7.42 – Go back five spaces

ScreenshotJames’ POV

Once William and Aliska had left I walked over to Kyxa, asking her if she was okay with a worried questioning look and a thumbs up.

She nodded. “I’m fine. But we’re going to need to put the Weapon somewhere that’s a bit less in the open from now on. I know that’s your sister and your uncle, but that man is up to no good.”

I nodded in agreement.

She looked away in silence for a bit. “James, it’s doable you know. We can hide away with the Weapon. They won’t find us. I just want a break from all this James.”


She really did look like she needed it, but…stopping now? It’s not something I can see happening.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her, she looked too hopeful. And it actually made her look really cute.

So instead of answering, I leaned in and kissed her.


A bit irritated Kyxa pulled away.

“James you’re avoiding the subject!”

I tried to give her an innocent smile to worm myself out of it, but her expression only grew more angered.


She let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m going to get myself something to eat.” She declared before leaving the room.

I inhaled deeply.

Way to go James, now she’s mad at you. But wouldn’t she have been mad either way really?


I slumped on the bed, pulling out the children’s book and setting it beside me.

I’d already completely forgotten that the Weapon was in the room. Silent as she was, she melted into the background easily.

How is this going to play out? I want Kyxa to be happy, but I really need to finish this. Can’t she hold out with me for a little while longer?


I looked at the book.

What do you think kid? Should your dad stop chasing after the witch that put you in there? No? Well that’s exactly what I was thinking. As if I could let her get away with it.

My brow creased a bit in worry. I’m going to need to find a way to get you out, but I don’t have a single idea on how to go about it…But don’t worry, your dad’s gonna end up finding a way.

A bright white light suddenly invaded the room, and I jumped to my feet, already guessing who it might be.


As expected, Assaria, Mariposa and Anna had appeared. Damn it, why does my power have to be off right now? It would be the perfect occasion to get rid of her, especially since she purposefully came to me.

Finally. I thought that fairy would never leave.


She held up her hands and I took a step back thinking she was going to throw a spell. I fought the wince threatening to appear due to the weight I was applying to my leg. Showing weakness around these guys was a bad idea.

Now let’s not do anything stupid. I’ve come to make a deal.” She declared.

She wants to make a deal? A smirk crawled up my face. She was actually scared of me. She knew I could beat her now. I might be able to bluff my way through this.


She took my lack of mentally attacking her as a sign to lay the deal on the table.

I understand you have something we want and I have something you want. We want the Weapon and you want your child.

I frowned, I already have my kid.

You may not have realized it, but the spell I made can only be undone by me. Your shrimp will stay in that book forever if I don’t do something about it.

Straight off the bat I wanted to deny it. It couldn’t be the only way! But this was the same spell that had bound the witch in a book, and we’d only been able to free her using my blood and my ancestor’s wand. The witch had no descendants and the wand she’d used, were her hands. She was most likely my only chance. I glanced at the book on the bed.

Can I really do this though, give the weapon over to her to let the kid out? It can’t be the only solution can it?


How peculiar…” Assaria said, sending worrying chills down my spine. “You’re rather controlled today. I would’ve expected you to attack me already. Especially when you’ve gotten the handle on me once before.

So much for bluffing my way through this. My hands tightened into fists. I have no way to protect myself or the Weapon! Why did Kyxa leave me alone with it then!?

Probably because I haven’t told anyone about my power being off yet. Damn it!

Seconds after she’d said those first few words I felt her mind testing my boundaries. I had no defenses whatsoever and she knew it.

Interesting development. Mariposa dear, go get the Weapon.” Assaria commanded.

Our eyes met, but there was no emotion in Mariposa’s. I glared at her, almost daring her to do as she was told.


Mariposa turned and headed for the Weapon, and I took a step forwards with the full intention of stopping her. I may not have my powers right now, but I can maybe stall them long enough until at least Kyxa comes back.

But then Assaria’s mind invaded mine and took control. I couldn’t defend, I couldn’t fight back, I was at her mercy. I couldn’t do a goddamn thing and that made me madder than I could ever remember feeling.

Now, now James. I think you’d rather do something else. How about you give me back the book, hm?” Assaria said with a nasty smile.

There was nothing I could do. My hand involuntarily reached out and grabbed the book. I’m sorry kid.


I clenched my teeth as I dropped the book into the witch’s hands. Mariposa was already preparing to teleport away with the Weapon as I did so.

Just like that, I’d lost the two things I’d worked so hard to get. So what? My dad got shot for nothing?

I’m right back where I started, no hell I’m five steps behind where I originally started.


The witch burst out laughing in sadistic joy as she saw my frustration.

I’m feeling a bit ashamed to have even been wary of coming here!” She exclaimed. I continued to glare at her, not wanting to give her any satisfaction. I don’t care if she’s a woman, she’s lucky she’s holding me down with her mind control or else I would’ve punched that smile off her face already.


It’d be a shame to waste such a beautiful opportunity.” She said smirking as an evil glint appeared in her eyes.

That’s when I knew what she had in mind, and it made absolute sense for her to think this way. After all, if I’d just discovered my enemy was powerless against me, I wouldn’t want to waste the opportunity to do a bit of killing.

“Hey what are you going to do?” Anna uselessly asked.


