7.39 – A shot in the dark

The following video/song was actually purposefully searched (contrary to all the other ones in which I just happened to listen to it while I wrote the chapter). I looked up piano music because of brainofivane’s latest chapter (I highly suggest you check her sims story out! ;)). She found a great piano piece to go with it, and I was inspired to search for some piano music to go with this chapter 😀

ScreenshotJames’ POV

When we stepped through the front doors of my house this time, it was obvious something was wrong. And Rehal’s comment only aggravated the feeling.

“I can smell him now. He’s here that’s for sure.”

There was no one in sight so I extended my mind, searching for anyone. I found two minds by the pool and I recognized them as Alec and Nix’s. Brushing against their minds, I managed to faintly hear my brother say something to my sister. “Mom and dad’ll be okay right?”

And my sisters reply. “Of course, it’s mum and dad. And even if they weren’t gonna be fine there’s not much we can do. They told us to stay here, so quit whining. They’ll be back soon.”

“But it was Velor-”

“Shut up already!”

Kyxa touched my shoulder. “Can you sense where he is?”

I concentrated and located four other minds higher up, heading for the…attic? I pointed upstairs and motioned for the two to follow me.


I led them up to the second floor of the house to the small room that held one of the elevators that led downstairs, and also the only elevator that went upstairs. I’d never used it, I’d never gone to the attic or to the basement, but my siblings and I had engraved its location in our minds. Aliska was the only one who ever dared to take the elevator and disobey our parents. Special privileges of being an adult: I now get to use this elevator.


I pressed the elevator button and Kyxa grabbed my left arm.

“James, this is it right? He’s up there isn’t he?” Kyxa asked, her voice slightly quivering with both fear and excitement. That’s right, she’s been waiting for this moment for years.


But there was no need for her to be scared. I gently cupped her face in my hands, giving her a small peck on the nose. Velor only came with the Weapon, he won’t be able to beat us two, let alone a total of four vampires and a fairy. I gave her a reassuring smile, and she smiled back resting her face in my hands.

The elevator dinged.

“Okay, I’m ready. Let’s do this.” Kyxa said, pulling back and heading inside the elevator.

The more I thought about it, the more the idea of losing against Velor now sounded preposterous. He was good, but he couldn’t be that good.


We climbed in the elevator and when we exited, we entered a dark room decorated with sofas. But this wasn’t where we needed to be. Velor, the Weapon and my parents were on the other side of the wall beside us.


As I walked, trying not to make any noise, I did my best to assess the situation mentally. I didn’t dare touch Velor’s mind though. So far, everyone who’d had experience with mind control sensed it the moment I touched their minds, and I’d rather Velor didn’t know we were there just yet.


Rounding the corner I spotted, not four, but five people. I hadn’t miscalculated though, there were definitely only four active minds here.

My parents were on the side, my dad looking positively pissed and my mom looking at a loss for what to do.

Velor was near a weird rock platform from which the fifth person was levitating.

“You took it away, you can give it back.” Velor told the weapon. His dark voice reached me and I cringed as I remembered the first time I’d ever met him, when I was just a kid.

“This is ridiculous! You can’t bring her back!” Simon protested. Velor glared in his direction.

“Shut it.”


I sneaked a closer look at the fifth person, only to realize she looked a whole lot like Carla. She had the same flashy green hair, but…sure this person had pale skin, but it wasn’t vampire skin. She was a natural. Hadn’t I been told Velor’s wife was a vampire?

And since when did we have a dead body floating on a stone platform in our attic!?


Suddenly without hesitation, almost on instinct, Velor pulled out a gun I hadn’t noticed from his belt, pointed it at us and fired it.

I froze in shock at the rapidness of his action, and I began to realize he’d aimed for me.


Time stretched on as I imagined the bullet coming towards me and I had a fraction of a second to think: Looks like the amulet doesn’t work…

Just like that, in a matter of seconds, I was going to die.


There was a flash of orange and a loud clang as the bullet ricocheted off Kyxa’s sword and sped through a nearby wall.

