7.9 – Highschool crush

ScreenshotJames’ POV

Joshua and I slumped onto the hallway bench as we waited for Jamie to get out of her class. We were always waiting for her! She keeps using break time to kiss up to her teachers.

As we were doing our usual observation of the school corridors I spotted something fairly common, but still entertaining.

I tapped Joshua and pointed at the scene.


“They’re at it again!” Joshua exclaimed with a short laugh as my brother scolded Rosy. Alec had probably just caught news that Rosy had been kissing some guy again.

He keeps acting like he’s her father and she naturally rebels against him. He still has it in his head that him and Rosy are ‘meant to be’. And ‘meant to be’ in the most non-romantic way possible. He keeps yapping about his future plans and Rosy is always his future wife in there. He forgot to inform her that he’d planned out her whole future.

‘Ridiculous’ I signed. I made a fist with my hand except for my pinkie and thumb and then tapped my nose twice with my thumb.


“Tell me about it. Haven’t you talked to your brother about this?” Joshua asked me. I waved nonchalantly. I’ve already tried that, but he just replied ‘I have my plans, you have yours’.

‘He wouldn’t listen to my advice.’ I signed to Joshua. After a few years of hanging out with me, Jamie and Joshua were pretty much forced to pick up some sign language.


And then she walked past.


Mariposa. My heart rate quickened just at the sight of her walking by.

Of all the girls in the school, she was definitely the prettiest. Unlike most of the girls, she wore only minimal make-up and clothes that weren’t that revealing, but it fit her perfectly.

The curves of her face, her bright pink eyes, the way she absent-mindedly flicked her hair as she walked, the small smile that played on her lips as she watched Alec patronize Rosy…She was gorgeous.

She’d been ‘Aliska’s friend’ for the longest time, until one day, after just coming back from summer holidays, I saw her in the corridor. It was like I was seeing her for the first time.


“And we all know you’re the expert in romance.” Joshua said slapping my arm and giving me the creepiest knowing smile.

I felt my cheeks brighten as I realized I’d been staring at Mariposa again.


“Hey guys, what’s up?” Jamie asked, finally arriving. I didn’t respond, I was too occupied hiding my burning face.

“Nothing.” Joshua said smirking at me.


“Okay, sure…Anyways, you’ll never guess what I heard in class…” And then she trailed off, telling us who broke up with who, who got suspended, etc. The usual really.



I flipped through my textbooks in frustration as I tried to find the answer to the dumb question. See, this right now would be a lot easier if my sister was helping me. Actually she promised she would!

Right now we’re hanging out in the library because Nix promised she’d help me out with my homework. I have an exam tomorrow, and I don’t know, I’d like to have a good grade.


Apparently she doesn’t care about that. I slammed a textbook shut in front of her face, but she just pushed the book away gently. And then she continued looking off into space.

I snapped my fingers in front of her face.

“What?” She said, looking annoyed as she looked at me. I gestured angrily at my pile of homework. “Oh yeah.”

‘What are you thinking about?’ I signed impatiently.

“You really want to know?” She asked. I didn’t, but I really wanted help with my homework and everyone else was busy. “Alright then. I met this guy.” She said, letting out a pleased sigh.


I wanted to groan. I didn’t want to listen to five hours of Nixanne chatting away about some guy.

“He’s unlike all the jerks hanging around here. You know, jerks like Alec.” She started to say. I could already predict the long discussion she wanted to have. Couldn’t she talk about this with her friends?

I tapped my fingers on the table impatiently.


“Fine grumpy.” She said unhappily. She didn’t need to be so mean about it. “What do you need help with?”

I reached for my textbooks.

Okay, maybe I feel a little bit bad…but I have a quiz tomorrow! I don’t need to be hearing about my sister’s crush right now.



We were waiting for class to start when one of the guys in our class stopped by our desk.

“Hey James!” He said, smirking a little knowing I wasn’t going to respond back verbally. Yeah, there are those types of idiots in my class. “I did some research the other day and I felt like asking you this…” He began, his expression turning serious.

It wasn’t the first time this guy had come to see me. But I doubt he remembers the dozens of other times.

“I found out there was something special about golden-eyed vampires-”


I shut him up before he could go further. Using my mind, I found his easily, just like I’d done all the other times, and I made him want to forget this information.

Maybe I should be worried that he keeps coming back over and over again after doing the same research over and over again. But….I shrugged inwardly.

His pupils constricted for a second before he blinked a few times in confusion.


“Sorry, if I botheredyou guys… I’m not sure what I’m doing here.” He mumbled to himself before going to his seat.

Give it two weeks and he’ll be back.

Joshua gave me a look.


“One day you’ll have to actually deal with this you know.” He said with a not very impressed look on his face.

‘That can wait.’ I signed at him.

“No James, I don’t think it can.”

I would’ve responded but something else caught my attention.


Mariposa had come in the classroom. Seeing me looking at her, she smiled and gave a slight wave.

I was too embarrassed to wave back, I ended up avoiding eye contact.

“Ugh, useless.” Joshua muttered at me as Mariposa walked by. I’d say he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but he’s got a girlfriend…

I found my eyes following Mariposa as she went to go sit down and-


Something wet and small had hit the back of my head.


I spun around, plucking the spitball out of my hair as I did so.

Jamie looked completely natural, as if she’d been talking to her friend the whole time, but I could see the small smile of satisfaction creeping up on her face.

I sighed. What is it with these two? Can’t they let me be in peace? I narrowed my eyes at Jamie before turning to the front of the class.

Jaaammmmesss that’s what friends are for! XD

Anywho new chapter! A bit short, but quicker posting 😉


Who’s that you ask?

Well I don’t know. Why are you asking me? It’s just a completely random screenshot that I – for whatever reason – decided to share with you guys.

I should know you say?

Why? Cause I’m the writer? Pssshhh as if that’d be a reason to know everything.

Why are you asking me who it is again?

She’s obviously some weirdo, who likes posing in front of horror movie posters. Hell what do I know. Let’s switch subjects now.

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12 Responses to 7.9 – Highschool crush

  1. brainofivane says:

    The label of the last photo showed up because the photo didnt load on my phone. So i know who it is but i didnt see the picture…. O.o

    Jamie likes James i think! And i happen to think she is lovelier than mariposa… curious about nixanne’s new love. Almost got annoyed with james for stopping her from talking. O.o lol…


  2. LoveLegacies says:

    I know who it is!!! Love her (big nose though…) XD Great chapter

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Livvielove says:

    Oh James, why did I figure he would love the darling daughter of our favorite white fairy?
    Now he just needs to talk to her…

    A shot of Carla at the end seems ominous… On to the next chapter! Oh and Alec better get his butt together before someone slaps him.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Trip says:

    I’d let sexy Carla at the end drain me to death too, but James can keep Mariposa all her wants. I also feel like Carla can give a lot more insight into the dark side of James. Golden eyes and all. 😛 (I have my theories and they all go back to “TS3 has only a few colors for glowing eyes so everything’s kinda yellow”)

    Liked by 1 person

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