7.18 – The chess board is unveiled

WARNING : TMI in this chapter

ScreenshotJames’ POV

The time machine door clacked shut and my knees gave away.

The moment they had stepped through, the witch’s mind had left and I had crumpled to the floor from the shock of it. The weight of it. She was unbelievably strong! And it scared the crap out of me.


I want to cry. I admit it, I really want to cry right now.

I feel so incredibly betrayed, used, tossed, abused, I can barely process the feelings of anger, sadness and hopelessness that are washing through me in waves right now.

Because, that did just happen right? I did just learn that I was only meant as a tool to be used in resuscitating an evil witch?

And they did just confirm it by leaving without so much as saying a goodbye? Not even a sorry?

Goddamn it!


I remembered I wasn’t alone when one of the men, the one I’ve been controlling so far to be specific, walked over and helped lift me up.


In that second I forced myself to calm down the emotions swirling inside me. Instead they became a heavy thing weighing in my chest.

It should be weird right? That I don’t feel any remorse of controlling this Time Keeper person? I can’t be much better than the group that just left then.


“James Whitelight.” The ‘leader’ Time Keeper said, giving me a slight nod and motioning me forwards.

Remembering I would have to somehow get out of here, I did as he asked.

“James Whitelight, sixth child of Zyla and Simon, fourth in line for the Chosen Creator, current Protégé of the Reaper, future Guard of the Four: Witch, Vampire, Time Keeper and Weapon, as it was written in the Book, you have come to learn of your future after setting what was meant to be in motion.” He recited, and I could barely keep up with all the titles he was giving me. I really only understood the first one.

“You may use me as a Spokesperson if it makes you more comfortable.” The one who’d helped me up said, giving me a slight nod.

Yeah, well I’m going to use him that’s for sure, I have some questions that need to be answered.


“Are you the good guys or the bad guys? Because I think releasing some evil witch puts you in the bad guys territory.” He said for me. It felt kind of weird to hear someone voicing my thoughts in some other voice…

“We are neither James Whitelight. We are the Time Keepers. We are neither good nor bad, there is no such notion here. The Time Keeper temple is not bound by your morals, no is it bound by time. Our only job is to record time and do as it says. If the Book were to, for example, tell us that the young Protégé would come to us and would leave with more information than he needed, we would be bound to do so.” The Time Keeper replied.


“So you aren’t going to take responsibility? What is she going to do out there?” I made the man beside me ask, afraid the Time Keeper was going to say something like ‘she’ll cause the apocalypse’.

“Is it not our responsibility to take. If you truly wish to attach yourself to the idea that someone is at fault, it would be Anna, the White fairy, and her daughter Mariposa. She will do as the Book says she will. Let me explain to you in greater detail the situation that is presented before you, because you bear a very important role in your timeline.”

The man plucked a monitor from the table and showed it to me as figures appeared on it.


“This is what you must know. The conflict that currently plagues your timeline centers around a single element, one that is commonly known as the Weapon, and its Guardian, Kevil the white-eyed vampire. The Weapon is a creature that was created through numerous experiments. The naturals hoped to create a monster capable of eliminating supernaturals, and in a way they did. Assaria Clavez wished to prevent the creation of this Weapon due to its overly destructive nature. But the Reaper wishes-”

“You keep saying Reaper this, Reaper that, isn’t the Reaper someone who only grabs dead souls?” I made the man interrupt.

“The Reaper was once first in line for the Chosen Creator. The Reaper created your world and influences it from afar. The Chosen Immortal is forced to respond to his wishes. Now, as I was saying. Assaria Clavez went against the Reaper’s wishes, and so she was condemned to an imprisonment of 250 years. Since she failed, the creature is free to roam at large as the Weapon, a denomination given to it by a peculiar party.”


“I am sure you are familiar with this party. Composed of only the Vampire King Velor at the time, the Weapon was stolen from the naturals and kept hidden in the Gold mansion. There it stayed and was brought out once to help the Vampire King win the war against the witches. The next time it was released into the world was when Kevil, Velor Gold’s vampire warrior at the time, betrayed the Vampire King and escaped with the Weapon. Velor Gold took chase soon after, and has ever since.”

I kept silent, trying to absorb all the information he was giving me.Screenshot-10

“The second party aiming for the Weapon is the one that has just left the temple. They, however, do not search for the Weapon with greed. They wish to use it for its original purpose, eradicate all supernaturals.”

“That doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t they supernaturals themselves?” I made the man ask.