I placed my hand over my chest, feeling my heart thumping loudly. I took in a breath as my legs threatened to let go underneath me. I nearly slapped myself. This wasn’t the time to start feeling weak!


Velor sighed. “Can’t you all wait for your turn?” He said in annoyance, but you could see a smirk creeping up his face.

The hand over my chest became a fist. Outnumbered like he is, he can still act so confident?


Kyxa leapt forwards, her form gracefully twisted to pull back her sword to strike at Velor with her sword. In that moment, when her feet left the ground and her wings lifted her up higher than most of us could jump, with the most serious face I’d ever seen her wear, she was beautiful and strong.


Velor smirked at her, but when his smirk dissolved it became clear he’d realized he wasn’t capable of controlling her, yet to everyone’s disappointment he managed to leap out of the way just as Kyxa’s sword swung down.


As Velor continued to avoid Kyxa’s furious attacks, the Weapon was still following his last orders. Her hands were hovering over the woman’s body, almost unsure of what to do first. Both dad and Rehal rushed forwards at the same time to get the Weapon away from Velor, but Rehal got there first.

Velor, however, was adamant on not losing the weapon again, he dodged another of Kyxa’s swings and struck her legs with the gun making her temporarily fall to her knees.


He swirled around and roughly grabbed Rehal by the throat.

“I didn’t expect to have the joy of killing you so soon Rehal.” He snarled. Rehal struggled uselessly against his grip.

I took a step forward, ready to mentally attack Velor when Kyxa gave me a sign not to as she got back to her feet. She wanted to see if she could beat him on her own.


Kyxa stepped forwards and brought her sword down, with the full intention of cutting Velor’s arm off.

I was on my toes hoping it would cut through.


With a scowl Velor leapt back, letting Rehal go. The vampire in question slumped to the floor grasping his throat as the air went back in.

“You’re starting to annoy me brat.” Velor said, glaring at Kyxa.

“That’s good to know.” Kyxa said before charging at him again.


I wasn’t going to interfere with Kyxa’s fight, not unless she needed me, so I focused my attention on the weapon. I willed it to get away from the group and head towards me just as my father decided to get closer to Carla’s mom.

She’d died years ago, her body should’ve already decomposed, was that stone somehow preserving her?


Out of nowhere, Rehal leapt to his feet with a newly found energy and took Velor’s place in fighting Kyxa. It took me a few seconds to realize Velor had controlled him to do so.

Luckily Kyxa dodged his attack in time. As she did, I realized I’d been two seconds from running to her.


Velor had decided dad was a more interesting target. He shot him quickly without aiming, only grazing my father in the side since he’d tried to jump away. The graze was still enough to send him stumbling onto the wall.

“Simon!” Mom exclaimed as she rushed to his side.

“Know your place.” Velor snarled at Simon. I clenched my teeth, screw this I’m fighting Velor too.


Then, as if the room wasn’t crowded enough, a blinding white light burst beside the Weapon.


Once the light disappeared, in its place were three other troublesome people.

Still alive?” She asked me, raising her eyebrows. The frustration and the rage boiled up, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go. She was right next to the Weapon, all I needed to do was control it.

As I entered the Weapon’s mind, Assaria’s mind joined in. But this time I was confident I could push her back. I’d trained even more, and my lack of hearing in my right ear had made me more attuned mentally.

The witch, however, had no intention of battling with me for the control of the Weapon.


Now, now James.” She said, pulling out the book. The book from which I could sense my child’s mind.

I instantly drew back from the Weapon, knowing all too well what kind of threat the witch was making. And I doubted she wasn’t ready to carry it out.


But then, unexpectedly, Mariposa decided to take a wild swing at the back of Assaria’s head, with Velor smirking in the background. And as Assaria growled, more from anger than actual pain, Kyxa cut Rehal out of the way, just as he was finally let go from Velor’s control.


Beyond surprisde, Anna reached out and pulled her daughter who was raging on Velor’s behalf away and Kyxa took off charging for Velor again, hoping to finally strike him down.


But there was only one thing I could look at as Assaria slapped Mariposa. “You stupid girl.” She spat in her face.


My hands reached out and caught the book, a feeling of victory washing over me. The witch couldn’t use it as an excuse anymore.

