7.12 – Priorities change

Result: Hop on it!

James’ POV

Double circular chest motion; touching palms flip; double chest palm tap; thumb slid down jaw; finger touch flip

‘Please become my girlfriend.’

I signed, the whole time doing my best to not make my hands quiver. Halfway through I wanted to back out, but instead I sped up to get it over with.


I was so incredibly nervous, I actually let out a sigh of relief once she flashed me a big smile.

“Of course.”

I have to admit, amidst the joy of not being rejected, there was a small trace of doubt. Very very small, so small I forgot about it two seconds later. It’s just the way she’d said ‘of course’ as if it had been planned from the beginning. That should please me, knowing she’d liked me this whole time as well, but it more gave me a small feeling of being left out. As if I was missing out on some grand master plan…



Obviously, the first people I told were my friends. As if they’d let me hear the end of it if I wasn’t the one to tell them.

You know, I don’t why, but I actually expected a better reaction than what they gave me.

“You actually had the courage to ask her out?” Was Joshua’s first question. Of course.

I responded in kind, giving him a nice unhappy glare.


Yeah well, I wasn’t the only one glaring. Jamie felt the need to give me a cold unhappy stare.

“Not like we’re saying you don’t have any courage.” She muttered in a stone-like voice. I’m not too sure what’s going on with her. Woman thing? Alec told me that once: If you don’t understand the girl, they’re probably on their period.

Of course he got punished by the girls in my family for that…

“Well I am!” Joshua said, smirking. “But I’m proud of you man.” He said, patting me on the shoulder.

Jamie continued to look positively worn.


“James!” Mariposa suddenly called from across the corridor. A smile appeared on my face just hearing her.

I had a girlfriend!

I gave my friends a quick wave and headed towards my…yes, my girlfriend.


“Did he just-!” Jamie said, too stupefied to continue her phrase.

“Yes, I do believe our dear James just ditched us.” Joshua said, making a very logical assessment of the situation.

“Why the little- what-he-urg.” Jamie ended up giving up trying to express herself. Instead she watched one of her best friends march off to meet his girlfriend like a puppy to a treat.


Joshua changed to examining his best friend.

“You look kinda of sad Jamie…” He said, waggling his eyebrows knowingly.

“I’m not!” She quickly replied. “And if you say otherwise I will punch you in the face.”


“Because I’m not…” She muttered to herself.

“Mhmmm.” Joshua earned himself a punch in the shoulder for that one.


“I’ve arranged a make-up reunion with your sister James.” Mariposa declared the moment I’d arrived.

Aliska looked rather disinterested standing in the background.

Before I could do or say anything, Mariposa started giving instructions.

“You both have a good five minutes left before class, and both of you won’t leave until whatever is going on between you two is resolved.”

I wanted to applaud and show Mariposa off as an Olympic winner. I should’ve thought of that sooner! Mariposa is Aliska’s friend, so if she doesn’t listen to her siblings she’d probably listen to her friend.


Once Mariposa was done, Aliska stepped forward.

“Here’s how’s it going to go James.” Aliska declared. This wasn’t really how a conversation was supposed to begin. “You’ll do a favor for me, and then all will be forgiven.”

There was a nasty smile tugging at her lips. I was really tempted to say that I wasn’t the one who needed to be forgiven, but I kept it back. I was actually worried about my sister, this way maybe I could keep a sort of eye on her.

I motioned for her to keep talking.

“I need you to make Bunny accept to meet me.” She said.


It took me a while to figure out she was talking about this senior nicknamed ‘Bunny’ for winning a bunch of track meets or something.

‘I think you’ll have better luck with that than me.’ I signed wanting to laugh at the weirdness of her request.

“No, James I think you’d be better. See, I want you to influence him.” She said, leaning ever so slightly as a mischievous grin crawled up her face.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked from Mariposa to Aliska in bewilderment. Aliska knew the rules, why would she…

“Come on James.” Mariposa urged as she saw my hesitation. “It’s no biggie right? She just wants to meet the guy.”

And…and…I cracked. Well, if Mariposa is insisting I can’t really find a reason not to anymore. And that’s all Aliska wants. I can just make the guy want to meet her, but from there it’s her problem.

I nodded half-heartedly at my sister.




Mariposa had been talking on and on about her classes, and I had been more than happy to listen, when she decided to switch to a more worrying subject.

“It’s been bothering me for a while, but I finally know what I want to do with your hair…” She said, as she examined every piece of hair on my poor head. “Oh don’t make that face James, I’ll make you look better than you already do!”


I barely had the time to protest as she flew off the bed and made me turn around on my chair so I was facing the mirror. She petted my hair.

“It’s so soft too, it’s going to be great to play with.” She exclaimed.

A little worried now I tried to get away, but she pulled me back with her hands on my shoulders.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be completely reversible if you ABSOLUTELY hate it.” She said planting a soft kiss on the top of my forehead.

