7.37 – A knight with nothing to protect

ScreenshotJames’ POV

I caught myself unconsciously fingering the amulet again. Before leaving Kyxa’s house, I’d decided to grab Lance’s amulet from my bag. With my last experience with Assaria…let’s just say it would’ve been mighty useful if I’d had that on me. Teleporting away from the scene could’ve saved my right ear. That’s if the thing actually works for me, but I’d rather be safe than sorry at this point.

On the way to the park, Kyxa and I made a small stop at a clothes shop so I could get some new clothes. They didn’t have anything that looked like my old coat, but they still had some pretty nice jackets and pants. Of course they were very generous, giving us a complete discount.


I went back to closing my eyes, concentrating on my environment. We’d arrived at the park first and Kyxa had voiced an interest in my power, in particular if I could sense people coming from far away. So far I’ve been able to detect a few minds as they walked by, going about their daily business. And from their minds I’ve been able to view their surroundings, and on rare occasions hear what they hear. It’s exciting how much more I can do every time I practice.

I found a familiar mind coming our way with someone else. I opened my eyes and looked forwards, letting Kyxa know the people we’d been waiting for had arrived.


“James!” Aliska exclaimed as she saw me. “And who’s that? You already got yourself a new girlfriend?”

Ah damn, I forgot to see this coming.

“I bet that’s your sister Aliska?” Kyxa asked me, elbowing me gently. I nodded. “Well then I better make her acquaintance.”


Before I could protest, Kyxa hopped of the bench and gone to meet Aliska. My big sister seemed pleased at this.

“I’m Kyxa,” Kyxa said, extending a hand. Aliska refused to shake Kyxa’s hand, obviously trying to act like an intimidating big sister. But Kyxa was unfazed by this. “I’m happy I finally get to meet you, James has told me all about his amazing big sister.”

Oh gods no, now Aliska is going to assume the wrong things, and sure enough a pleased smile spread across my sister’s face.

“You did James?” Aliska asked looking at me. I avoided her eyes. She’s not going to get anything from me.

“Oh yes, but I have to say, he forgot to mention how pretty you are. It looks like good looks really do run in the family.” Kyxa added, winking at me.

She was surprisingly good at this.

With a squeal Aliska lept forwards and hugged Kyxa, before both turned around to face me.


“I definitely approve James.” Aliska grinned. I almost told her I didn’t need her approval in the first place, but the proud smile Kyxa flashed me stopped me.

William cleared his throat.

“Right.” Aliska said, trying to be a bit more serious as she let go of Kyxa’s waist.


“So you were saying that you were-” But her eyes got distracted by the golden amulet hanging off my neck. She reached out to touch it. “Oh, Lance gave it to you in the end? I was sure he was going to throw it away.

‘I was the next best thing.’ I signed at her.

Aliska, we can chat back at the base.” William interrupted.


“Of course, we’re here because you suddenly voiced an interest to join us James, but you can’t blame us, especially me, for doubting your sudden change of heart…”

‘I don’t want to join you. I need your help.’ I signed.

“What for?” Aliska asked.

‘To find Velor. He has the weapon now.’ I explained.

Aliska turned back to our uncle. “He wants help finding Velor.” Does she really need to tell him everything?


That’s quite convenient.” William said, stepping forwards into the conversation. “We’re searching for Velor too. However, contrary to you, we have a lead but we just need some help extracting information from him. Something I heard you’re quite skilled at.

Aliska leaned forwards to whisper in my right ear, but, naturally, I didn’t hear a thing she said. Before I could panic at the idea that I had to tell my sister I was half-deaf in front of William, Kyxa leaned forwards, using my shoulders as support as she asked a simple question just for me.

“You have Kevil in custody?”



Aliska and William led us to a small cramped and rather dirty apartment. Almost immediately, Aliska said she’d leave us to it and went to see a blue-haired man who was watching t.v. I recognized him and his cigarette and if I remember correctly his nickname was Caterpillar. Aliska started talking to him, but I couldn’t hear it clearly since they were on the right side of the room.

