7.35 – Revelations of the damned

ScreenshotJames’ POV

I woke up, rubbing my eyes groggily as I took in my surroundings. Yesterday’s short memories came crashing back to me in a foggy spectacle. That’s right, a group of five vampires decided to come and kill me. You know, this is the second time this is has happened. If it happens again, I’m going to have to start getting worried.

This is a true Vampire King. Leave, next time I won’t stop him.

The words Kyxa had said to the quivering vampire rang clear in my mind.


And the memory of our first kiss did as well. A smile appeared on my face as I remembered it. I feel really lucky right now.

Kyxa had been the first to pull back and she’d playfully tapped my nose. “This is nice and all, but you have a fever James. Go inside and rest and I’ll take care of this.”


Movement caught my eye and I spotted that wonderful girl in question playing with…a dog. She looked gorgeous but…the dog. Her smile was radiant and…the dog.

Damn, I don’t like animals and that includes dogs, and that freaking dog is ruining everything for me right now.

Kyxa saw me through the window and waved. I waved back a smile automatically spreading across my face. She motioned for me to come outside.


I moved to get off the bed, but my foot collided with my bag. My bag? I’d completely forgotten about it! Didn’t I leave it at the motel?

Shrugging I checked inside, nothing had been moved, and took out one of my spare shirts to replace my ripped one. Unfortunately I was stuck with these pants. I really hadn’t expected to need another pair of pants if I was only planning on interrogating the weapon once or twice.


I left the bedroom and entered the kitchen. I was only now realizing how really dirty the place looked. Did Kyxa live here? Weird, I wouldn’t have thought she’d be the type to be okay with living in a place like this…I imagine her more living in a beach house, the sun reflecting off her skin as she watches the sun set over the sea…

I walked over to the sink and splashed my face with matter to completely wake myself up, using the opportunity to also clean off some of my minor wounds.


Continuing on my makeshift tour I went through a small room,


And what I can only assume to be the living room.


I went down the steps, images of last night flashing into my mind.

But there was no sign that a group of vampires had killed each other, there weren’t any blood stains, no stray daggers and especially no corpses lying around. Kyxa took care of all this?

I really must have had one hell of a fever if I let her take care of four dead bodies all by herself.


I made my way through the tall dead grass, having a little trouble keeping my balance sometimes. It wasn’t as bad as yesterday though.

It’s weird. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’m deaf in my right ear now. Even if my right ear transmits only void while my left ear tells me of the crunching of the grass under my foot, the rustling of the leaves and of the cars speeding by on a road not too far from here. The sound was distorted too. Sometimes I’d hear something that sounded like it was right beside me when it was clear it really wasn’t. This is going to take some getting used to.


“You’re a good boy!” Kyxa chuckled as she petted the dog. It barked playfully, it’s tail wagging happily. Ugh…I’d rather not get close to it.

Kyxa got up and turned around, smiling as she saw me.


Surprising me she stepped forwards and pressed her lips against mine.

“Hmm still as delicious.” She murmured against my lips. I chuckled as I kissed her back.

The dog barked as we kissed and Kyxa pulled away, only enhancing my dislike towards the dog.


She stepped back as the dog stepped forwards.

“James, this is Rocky.” Kyxa introduced. The dog barked in reply and I flinched backwards. “He’s not my dog, he just comes to visit when I visit Stonebridge.”


The dog nearly leapt forwards, I swear it was going to jump at my throat, and sniffed my pants eagerly. I would’ve frantically pushed him away if Kyxa hadn’t laughed.

“Look at that, he likes you! Lucky you, it took me days before he even dared to warm up to me.”

How is that supposed to make me feel better? Animals are such weird…things. I can’t guess what they’re thinking. For all I know it’s actually sniffing me to see if I’ll taste good.

“I think he wants you to pet him James.” She said, insisting that I do just that.


I hesitantly bent down and reached out with my hand. I’m actually going to pet a freaking dog…just great.

