7.20 – Bad things happen to everyone

ScreenshotJames’ POV

I’ve lived through my fair share of summer vacations, and I can say with absolute certainty that this one was the worst.

I sighed, leaning against the plane’s small window as I watched the towns fly by underneath. The people down there don’t know what just happened. Hell, I’m not sure I know myself. It feels like a dream.

I’d stumbled out of the time machine and into that empty room. There had been no sign of Mariposa and Anna and the time machine had closed and remained silent like it had never opened and sent me into some goddamn freak show.

They weren’t inside, they weren’t outside, the taxi we’d taken to come here was long gone, I’d been ditched in my ancestor’s house.

From there I made my way to the airport and onto the plane by controlling people. It wasn’t drastic things; I just made the taxi driver think I’d paid him. I just made the flight attendant believe there was a plane ticket in my hands. I don’t have enough money on me anyway, how else was I supposed to get home?

Legacy Island II finally came into view and the plane descended to land.



I feel like I haven’t seen my family in years.

Should I tell them? About the Time Keepers, about Anna, about the witch Assaria?

About Mariposa?

Pushing the emotions threatening to arise aside, I went inside.


She must’ve sensed me or something beforehand because mom was already in the entrance way waiting for me.

“Welcome home James!” She exclaimed as she grabbed me into a hug.


“Your mother missed you a little more than she’d like to admit.” Dad said as he came up behind mom.

“Your father is a liar, but I did miss you a lot James.” Mom said. Dad chuckled softly in her ear and mom turned around to kiss him.

They were still as lovey-dovey usual.

I felt a pang in my chest as I remembered Mariposa. I doubt I’ll be seeing her again. No she used me up dry.


Nixanne was next to pop up.

“James!? What are you doing back? Didn’t we see you like the day before yesterday?”

Here it was…now I had to explain why. But I don’t want to. Right now I feel like cr*p.

“And where’s your suitcase?” Nix added. My parents faces frowned a little in confusion as they realized I’d come back empty-handed.

That’s right…I left my suitcase in the taxi. The one they left with.


At that point I’d had enough and all I wanted to do was be alone. So I told the three there was a change of plans and rushed past them, heading for the room I used to share with Lance.


I closed the lights and flopped onto the bed, hoping to take a nap or do anything to stop my mind from focusing on these dumb emotions.


But even when I closed my eyes and tried to rest they would just open up again. I couldn’t stop thinking.

No matter how many smiles Mariposa had given me, the times we spent together…it all felt like such a scam. She never liked me did she? Those smiles she gave me were probably all fake….she must’ve been disgusted every time we kissed. I am a mute failure of a vampire after all, why would someone like me? It makes a lot more sense that she was using me.


To resuscitate a goddamn evil immortal witch too!

I placed my hand in front of my face in an attempt to calm myself.

I stared straight at my hand, waiting for it to reveal an answer.

Why did they do that? Why would they even want to?

Oh right, the Time Keeper said it was for some good cause whatsoever. I felt that woman intrude inside my mind, I felt her cruel intent and that’s enough to convince me whatever she’s going to do with the weapon can’t be a good thing.

And no one can stop her, because I’m the only one who knows. And look at me! It’s not like I’ll be telling anyone anytime soon. Would people even believe me? Something as preposterous as a Time Keeper temple and a time machine. And that Reaper thing too.

What was it that Time Keeper said again?

In one, you are the Guard of the Four and in the other you are the Executioner of the Four. You are to decide which path you wish to take.


Oh right, he flat out told me I was supposed to take care of these four: the witch, the vampire, the time keeper, and the weapon. Then he gave me the book telling me it’ll be easier to track the witch with it.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the witch is Assaria and that he told me it was my job to take care of her. They really got something wrong there didn’t they? I couldn’t even stop her for a few seconds from searching my mind. She burst in and took what she wanted like it was no biggie. I can’t fight against something like that. I can’t believe they’re trying to dump all of this on my shoulders.