I resigned myself to my fate.


“That was really surprising how easily you convinced that boy. You barely needed to do anything and he was off.” Mariposa said as she pulled out some tools.

I hadn’t told Mariposa yet that I could control people. At first I assumed Aliska had told her, but I learned recently she hadn’t.

I didn’t see any harm in telling Mariposa. After all, mom had said I could tell who I wanted. And also something about trusting my good judgement.


So as Mariposa worked on my hair, I signed at her through the mirror, explaining to her about golden-eyed vampires.

She stayed silent, either registering the information I was relaying or too focused on my hair to notice what I was saying.


“Done!” Mariposa exclaimed. “Now that’s much better, don’t you think?”


I…I wasn’t too sure what to think. I was seeing too much of my face. I reached up and patted my hair, slightly surprised it actually stayed up on its own.

“Look, now we can see a lot more of your face! Just try it out for a bit ‘kay?” Mariposa said as I gingerly patted my hair.


Putting the matter of my hair aside, I got up to face her.

‘Did you see all I said about my power?’ I asked her. She hadn’t responded in any way to let me know and I was getting doubts. ‘Are you scared of me? Are you-’

I started listing out her possible reactions with my hands.


Mariposa flew over the chair and gently grabbed my face in her hands to give me a kiss.

She pulled back with a reassuring smile.

“I won’t tell a soul.”

That was our first kiss.



We were mere weeks away from the final exam and we’d already started studying. In fact, we’d been studying for three hours straight now.

“I’m so done with studying!” Jamie said, sighing in exhaustion and dropping her book on the pile.

“I feel like I should continue, like I haven’t learned a thing in the last three hours, BUT I’M SO DONE.” Joshua declared, doing the same with his textbook.

I dropped mine as well. My brain hurts so much right now. I passed my hand through my hair, still finding it weird.

I’d decided to keep the haircut after all. Joshua and Jamie were kind of surprised, but they got used to it pretty fast. As in, they make a lot of lame jokes about it.

“Can we go do something fun now? Like play games, watch t.v. or-” Jamie began before being interrupted.

“Or throw eggs at the neighbours a few blocks down. I think it’s an activity we should do like right now.” Joshua said as he destroyed the carpet one string at a time.

Both Jamie and I shot him a are-you-serious? look.

“LOOK GUYS. I’m tired. It’s like…7pm. This is usually when I go to my bed and pretend to sleep when what I’m really doing is surfing the net on my phone till three in the morning.” Joshua explained.


A knock on the aquarium window caught my attention.

Mariposa was outside waving at me, and a smile appeared on my face. It didn’t take long for my friends to put two and two together.


“Yeah, bye.” Joshua gave a short wave as I got up quickly to go join up with Mariposa. I was nearly out the door when I overheard Joshua and Jamie. “What’s the word? OH yeah, whipped right?”

“Oh shut up.” Jamie snapped annoyed. I’ll decided to ignore Joshua’s comment.


“Hey you.” Mariposa smiled before giving me a hello kiss.

“Hey James? That you? Yep sure looks like it. Finally, I feel like I’ve been searching for you forever.” A boy muttered behind me.

I sighed internally. I don’t want to talk to some dude, I just want to kiss Mariposa right now. Is that so much to ask from this guy?


I turned around to deal with him.

“JAMES. I’m going crazy with this! I keep thinking I’ve talked to you and I don’t and I have this EXTREMELY weird obsession with you and I’m pretty sure I’m not gay! It’s almost like every single day all I want to do is research about you and I don’t remember if I do or not, but I keep thinking I do and I did yesterday and I found this weird thing where-” I stopped the guy’s incessant rambling. He just kept getting worse and worse. After I made him forget his research – AGAIN – and made him forget his worries about his ‘obsession’ I considered that maybe it would work better if I found the source of the problem. You know, the thing that made him want to search me up in the first place.

Then maybe he’ll finally leave me alone.


“That’s so cool!” Mariposa exclaimed once the boy had calmed down almost instantly. “What else can you make him do?” She asked, a slightly devious tone to her voice.

Yeah…what else could I make him do?

A few seconds later the boy’s mouth opened. “Anything.” He replied, his eyes drifting off to the aquarium like he wasn’t really all there.

“That is so cool.” Mariposa whispered happily in my ear, making me feel pretty proud of myself.

First off, YES I DID THAT. I spent an hour or two of my life (maybe more) making an animation of James saying ‘Please become my girlfriend’. And it was my first animation too! I started working on it before checking the vote results, so i got kind of scared at some point that it wasn’t the chosen option XD

Second off, James likes swimming with the fishies;

james swims with the fishies

Third off, what do you guys think of the hair? I spent a VERY long time looking through my custom hair and the ones on the internet to find one I thought would be suitable for James…

Lastly, that guy was not meant to look crazy or act crazy. He was supposed to talk normally, but he pulled that face out and I realized it would make perfect sense!

