7.38 – Wild goose chase

ScreenshotJames’ POV

Rehal, Kyxa and I headed out almost instantly to the airport. I ‘paid’ for Kyxa and I, but I let Rehal pay for his plane ticket. I had an annoying feeling that he was there to grab the weapon before we did. William knew we wouldn’t give him the Weapon if we had a say in it. Rehal was really just here to babysit us. I doubt he’d be much good against Velor. If anything he’d be a liability.

It’s only after I’d let my big sis hug me good-bye and that I’d gotten on the plane that I realized my original was to ask Aliska for a premonition. So much for that!


It’s during the taxi ride that I started to panic and completely realize what was happening. Velor was in my hometown, with the Weapon, and he was heading straight home. And at home my parents and my twin siblings were chilling out oblivious to what was about to happen to them. I can’t believe I hadn’t realized this at first! Sure, dad can probably throw a mean punch and Nix is nasty when she’s mad, but there wouldn’t be much they could do against Velor. Especially not my mom the saint.

Once the taxi arrived home, I was getting so paranoid I ran to the front door.


But when I opened the front door, slightly out of breath, my mom was chatting happily with my dad looking like they didn’t have a care in the world.

My parents immediately turned to me as I slammed the front door open.

“James! What a surprise-” My mom’s breath caught as she recognized Rehal.


“Rehal you’re…” Mom seemed unable to find her words.

“Hello, Queen is it now? Kevil says hi.” Rehal said with a slight bow of his head. Mom looked like she wanted to cry with that goofy smlile on her face. Yeesh, there are still things I don’t know about my mom apparently.

Dad didn’t seem as happy as mom to see Rehal. Instead he seemed to be more focused on Kyxa who’d been trying not to interfere in anything.

“Who’s this? Your new girlfriend?” Thanks dad, very polite and very subtle.

“Simon!” Mom said as she punched dad in the shoulder.

“Well what? She fits the profile.” Dad protested as he rubbed his shoulder. That only earned him another punch.


A smile appeared on Kyxa’s face and she stepped forwards to introduce herself, but we didn’t have time for this.

‘Has Velor come here?’ I signed at my parents. My mom frowned and looked at my father.

“No we haven’t seen him and we’re damn happy about that.” Dad said, clenching his teeth. “Why? Is he supposed to come here?”


Rehal sniffed the air, before shaking his head. “He’s not here. Velor hasn’t come here yet.”

“He’s on his way here? He probably hasn’t arrived then.” Mom said glancing at the door.

“No, it’s Velor, he’s had the time to arrive. He probably decided to do something else first.” Kyxa said. She seemed a little less cheerful than usual.

“You talk like you know him. What was your name again?” Mom asked.


“I’m Kyxa, and I should. I’ve been researching on him for years.” Kyxa replied.

“I’m sorry if this is too blunt, but why? Why would you waste your years on a man like him?” Mom asked. Figures she’d say that, in the end she chose to lay still instead of directly going against her dad.


“It’s on the idea that I can prevent him from ruining any more lives.” Kyxa replied. A seriousness had crawled into her voice. Mom decided not to reply yet, instead she gave Kyxa a thoughtful look. I can’t tell if my mom likes Kyxa yet or not. Their personalities aren’t that compatible.

My eyes snapped to my father who’d been eyeing me curiously. Almost as if he was looking at a stranger.

I raised my eyebrows at him, there’s no reason for him to look at me that way. It’s not like I changed since the last I met him. Well apart from my right ear dying on me.

My dad narrowed his eyes at me.

‘Where are Alec and Nix?’ I signed at him, more to make him do something other than look at me like I’d stolen cookies from the cookie jar.


Mom caught my signs. “Your brother and sister are upstairs, but I just want to confirm something before you go say hi. All of you three have this air of…battle around you. Especially with Kyxa and her sword. You aren’t thinking of going against Velor are you?”

I sighed and was about to sign the obvious to my mother when Kyxa spoke up.

“We have to. He has the Weapon, and he’s coming here to use it.” My parents eyes widened at the news.

“But then that means Kevil…” Mom’s voice trailed off.


Rehal took a step forwards and he looked ready to tell the whole truth. As in the fact that Kevil got tortured and that he was currently in William’s custody. And for some reason the idea that William might be doing some torturing of his own didn’t seem very weird.

“Kevil is fine. We saw him just an hour ago. He lost the Weapon to the police, that’s all.” Kyxa said instead.

Mom gave her a kind smile and I couldn’t tell if she knew there was more to the story than that.

“Velor with the Weapon though…we don’t even know what it does. Didn’t he want to use it to end the war with the werewolves at first?” Dad chipped in.


“Oh no Simon…Mincia’s clan is back in town. You don’t think he would’ve gone there first do you? We need to warn them!” Mom said as she turned to dad.

“And if that man takes down the werewolf clan…All those vampires asking for a change of royalty are going to turn to him.” Dad said.

“Of course! It makes sense. We need to get there fast then. Where’s the clan?” Rehal asked.


Mom hesitantly turned to us, looking like she wasn’t going to tell us. I gave her an insistent look. The faster we caught him, the better! There was no reason for her to hesitate.

“At the beach.” Dad answered for mom. “Go check up on them, we’ll call the clan from here.”



Fifteen minutes later we’d reached the beach.

He’d already been there. There was a line of bodies leading to behind a small beach house. Velor had already been here.

“Damn we were too late.” Rehal muttered as we half walked half stumbled on the bumpy beach towards the pile of dead werewolves.


Kyxa checked the first corpse to confirm he was dead.

“He’s definitely from the werewolf clan, but…he’s not a werewolf.” I vaguely heard Kyxa say. I would’ve turned my head to hear her better, but my eyes were fixated on the only other living thing here.


In the middle of a pile of corpses, Kord was sitting in the shadow of the large house, enjoying the view of the ocean. He’d obviously heard us, but he remained calm and relaxed. He even let out a little sigh as a soft breeze brushed against his clothes.

“We didn’t get them all.” Kord said, pausing before picking up again. “But I guess he originally didn’t really want to kill them all. Who would want to play in his wars then?”


I stepped over the untouched bodies, corpses that hadn’t bled but merely been drained, and stopped at Kord’s side. I reached out with my mind with the full intention of making him tell us everything.

“You don’t need to go that far. I won’t resist you. I’m supposed to stall you, but it’s a boring thing to do.” Kord said.

“Where’s Velor?” Rehal called out.

Kord looked slightly annoyed with Rehal’s question. Or maybe it was more with the person asking it. “Back home. Where else?”


My hands clenched into fists. You’ve got to be kidding me.

“I’d hurry if I were you. Turns out he was pretty happy I hadn’t buried her.”


So yeah, small chapter, but it compensates for Thursday’s chapter XD…

Velor is certainly slipping back into his murderous uniform pretty nicely eh?

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5 Responses to 7.38 – Wild goose chase

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Gah! If Velor touches one hair on Zyla’s head (or any of the others) I’m gonna be sooooo pissed! Kinda wish they’d set fire to Blams’ remains though, then Velor would’ve been stuffed! (I was thinking a filthier word but chose not to type it lol)

    They should have left one fighter behind with the “civilians” but when you only have three fighters I guess you are spread kinda thin!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. brainofivane says:

    Boy, oh, boy… trouble is brewing… *cringes*

    I don’t think Velor would hurt Zyla though… at least I’m hoping he wouldn’t. I mean… she’s still his daughter – even though she usurped him and took over his throne… but pfft… that’s forgivable especially for someone who has a heart. Velor does have a heart, right?

    Liked by 1 person

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