A vicious growl was torn out of Velor, and I looked up surprised and pleased. Kyxa had managed to cut him on the arm, but the anger Velor had, somehow made him stronger.

He lashed out and threw Kyxa into the wall.


She hit the wall with a painful yelp, and my heart constricted in my chest as I saw her whole body droop, bringing her to the floor.

Velor had knocked her hard enough to make her pass out.


My hands were started to tremble slightly from my frustration as Anna turned on Assaria.

“Don’t you dare do that again!” She yelled, beyond pissed at the fact that Assaria had dared to hurt her daughter.

This is neither the time or place fool.”

Velor decided to take opportunity of the distraction and call the Weapon over.


Assaria was quick to react and sense this however. She turned to face him sending out a mental attack and forcing him to let go of the Weapon to defend against her.


I didn’t care much for their fight. My eyes kept going back forth between Kyxa’s limp body, and my father’s blood on my mother’s hands. Velor. I didn’t hate you that much before, but now you’re almost on the same level as Assaria.


It wasn’t by much, but Assaria was stronger than Velor and they both knew this. With blood dripping from the cut he’d received, Velor brought his gun up and shot at the witch.

It was clearly a cowardly move, but apparently Assaria had been preparing to do the same with a spell. Just as she saw Velor lifting her gun, she rapidly changed her spell to slow the bullet as it came rushing towards her.

With a smirk, she made it turn around and speed towards Velor.


But Velor controlled Rehal, making the poor man take the bullet for him.


They were done playing. I reached out in a strong attack against both of their powerful minds, fueling my attack with the hatred I had for the both of them.


As I had them temporarily paralyzed in surprise, Anna took the chance to try and reach for the Weapon, but her movements were involuntarily stopped.


Carla had arrived on the scene, slightly breathless, and stopped Anna with her mind control.


But I could care less about her arrival, my attention was completely focused on the two minds I’d decided to spontaneously attack. I’d originally had trouble against one of these two, but here I was challenging both their minds. Needless to say, the blood was already starting to pound harshly in my head as they burst out laughing.

I admit you’re strong James, but not that strong.

“I’ll give you five more seconds to try to beat me.”

I didn’t care for the taunts, or for the fact that my vision was blurring at the edges, all I saw were their nasty smirks as I assaulted their minds at the same time. I could feel their strong walls, but I could feel their cracks too for the first time, and as I felt them I eagerly attacked them willing them to burst open.


I felt another mind join in and I realized my mother had decided to join the battle. Her power did practically nothing to help, but, maybe it was that or maybe they’d finally realized their shields weren’t as flawless as they’d believed, her arrival made their smirks fall off their faces.

They finally looked like they were actually concentrating to fight me back. I unconsciously sniffed as a small bead of blood dripped from my nose as I gave them a satisfied smirk.


Assaria reached her limit and just before I ripped one of her cracks open, she muttered a spell and threw it in my mother’s direction.

Before I could think to react, my father had leapt out of nowhere and taken the blow, getting himself more injured that he already was.


This time, he finally fell, unable to hold himself up anymore.

“Simon, you idiot, what did you do!?” My mom exclaimed in panic as tears prickled her eyes. She knelt down with him, hoping just as I was that he wasn’t near death.

I needed to finish this now and get dad to a hospital and make sure Kyxa was okay.


I attacked them both with a huge attack fueled solely by my emotions as the blood continued to pound painfully against my temples. My headache was starting to make me dizzy and I was having trouble keep a straight head on.

The two recoiled in shock as I, finally, cracked their minds open.

Feeling a little out of it, I dizzily smirked at them. Their brains were mine to control now. No more shooting bullets or spells.


But two annoying fairies, both who were mere strangers to me now, grabbed Anna from behind and used their irritating teleportation powers to retreat from the scene.

The blinding light made me lose complete control over the minds I spent too much trying to overcome.


When my eyes finally adjusted back to normal, Velor had gone and done something stupid.

Kyxa had started to regain consciousness when Velor had suddenly decided to point a gun at her head.


