7.43 – Life magic

Warning : TMI

ScreenshotJames’ POV

I watched the cop carry my mother away. The fact that she wasn’t looking at any of us made it seem all the more worse. What had she done?

The moment they disappeared around the corner, Alec turned on me.

“Why didn’t you do anything James!? You’re way more powerful than me, you could’ve stopped the cop and made him release mom!” Alec raged.


Instead of responding to my brother I turned to Nix who looked like she knew a whole lot more than we did.

‘What happened?’ I signed at her.

“Mom…mom strangled that magenta-haired vampire.” Nix replied, looking like she was in obvious shock.

“That’s not possible! Mom couldn’t hurt a fly Nix and you know it.” Alec countered.


“It’s true Alec! She suddenly got up and left the room so I followed her. And she went into that vampire’s room who came with you guys James, and suddenly…She just grabbed his throat and squeezed! I saw mom strangle him!” Nix countered, looking obviously dismayed. “And she looked so…she had a smirk on her face…I don’t think that was really mom but…”


‘I think mom was controlled.’ I signed, stepping towards my sister. It was the only logical solution. Mom would not only never strangle someone, but she wouldn’t kill one of her old friends! It made sense that either Assaria or Velor had controlled her to kill Rehal.

Considering their relationships, I’m assuming that person is Velor. He’s the only one of the two who actually hates Rehal. Which meant he-


Alec grabbed my arm to turn me around.

“Dude your ear really needs to be fixed. I’ve been asking you, why didn’t you do anything?” Alec asked.

“Yeah James, you could’ve stopped them so we could clear up this mess.” Nix said from behind me, but I didn’t hear it well.

“It’s okay, we’ve still a got a chance before they get to the police car.” Alec suddenly said with a hopeful face. He grabbed my arm, ready to drag me down the corridor.

“Yes, that’s a great idea!” Nix chipped in, already placing her hands to push me away.

I had enough of these two!


I pushed them both away at the same time, glaring at them to stay calm. They both cast me confused looks and I took in a breath.

‘I can’t use my power right now.’ I signed at them, and their faces fell.


“You should’ve said so earlier James!” Alec exclaimed. I sighed. “But hey we might still have time. When I was walking with Bianca, the nurse, I met this old woman. She’s some sort of specialist in magic that helps out the patients here, she could probably fix you up in no time! Come on!”

Alec said, Nix nodding vigorously as he talked.

“Go, hurry!” Nix urged, and this time I let myself be dragged and pushed. Getting my powers back right now would be ideal. Velor is close, he has to be to be able to control mom. The fact that I can’t sense where he is or defend my family is frustrating. Why now of all times? The moment I don’t have my power, my two enemies come to my doorstep strutting their stuff.

I followed Alec down the hospital’s white corridors, until we bumped into Kyxa.


“James’ girlfriend!” Alec exclaimed. “Awesome come with us too. We’re going to get James’ power back.”

Kyxa looked at me in alarm. “You don’t have your power?”

I looked away nervously. I feel like I’m being judged right now.

“Man you didn’t even tell her?” Alec commented unhelpfully. “Well whatever, let’s go.”

And with that Alec was speeding ahead, Kyxa and I following close behind.


We practically burst into the waiting room, disrupting an old woman reading a magazine.

“Hello ma’am, I brought a patient here for you to look over.” Alec immediately said, barely even giving the woman time to breathe.

Kyxa suddenly inhaled sharply. “Isabella!?” She asked, happiness and recognition clear on her face.

“Kyxa?” Isabella said, wearing the same face.


The two stepped forwards and hugged, the smiles clear on their faces.

Kyxa knew this woman? Now I was curious to know how.


There was a also that small detail of Isabella being a white-eyed! Now that’s a rare thing to see.


“She’s the one who took care of me when I was younger.” Kyxa explained.

“Yes, and you’ve grown up really well dear.” Isabella said.

“Touching reunion, but can we get things moving? I’d like you to take a look at this guy here and fix his power problem.” Alec said, vividly gesturing at me. He was still in a hurry thinking we could catch the police car before they took mom away. But at this point they’ve probably reached the police station.

Not that that could stop me if I had my powers. A proud smirk tried to spread itself across my face, but I pushed it away.


“Unfortunately little blue-haired boy, like I’ve told you many times, I cannot bring back a power. I can only give you a status on it. I’m not a miracle doctor after all. That would be Doctor Hans.” She said, finishing with a short chuckle as if we were supposed to understand her joke.

Well, I guess it wouldn’t have made sense for her to do so anyways. A white-eyed can’t do magic.

