7.24 – Drip drip

Warning : Pg-13 due to Gore (also possibly violence and language)

ScreenshotJames’ POV

HOW? How the hell did things get this bad?

Wasn’t everything going well? For the last few months everything was okay! Alec and Nix were okay. They were fine.

And now, in a matter of a few days, they’ve both switched statuses to not fine. Starting with Nix.

Why is it that I keep stumbling on bleeding bodies? The first time was unnecessary, and this one wasn’t anymore welcome. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why she did what she did. I know she’s going through heartbreak, but that’s not a reason to attempt a suicide at a stranger’s house while a party is going on! What the hell was she thinking?

Well it doesn’t matter anymore. She’s at the hospital now and the moment she gets better mom is bringing her home and fixing her.

Of course, that was obviously not enough; let’s add in something stupid Alec did. Just a few days later, I find out my brother is getting arrested by the police at that very second.


I ran out to see if what that kid had said was true, only to realize it was. Seeing me, my brother had turned around and given me a reassuring smile, but it didn’t reassure me at all.

It didn’t matter that he was trying to keep his normal composure; my brother was still standing beside a police car, blood coloring his shirt and his face, his fist trembling slightly and his eyes looking sad and ashamed. He was far from okay.


He’s being charged for attempted murder on some poor girl who got half sucked dry. Mom and dad are doing their best to try and find a way to prevent him from being sent to jail, but the fact that he’s a vampire is a huge con.

My sister is in the hospital, my brother in jail, there’s no way this could get worse.

The door to the chill-out place opened.


Jamie came in and sat beside me, looking like she wanted to cry.

Without a word she set her head onto my shoulder and closed her eyes. “Just for a few seconds.” She muttered.

I let her be. She’ll tell me what’s going on when she’s ready.


After a few seconds she finally spoke up.

“I’m pregnant.” She whispered, but I heard it loud and clear. She continued on as if she hadn’t felt me tense at the news. “But I’m getting an abortion.”


At that I couldn’t sit still any longer, I jumped to my feet ready to tell Jamie what I thought of this idea she came up with on her own. But I couldn’t seem to find what to say and my hands refused to move to make words.

Jamie took in a deep shaky breath to steady herself and I realized she wasn’t done talking. “I’m not sure it’s yours.”


Anger was starting to boil inside me and I made the boy who’d been trying to leave to avoid watching our confrontation, join the conversation.

“Who?” He asked sharply as I glared at Jamie.

Her lower lip trembled before she muttered the name. “Joshua.”


Joshua? Joshua!? Why-what-?!

Jamie completely lost her composure and stood up reaching out to touch me. “James, I-”

I backed away from her reach.

“When?” The boy snapped.

Jamie looked at the boy in temporary confusion. “During…During the party.”


“James I’m sorry, it didn’t mean anything and we were all-”

I wanted to hit something, I wanted to burst out in anger!

“Shut up!” The boy yelled at Jamie and she cringed from his shout.


“Stop talking, just walk away!” The boy yelled in my place.


“I told you! Doesn’t that count for something?” She yelled back. But I didn’t want to hear anything she had to say. I turned my back on her.

“I told you to leave me the f*ck alone.” The boy finished coldly.

With a muttered fine Jamie turned around and headed for the door.


I hadn’t noticed that it had already opened until I turned around and saw Joshua standing protectively in front of Jamie.

“Man you’re over-reacting! Be nicer to Ja-”

I don’t want to hear another freaking word.


My fist collides with my best friends face with a loud crunch and my knuckles threaten to start hurting.


But, god damn it, I don’t care. I don’t freaking care right now.



Lance: I have an update, as promised. I can’t stay long though, are you ready?

James: Yeah.

I rubbed my sore knuckles as I waited for my brother’s response.

Lance: We captured the weapon. Just yesterday! There are some weird things, like the fact that the vampire Kevil wasn’t anywhere near…we just found her hiding behind a bench in the park. We have her in custody right now, but we can’t seem to get any info out of her. I think I could maybe convince my boss to let you see her.

