7.27 – Playing God

ScreenshotJames’ POV

I didn’t really have anything else to do for the day, so I settled myself down at one of the tables of that nice restaurant to answer my emails. The first email was from my dear aspiring actress of a sister, Raph.

Hey you, how’s it going?

Yeah well, know how I said I was going to be an actress? Well not anymore! I’m not working at all, I don’t need to. I’m living in this cabin in the woods with this…really just marvelous guy called Isaia. Probably the one! 😉

We grow our own food and sell it in a nearby town. Anyway, I’d really like you all to come visit me and meet Isaia. Because at this point I love him so much, if he doesn’t ask me I’m going to be the one to propose!

What about you? Mom told me you went to uni! That kind of surprised me. In what domain are you going? You’ve never really talked about what you wanted to do in the future…Have you finally found yourself a future career? I’d love to know about it 😉

A career? She’s right, I’ve never thought seriously about that. Well, I doubt I’ll have much time for a career, if I’m chasing after a witch. I replied to Raphaele’s email.

Hi Raph,

Sounds like an ideal future! I’m happy you’re happy. It would be nice to meet this guy, but I don’t know when I’ll have free time. You know, university is already pumping us full of information and we have a whole bunch of quizzes planned for next week. Keep me updated though.

It’s funny how easy it is to lie, especially when you aren’t talking to the person face to face.


I clicked open the next message, this one was from Aliska.

Uni? You liar! You totally lied to mom! As if you’d go to university! Pssshhh! You barely even listened in class and your grades were what, barely above average? Mom really is gullible if she believed you on the spot! Must’ve been your my girlfriend got killed boohoo act that got her going!

How I know this? Apart from the fact that you really AREN’T uni material? I got a fancy vision of you with Lance at the police station. So liar liar pants on fire.

Ahem, just wanted to say hi! And to tell you I’m doing all nice and all. My powers keep getting better and better, it’s awesome! Just a few hours ago I got a vision of three women entering some building. It was pretty blurry, but a voluntary vision none the less!

What about you? Been using more of your power lately? If you haven’t you really should! Test your limits and stuff like that! But like my uncle William (pretty sure I told you about him right?) keeps saying, BE DISCREET. If you’re too obvious, the wrong people notice and then it’s like having constant spam on your doorstep.

ANYWAY, I just want news so spill.

Yeah, uncle William. Ever the saint. I’ve never met the guy, I’ve only heard mom casually mention him, but the Time Keeper said he was possessed by one of them. An evil Time Keeper, sounds pretty contradictory to their we are neither good nor bad speech.

I use it pretty much everyday. That way I get stuff for free and I don’t have to work to get money! What do you do for money? I’m pretty sure you don’t have a job either.

I know I’ve said this before, but be wary of uncle William ok? He might not be what he seems.

Have fun on your destiny thing.


Next email is from…Alec! I’ve been waiting to hear from him! Since he was still a teen mom and dad managed to convince the judge to not send him to prison, but the school won’t allow him to go anymore. Actually, I’m pretty sure that school is on the verge of shutting down. Way too many students have died or been injured, the parents don’t consider it safe and prefer sending their kids to a school in another town.

So for now, dad is teaching Nix and Alec at home and hopefully they can take a test to prove they have enough knowledge to officially graduate.

Dude, dude, dude! It happened! It finally happened! I controlled someone – Influenced, whatever- point is I am not a damn loner when it comes to these things anymore! It was for something kind of useless though…I was drinking from one of the donors that comes to our house on weekends (it’s so goddamn nerve wracking, I dunno how mom and dad do this) and I kind of freaked out when she coughed and I made her not move. Like I seriously waved my hand in front of her face, but she stayed paralyzed for a few seconds.

That’s kind of…all I can do though. I’m not at your level though! I’m excited to be, you can make people do so many things…it’s kind of freaky but getting free stuff is always cool.

Oh and btw, Nix is fine. She’s still cooped up in her room and all, but at least she’s allowing visits from friends. YEAH YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. She’s got friends from the school’s town coming all the way over here to see her. Just this one guy named Cliff who came yesterday. Believe me he went through a VERY thorough inspection and interrogation from mom and dad before he was even allowed to see Nix. And even then they’re always in the room when he does. He makes her smile, so I’m fine with him.

Kay that’s all I have to say really…See ya soon!

Cliff? Never heard of him. Well if Nix is getting better thanks to him than that’s good. So seems like my brother has joined the club of being able to control people! I should be careful not to encourage him on a ‘selfish path’ as my mom put it. Yeah, I accidently told my mom about how much I actually controlled people around me and she immediately lectured me about abusing my power.

Don’t be too excited about it, and you shouldn’t talk about controlling people around mom. She’s not too enthusiastic about the idea.