But now that I’ve seen a vampire white-eyed that phrase seems pretty contradictory.


“I’ll do my best to give you an estimate of your magic reserve boy.” Isabella said, giving me a smile. “Is your power on a mental or physical level?”

“Mental.” Kyxa replied.

Isabella nodded and she reached out to touch my head. For a few awkward seconds, her hands were exploring the top of my head. It took a lot to not step away.


Finally, she stopped and looked directly into my eyes.

“Boy, your magic power has been depleted.” Well that much is obvious, but why does she have such a solemn face on? “For you to completely understand, for all of you, I have a little lesson to teach you guys.”

Alec sighed and picked one of the couches to flop on.

“Every human being has a sort of magical gauge. A tank that can grow and shrink just like a muscle. There is a line that separates this tank in half for supernaturals. The upper part is the magic they use in their everyday life. The bottom part is their life magic. All naturals have a smaller tank than supernatuarls and only have life magic. Life magic is what lets you be in this world, what lets you breathe and exist. It must never be used, ever.”


“Now this isn’t wildly known, because this practice is fairly new. The practice of judging someone’s magic tank. It’s only recently become essential with the slow downfall of the white-eyes. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. A lot of people are learning the importance of white-eyes these days. Back when there was only one white-eyed, one immortal white-eyed, supernaturals never had to be afraid of over-using their powers. Granted their bodies would get tired if they used too much magic at once, but their magic tank was always at its top condition. This was all thanks to that one white-eyed. White-eyes have a practically unlimited amount of magic. They never use it, instead it was used to supply the supernaturals on this planet with unlimited usable magic. But the current situation of the white-eyes is creating a shortage of usable magic for the supernaturals. Now supernaturals such as yourself, are pushing themselves past their magic limits and often end up using their life magic. The fact that you can’t use your magic is clear indication that you’ve reached that point. Your body is stopping you from draining your life magic.”

I could barely follow what she was saying. The only thing that kept going through my mind was : Am I doomed?


“But there’s no need to worry dear. Usable magic replenishes itself. The larger the magical tank the more time it takes, however, and I must say yours is quite large boy. I would say you’ll need around two months before your power is back at full strength. I highly recommend you don’t use it, even if it comes back before the end of those two months. You might end up damaging yourself.” Isabella finished.

“Two months of quarantine then.” Kyxa said with a smile.

Two months of waiting. Two months of Assaria with the Weapon and my kid. Two months of Velor roaming around. Two months of mom in jail.

I glanced at Kyxa.

Two months with Kyxa. Guess that means we’ll have the break she wanted after all.



In the end, Kyxa and I went back to Stonebridge. I had originally planned to stay with my family to watch mom go to court and then get sent to prison. There was after all nothing to plead her case with.

The thing that changed my mind was dad, in a way. While we were talking with dad about the situation with mom, Velor decided it’d be a fancy time to control him, and then he made my father laugh and taunt me starting with the phrase: A little bird told me your powers had died on you…

There was nothing I could do to stop him and I realized he was harassing my family because I was there. So Kyxa and I decided to leave, and sure enough Velor didn’t control anyone in my family after that.


The next two months were torturous.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it or anything. Actually it was really relaxing. My leg started to be easier to walk on when the leaves started to fall in abundance in preparation to winter, and I enjoyed raking the leaves.

The soft rustle of the trees, the slightly cold wind, and the peace of doing an activity alone was really nice. I freaked out the first time the dog decided to follow me outside (yeah Rocky kept coming around), but I got used to him pretty quickly. He’d just sit and watch me rake the leaves, or he’d watch the squirrels and the birds chittering up in the trees.

For a dog he’s not that bad.


Even though the place was old, there were weeds in the yard and the rooms were colorless, I saw what Kyxa liked about this place. It was isolated and peaceful. Though the rooms seemed dull, they had their own special charm. In the end, a room too brightly colored would’ve been tiresome on the eyes.


Sure the house is really nice, but the best part about it is, without a doubt, Kyxa. Every time I spend with her is a treat, and as each day passes by, I’m getting more and more certain that I love her. I love her cheery, her serious, her sad, her happy, her bossy, and her calm. I still have yet to find something I’m not happy with.

Those parts were the best. Spending time outside, with Kyxa, or exchanging emails with my family to keep myself updated (the only reason my siblings didn’t protest against me leaving was because I promised I’d get mom out of jail once my powers came back). They were too nice, I ended up getting lost in them too easily.

I’d be snapped back to reality when I’d hear news from outside.