They are not our problems. These are yours James Whitelight. You may resist what has been written as much as you wish, but I do not recommend it. The Reaper will do whatever needs to be done to keep you on track.

Yeah? Well screw that. I’ve never seen this Reaper before, and this is the first time I’ve heard of this version of the Reaper (whom I previously thought was someone as real as Santa Claus)

It’d be going against His wishes to kill him wouldn’t it…

She was talking about the Reaper then wasn’t she? Plus, I’m pretty sure one of the fancy titles the Time Keeper gave me was ‘Protégé of the Reaper’.

STILL. Doesn’t mean I want to fight her at all.

I was all of a sudden way too aware of the book that used to be the witch’s prison. The one I carelessly set on my dresser.

My room’s door slammed open and the light flicked open.


Alec walked in along with his mighty attitude.

“Hey James! Funny, I had to learn you were back from Nix! What’s up man? Why are you all cooped in the dark?” Alec teased, but there a tinge of genuine worry in his voice.


‘My girlfriend broke up with me.’ I replied. It took me a while before I decided to say this. There was so much to say, so much that happened, but I decided that was all Alec needed to know for now. He wasn’t the one I wanted to talk to about this.

“Shit that sucks.” Alec said, slightly monotone. He didn’t sound all that sorry. Makes sense, I’ve been pretty much an ass to everyone lately. Yeah I see that now. Seems Mariposa had a negative influence on me, and if what I just thought of is true she’s probably one of the main reasons why Aliska went all…weird.

I think that, but I’m still having trouble imagining how she could possibly have been a bad influence. All I see is her cheerful smile…and then her back as she went into the time machine.

‘Tell me about it.’ I signed at Alec.


After a few moments of silence Alec decided to say something stupid.

“So, does that mean you’ll change your hair?” He asked, a mocking tone already back in his voice.

I heaved a sigh. My brother sucks at comforting people. Not that I was asking for comfort…but still.


As stupid as I found his remark I still found myself looking at myself in the mirror.

Now that Alec had said that, the more I looked at my hair, no my face, the more I wanted to change my hair back to what it was. It was Mariposa who put my hair this way and it’s because of her I left it like that.

I don’t want it to be like that at all anymore.

Alec cleared his throat awkwardly at my lack of reply. “Anyway, I’m gonna go play a video game now, but Aliska made me tell you she absolutely needed to see you.”


Alec left the room after that, and I continued examining my face.

Yep. I’m going to cut it.


But I don’t quite trust myself with a pair of scissors to I asked mom if she could give me a new haircut and she happily agreed. She’s our unofficial coiffeur. She’s the one who cuts everyone’s hair in the house.

A little while later…

“There we go! What do you think hon?”


I looked in the mirror and I gave a nod of approval. This hairdo and I certainly had a much better first impression.


“Good. If you want to change it again just tell me. I have nothing to do now that the anti-supernatural matter got taken care of. Well for now anyways.” Mom said, trailing off into her thoughts.

I wonder what Mariposa would think of my hair.

I nearly slapped myself for thinking like that. If she doesn’t care about you, it means you should stop caring as well! I can’t believe I still do even after she betrayed me. Because that’s what she did right? That’s what’s called a betrayal right?


Mom placed her hand on my shoulder to gently turn me around.

“James? What happened?” Mom asked.

Well it’s okay. Mom is the one I wanted to tell anyway.


So, in a long flurry of hand movements I explained to my mom everything that had happened, starting from when I met Mariposa’s mom to when I got back home.

Well…okay not everything everything. I omitted telling her about me controlling people to get back home and of my…(collapse? breakdown? meh) after the witch searched my mind.


“James, our world can be pretty messed-up sometimes. Unexpected things happened, but…that’s life. The fun thing about life, though, is you get to make your own decisions. It doesn’t matter if they told you, you were destined to do something, you’re the one who decides in the end to do it. Next year is your last year of high school, after that you’ll be a grown-up.” She said giving me a smile. “And grown-ups make their own decisions. If you decide to do as they said, you can, but if you don’t, that’s okay as well. But for now, you’re a student who still gets to live carefree. Don’t let others try to put a burden you don’t need on your shoulders. You have to take it up yourself.”

