7.29 – What a joke

ScreenshotJames’ POV

My mind unwillingly drifted off back to that fairy I’d met and a smile crept up just at the thought.

The meeting had been completely unexpected and, I have to say, enjoyable. It was weird. Just as I was staring off into the weird chemistry of grey and green of Stonebridge, this orange-haired girl suddenly became all I could see. Everything about her was so happy and optimistic I couldn’t help, but get caught up in it all.


It’s only been two hours, but I’m already anticipating when I’ll get to see her again. I will right? I hope so. But if I’m being realistic…

I wonder if she’ll drop by again if I wait at the restaurant?

Someone knocked on the door making the image of her face disappear from my mind.

I barely opened the door when Kent came bursting in.


“I think there was a little misunderstanding here.” He said in a voice that betrayed his anger. I raised my eyebrows at him. “When I meant recruit her, I didn’t say flirt with her. It meant control her to make her join our group. There’s no other reason why we need your help.” He snapped.

I let out a controlled breath. This guy was annoying me again. What was the point of me listening to this guy again?


He must’ve spotted my impatience because his whole demeanor changed.

“But no hard feelings, we still have another shot. We just need you to give her the want to join us, it’s all we ask. And to encourage you, I’ll track that person at the same time. After that you can keep chatting and being all friendly, and we’ll just part ways okay? I want to get this over as much as you do.”

Oh that’s right, the witch. How the hell did I forget she was in town?

Still felt kind of rude to try and control that girl, but I agreed anyway.

“Ok, good, we’re on common ground. Just hand me the book now. I might be a really good witch, but it’s still going to take me a few hours. We’ll have to find a way to locate her again, but it won’t be today rest assured. We’ll contact you when we know the time.”


I pulled the book out of my bag and walked back over to him, handing it over. A small wave of excitement washed over me as he took it away. Tomorrow, by the looks of it, tomorrow I’ll know where that witch is and I can finally be done with this story.



The bartender flipped the bottles like a pro serving drinks to the various vampires sitting at the bar.

I had the rest of the day to fill till tomorrow so I’d ended up making the hotel manager tell me the place I should go visit. He took one look at me and gave me the address to a bar. A vampire bar to be more specific. I went from not seeing one vampire in Stonebridge to being in a room full of them.


I really want to enjoy this, down a few drinks and go dance on the dance floor, but I’m just not feeling it right now and I can’t understand why. I have this bad feeling boiling silently inside and it’s ruining my mood. Maybe it’s the fact that I might face the witch tomorrow if the talent troupe holds up their end of the bargain.


Of course, that’s if I hold up my end of the deal too. But it’s pretty simple; I just have to give her the want to join that talent troupe. It’s not like it’s anything overly bad. So why do I have a feeling this is why I’m feeling like such a jerk?


“Hello,” A female voice slurred as she slumped down at the seat beside me. I didn’t even need to look to know she was a natural, they all smelled the same.

She’s kind of dumb coming to a vampire bar, but she’s smart enough to come to the one vampire that doesn’t drink blood…I guess?


She tapped my arm. “Hi,” She said again. I turned to her and in that instant I knew exactly what she wanted. She was radiating it so hard I didn’t even have to concentrate that hard to figure it out. She winked at me knowingly.

This natural wanted me to turn her into a vampire.


Something struck me as odd.

Mom and dad had told us several times that the fact they were vampire royalty meant they had the privilege of turning naturals into vampires. Only the golden-eyed vampires were allowed to and this rule was supposed to be respected by all vampires. It was meant to limit the vampire population.

This girl however looked a little too drunk to realize I was one of those golden-eyed vampires, and as I looked around the room I saw a couple vampires playfully biting a few naturals necks.

That meant there were some vampires who’d been transformed by normal vampires.

I opened my mouth and presented to her my lack of fangs. Hopefully she’d get the message and leave.


She looked lost for a few seconds before she smiled and try to lean over as she said, “I don’t mind.”

She lost her footing and ended up stumbling onto me. Holding onto my arm for support as she flashed me an uncertain smile. “Oops.”

At this point her want had changed I didn’t want anything to do with it so I controlled her to make her go away.


No sooner did I start to want to leave that someone I hadn’t expected to see sat beside me.

“Hey little brother! I thought you’d be here. I had a premonition you see.” Aliska stated proudly.