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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10 Responses to 7.12 – Priorities change

  1. LoveLegacies says:

    I do NOT like the hair… Mariposa is kinda suspicious and I love how the guy talked for him!


  2. brainofivane says:

    Yay to the video! Nice! Did you make those animations yourself? (*bows and chants in a dronish voice* we are not worthy…)

    Okay… so am I supposed to start trusting Mariposa given that first screenshot? She has naughty up her sleeves…

    Jamie is not happy about James and Mariposa being together! Look at that face! (I’m with her on this.)

    “If you don’t understand the girl, they’re probably on their period.” – Smart Alec … or maybe not (shouldn’t have said that in front of the girls… tsk, tsk…)

    Uh-oh… *cue dundundun music* influence her? Uh-oh…

    James looks fine, Mariposa. I don’t like you. I guess James does though… Pfft…

    *facepalm* Can’t even… O_O Well, she seems pleased with her handiwork, but no… just no. O_o

    Love your screenshots (which you already know) but I particularly loved how natural and teenager-y this looked: https://lightthewaytoheaven.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/screenshot-206.jpg?w=660

    “LOOK GUYS. I’m tired. It’s like…7pm. This is usually when I go to my bed and pretend to sleep when what I’m really doing is surfing the net on my phone till three in the morning.” – Joshua is totally a kindred spirit of mine. We’d be great friends if he were human and not a bunch of pixels. (Dear Blams, please don’t kill Joshua or paralyze him or something else to that effect. Thank you.)

    Mariposa, you are a bad influence. I don’t like this. *wants to pull James away from the pretty fairy*

    So you really did the animation… WOW. O_O *surrounded by such talented simmers… starts to feel three feet tall*

    I really liked his old hair better. 😦 It was so… him. (Not like I know him better than you do, but… well.. yeah.)

    Yep. His crazy fit the scene. *firm nod* MOAR please!!!


    • blamsart says:

      Yeah his old hair was definetly more ‘james’-like. Seems Mariposa is determined to make some changes in his life….(I prefer his old hair, but I needed to find something, same hair length but where we see his face a bit more)

      Well hey! I think Joshua is one of the only sims close to the heir so far that I haven’t considered killing or doing something horrible to! And I doubt I will…(then again who knows. I’m getting messed up ideas these days. You guys better fasten your seat belts. These current chapters are the nicer smoother ones)


      • brainofivane says:

        Well, yeah… in that regard, the hair you picked was perfect. It was just weird seeing James in that hair… O_o

        So you were thinking of killing/doing something horrible to Nixanne and Jamie?! They’re pretty close to James… Oh my…

        *starts feeling queasy* This is exactly what I feel like in those last few seconds before the roller coaster is about to make that huge drop… 😥 Oh dear me… *holds breath* *prepares to start screaming*


        • blamsart says:

          Oh woah calm down! It won’t be that bad just yet! Well I’m pretty sure….oh wait nevermind. Some stuff is going to happen soon…
          Just thought I’d say thanks for the pose links. I hadn’t seen them before (which is surprising), and they have some really nice poses!


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  4. Livvielove says:

    Hmm, I’m not a big fan of Mariposa anymore… Something seems odd about her and I suddenly realized that Jamie probably was crushing on James and that’s adorable…

    Also FANTASTIC animation! I was totally blown out of the water!
    And I wonder what that kid really found out about vampires… James never lets him finish… I also love that he’s “not gay, or anything” because that’s totally James’s first thought… (Kidding of course).
    I love James’s haircut too, even if I’m not overly fond of Mariposa anymore… We’ll see if I’m reading too hard into it..

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      It’s honestly so odd how I’m rereading snippets of these chapters and am just so in awe of how I used to write. this always happens to me, while I’m writing it feels like everything else was better than what I’m writing now. But when I’m finish a few chapters and come back to the generations earlier ones I’m slapping my belt buckles because I’m so proud.
      Thank you so much, the animation was a lot of fun! And also animating in blender was discovered completely accidentally from a mistake I made in posing haha

      You know, you might just be the first to like James’ new haircut 😛 (even I was feeling meh about it)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Livvielove says:

        You should be proud, the writing is very fantastic and you’ve really flexed your creative muscles for these generations.
        Maybe one day I’ll learn how to animate things… maybe. XD I have so many creative things I *want* to do.
        Also, I just like to see more of his face, yet I can acknowledge that the haircut doesn’t really feel like “him” because the “him” I want him to be is the boy with hair in his face being adorable and goofy with his friends… not… Well, who he is with the haircut.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. *Mpart* says:

    I don’t trust that little girlfriend James has. I don’t trust her at all. She better back off or one of my characters are going to stab her pitchfork.

    Liked by 1 person

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