There was also a dark red haired vampire playing a video game in the back. William quickly introduced him as Rehal, before motioning for us to follow him to the main attraction.


Like some sort of sculpture Kevil was propped on a chair in the far left corner of the room. His only restraint was a rope tying his hands securely behind him, but the room had a carefree aura surrounding it. They must feel really confident if they’re only going to tie up the man who’d been protecting the weapon for longer than I’d been born with just some rope.


Then again he seemed a bit too tired to resist. It was weird to finally meet him, the infamous protector of the weapon. After some many years, why did he so recently become unable to protect her? And how did William’s little group get their hands on him?

This is Kevil. And he really likes to be silent. Can you make him talk?” William asked. There he goes with the whole voice change thing, he’s really weird. What’s up with this guy?

Kyxa stayed behind us, watching the scene in silence as I found Kevil’s mind.


Just as I brushed his defenses, the white-eyed vampire looked up towards me. I couldn’t tell if he was smirking or giving me a disapproving look, all I knew was that his calm demeanor made my concentration waver. My hesitation only lengthened as I realized he was examining me. A strange feeling of being a child washed over me. As if this man, who had lived longer than I, was judging me, a small ignorant youngling. His attitude didn’t seem mocking, no, he radiated the aura of someone mature who’d seen a whole lot more things than me. And that made me feel like I didn’t have a right to go delving into his mind.


William leapt forwards seconds after asking me to make Kevil talk. He playfully slapped Kevil’s face.

You hear that Kevil? We’re going to make you spit everything. No more silly useless stalling.” William turned back to me. “He lived with Velor and the Weapon for years, if someone knows where those two are headed it’s him. Ask him James!

Kevil scoffed. “Rehal probably knows as much as I do when it comes to Velor.”


Rehal in question was completely focused on his video game with a fake smile plastered on his face as he continued to ignore everything going on around him. The tension between the two, even if they were separated by some really oddly placed shower curtain was extremely palpable. It was obvious there was some history between those two. From the few times mom talked about when she was younger, I’m assuming these two were friends.

He doesn’t. And the fact that you’re so adamant to not talk just proves you know more. Make him spill James.” William commanded again.


My uncle was annoying me a little too much now. I’ll do what he asks, but I’m going to make Kevil tell me what I want to know.

“So you’re her fourth child, James.” Kevil said, looking back at me as I went into his mind. His defenses were surprisingly strong for someone who wasn’t a golden-eyed. But I guess it’s to be expected from someone who’d been running away from Velor for so long.

“You have her eyes, and obviously Simon’s face, but where’d you get that hair from? Most likely from Simon’s side of the family.” He continued chatting like an old nostalgic grandpa as I set about finding a crack in his mental shield. “What are you after James? What’s your role in all this? Being Zyla’s son, I didn’t expect you to rely on methods like this.”

Yeah well, mom is a little too cautious for her own good.


I couldn’t stop the smirk that appeared on my face as I finally cracked open his skull. His mind was mine to control now.

Kevil’s eyes drooped a bit in disappointment. “I’m sorry, it’s my bad. You aren’t Zyla’s son you’re Velor’s grandson. His smirk fits your face.” His words struck me a little too harshly. My smirk began to transform into a scorn. I’m nothing like Velor!

“James is better than Velor, and a hundred times stronger.” Kyxa told Kevil. He shrugged it off, but I used her comment to boost my confidence up again.

William observed the scene like he was watching television.


I stepped closer to Kevil (maybe it was to feel stronger and more intimidating? I’m not sure myself) and forced him to tell us what happened with the weapon. Why had the police, of all people, gotten their hands on her?

Kevil avoided my eyes and that angered me for some reason, but I thought it’d be pretty petty to force him to look at me.

“I was surprised.” He admitted. “I didn’t expect someone other than Velor to be coming after me.”