That’s great, keep me updated on Nix please, and if she does feel even better at some point, could you have respond to my emails? I miss talking to her.

Well then just tell me about ‘school’. How’s it going with dad back to teaching you?

I clicked send and saw the next email. That one was from Joshua. I was genuinely curious about how he’d been doing. Jamie’s death had made us hang out again, mutual grief I guess you can say, but I hadn’t heard from him since we’d graduated from school.


Before I could open the email however, some stranger decided he really wanted to sit right in front of me.

“Hi there! Mind if I sit here? No? Perfect.” He said in a one-sided conversation as he sat down.


I closed my laptop with a gentle clack and then I stared at him in annoyance. Of all the empty places he could’ve chosen, the seat right in front of me was the one he absolutely wanted.

“That’s a very nice laptop. Looks pretty expensive, you must’ve a rich family.” He commented in approval.

I let out a clearly irritated sign. I had half a mind to control him to make him go away.


“Wait I’m just kidding, don’t use your freaky vampire power at me just yet!” The man exclaimed suddenly as he saw me shift positions. I looked at him surprised. How did he know about that? “I’m just here to send out an invitation!”


“My name is Kent and I’m from the talent troupe.” He introduced himself. “I’m sure you’ve heard of them.”

I sarcastically made it look like I was seriously thinking about what he was saying before shaking my head impatiently.

“I’m sorry you must be a very busy person then.” He replied in a mocking tone. “Anyone who’s anyone knows about us. We’re a group of very talented people who travel the world to entertain the common folk.”

I gave him an unimpressed glare. Can this guy leave already?


He sighed. “Well, this wonderful group, wants to propose a deal to you. Don’t worry we don’t want to recruit someone with your type of attitude. We just want to make a fair exchange: you let us make use of your power and we’ll let you make use of ours.” He proposed, giving me a salesman type grin.

I purposefully hesitated like I was considering his answer before giving him the middle finger.


“Don’t need to be so harsh about it.” Kent scoffed as he stood up. “But think on it okay? It might be worth considering; we have all types of supernaturals with us who could help you out on whatever it is you’re doing.”

And then he finally left. I didn’t want any outside help, especially not from people I knew jack squat about.


Curiosity and a lack of stuff to do got the better of me and I searched up the talent troupe on the web. I found quite a few articles about them.

«(…) The talent troupe always puts on quite a marvelous show! It’s always an honor to have them visit a town. I usually purposefully travel just to see them. It’s an experience I highly recommend for your friends and family(…)»

«(…) The group started touring over 150 years ago and they are still bringing joy and happiness to both naturals and supernaturals with their numerous tricks. The founder was (…)»

«(…) It’s a waste of talent. All these supernaturals could be doing a lot of other things with their lives that would actually serve the community. It’s a dangerous group of people that should be disbanded immediately. With that amount of powerful supernaturals, imagine what would happen if they suddenly decided to be terrorists?(…)»

«(…) I hear it’s incredibly hard to be accepted into this talent troupe you speak of. They are very picky about their members and it’s near impossible to get in touch with them. There is no official website, or base or anything of the sort. It’s just like a friend of mine said: “You don’t go to them, they come to you.”(…)»

There was certainly a varying degree of opinions. I’m not too sure what to make of them, but if they want me to control someone it can’t be for anything good.



With a tired sigh I set my bag on the hotel room’s dresser and opened the drawers looking for anything of interest. There was nothing in them apart from a notepad, but at least there was a piece of chocolate with a ‘Welcome and thank you for choosing our hotel!’ next to the t.v. I plopped the chocolate in my mouth.

People really don’t usually like vampires do they? The moment the hotel manager noticed my pale skin and the v sign on my neck, he flat out refused to even offer me a room. I had to prove to him I didn’t have any fangs and that I didn’t drink blood. He ended up muttering about me being a freak as he handed me the key to the room he believed I’d paid for.


I pulled off my jacket and changed my pants to the ones I’d brought for working out. I bent down and started to do my usual workout.


“Okay man, I get it. You want revenge and bladibla. I’m mad that Jamie’s dead too okay? It’s not like I don’t hate whoever did this, but if what you’re saying is true than this witch is freaky strong! Don’t you think it’d be a little dumb to go against someone like that? Can’t you just leave it to the authorities?”


“Damn you’re stubborn! At least do me a favor and get in shape. If you want to do whatever those Time dudes told you you should do, sounds like you’ll be fighting some people, and to be honest your punches are kind of lacking. While you go on your suicidal quest, I’m going to go to university so I won’t be able to watch your dumb ass. Make sure you keep it safe by training, got it?”