James: Really?

Lance: Yes, really. It’s going to take some convincing, but I might manage it if I promise him you’ll be useful. As in: control her to make her reveal what she knows. Are you up for that?

James: Yes.

I replied without hesitation. Having the opportunity to talk to the center of it all…I couldn’t pass that up.

Lance: Fantastic. I’ll get to convincing my boss. Until then, don’t plan anything for right after you graduate okay?

James: No problem.



I let out a small sigh as I saw a book with a note on the inside carefully set on my bed.


After beating the cr*p out of Joshua (who could’ve easily kicked my ass if he wanted to), a teacher came in to stop me and I nearly got suspended for my actions. The school staff was on edge because of Alec, they didn’t want anymore vampiric troubles.

Dad managed to convince the principal to give me another chance, just to make sure I graduated since there were only two weeks left of school.

I’ve been carefully avoiding Joshua and Jamie since then, and believe me they’ve tried to approach me more than once.

I picked the book up, and read the note.


You probably don’t care right now, but I did what you asked. It took me a while, but I tracked down the person you wanted with this book.

Please talk to us again!


At the bottom there was an address. Damn it Jamie…


Okay, enough acting like a child, it’s time I actually faced my friends. And if things still turn out bad, I graduate soon, I don’t need to see them ever again.

I need to at least thank Jamie for the book, she probably broke a few rules doing so.  Screenshot-19

I knocked on Jamie’s door, surprised to have it swing wide open, with the full intention of actually talking this out. To figure something out, to see if there was some way I could maybe forgive my friends. It was a party, people were drunk, you always see stuff like that in the movies. There has to be a good reason. It’s Joshua and Jamie afterall.


I choked on the sight in front of me.

Oh god…no please no…not Jamie! Why? Why!?

But even as I felt the vomit climb up my throat I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I was unable to look at the way her stomach had been ripped open, white ribs showing amidst the pool of dark red, nor at the crooked way her body was spread on the bed.

There was only one thing I could look at as her blood dripped onto the floor.

Drip drip


I could only stare at her wide open eyes, almost as if she was staring right at me, asking for help and blaming me for her situation at the same time.

She’s blaming me. Is this my fault?

Yes…yes it is. There’s only one reason someone would want to kill her. I gripped the book in my hands tightly. She must’ve somehow sensed Jamie was tracking her down. I didn’t know the witch would do this! If I had I wouldn’t have asked her to…But I did, and now Jamie is dead.


The disgust I was feeling got replaced by a calm and cold anger.

On that day, I swore I would hunt that witch down and kill her.

I will be her Executioner.

Drip drip


End of Arc 4



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23 Responses to 7.24 – Drip drip

  1. brainofivane says:

    I have no words. Im crushed. Why? OTL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    On the one hand: Yay Nixie isn’t dead…
    On the other: No *wail* Jamie 😥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, watcher. Jamie. Wait, was she still pregnant? Her stomach was ripped open, was the baby taken? Could magic keep it alive…. Ugh!
    Oh, Jamie. You died too soon. JamJam was cute while it lasted.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. …Blam, I so hate you right now… how could you!? Ok, I admit, I’m evil and I put my characters through a lot… but c’mon!? *sniffle* You’re killing me, Blam, killing me!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Livvielove says:

