7.36 – Perfect

Warning: Suggestive material

ScreenshotJames’ POV

I opened my laptop and read Alec’s newest email.

James, whatever you do don’t come visit us here. Well, okay unless you actually really want to visit then come on over, but Legacy Island II is pretty messed-up now. You know aunt Mincia? You know she’s part of a werewolf clan and all? Yeah, well those guys decided to come back here and settle down.

I’m not against werewolves, but now most of the naturals in the town are protesting. They were just waiting for a reason to go against the decision to accept supernaturals and the huge increase of supernatural population just sent them teetering over the edge. If it was just that, honestly, it’d be just fine, but nooooo now the vampires keep asking for war.

Our grandpa Velor was in a war against the werewolves, before the werewolves left. So technically the winner wasn’t ever decided cause Velor left too. So now we keep getting surprise visits from all sorts of vampires. They keep criticising mom, telling her she’s a weak goody two shoes and that if she doesn’t want to do what the royal vampire family should do, then she should at least pass the crown down to the next heir. And yeah, you guessed it right that’s either you or me. Since it’s pretty damn obvious that mom is not going to go in a war against a clan with her sister in it, they keep demanding for us to fight! Since I’m going to be eighteen in a few months, they keep saying one of us has to die. It’s getting really annoying and they keep making threats. They threatened to go against the rule and start making vampires left and right, and from what you’ve told us they’ve already started.

Angry blood thirsty vampires is a seriously bad thing. Because we have our eyes the vampire population usually falls in line but we can’t control hundreds of vampires. Mom and dad are trying to find a way to calm them down, but the situation is really tricky. So whatever you do, don’t come over here! The moment they’ll see you, the pressure for us to fight is going to double and I kind of really don’t want to fight my big bro…

The words Kyxa had said that night ran in my mind again “This is a true Vampire King.” I shook my head to clear it, it’s not like I want to take mom’s place, even less fight my brother. Poor guy wouldn’t stand a chance.

Got it. I don’t really have any plans to go back home anytime soon anyway.

Same here, I doubt the family would be very happy if I beat you up 😉

Wish you guys luck.

I stared at the very short message compared to what my brother had sent me. There was so much I could say yet…Not really. I pressed send anyways.


The only other email I had was from Raphaele.

Great news! You’re lucky you’re the first I’m telling.

Me and Isaia are going to try for a baby! Okay, he doesn’t know it yet, but I’ll be casually inserting the subject into the conversation soon enough. I really want a kid, especially when I keep seeing the little cutie pies running around town.

What do you think about being an uncle? I think it’s about time some new babies were brought into this family. Alec and Nix are practically adults! It’s so weird, wasn’t it just yesterday those two brats were running around the house getting into trouble?

What about you James? I know Lance got himself a girlfriend recently, and Nix has got a boyfriend from what I heard. You find anyone interesting in uni? You can tell your big sis 😉

I smiled at Raph’s email. Maybe I should tell her that she’s an aunt and that I’m a father. But I’d rather tell my family the news once I had that kid in my arms. And I’m going to make sure that happens soon.

Since I’m the first you told, I might as well answer your question. I have indeed met a girl and so far she’s pretty awesome.

Keep me updated, I want to know the moment I become an uncle!


Most of my injuries have pretty much healed and I wanted to get back in the game as soon as possible. Velor has the Weapon now, and I have no idea what he’ll do with it. Yeah, I did hold my own for a while against the witch, but if I want to beat her the Weapon is still my best bet.

Rocky came up beside me and barked, but I didn’t hear a thing since he was on my right side. It’s only once he brought his paw up on the chair that I noticed his presence. I nearly jumped up in fright as I realized how close he was.

He barked again, wagging his tail happily. I glared at him and I decided to find his mind and see if I could control the damn dog so he’d leave me alone.

I’d never tried to control an animal before and surprisingly enough, this dog’s mind was just like my kid’s. It was a bunch of fragments swirling around in a circle.


“Come here Rocky.” Kyxa called with a small laugh. Rocky ran over sitting politely beside Kyxa. She handed him some of her food.

As long as that dog is as far away from me as possible.

After our little revealing moment, Kyxa and I had decided to team up. “Partners in crime against the world?” Kyxa had asked, sticking out her pinkie and giving me a mischievous smile. With a grin of my own I’d attached my pinkie to hers.

After that we’d gotten a little more serious and we’d decided to come up with a plan to get the Weapon. I’d had to explain the part about the Weapon to her, and she’d agreed it was the best course of action to get both Velor and Assaria. The only problem was that Velor had the Weapon and we didn’t know where he was or what he wanted to do with it.

That’s about when I told her about Aliska and her premonition powers. If we were going to have a chance of finding the Weapon, my sister was going to be one of the best options out there. And since my stubborn big sister refused to answer her emails, I’d had to resort to using the phone William had given me. I’d texted him to say I was…considering his offer. He’d replied almost instantly telling us to meet him at some park on Thursday, which happened to be tomorrow.


Until then, we had nothing to do but appreciate each other’s company.

Kyxa got up to clean her dish and I watched her do so.

After hearing about her past…she looks so much stronger, so much more beautiful and somehow my respect for her just keeps climbing up as the days pass by.


I came up behind her placing a gentle kiss on her shoulder. She turned her head to me smiling as I traced the lines of one of her bigger tattoos. It was a large blue flower and I couldn’t help wondering what it did. She’d said all of her tattoos had a purpose…

“Hmm this one?” She said as she noticed what I was looking at. “That’s the one that protects me against mind control. Which I’ve bet you’re tried.” She said, giving me a knowing smile.