“How’s it going?” She asked me, she looked pretty tired. I shrugged nonchalantly.

‘What are you doing here?’ I signed at her.


“Well, I got your email, and I found your warning about William really funny so I showed it to the guys and well we ended up talking about you a lot and now William wants to meet you. I might have bragged a bit about your power, just a warning.” Aliska managed to say in two breaths. She tried to give me an innocent smile as I sighed at her. “Come on, he’s family don’t you want to meet him? And then you get it out of your head that he’s dangerous and whatnot.”

I looked offended. ‘I never said I thought he was dangerous.’ I signed. She rolled her eyes.

“Come on, he’s waiting over there.” She said, grabbing my arm and forcing me up.


The William in question was leaning against the wall and his pose reminded me so much of a drug dealer in some movie I wanted to burst out laughing. Who did he think he was?

Apart from a Time Keeper…the amused mood I had dissipated at the thought. Right, this is one of the four I’m apparently supposed to take care of. All because he wants to use the weapon to kill the Time Keeper.

Aliska shoved me towards William.


An awkward silence installed between us. I sure hope he doesn’t think I’m going to speak up first because…well, that’s just not going to happen.

It’s him, look you can tell!” He whispered under his breath. “Doesn’t that mean we took the wrong one? Shut up Will. This ain’t the time. Should we say hi? Don’t you think he’ll think it’s weird if we don’t? I’m pretty sure he already thinks we’re crazy thanks to you.

I looked at Aliska and she shrugged avoiding my eyes. How the hell is this helping my judgement of him?


He finally straightened off the wall. “Hello James.” He said in a dark voice, avoiding my eyes as he did so. Is he trying to look mysterious? He’s really failing at this. Can I laugh now?


It’s nice to finally meet my nephew. Aliska has told me a lot about you.” He said. “You have your mother’s eyes.” He added in a slightly more childish tone.

Yeah, genius, I do.

He cleared his throat. “I think you could be a great addition to our group. I’m here to extend a friendly invitation since you’re family. Aliska has joined with us quite nicely and her power just increases per day. I think we could do the same for you. And I hear you’re on some sort of quest right now? I think you’d appreciate to know people have your back. Especially family.


What is this? I get out of town and now everyone wants to use my power? These guys have got to be kidding me. And what’s with the way he talked? Like a fake formal way of talking. It really annoys me.

‘Friendly invitation? Please, you just want to use my power. Don’t fake actually caring because I’m your nephew. I know what you are and I know what you want. I get that it’ll be easier to control the weapon with me around if you somehow manage to catch it, but I’m not going to help you. Especially not when you’re pulling out family cr*p from your a**.’ I signed at him, knowing too well he probably didn’t know sign language.

Aliska gasped. “James!”

I turned to her with a smirk. ‘You mind translating for him?’

William looked at Aliska expectantly. “I didn’t get what he said…Neither did I.

“I am not translating that!” Aliska protested.


I don’t get it. Did he say yes or no?” William asked, more confused than ever. I shook my head at him to make it obvious my answer was no.

Aliska sighed.

Well that’s unfortunate…if you ever change your mind though,” He said as he pulled out a cellphone. “Just text us with this.

I didn’t take the cellphone of my own volition. Aliska had to grab it and shove it my hands while giving me an unhappy glare.

They both left after that, Aliska giving me a forced goodbye as I rolled my eyes at her.



I exited the bar and began the walk back to the hotel. I could’ve taken a taxi, but I felt like appreciating the night air for a bit. Plus the taxis here don’t smell very good.

So that was my uncle William. One of the ‘big’ four the Time Keepers said I should capture. He’s such a joke I don’t even know why I should bother. Hell, as long as he doesn’t have the Weapon there’s no reason to be scared of a natural like him. And even if he had the weapon there’s not much he could do with it. What a joke.

I chuckled to myself as I walked down the dark sidewalk. A chill ran up my back and not from the cold because vampires aren’t that susceptible to it. I suddenly had this weird feeling coming from around the corner, one I couldn’t quite place…

I’m too curious now to walk away, even if it feels like I’ll be walking into a dangerous situation.


I turned the corner and the three vampires leaning against the wall stood up quickly as they saw me.

“What a happy coincidence, isn’t that the vampire we were just talking about?” The vampire in the middle exclaimed.