Once I was done, I sat in a meditating position and concentrated. This has pretty much become my everyday routine. I work my body, and then my mind. If I do want to eventually be able to go against the witch I need to be able to withstand her attacks. I opened my mind and began to search for other minds in the vicinity. Since I was in a hotel it wasn’t that hard.

I felt the minds of the couple in the room next to me, and the ones of the over excited kids across the corridor. I could count the number of minds present on my whole floor now. Farther than that and my head was starting to ache.

Okay, next step. Still aware of the thirty-five people on my floor I focused a little more on the mind of a man in his room, watching t.v. As I did so I was able to vaguely view what was happening around him. He was eating a hotdog as he clicked through the numerous channels. I could feel his wants channeling through as well, so…I decided to play around with them a bit.


After I’d made the man smash the t.v. with the remote and stuff the hotdog in, I got bored and decided to mix things up a bit. I made the man leave the room and knock on the couple next door’s door. I made the girl from the couple answer it. And then, I made her makeout with the man outside. The reaction I felt come from the boy from the couple was so intense it made a smirk appear on my face. The want to crush that guys face filtered through, and I helped enhance it. He rushed forwards, pulled the girl away and viciously started to fight the older man who’d recently been innocently watching t.v. The sounds of the fight could be heard from my room.

It’s like I’m playing god. It’s just like a game.

After a bit, the accumulation of controlling three people and keeping in touch with thirty-two other minds proved to be too much. I was starting to get a headache.


I closed my mind again, focusing briefly on strengthening it, before I assumed a more comfortable position. I let out a shaky breath.

I’m getting better, that’s for sure. If I keep practicing I might be able to stand up to that witch at some point. Until then I have to concentrate on the Weapon. It’d be awesome if Lance’s boss could let me have a chat with it again.

The power to drain lives…no wonder all these people want it. The Weapon can probably do it on a large scale too. Now that I think about it, I bet with it, I could easily overtake the witch.


But I doubt the police force will just let me have the weapon. I don’t want to risk making things bad for Lance either by just walking out of there with it. We’ll see how the next interrogation goes.

I’m rather curious about the vampire Kevil. He’s been running away with the Weapon, protecting it, since before I was even born. Now he suddenly disappears and the police find the Weapon in a random park? What could have possibly happened to him?

Wow…a little heavy on the writing wasn’t I?

So yeah, updates on the rest of the family 😀

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10 Responses to 7.27 – Playing God

  1. brainofivane says:

    I love the relationships between the siblings in this generation more than any other generation. I dunno… they seem to be the closest bunch so far. I didn’t quite get that feeling with the other generations.

    “He makes her smile, so I’m fine with him.” – Awwwww….

    Talent Troupe. Woah. So cool. Love the idea…

    Yep. Still loving Joshua. Don’t kill him. Please. Let him be the fun uncle who perhaps gets married and grows old watching cartoons with his kids everyday. O_O (Gosh, what a boring life I’ve got planned for him.)

    And yes, James. Follow Joshua’s advice. Get in shape. And we’ll all crush on you, mute pixelized vamp.

    Kevil… did Velor catch him? Dundun…

    Liked by 2 people

    • blamsart says:

      I’m pretty happy with the siblings relationships as well! It’s something I’ve been disappointed with for all the other generations.
      Actually the talent troupe have been around since at least balthier’s generation. That’s when I first mentionned them. I thought it’d be nice to bring them back. For plot purposes. 😉
      I like Joshua a little more every time he appears too, he’s type of friend who wouldn’t punching James in the gut if he asked for it XD I haven’t yet had any “Lets kill Joshua!” thoughts. Actually thats not true, i thought about it once, but it served no purpose for the plot and I didnt want to uselessly kill him. But we’ll see how it goes.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Naughty, naughty James! Don’t you know it’s rude to manipulate people like that?!?

    I’m so glad Nixie has someone to keep her spirits up!

    Curious as to what the troupe want James to do for them!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Very interesting update! I have to agree with Ivane, the sibling relationships pretty awesome for this Gen. Definitely liking it ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  4. James is a little cruel, isn’t he? Glad he finds amusement in screwing with people’s lives. Ugh. Deplorable. Like it’s not just that he’s forcing people to do things against their will, it’s also the things he’s forcing them to do. Vandalism, cheating, fighting. And he smirks at their pain.

    Not to mention he still clearly doesn’t see Jane as a person with her own thoughts, feelings, will, and emotions, but just as a weapon. He even talks of kidnapping her to use as his own. I’m officially disturbed.

    While most of the Whitelight heirs could be classified as generally and overall “good,” I’m not so sure the same can be applied to James at this point. He seems to be slowly leaning dark side…..Intriguing, to be certain…..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. *Mpart* says:

    I love James even if he is going down a dark path. He’s just so badass. Ugh, I still feel for him though.

    Liked by 1 person

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