I forced him to go deeper in his explanation.

“Until then it’d been easy to avoid Velor, so I must’ve gotten careless when those two fairies ambushed me. I fought against them and I made the girl run away until I was done. But then a powerful witch, one like I’ve never seen before, joined the fight and in a matter of seconds they’d captured me. They locked me somewhere and the witch tortured me for the mere pleasure of it, because with her power she could’ve made me spit out where the Weapon was seconds after finding me.”

He halted his own speech. He’d answered what I’d wanted him to. It was simple to guess the rest. Assaria went to the park and didn’t find the Weapon, but later she must have found out it was at the police station and stole it from there. It didn’t explain how Kevil had ended up here though.


That’s not what we wanted to know James. That’s not important.” William cut in, but I waved my hand in his face to shut him up. I didn’t need to look at his face to know he was giving me a dissatisfied glare.

I willed Kevil to tell me how he’d gotten here.

“At some point during my stay there, there was an explosion. I felt it shake through the house and minutes later the door to my dark room opened and I had the joy of seeing a big lump of blue hair.” Kevil said, heavily laying his words with sarcasm at the end. “If I hadn’t been so worn out from being tortured I would’ve easily fought him off.”


Enough. Ask him what we came here for. The longer we wait, the longer Velor has the Weapon.” William urged. I turned to face him, trying to keep my calm around this annoying man.

Suddenly, the calm I wanted washed over me as I remembered a simple answer. I just needed to control him. I’ve controlled a time keeper before.

I reached out with my mind and touched his.


Even though he had no mental shields whatsoever, I, for some reason, couldn’t grasp his mind. It was the strangest thing I’d experienced, stranger even than touching Rocky’s mind.

The moment I took control of his mind, or what I thought was his mind, another would make itself known like a broken fragment. Just as I realized this man had more than one mind in his head, he laughed.

I doubt that’s the civil way of acting here. Especially since we showed you Kevil. You should be nicer to us. Enough of this. You agree with us right? Velor cannot keep the Weapon longer than he already has.

“He’s right.” Kyxa intervened. I looked at her in slight surprise, but I understood what she was saying. If I ignored the fact that they’d come out of my uncle’s mouth, the words he’d said made sense.


I turned back to Kevil, ready to force him to answer.

“What? Are you lacking the common courtesy of simply asking me? I doubt using your power so much can be good for you. Even Velor limited his use.” Kevil patronized.

I let out a sigh before willing him to tell us what he knew. Where he thought Velor would’ve gone.

“Velor has a to do list. At the top of that list is: get the weapon, kill his traitors, finish the war with the werewolves, teach a lesson to Zyla and regain his seat at the throne, and get his queen back. All those things can’t be done here now can they?” Kevil said.


You’re saying he went back to Legacy Island II?” William asked.

“It’s what I think.” Kevil said, leaning back in his chair.

Rehal stopped playing his video game and turned his attention to us. “I agree. It would make sense for Velor to do this.”


“But your last object doesn’t fit. Blams is dead.” Rehal added in.

Kevil scoffed. “It’s Velor. If there was anything he was ever consistent in was loving that sadistic b*tch and causing wars. If he needs to he’ll find a way to bring her back.”

“It doesn’t matter how much he loves her, resurrection is impossible.” Rehal cut in again. Our heads went back in forth as these two carried on a conversation as if we didn’t exist anymore.

“The Weapon finished her off.” Kevil said. Rehal frowned. “And now he has the Weapon. If there is a way, he’ll have found it.”

Rehal looked like he wanted to go against what Kevil had said, but he couldn’t seem to find the words. He decided to go back to ignoring his old friend.


William cleared his throat to break the awkward silence that had installed. “Well, the next move is obviously to go intercept him. I just hope we get there before he does…

“If we take the plane we should. Velor hates planes.” Kyxa said. Rehal and William looked at her in slight confusion. I was the only one who knew how she’d gotten that information. Rehal eventually nodded slowly in approval.