It looked up at me with its beady eyes, almost as if it were saying “come closer, closer, that’s it, and then I’ll eat your hand off…”

Now I really don’t want to pet that thing.


Kyxa burst out laughing. “I’m just kidding James!” She said, seeing how obviously distressed I was with the idea of even touching the mutt.

“Let’s go inside, we need to talk.” She said a huge amused smile plastered on her face.


To my great dismay, the dog followed us inside.

Kyxa motioned for me to sit on the couch and placed a notepad and a pen in my hands. I’m guessing this is going to be a rather serious talk.

A slight tinge of panic appeared in my chest as I remembered yesterday again. Kyxa had seen me with those guys, does that mean she knows I can control them? Unless she already knew about golden-eyed vampires. She was so calm when she saw the dead bodies…

“You might have been curious about a few things…” She began, I had to tilt my left ear towards her to hear her well. “But here’s what happened a few days ago. The second level to that building you went in exploded. I flew in to help you out and but you’d already passed out. I brought you here right after nearly getting hit with a spell by a witch. This place is my temporary home when I come to Stonebridge. You’re welcome to stay as long as you need to. And it might not be my place to ask, but who were those people James? What were you doing there? Why did that witch try to kill you?” She asked, concern clear on her face.


I hastily started to write on the notepad. At this point, with what I’d seen so far, it couldn’t be bad if I told Kyxa the gist of it.

The witch, is a very powerful immortal mind-controller named Assaria. She used to be imprisoned in a book by my ancestor. She was liberated because of two fairies who tricked me into giving my blood to release her.

I hesitated when it came to talking about the Time Keepers. That part seemed pretty far-fetched. Kyxa read the note.

“Why would she want to kill you? Because of a grudge against your ancestor? If you knew she was that powerful, why did you go after her?” Kyxa asked.


I placed the pen on the paper and wrote the words as I thought them up.

The witch killed my last girlfriend. She was pregnant, and the witch took out the baby and imprisoned it in a book.

It felt weird to write it down. It made it all a little too concrete. Kyxa was silent for a few seconds as she took in what I’d written down.

“James…you know yesterday? You controlled those vampires right?” I nodded slowly, avoiding her eyes. “Then, do you know of a vampire with the exact same ability? His name is Velor.” She asked, a coldness seeping into her voice as she said the all too familiar name.

He’s my grandfather.

I wrote, making the sign as I did so. I placed my outstretched palm near my forehead, the inside my facing my left, and had my thumb touch my forehead. Then I made my hand bounce twice forward in the air.

“Oh…” Kyxa looked away and I realized she must think I actually liked the guy since he’s family. I instinctively put my middle finger and my thumb together, brought my hand to my chest and rapidly moving it away again, to show her there was no way I would ever like that guy. I don’t know if she understood the sign, but my frantic response probably made my intentions clear.

“Well, since you’ve told me what’s going on with you, if you’re willing to listen, I wouldn’t mind telling you what’s going on with me.” She said, and I motioned for her to keep talking. “Get ready then, it’s a pretty long story.”


“I don’t remember much from when I was child, but what I do remember can’t be qualified as a childhood. I was born in the years after the vampires lost control over the towns. My parents used to tell me frightening stories of being afraid of going out into the streets because of all the petty wars vampires were engaged in. I was born around….sixty years ago I think. Yes, I’m technically older than I look, but there were some special circumstances.”


“The first childhood memory I have, is of my parents telling me those frightening stories. The second is of the night they died. Two vampires came to my house and killed my parents. And one of them was Velor. I still remember his frightening golden-eyes staring into mine after he’d stabbed my mother to death. I swear he would’ve killed me if the vampire with him hadn’t said to spare me. ‘Great villains need heroes to go against them.’ That’s what she’d told him. Then he’d laughed and told me to come find him when I was ready. I thought they would finally leave, but he decided to do one last thing. He said he’d never tried to turn a supernatural before.”