“It’s one of them golden eyes.” The guy on the right muttered.

“Look at them breeding like crazy. Weren’t we only supposed to have, what two golden-eyes?” The one in the middle said.

“And now we have six. It’s a touch exaggerated. You’d think at least they’d want to increase the vampire population.” The third one piped in.

“You said it. That goody-two shoes barely turns anyone anymore. She probably won’t even let her two sons have a goddamn fight. It’s a disgrace to the vampire population.” The right one spat down.

“We’ll just have to take care of the weak one ourselves. We don’t need a mute fangless vampire strolling around with those eyes.” The left one said as he punched the inside of his hand.

My face widened in amusement. What was this now?


In a matter seconds I’d scanned their weak defenseless minds. They want to beat me up? Did I hear right? I invite them to try.

They took a few steps forwards, scowls plastered onto their faces as I smirked at them. “Look at him, he thinks he can take us on!”

“What a joke.”


One of the guys suddenly turned around and punched his friend in the side, hitting hard enough to send him to his knees holding his side.


“Shit! I’m sorry, I didn’t-” The guy tried to apologize, but his other friend punched him sending him to the ground. This was easier than I thought it’d be.


“Bastard!” The first one who’d been hit spat as he climbed to his feet and charged towards me.


Just for the heck of it, I decided to punch him instead of control him. I lunged forwards forming a fist.


Hey, I’m not just brains after all.

There was one vampire left standing and the rest were sprawled on the ground. The leader glared at me like I’d just ruined his whole life. His fists curled up again and I could feel the fierce want he had to get back up and punch me.


“I dare you to try.” His friend said for me as I smirked at them. I have to admit, I actually wanted them to try.


But they were smart enough to run away.


Hnnnggg such frustration with any and every sim in this chapter….IN PARTICULAR THIS CHILD HERE.


LOOK AT THAT SMILE. HE KNOWS. He knows that no matter what I do, even if I just want him to freaking walk two meters for a screenshot, he can just keep changing his clothes into this outfit to annoy the cr*p out of me. He forced me to make his formal clothes identical to his everyday (apart from the shoes unfortunately :’() That little prick! *grumbles*

And yes, that is his formal. And yes, I didn’t spend ANY time on his formal cause I don’t need his formal right now which brings me to giving you guys a friendly warning. When I put one of my heirs up for download, it’s usually the first draft. As in only his/her everyday clothes is picked out. Everything else is left as is when he/she grew up until I actually need it.



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7 Responses to 7.29 – What a joke

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    I’m so glad James is fascinated with Kyxa! Kyja for the win!!!! I don’t trust Kent or this troupe and I trust them even less now that they have the book.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. brainofivane says:

    I get soooo giddy seeing James being all infatuated with Kyxa. Lol. I approve of Jaxa.

    And yes, James, controlling your future soul mate (even if you don’t know yet that that’s what she is) makes you a jerk. But yeah sweetie… controlling anyone makes you a jerk actually. And yet we still love ya. Go figure.

    Wondering if the drunk girl stole something from James. She seemed so random.

    William comes off as sleazy.

    And those last scenes totally made me think of a vampire fight club. *facepalm*

    Liked by 2 people

    • blamsart says:

      Yay! Approval received XD
      Nah (well I don’t think so…) she was there to bring to light the fact that the other vampires are getting restless with Zyla. Since she ain’t increasing the vampire population, and its damn hard to reproduce, slowly some rebel vampires are taking matter into their own hands and transforming naturals on their own.

      LOL. He has his weird moments. I used to see him as pretty damn epic, but then I saw him through James’ eyes: A natural. Because, apart from being possessed by a deranged time keeper, Will doesn’t have anything else going for him.
      Of course that might just make James underestimate him. Who knows.


  3. James, James, James… I love his smile… why is a guy sexier when he smirks and gets into a fight? I don’t get it… or am I just the only one who feels that way? *crickets* Guess that answers that XD Oh well! I have no shame! lol

    Gotta agree with Ivane on the controlling your future soul mate thing… normally not a good idea XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      That’s a good question! James is just….that face fits him perfectly. He wears it VERY well. *nods appreciatively*

      Nope indeed! Seems James is missing some manners! Zyla probably went easy on him cause hes mute….


  4. *Mpart* says:

    Duh, duh, duh! James! James the Badass! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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