“Yes, they are. But apart from the young fairy Mariposa, Assaria and Anna have both lived a very long time. Yes, before you interrupt me yet again, I am insinuating that they wish for death, though for very different reasons. Anna, the white fairy, has grown weary of the fights between supernaturals and naturals. She has grown weary of the sights she has seen, and as the Book decrees, she wishes the human race could be entirely equal, without having the power to end the world. Assaria on the other hand has purely selfish reasons. As the Chosen Immortal she is bound to live forever and serve under the Reaper’s commands. Assaria Clavez is, however, a woman deprived of love. She desperately desires, now more than ever, to meet with her loved one again, and that can only be achieved through death. Mariposa herself also has a reason for searching for the Weapon. Hers is a simple desire to please her mother. It is why she befriended your sister Aliska, Whitelight blood flows through her veins as well. But the clairvoyant is too unstable for them to control, so they settled for you. As it was written.”

Settled for me. Yeah, just like an object.


Aliska? What is she doing there?

“The third party is the most dangerous. Their leader is a Whitelight like yourself. William Whitelight, your uncle, and unfortunate vessel of some old friends of ours. Yes we have no notions of morals, nor do we need any, but Will and Liam, as they have named themselves are the sad exception to that rule. Your uncle has been willingly possessed by ex-Time Keepers who hold a severe grudge against us. Time Keepers are the only ones who cannot be influenced by the Reaper’s wishes. This party has for use of the Weapon, to bring it to us and use it to annihilate us.”

Now I knew he was saying bullsh*t.

“There is no way Aliska would do something so ridiculous that doesn’t even help her out.” I made the man declare.

“Your sister, Aliska Whitelight, is a strong clairvoyant. She has quite a role to play in this timeline as well. Unfortunately, Will and Liam are good with their words. They turned the loyal vampire Rehal against his king and has already convinced many supernaturals to side with him. No doubt he will be strong enough to acquire the Weapon soon. This is where you come in James Whitelight.”


There’s someone else here, but I can’t make them out.

“You are the fourth party, and a very particular one at that. The Reaper decided to give the rare oppurtunity of a choice between two timelines. In one, you are the Guard of the Four and in the other you are the Executioner of the Four. You are to decide which path you wish to take.”

“What if I don’t want to take any? What if I don’t care about your worldwide problems?” I made him ask.

“It is not our problems. These are yours James Whitelight. You may resist what has been written as much as you wish, but I do not recommend it. The Reaper will do whatever needs to be done to keep you on track.”


The Time Keeper placed the book and the wand in my hands.

“We have no need for such items here. I do think the book will be very useful to track down Assaria Clavez if you so wish it.” He said with a tone of finality.

“Wait! If I have no choice in this, can you at least tell me who these four are?” The man beside me exclaimed.

“The Witch, The Vampire, The Weapon, and The Time Keeper.” The Time keeper replied simply.


They led me towards the time machine, punched in the code, and pushed me through without even giving me time to register what was happening.


So a lot of information was revealed here, a lot of stuff has been hinted at here that I will be expanding in future generations! This chapter was mostly meant to set out a guideline as in, this is what’s happening: We have four groups all aiming for a single group of people. And all groups are related to James one way or the other! XD

Anywho, if you absorbed all that info, kudos to you. This sort of ends this very short Arc 3, next up is the intermission you guys voted on…

But it’s not over! Raphaele is currently winning by like one point! This is the last day for voting though:

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10 Responses to 7.18 – The chess board is unveiled

  1. brainofivane says:

    Whoa. That was a lot of info! I was pretty sure we’d have a vote on whether James would be a guard or an executioner. O_O But anyway… what an intricate web of… supernaturals… you’ve created. O_O How do you keep track of all these people?! What’s it like to poke through that brain of yours?? O_O

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I DON’T KNOW. It breaks my brain sometimes. That was actually the real goal of this chapter: so that I could put some sense into the jumble in my head.
      All these people who want a taste of glory…

      My brain? Why I keep that deposited in my local bank for security so I guess you’ll just NEVER KNOW. I’d rather not have people poke in my brain XD (it’s very sensitive you know.)


  2. Wow, wonderfully done Blam ^^ Love the screenshots and love the ominous atmosphere! Poor James. I’m certainly excited to see who the woman in the picture was with James. Also… I have the urge to throttle Mariposa and Anna…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Moon Mirage says:

    That. Was. Amazing.

    but I’m also super confused.

    I love the screenshots!

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. Trip says:

    “Hey you’ve read on to two more chapters before commenting on this!” Though you know I had to let my thoughts sink in…

    It’s great that Anna and Assaria get to come back in such a great way, like for me as a person on a blog. Not for anyone else. Honestly I trust in the Time Keepers enough, as if the world hasn’t been crazy. This one just has characters we need to meet first. 😛

    I hope I understand things because I’m big dumb and the legacy’s getting big smart. (clearly I have the best words)

    Liked by 1 person

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