    Woah… that’s a lot to swallow in one chapter.
    (Wipes tear away slightly)
    I was mad James was going to go talk to Jamie, but… I’m not too broken up over her death. Is that sad? I love her and all but if she was going to go off and sleep with Joshua and care so little at the end?
    If you hadn’t already completed James’s storyline I would’ve hooked him up with a Reaper. My Reaper ladies are too kind and he needs a nice lady.
    I also didn’t have the words to respond to Nix’s… sad… upsetting predicament. Not because I wasn’t blown out of the water by the amazing screenshots and writing, but just because I just had no words to express it.
    I still don’t. It makes me sad because there’s so many people out there crying for help that eventually just give up trying to get help and… Then Alec?
    I knew he was a timebomb. He was just waiting to blow and Nix was his detonation button.
    So, all I can say is… bravo, which sounds terrible in light of everything, but I think you truly captured some raw human emotion here.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. James is so fucking ignorant. It should be abundantly obvious that no matter whether YOU feel the reason for it is “good enough,” Nix was clearly in intolerable pain. So, “What the hell was she thinking?” James? She was thinking there was no hope. She was thinking that she couldn’t stand this pain anymore and nothing she had done had successfully stopped it, and so she took matters into her own hands. Obviously, there are better options out there, but that was the only one she saw in that moment. Tunnel vision. Depression does that to a person. And then to say yeah, “Mom is bringing her home and fixing her”? Fixing her? As if she’s some sort of machine? I mean I know he’s angry and frustrated, but wow, also so, so ignorant. I’m very much trying to be understanding, but I’m so frustrated that it’s making the task difficult.

    BECAUSE IT’S NOT THE ONLY TIME. He’s also been completely insensitive and ignorant of his brother’s struggles! Alec told him about a hundred times the difficulties he was having, and James shrugged them off every time basically telling him to “get over it” and “deal with it.” That makes me so angry I could spit fire. It’s what ignorant people say to the depressed: Oh, just smile more and get over it. If it were that simple, they wouldn’t be struggling. Ugh!

    Now the punch to Joshua; alright, I’ll give him that one. His best friends betrayed him. 100%. Judging by all that blood he may have gone a little too far (he’s always going a little too far, isn’t he?), but at least I can see where’s he coming from here.

    And then the weapon is caught. And James is going to force her to reveal what she knows. Ethically questionable at best. Where’s the evidence that this weapon has done anything wrong? Right now I only see her as a victim, continuously controlled and used by others and never seen as an actual human being, which is proven further by the fact that they don’t seem to care if her mind is invaded against her will! She’s just a weapon, after all. Not even a person. Ah, but wait, James routinely invades people’s minds too and sees nothing questionable about it anyway. Arghhhhh.

    AND NOW JAMIE!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?! Fdkjfshdfksfls. This is sad as hell. And now James is on some sort of revenge mission. Do we even know for certain that it was the witch? I mean I suppose it’s as fair guess as any, but what’s her motive? What does she want so badly to stop James from having children? Why is anyone so interested in that? Unless they stole the fetus…I mean it’s a magical world so maybe they have some way of preserving and growing it? This gets darker and darker by the minute.

    Ugh. Here’s to hoping that James becomes less ignorant as time goes on. Ugh. *bristles*

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      THis is all so wonderful, a wonderful analysis.
      James IS insensitive, and that’s mostly Zyla’s fault. He doesn’t mean to be, he cares for them, he just doesn’t know HOW to care for them. And he doesn’t understand their pain. He might be able to peek into people’s minds, but he’s not a very empathic person.

      I love that straight off the bat you see Jane as a person, because she IS, but all people see is a caged and crazed animal. Velor was the one to dub her a weapon, and it stuck hard.

      Darker indeed. James might’ve realized he was being manipulated by his own sister and Mariposa, but in the end he’s still as eager to use his powers.
      When your whole world spins out of control how can you not want to control it yourself if you have the power? He just goes a little over the top…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm, I’m glad you said that last bit there because that’s something that I missed. The fact that amidst a world that feels as if it’s spinning out of control, this is James’ way of trying to get it back. He does, however, go a little over the top…..o_o

        Liked by 1 person

  7. *Mpart* says:

    Jamie took in a deep shaky breath to steady herself and I realized she wasn’t done talking. “I’m not sure it’s yours.”

    Okay, I haven’t finished reading this but…WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? JAMIE WHAT DID YOU DO? WHAT DID YOU DO?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Trip says:

    A bit of a “boo, you whore!” moment for Jamie but it’s some very real body horror for anyone who has a womb. Or so it might look like. You described the injuries and I did squirm a little. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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