I should’ve been at least a little bit scared as magic started to seep from her hands, but for some reason I wasn’t. I’ve had too many near death experiences so far, maybe I’ve become numb to them…

However, I kept thinking one thing as she gave me a satisfied smirk: Enjoy it while you can. When I’ll get my powers back, and I will, you’ll have wished you ran with your tail between your legs long ago.

I had the weird feeling that, even if she was seconds from shooting me with her spell and stopping my heart in its tracks, I wasn’t going to die like this. It was a little too simple for her and a little too pathetic for me. After so much work…this isn’t how I’m going to go down. That much, I’m certain of.


Almost on cue, the door swung upon letting two intruders step inside. Assaria dropped the spell and I felt her control over me lessen slightly.

I tried fighting against her again, but the throbbing in my head simply came back.


Alec and some nurse had entered the room. And Alec had a weird goofy smile on. Our eyes met and he gestured at the nurse with a ‘check what I discovered’ expression.

Alec’s Alecness made the tension in the room ease up a little. My brother sometimes…

“Excuse me, but I’m going to have to ask you to step out.” The blond nurse said, directly defying Assaria. I raised my eyebrows in slight surprise. Sometimes I forget not everyone knows about Assaria.


What are you saying shrimp?” Assaria demanded to know.

“This is a hospital, and Legacy Island II’s hospital. You chose the absolute worst one to test out your powers. We do not tolerate magic usage here.” Nurse said, not backing out the slightest bit.


“Let’s just leave.” Anna pressured, reaching out to touch Assaria’s arm. The witch pushed her away.

I will not be told what to do by a natural. If I wish to do magic I will.

“We have drugs that can block your powers Mrs.Witch. They can be inhaled, ingested, or vaccinated. It’s your choice. The moment you release your spell an anti-magic gas is let out. I’m just here to give you a friendly warning.” The nurse explained with the same composure. Was this true? Was there really something like that?

With a narrowed glare, Assaria roughly grabbed Anna’s arm and the two teleported away. I could barely believe my eyes. Had Assaria really just been chased away by a natural? Well I guess since she already had the weapon and the book…


The nurse turned sweet almost instantly.

“Are you alright?” She asked me, and I nodded in response. “Good, we’ve getting a lot of supernatural trouble makers lately, but don’t worry the hospital is well guarded. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a few patients to take care of.”


Alec watched her go, almost swooning against the door frame as the nurse walked away.

Leave it to Alec to do stuff like this when two of his family members got sent to the hospital. Wasn’t he with Rosy? Not that she was that happy with the arrangement.


The door slammed shut and Alec turned to me.

“Did ya see that? Did ya? This is how we do it.” He declared.

I raised my eyebrows. ‘Do what?’ I signed.


Alec sighed.

“My poor blind brother. Didn’t you see how she was all over me?”

‘Looked more like the other way around.’ I signed at him, but he decided to ignore it.


“Man, I was just strolling down the corridor, and boom! I saw her placing some stuff on the shelves so I followed her around to talk to her, but the opportunity never really came up….”

‘You stalked her around the hospital?’

“I finally smooth talked her near the vending machine, but then your little fiasco made her rush over. But it’s okay, I don’t blame you. I have the skills to catch her heart.”


I tapped his arm, nodding as if I actually believed in him.

“Yeah, don’t make that face James. I can tell you don’t believe me. But I’m telling you, she’s my future wife.”

I continued to nod. Sure Alec, sure.

A large amount of commotion outside caught both of our attentions.

“Hey did I just hear a cop?” Alec asked more to himself than me as he turned around. “Let’s check it out.” He said as he left the room.


The door clacked shut, and the sound reverberated inside the now practically empty room. For some reason, I didn’t immediately follow my younger brother. Instead, I stood still for a few more seconds, a strange sadness falling over me.

The Weapon and my kid weren’t here anymore. In just a few moments they’d been taken away. Again.

Before I let myself delve too deep into this depressing feeling, I headed for the door.


“Don’t crowd in the corridors folks! Make way!” A cop called from the other end of the corridor as I stepped out.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“What are you doing!? Let her go!” Nix protested.


Mom was being brought down the corridor, her hands behind her back, by the cop.

“There’s nothing to see here, just go back to your rooms!” The cop uselessly said.

There’s no way this can be true. Of all people, mom is the least likely to get arrested!

“James.” Alec grabbed my arm. “James you have to do something!”

What the hell happened?


Alec has mysteriously become comedy relief. Sorry bud *pats on head*.

Autonomous action of the day folks:

 james bitchslap

It’s one of those, What-are-you-doing-yet-i-actually-don’t-really-mind-that-much-carry-on-beautiful-heir.

 bitch get out

You don’t mess with The James.

James: tumblr_m53h0vNCxf1r94hq5

Assaria : YOU FOOL-

talk to the hand

James : tumblr_ljiq8rlwir1qebc34o1_500

I’m having a little too much fun with this. And yet even as I write this, another picture has been taken because this chapter was just full of bloopers.

tough love

Yeesh James only likes the tough ones.

Alec: This is not okay. He is invading my love life!

What love life?

And really James?! What about Kyxa? Tut tut

Anywho, this is serious stuff people. Zyla just got arrested!

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