“And then he bit me and they left. When the police came and they heard my story they sent me to the hospital to have me checked out. All sorts of people came to check me out, to see if I was really going to become a vampire, and since I was now an orphan nobody seemed to be against the idea of a group of scientists taking me in to examine me. I never turned into a vampire, but my body did undergo some changes. I became stronger and I could withstand more pain, in particular magical pain. So they decided to try out my body’s endurance by tattooing a little girl with ancient magic imbued symbols. It was excruciatingly painful, but I survived through it, and the scientists were amazed to see the symbols actually served their purpose. So they set about tattooing me with a whole bunch of different things. They eventually did stop when they started to go bankrupt. They didn’t want to lose their precious subject I guess, since they put me in a cryogenic sleep. They were probably planning to release me and continue experimenting once they’d gotten their lab back up.”


“I was discovered fifteen years ago by a group of people checking out old buildings. Moments after they released me I ran off. And now…now I’ve spent those last fifteen years going around the world, surviving and searching for information on Velor.” Kyxa finished.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even know how to respond. That was just horrible. My life didn’t sound so bad compared to hers. I leaned forwards on my knees, but I had to turn back to her to hear well when she started to say something else.

“I’m not going after him for revenge or anything…I just want to stop him so he can’t do what he did to me to any other kid.” Kyxa added in a small voice. “I’m not asking for pity or anything James, I certainly don’t deserve it. I’ve been surviving and getting information by doing odd jobs that usually involved killing people…” Her voice trailed off uncertainly.


“Oh god, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have told you all that.” Kyxa muttered. I reached out to her, I didn’t want her to be sorry for that. I was happy she’d been able to confide in me, and I have a feeling I’m probably her first. “I kill and destroy lives for a living James, so I understand if you don’t want to see me again.”

I chuckled and softly kissed the top of her head. She looked at me in slight confusion. A lot of things made sense about her now, but even though I knew all this my vision of her didn’t change. I’d be a hypocrite if it did, after all, didn’t I just kill four vampires yesterday?

I picked up the pen and paper and wrote something.

I was the one afraid you wouldn’t see me the same once you’d learned I could control people. Everything you’ve just told me only makes me like you even more.

A small smile spread across Kyxa’s face.


“Look at us, a couple of misfits.”


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Makes for epic special effects 😀

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18 Responses to 7.35 – Revelations of the damned

  1. brainofivane says:

    Ohhh… so they came to kill him… O_O I thought they were just there to beat him up or something… *facepalm* Yep… they did deserve to die. *nods* Dumdums…

    Why doesn’t he like animals? James, you weirdo you…

    Oh my… Kyxa totally reminds me of the Bride from Kill Bill. Vengeance against Velor. O_O Boy, oh boy…

    Oh okay… not vengeance after all. Gosh. Poor Kyxa. And I love that she’s such a good person. James needs a good influence in his life. But wait… she kills and destroys lives for a living… *scratches head*

    Ah well… let’s all continue the Kymes love! <3<3<3

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I don’t know why he doesn’t. It all started with that deer when I randomly that he didn’t. I was so surprised I had to pull back and really just look at pixelized James in a weird way. I didn’t expect him to not like animals…But it makes for amusing things 😀

      Yeah Kyxa is pretty…um messed-up you could say? It’s hard to say if she’s really good or not. She does bad things but with a good intention I guess you could say…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So feeling the mutual love and respect!I love the fact that they’re both killers in their own right and yet you can completely understand and still love them. Kymes/Kyja/Jaxa for the win! Also can’t wait for them to destroy Velor and get their happily ever after (well, their happily ever after Blams loves our heir more than us )
    James had to have one major flaw but it sucks to see that it’s the fact he doesn’t like animals.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Those two are perfect for each other! Yes, they both are killers and technically shouldn’t be likable… but I love them both! I love me the dark characters, so watching them discover each other is a treat.

    That being said… awww, James, c’mon, Rocky’s a sweetheart XD lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. *Mpart* says:

    “Look at us, a couple of misfits.”

    Awwwwwwww….they could be recruited by Majnun! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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