This is what I like about mom. Even though she’s queen of the vampires, she does her best not to get involved in political or any problems outside of family. That’s why she’s not going to ask me where exactly the house was, what room the time machine was in, or if she could see the book. She knows I’m just looking for advice.

I smiled in thanks, and she smiled back showing me fangs I didn’t have.



“Why do you like so gloomy anyways? You got to go on some exotic trip with your girlfriend. Did something happen?” Aliska asked after she’d scolded me for not saying hi and after gushing over my new hair.

I’m considering telling her what happened. I don’t know what it would bring me, but I don’t know…I just feel like it now. Out of school, Aliska is a whole lot more approachable. Especially now that she’s graduated. She’s still a bit eccentric at times, but her being an adult switched things up a bit. She still insists on dying her hair blond though.


“ANYWAY.” She exclaimed at my lack of response. It just encourages her to talk about herself. “I already told mom and dad yesterday, but I’m going to leave soon.”


I straightened up to look at her, surprise etched on my face. She’s leaving too? What is it, now that my older siblings are adults they HAVE to move out?

“Don’t make that face! I have nothing to do here. I have a bigger destiny James and a power I want to work on. Something I can’t do here.”

A destiny! I scoffed, but then I stopped myself. The image the Time Keeper had shown me on the monitor came to my mind. She was in a group with three other people and a cat…one of those people had been that dude named Caterpillar from the bar.

‘What destiny?’ I asked her.

“What destiny? That’s a weird question. Look James, don’t worry, I’ve met some people who can help me develop my premonitions, and before you say anything, I have already made a lot of progress thanks to them! Mom already made me promise to keep in touch, if that’s what you’re worried about. Look, I’ll prove it to you, okay? I can willingly bring up premonitions now if I concentrate.” She said, interrupting my every singly try to sign at her.


“Okay.” She said as she repositioned herself and ignored my protests. “Don’t move, that way I’ll get a clearer vision.” She said before closing her eyes.

Sighing, I resigned myself to my fate. I didn’t want to know about my future. I’d been already told enough what was expected of me.


When she opened them again they were shining brightly.

When she spoke her voice was monotone yet had a touch of mystery interlaced in it. “I see a baby in your future.” She said. I looked at her, wow how…incredibly useful. Guess I’m expecting something to come out of this. “A baby covered in blood lies in your arms…behind you a being with green wings watches…you seem so…sad.”


I looked away as I saw her eyes refocus.

“Oh James…I’m so sorry…” She muttered, her eyes starting to lose their glow.

So what? Was saying I was going to have a kid only to have it die? What kind of sucky premonition is that?

I didn’t even want to know my future in the first place.

“Sometimes the way I interpret the visions are different than what they really are.” Aliska said, but I ignored her.

Isn’t there a way for at least one person to tell me good things are going to happen in the future?

I’m working on it darling, I’m working on it.

Bye bye Aliska! Have fun on your destiny trip…(though I have this weird feeling we’ll be seeing you again, huh…)

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16 Responses to 7.20 – Bad things happen to everyone

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Aliska really has bad taste in friends! I’m pretty sure I recognised Liam in that picture of her. Plus he was in her “spoiler” shot that you put up for us to choose the heir so it’s not really a surprise lol

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  2. …Crimeny, poor James! *sniffle* Give the poor guy a break, Blam!

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  3. brainofivane says:

    Let’s just take a loooooooong moment and admire that first screenshot. Nice.

    Gah! Why? Come over to the Clarkes’, James… good things will happen I promise. If you die we’ll just raise you back from the dead so you can have some sappy kissy-kissy moments with the love of your life.

    Love that mom-son moment btw.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. *Mpart* says:

    “A baby covered in blood lies in your arms…behind you a being with green wings watches…you seem so…sad.”

    What does this mean? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.

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