“Yeah, I remember hearing something about that…We might have a chance.” Rehal said.

Good good. How about you three go on ahead, we have some things to finish up here and then we’ll join you.” William said. Kevil scoffed in the background.

What could he possibly have to do that was more important? But who was I to argue with this? William wouldn’t be coming along with us, what more could I possibly ask for?

“This’ll be fun.” Kevil muttered. “Say hi to your mother for me will you? I doubt I’ll be seeing her anytime soon.”


Kevil and Rehal! It’s been so long since I’ve written about them…Things sure have changed for those two.

Oh oh, Velor is heading back home which means….right back to Zyla, Simon, Alec and Nix…

Also, this was Kyxa and Aliska’s actual first meeting;

two of a kind

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10 Responses to 7.37 – A knight with nothing to protect

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Ok so I’ve said you can’t kill off James but please, please, please kill off Will-Liam… I’m so sick of them already and they’ve hardly been in the story! I don’t hate often but when I do it usually happens quickly lol

    Brilliant chapter as always, Blams! Its intimidating… How on earth do you keep up this level of skill?!? I could maybe get one good chapter out of 50! *bows down to master*

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Lol, James supports this idea one hundred percent, but William is an ex-heir…(even though in all technicality the real William is chilling out in his mind happy not to do anything)
      Thank you, thank you! *does some bows*
      Well pupil, it takes some really epic music, a deep attachment to your characters and a lack of a life outside of your story XD


  2. brainofivane says:

    Aliska/Kyxa reminds me of Luna/Cali, which I love. Of course, Luna was more like Kyxa when she met Cali but I digress…

    It’s creepy how much Kevil and James look so much alike. I actually like Kevil and feel kind of bad for him. Can’t he and James be best buds or something?

    Ah well… anyway… gah… sorry for such a lousy comment to a great chapter. My brain ain’t working right now. Brain of Ivane is tired. Uh oh… So uhh… Ends with a generic comment…

    Nice work, Blams! Two thumbs up!

    Liked by 2 people

    • blamsart says:

      Lol yeah, I was thinking of those two as I wrote that part XD

      I know, I found that creepy too. I kept thinking “Dang, you’d think Kevil was his actual dad.”
      Yeah, that’d be nice if James wasn’t doing the exact contrary of what Zyla would do. Kevil just keeps tut tut tuting James in his mind.

      Lolz thanks XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooo awesome chapter! I love Kevil! If things had gone differently, he MIGHT have been James’s father *boggles minds* Loved Kyxa and Aliska!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. autumnrein says:

    This just reminded me how much I really thought Zyla and Kevil were going to be a couple and not Zyla and Simon. I love how the characters keep popping back through different generations.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      So did I! I kind of really liked Kevil and Zyla as a couple, but the choices the readers chose led to Zyla and Simon being together.
      Oh it’s one of the most amusing things about writing a generation story like this one. Even though i go on to the next generation, all those characters are still very much alive and can all have a serious impact in the story.


  5. Ah, I’m with Kevil 100%. James does feel a hell of a lot more like Velor’s grandson than he ever did Zyla’s son…for better…and for worse. As for stronger than Velor? Well, we can only hope because I’m at least sure that James hasn’t reached the level of that sadist yet. As I said, I hope he never does. Nothing like Velor though? I don’t know, James. You might want to engage in some deep, introspective thinking.

    I think Kevil’s my favorite character so far. I’m dying to know more about him and I’m excited to see him having a visible part in the story again. Maybe he’ll be able to keep James in check, heh. He’s a bit of a loose cannon and Kyxa mostly supports him in it, and well, while it’s good he has someone who accepts him as he is, I’d also like a closer eye on him, and maybe Kevil can be that. Then again, the whole lots treating him like he’s the enemy here and he’s actually the only one I can say I truly trust, heh. Well, as always, I’ll see, I’ll see XD

    Liked by 1 person

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