7.46 – A ‘normal’ life

ScreenshotJames’ POV

Kyxa’s kicks collided with the large tree, making its branches shake and more snow fall to the ground. Ever since the encounter with Velor, she’d been training vigorously. She hated the fact that it had been so easy for him to dodge her attacks and to land one on her.

Winter had come late this year, and it still didn’t quite feel like winter. Even though there was snow on the ground, the air wasn’t as cold as the other years. I still put a coat on Xavier’s back just to make sure.

The cold didn’t really affect Kyxa and I. She, unsurprisingly, had a tattoo to ward off cold, and I, even if I can barely even be called that, am a vampire and vampires are resistant to cold to a certain degree.


I let out a small sigh as Xavier’s attention was pulled away from me and attached to Rocky again. Xavier was a really cute toddler. He may have inherited my hair and gotten random brown eyes, but he got most of his facial features from Jamie.

Xavier is a picky child. He eats just fine, but he can never quite decide what he wants to play with, in who’s arms he wants to be, or if he wants to go outside or not. And, it’s unbelievably hard to keep his attention in one spot.


Especially when his dad can’t speak and a much more interesting dog happen to walk by. I ruffled Xavier’s hair and his eyes snapped back to me instantly.

I smiled and he smiled back.


But then Rocky came back and put on a show for Xavier. It didn’t take very long for him to lose interest in me and turn back to the dog.

I put on a scowl. That dog is going to have to deal with me sooner or later.


I got up brushing the snow of my pants just as I heard a car door slam shut. I looked towards the noise and a smile forced itself on my mouth as I saw a mop of bright yellow hair.

The man grinned and gave a short wave as if it was totally natural for him to just drop by out of nowhere.


I walked down the steps, shaking my head at him. How long had it been since I’d last seen him? Over a year ago, but it looks like he changed a lot. He’s not the only one.


I walked over, not too sure how to greet him, but then he reached out and grabbed me into a hug.

Joshua was always a bit more touchy than I was comfortable with.


“James, damn it’s good to see you!” He exclaimed.

‘What are you doing here?’ I signed, unable to reflect the smile he was wearing.

“Dude. You didn’t actually expect me not to come visit when you send me an email saying you not only have a kid, but it’s also Jamie’s? I had to come meet this kid.” Joshua replied.


“There’s that, and also the fact that I’m passing through this town to get to Ridgevalley. I got myself a pretty high-up job in the business department in that town, one of the richest towns in the world.” He said, sounding mighty proud of himself. “And I might’ve gotten the job thanks to the fact that I’m dating the current boss’ daughter. Who knows really?”

I shook my head, letting out a chuckle.


“Now where’s the kid? Xavier’s his name right?” I nodded and gestured towards the front steps.

Joshua clapped his hands as he noticed my son and without another word he rushed over to meet him.


Kyxa flew over as Joshua climbed up the front steps.

“Who’s that?”

‘An old friend.’ I signed at her. There wasn’t really anything else to describe Joshua as.

She continued to eye Joshua suspiciously.


“Are you going to tell him about the prisoners in the basement?” Kyxa whispered in my ear. I frowned a bit, surprised by her question, but I shook my head. “Are we going to keep them there forever?”

Before I could answer, Joshua came back to us with Xavier in his arms.


“You must be Kyxa, the girlfriend he keeps yapping about.” Joshua said, greeting Kyxa.

“Does he now?” She said, giving me a warm smile.

“He sure does, to an annoying point really.” I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, I’m Joshua and I have to congratulate you for sticking around with this guy for so long. He’s quite the handful.” Joshua said in a serious tone.

I playfully shoved his shoulder as he burst out laughing.

“I’m just teasing. He’s pretty easy going. So when are you guys getting married?” Joshua asked with a smirk.


“Hopefully never.” Kyxa replied.

“Not the marrying type huh?”

“I don’t need official papers and a ring to let people know he’s stuck with me forever.” Kyxa replied. I let out a small chuckle and kissed the inside of her neck.

Joshua only smiled.



Joshua stayed for a few more minutes before he left to continue on his road to Ridgevalley, promising to see if he could visit from time to time. Kyxa took advantage of the leftover joy I’d had of seeing Joshua again to convince me to go into town. So far I’d stayed at home with Xavier, mostly under the pretense that I needed to watch over Assaria and the Weapon. Assaria may be powerless, but she was still rather clever. It’s not uncommon knowledge that the Weapon is unnaturally strong and with the right coaxing she could easily rip the prison bars open and escape.


I’m not a hermit, I do go outside from time to time. I can go pretty far from the house and still control Assaria and the Weapon if needed. I just tend to prefer staying at home, isolated and feeling pretty carefree. Plus, people tend to panic when they see a vampire waltzing around town in broad daylight. With a fairy carrying a big ass sword on her back no less.

But, today was one of those days where Kyxa managed to bring me out to the town square for a nice meal with Xavier.


“I’ll go get the food.” Kyxa said. “Wait for me here.”

She flew off, pulling out some money from her pockets. That’s something I don’t quite understand with Kyxa. If she let me go get the food, we could have it for free, but she insists on paying for little things like this with money she was earning by working part time at the library.


She loves working there, she says it feels good to have a normal job and not one where she kills people. She talks so much about a ‘normal’ life that sometimes I think she’s forgetting Velor is still out there.

Isn’t she the one who’d vowed to eliminate him?