He was testing my limits wasn’t he? Because right now, if I could, I’d kill him without taking a second to think it over.


“Alright James, let’s be reasonable about this.” Velor said, looking finally more irritated than amused.

But I was too angry and my head was hurting too much to care about being reasonable.

I felt Carla’s weak mind try to join in and help Velor. I wanted to laugh out loud. I beat her when I was a kid and she thinks she can stand up to me now?


In an instant, I’d cracked open her mind and overloaded it, something I didn’t know I could do till now, to the point where she passed out.


I turned back to Velor and went back to viciously attacking his mind. He resisted, oh he really tried, but I’d cracked his mind once and I could do it again, even if I felt a lot more weak mentally right now. I burst through his mental shield and grasped his mind.


At that point, the headache had become much worse. Whatever I could’ve heard from my left ear was replaced by an intense throbbing and I sniffed as blood continued to drip out of my nose.

To keep my concentration I had to do something I hadn’t done in years. I had to lift my hand in Velor’s direction to focus my concentration.

Velor realized this and an opportunistic smirk threatened to spread across his face. I wasn’t going to let it get any further, I made him pull up his gun.


And point it at his own head.

He smirked anyways. “You think you can actually kill me?”

He laughed, but I could see he was scared. He could see I was going to kill him. His other hand was curled in a tight fist as his other was inches away from the pulling the trigger.


This…coward who was only happy when he was preying on the weak…it was about time this bastard was taken down. He shot dad, knocked out Kyxa and actually used Rehal as a human shield…I hope he hadn’t expected to walk scott free.

I managed to give him the middle finger, fighting against the dizzying blackness that was giving me tunnel vision, and I made him pull the trigger.




Did I get him? I got him right? He’s dead right? The blood trickling to the floor…the pain…

It’s because he shot himself right?


Why then does he have that stupid smirk on his face? Why then do I feel like I’m the one in pain? When he should be on the floor lying in a puddle of his own blood?


My knees collided painfully with the floor and I fell down. I didn’t have the mental energy to force myself back up, and the pain in my leg wouldn’t allow me to anyway.

My vision was getting smaller and smaller, but I clearly saw how Velor had outsmarted me. I’d forgotten about the Weapon. But I was too exhausted to care. I felt like someone had ripped my brain open and poked it with a red hot iron.

I wanted to laugh and I wanted to cry, but I was too exhausted to do either. Who knew a mental fight could take so much out of you?


As I lay there, exhausted, bleeding out from my leg, about to pass out with a strange feeling of both defeat and victory, an unexpected thought passed through my head.

I’ve tripped again Kyxa. When I open my eyes…will I see your laughing face once more?


I think I just died.

HARDEST CHAPTER SO FAR. I’m never having so many sims in such a cramped place again.

Common question you may ask yourself: Why did Velor have a gun in the first place?

In this situation, you could call that practical. Velor can control one person at a time, and that slot is mainly going to be taken by the Weapon. The gun was in case he got overwhelmed/outnumbered which he obviously did.

Also, this is legitimately James’ first reaction when them three appeared.

 james first reaction

Look at him, he’s just so tired of all this bullsh*t.

Lastly a small reminder, those three got there by teleporting, something fairies can do. I talked about it more in the first generation, then I sort of stopped…but now it’s come back!


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  1. Oh god, so much drama in such a small space. This must have been such a difficult chapter to write and take photos for. Well done. It was a great chapter.
    Interesting notes here: the weapon can touch someone without draining them; the weapon is stronger than a vampire (hence her ability to move Velor’s arm while it is being controlled by James); and James does have a limit currently but what an amazing high limit (I bet if he continues to practice it would go even higher).

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    • blamsart says:

      Thanks! It was pretty damn challenging.

      *instant clapping* You’re very perceptive! All these things are true. The Weapon is a curious creature, sometimes I wonder if its really a bunch of natural scientists who created her.
      Oh yes, James continues to impress me. His power expands beyond anything any other vampire has ever had! Of course he’s going to have to slow down a bit XD
      Thanks for the comments 😀


  2. ivaneluna says:

    Now to catch up… I’m so frickin’ behind. This was… intense. O_o


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