Kyxa forbade me (not kidding) from going outside. She probably realized how impulsive I was, so she decided I’d stay at home until I was completely healed (probably also because Assaria most likely wanted to kill me, and in my state she wouldn’t have much trouble). She was the one who went into town to get food and supplies, and to catch up on what was going on outside.

Now that Assaria had the weapon, she set about using it. Two weeks after we’d left Legacy Island II and come back to Stonebridge, we received news of a nearby town being decimated. It made the headlines of nearly all the newspapers. A tourist had walked into town only to find everyone had suddenly collapsed unconscious. By the time the authorities came to check it out, some people were going into seizures and dying. Every single one of the inhabitants were naturals, when in several cases they had been recorded as being a supernatural once they’d been born.

Kyxa and I came to the conclusion the Weapon could somehow drain magical power, and Assaria was probably making it drain life energy as that old woman called it, resulting in the death of all those inhabitants.

It was horribly frustrating every time Kyxa came back with news like this. In the span of two months, three towns had been wiped out like this. On more than one occasion I tried to leave the house, claiming I was strong enough to defeat her now, but Kyxa usually hauled my ass back home.


Two months passed away slowly, but it was worth it. Even though three towns had been decimated, at the end of those two months I felt better and more powerful than I ever had before. My leg was healed, my right ear hadn’t healed yet, but my mind made up for it. It was sharp and clear.

It was like getting a new toy.

I couldn’t wait to try it out.


Damn, I’m trying really hard to put some pressure on their relationship so it’s not all happy and perfect, but these two make it really hard on me! I can feel the end of the generation creeping up on me…*looks behind nervously*

Anyway, this is what happens when I forget to press pause.

oopsie daisy

Isabella: Oopsie daisy…


RIP Rehal

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9 Responses to 7.43 – Life magic

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    So THAT’S why my Tarot readings haven’t been working lately?!? My Magick Tank is depleted! And my Life Magic is too busy fighting off this flu!

    Not sad Rehal kicked it! Although it sucks that Velor controlled Zyla! I can’t help but think that maybe if she had actually used her power and honed it like James did, that Velor wouldn’t have been able to do it (not that I agree with HOW James uses his abilities, but I do think its good and wise that he tested and increased them!)

    Brilliant chapter as always, Blams! The peaceful bits with KyJa are just precious, I can’t help but wise that James would marry Kyxa BEFORE they go off to fight The Big Bad! (10 points to anyone who understands that reference 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Lol, isabella’s theory applies to real life! No way! XD

      yeah well, poor Rehal got put out of his misery.
      Indeed if Zyla hadn’t been so hateful of her power, she probably wouldn’t be in jail.

      Thank you thank you *bows*
      I do not understand that reference.
      (if you can get that reference 500 points ;))


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Crap ;-( I’ve lost 500 points because: I do not understand that reference, Dean… Lol probably not the reference you were talking about but I just love Castiel from Supernatural so I had to add my own spin 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          *claps* *hands over 500points*
          You understood my reference, how marvelous!
          And, I have yet to meet someone who does not feel the same way about Castiel! He’s the best of those characters XD


          • magpie14031983 says:

            WOOT WOOT *pompoms and streamers and noise-makers*

            Yeah Cas is AWESOME! And so freaking cute too! Although Dean really just tweaks my lust-nerve! Plus that CAR!!! OMG!!! Did you see the old episode where after the show they rolled the “bloopers” with Jensen lipsynching to “eye of the tiger” while he was in the car? That’s like one of my favourite moments right there! Awesome song, awesome hottie and awesome car, what more could a girl ask for!

            Ok and for those who read MY reference and didn’t understand it but didn’t comment: Big Bad was the name that Buffy and the rest of the gang had for whichever apocolyptic demon/creature/evil was trying to end everything that season… And yes I am old enough to have watched Buffy th Vampire Slayer BEFORE they were re-runs! Heck I even saw the ORIGINAL movie just after it came out! Dear Goddess O_O I’m OLLLLD!!!!!

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              Did I see it? Of course I saw it! That blooper was hilarious! Yes Dean and Cas are my top favs as well! Cas and his innocent angel side XD

              OHHHH it came from Buffy! I remember that! I watched all the épisodes a while ago XD I have to say my favorites from Buffy was Xander and Spike. The whole thing took a weird turn in the last seasons though…
              Man, first time I meet a fellow Buffy fan that ain’t part of my family XD


  2. At least he hasn’t lost his powers and now he might be a bit more respectful of his using them for the small things, like a free meal, when he needs to reserve it for the big things, like winning this war.
    I agree with Magpie also, maybe if Zyla had honed and practiced her ability to control others she may not have been controlled.

    Liked by 1 person

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