I looked away, feigning embarrassment. She turned around to face me.

“I’ve got some tattoos pretty much everywhere on my body, are you curious enough to see them all?” She said giving me a coy look. I smiled as I leaned forwards to kiss her.


Someone please tell me how I got this lucky.


I’m not sure how I did till now to not see her face every day. I know it’s only been a week, but my days would definitely be duller without her bright orange hair and her gorgeous emerald eyes coloring my view.

It frustrates me a bit that I can’t tell her exactly how I feel. I want to whisper in her ear how wonderful she is and how I don’t care whether this is something that’ll only last a month or a few years, because right now I’m pretty sure I’m falling for her.

But at the same time, the looks we share tell me I don’t need to say those things, she’s guessed them pretty well already. I’ll gaze into her eyes, caressing her pink skin and she’ll give me a smile that elegantly touches her eyes leaning forward to kiss me after whispering in my left ear, “Right back at you.”



On Thursday morning, Kyxa decided to surprise me again. Just when I’d thought I’d learned most things about her, she decided to show me the basement. Compared to the rest of the lot, this place looked a lot more clean and newer as well.

“When I found this house, the basement was used as a wine cellar, but I decided to make a few modifications to it…” Kyxa said as she descended the outside ladder. Though the place looked newer, it was still pretty stuffed and humid like upstairs.


One side looked pretty normal, but the other was certainly out of the ordinary. Four prison cells?

“When I built this place I always had in mind that I’d either imprison Velor if I couldn’t kill him or I’d…I’d need to lock some people up to encourage them to give me whatever information they had on him.” Kyxa said, rushing the end.


She bit her lip. “I know you’ve been pretty accepting of who I am so far, but you have to understand that there isn’t a lot I’m not ready to do to find Velor’s weakness and trap him. Actually, there isn’t a lot I haven’t done to find whatever skeleton Velor has hidden in his closet. So…” Kyxa looked at me expectantly. “What do you think? Are you…okay with this?”


I looked back at Kyxa. How could I not be? This was ingenious! I wish I’d thought of something similar.

I mouthed the word ‘perfect’ at her as I gestured at the four cells.

A relieved smile appeared on her face.


She flew over, jumping onto my back and nearly destabilizing me.

“I should’ve known.” She said happily as she hugged me tightly. “Now that we’re all ready, let’s go meet this uncle of yours!” She exclaimed as she flew up off my back and headed for the stairs.

Yes, and William and Aliska better be able to tell us where Velor is.


Just letting you guys know, I won’t be posting chapters every day, probably more every two days. I think that’ll beneficial for everyone XD

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18 Responses to 7.36 – Perfect

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Beneficial my ass! Its downright depressing 😦 but you gotta do what you gotta do! Just as long as we get more Kyja magic, I’ll be happy!

    Lovely update and I can’t wait to see Aliska and Will-Liam, the crazy fruit-loops!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Well some family members have voiced some worries about me having a lack of a life outside of sims so they’re working hard to reduce my sims time. XD

      Me too cause that means Aliska and Kyxa will probably meet…


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Pffft what do non-simmers know lol.
        It had been brought to my attention that I have been remiss, so here’s me rectifying that: Blams I absolutely adore James. He is so super sexy and twisted and damaged and OMG just plain awesome! I was telling Ivane that as much as I like Roark and Alduin, James holds my heart! So she pointed out that I should tell you directly because writers like to know these things lol. Anyway, my point is: Please keep doing what you’re doing as long as you don’t kill off my Dark King!

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Indeed! They just don’t understand XD
          Thank you very much! I love to hear things like these. No worries, I wouldn’t think of killing off the Dark King (maybe bring him up to the brink of death, but not actual Damien/Reaper visits). He’s much too fantastic for a mere writer like me to finish him off XD


  2. brainofivane says:

    That email… sheesh… Alec says everything so… nonchalant… “Hey, big bro. Looks we need to fight for the death because everyone is rebelling against our mom for being way too nice. It’s so annoying!” I even imagine him rolling his eyes. Wahahaha… That really made me smile.

    The whole “He is a true vampire king” comment by Kyxa makes me a bit uneasy. I don’t know… I feel like there’s this incredible connection between our Kymes, but… it’s like she knows him. More than she lets on. *shrugs* Must’ve already done an extensive background check on him. Wouldn’t blame her. She’d be insane to get involved with him this much before checking out his back story.

    Kymes love. Nooboos! Nooboos! Faepireboos!

    (On a random note, since woohoo is implied, a friend of mine commented on a FB post I made with “woohoo!” and my mind immediately went to its simlish meaning… and i’m like why is she going around screaming that? *facepalm*)

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m so glad that I am not the only one whose mind goes there when I see someone respond with “woohoo!”

      Liked by 2 people

    • blamsart says:

      Well yeah, it’s not hard to imagine, I guess, that after realizing that James had the same eyes as Velor, she’d do a background check. XD

      Faepire! Lol!

      Now don’t get your hopes up, who knows I might’ve purposefully put in a woohoo part so that y’all expect some nooboos but then again I might also be purposefully putting that in on the idea that you guys would think this way when in fact it really will results in nooboos. Hmm? Hmm? Who knows….(I might need to lay off on the overthinking…)

      (haha! No one says woohoo around me, but i’d probably react the same way!)


  3. I know I don’t comment on every chapter but I do look forward to reading them each time and usually chuckle or grimace or something as I read them. I occasionally get looks from my co-workers.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww, I love Kyxa! Really, really do. What other couple would be so tickled about having a dungeon in the basement? lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. *Mpart* says:

    THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!! Ugh, I love them so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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