7.40 – Chasing after a shadow

Result: Assaria

ScreenshotAssaria’s POV

“It was all for nothing! We didn’t even get the Weapon, and I’m really getting annoyed with your methods! We’re not getting anywhere!”

Should I kill her now? Look at her standing there, lecturing me. Who exactly does she think she is? Suddenly me slapping her stupid fairy spawn gave her a burst of confidence?

Sometimes I really wonder why I let these two tag along, only to remind myself of their utility. Teleporting is extremely useful, and if one of them dies, I still have the other.

“We need a real plan that has actual chances of working. It’s going to be hard now to get it back if James has it.” The annoying fairy continued to criticise. She hasn’t changed much from when she was guarding the white-eyed Tarnowak. Still a hot-headed brat.

Well tell me then what your great masterplan is.” I said, opening the door up for her.

She looked slightly surprised. “Well…we never actually tried using reason to get them on our side.”

I rolled my eyes.


No. Even though I’ve lost the book, I still have a card I can play against that boy.” I said.

The white-winged fairy’s lips pursed as they always did when I mentioned the baby book. She’s made it obvious she’s quite aware she’s not working with the ‘good’ side, but she’s still can’t shake that natural goody trait.

We will pay him a visit soon enough. Until then you will stop making sound and leave me be.

The fairy gave in and motioned for her little offspring to follow her.

Light the fire place before you leave.” I demanded. The autumn air was getting a little too chilly for me.


The pink fairy bent down and did as I asked. Sometimes I pity this child. She’s just like a lost puppy. She follows her mother around because she doesn’t know what she wishes to do. When I slapped her, she didn’t seem to care. Would she start caring if she was kicked? Burned? Pushed? I wonder what the limit to her nonchalant attitude is?


The fire burst to life and she quickly left the living room, leaving me alone to delve into my thoughts. An activity that proved to be dangerous from time to time.

I hadn’t expected such an exponential growth from that Whitelight boy. He became stronger in too small a time frame. He’s already become stronger than me. Is it fear I feel? Do I truly fear someone? Or is it the excitement of finding someone stronger, at finally proving you wrong Damien?

I’d make you into the strongest witch there ever was.

I sighed. James wasn’t a witch, so I suppose you’re still right.

It’s a troublesome thing. He seems to be determined to take the Weapon for his own. Why? What would a Whitelight want with the Weapon. Apart from just plain preventing anyone from having it. It’s very annoying.

At the very least, Whitelights tend to have a soft spot for family. Even if that boy has his kid back, he won’t be able to hold an actual baby without my help. The spell I copied from Rosahelminthe allows only the castor to undo the spell. If all goes well, I should have the Weapon in my hands by tomorrow night. If the opportunity arises…killing him would be quite advantageous as well. He’s evolving a little too much for my taste.


I don’t remember how it went in your story. It was lifetimes ago that you told me every detail of this world. I’ve long since forgotten most of them. I don’t remember how your story ends, I don’t even know if it ends. Did you give an end to your world?

If there is, you’ve damned me to see it. What were you thinking? Giving me eternal life. I never asked for it. Did you think I wanted to live in this stupid world of yours?

I hated you for doing this to me. So I set about trying to ruin this world. I decided to try and destroy the story you’d told me about. And there was one thing I clearly remembered. You kept talking about a Weapon. A young girl who would be extremely important. So I decided to stop her creation. I kept thinking: If I prevented that, your story would be ruined and you’d be forced to come down here from whatever perch you were watching from. You’d be forced out of hiding and I could finally yell at you.

I ran after that white-eyed to kill him, and I almost succeeded. But…


A reckless red head challenged me. Rosahelminthe…I doubt I’ll ever forget her. I’d been assigning families to help me search for that sneaky Tarnowak, and she was the daughter of one of those powerful families. I didn’t think much of her at first. I was disappointed that she hadn’t been able to kill the white-eyed on her own, but it wasn’t much problem. Controlling her to kill him was entirely doable.

But then she came to me, in the graveyard I was staying at to curse your name, and she pulled out her wand with the intention of actually going against me!

There was something about her…that was the first time I finally saw you again Damien. Almost as if you were this witch’s shadow. Following her around and watching over her. I realized then exactly who she was. In your story, there was a family you would continuously talk about. You called them your ‘Chosen creators’. These people would help move the world forward. Without them, the world would end.

