with the usual zooming of the camera. However, I really didn’t want to deal with him just yet, so I went back to the house and continued setting everything up.

When I went back to the town view to get Rex’s tombstone…I’d forgotten where he’d died!

I still kind of needed a grave, so I picked one of the many lying around on my front yard.

AND YOU GUYS WILL NEVER KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. (*ahem* unless you read this)

Well, that was another insight on the everyday life of the Whitelight household.

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