She wore her title well, she managed to imprison me in a book.


It was almost a relief to be trapped in between thin pages. It was almost like you were scolding me for trying to change your story.

I’d remembered then, the part of your story that you considered to be the true beginning. There was an evil in that story, an evil that was vanquished and imprisoned in a book. That’s when I asked myself: Am I the evil in your story? Did you plan it out this way? Did you wish for me to fill the shoes of a bad guy?

It only helped to hate you even more. But all I could do was fume in the confines of my leathery prison.


That is until one of Rosahelminthe’s spawns was stupid enough to pick me up. She didn’t give me the same feeling as her mother had, I didn’t feel you watching over her. Because of that, I thought I’d hallucinated it before. I grabbed the opportunity, thinking that there might be a way to free me from my prison. Using the right potion I could be reincarnated as her child, and since she was a white-eyed desperate to be freed of her burden, she was easy to manipulate.

It didn’t work unfortunately. I was still stuck in the book, and my only company was this ignorant white-eyed. I tried to get her to suicide once, just for the heck of it, but it never worked out. I admit, I eventually came to tolerate her company over the years. But, do not get me wrong, I was not saddened by the death of this white-eyed.

I thought I would get some alone time after that, but another one of those naïve Whitelights decided to pick me up.


His name was Cain. My meeting with him was short, but I must say it was pleasurable. The moment he wrote on my pages, I knew instantly he was Rosahelminthe’s descendant. He had a way about him that reminded me of her, and more importantly of you. If I hadn’t gotten that shiver, that feeling that you were right there next to him, I wouldn’t have responded to his plea for revenge.


I’m rather glad I did.

It felt good to possess someone, to finally walk and move around. Being trapped in that book for so long had worn me out. He even gave me the opportunity to spill some blood. I wish I could thank him, but the good man probably wouldn’t take it very well.


It also gave me the opportunity to meet with that troubling child. A white-haired white-eyed radiating magic. It was the first time I’d ever encountered such a thing. It is completely normal for a white-eyed to have magic, but to have it using it…Definitely abnormal.

I thought this toddler was the Weapon at first. She fit the profile. White hair, clearly a white-eyed descendant, and a non-supernatural magic user. But I didn’t get to examine her further, the little kid teleported me away.

I never knew what happened to that white-haired child since the frightened Cain locked me up in my room again. I know now that she isn’t the Weapon, but I feel there might be a connection between the two.

That mysterious child is dead now however, bringing her mystery along with her. I wish I could remember more clearly how the Weapon was created. It is much too powerful for just a bunch of natural scientists to have created…


I sighed. There have gone my thoughts again.

Tomorrow I will kill James. I couldn’t care less that your shadow is following him around, I will kill him because you prefer to follow his blood rather than mine. And when I do, I’ll have the Weapon destroy the very core of your world. The very thing that was missing from ours. And then, you will appear before me with your scolding face on. I’ll kill you or hug you, or maybe even both.

Either way, our reunion is long overdue.


Okay, so this chapter took a turn towards a summary…but I guess it can’t be helped when it comes to Assaria.

Alright, next up Arc 7!

How many Arcs in total you ask?

I actually don’t know…but I’ll keep you guys updated! This generation will end at some point. I guarantee it.

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8 Responses to 7.40 – Chasing after a shadow

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Ho-leee Crap!!! I go away for a few days (read I was holed up in front of my PC with TS4) and all hell breaks loose… First the whole fight scene (didn’t comment there I don’t think, oops sorry) and now Assaria finally deciding once and for all to kill James… Bitch better lay off my boi cuz I’ll bust out some South African Ghetto moves and kick her ass!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Lol! I was starting t wonder where you’d went… (I’ve gotten used to getting your comments XD)
      Yeah, I think you can really accurately say hell broke loose. Anyone who was anyone (except William) was there in that WAY too small room.
      Good to know James’ has a bodyguard!


  2. James has gone through so much! Assaria, Velor, or anyone else better not touch a hair on his head!


  3. *Mpart* says:

    Poor James. As much as I hate Assaria, she is really growing on me. She’s a great villain.

    Liked by 1 person

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