I tickled Xavier making him laugh.

“Papa!” He laughed uselessly pushing at my hands.


I smiled as he called me ‘papa’. It always made me smile when he said that.

But then the happiness I felt looking at my son’s face, made place for a tinge of sadness as it usually did.


A ‘normal’ life…is hardly something I can offer him, Jamie’s son. He’s a witch, he hasn’t shown any sign of it yet, but both Kyxa and I can sense it. And as a witch he should have a chance at a ‘normal’ life.

As Jamie’s son I owe him that much. But isolated here with Kyxa and I isn’t a ‘normal’ life. It doesn’t matter how much Kyxa wants it to be. We just aren’t your average people.

Kyxa’s body is covered with magical tattoos giving her a lot more abilities than normal fairies. She’s spent her whole life doing odd jobs to find the one man who killed her parents. On top of that she carries a huge sword on her back when she leaves the house.

I’m a failed vampire who in return has huge mind control powers. I can control just about anyone and I’ve killed a group of vampires who wanted to do the same to me once.

To add the cherry on top, we’re living in a house that’s sitting on top of a makeshift prison. Inside there’s the Weapon, the most weird and strongest creature out there. To keep it company, there’s also an old immortal witch. She’s the one who killed Jamie and locked Xavier in a book.

How would you react Xavier, if I told you the woman who killed your mother was sleeping just two floors under you?


Maybe I should’ve killed her then. For some reason though, the idea doesn’t appeal to me. It’s not that I can’t do it. I’ve killed before, I bet I could do it again.

But somehow this situation is different. As if the fact that she wasn’t a random stranger who’d decided to show up on my doorstep to kill me just when I’d lost hearing in my right ear had something to do with it.


I sighed and turned around, expecting to see Kyxa waving us over. Weirdly enough I didn’t.

Thinking there might just be a long line inside the restaurant, I did a mental check. Since Kyxa was resistant to mind control, I could only check to see who’d seen her. However, I didn’t find one mind that had come in contact with Kyxa inside the restaurant.

On the other hand, I felt a few minds who had behind the building.


Walking closer to the minds, I realized one of them was holding a gun. This was bad, had Velor finally decided to make a move?

Either way, I wasn’t dumb enough to bring Xavier somewhere where there was a gun. I put him down on the ground and motioned for him to stay put. I wouldn’t be too long and I could keep tabs on him. The moment he felt distressed I’d know.


I speed walked towards the corner and as I felt the snow crunch under my feet I tried to make sense of the situation.

There were a total of three minds I could feel right behind the restaurant, including the one holding the gun. None of them were familiar and all of them felt hostile.


Turning the corner I finally spotted Kyxa. She was being held by two strong vampires. Vampires are stronger by nature, and these two already looked pretty buff so it’s no wonder Kyxa got caught. She looked frustrated and kept trying to struggle out of the vampires’ grips.

I hesitated in controlling the two vampires holding her when I spotted the third vampire.


It was a woman. She was aiming her gun at Kyxa and she smirked at me as if she knew me when I clearly didn’t know her.

“It took you long enough. He said you’d be here quicker than that. Guess he over estimated you.” She said.


“I wouldn’t be too rash if I were you, I could end up killing the fairy here.” The vampire said. Even though she didn’t have a very muscular frame I could tell she was experienced in combat.

Experienced or not, she’s clearly underestimating me. She thinks I can’t control three people at once?

“Didn’t you learn to check your surroundings?” A voice I recognized all too well said from behind me.


Why didn’t I feel her arrive? Even now I can’t sense her mind at all.

“Velor keeps boasting about you, you’d think you’d at least be this careful.” Carla said.

Just at that moment, I felt Xavier’s distress. I whirled around as my chest tightened.


Unfortunately my assumption was right. Carla had grabbed Xavier. What was worse, she was pressing a dagger to his small throat.

Xavier let out whines of protest and tried to push her hand away, but her vampire strength kept the dagger stable and hovering over his throat. I resisted the urge to surge forwards.

I tried to mentally attack Carla, but her mind wasn’t accessible. There was nothing for me to attack.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed, but controlling me isn’t an option right now. You have three options James. First, you try and save your girlfriend. But while you’re occupied with that I slit your son’s throat. Yes the moment you even take a step towards me his head rolls. Two you do nothing at all and then Miranda shoots your girlfriend and I kill your son. Or the third option, and what I think is the best option, you give us the Weapon and no one has to die.”

Xavier’s protests evolved into cries that made the situation seem all the more worse.


Damn it! Haven’t I gotten stronger? Then why? Why am I stuck in a situation like this?

I have to think fast, what do I do?


Yep. That happened. Any ideas on what might happen next? What would you guys do in James’ situation?

On another note, when Xavier aged up I tried to take a good picture of him, but this is the best I got.


Look at him! It’s a I-know-your-darkest-secrets look! Plus, if he wasn’t making that face he was making this face.


This kid spells out trouble.


 old prop

When you see an old extra walking around town…

This is a sim I used once, and I obviously neglected to take off the makeup…you’d think she’d at least have outgrown it right? (she was a teen then)

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16 Responses to 7.46 – A ‘normal’ life

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    James takes control of the chick with the gun and has her shoot Carla. While she’s distracted by that, James grabs Xavier and controls the 2 morons to release Kyxa.

    Or he can do the dutiful dad thing and take them to the house to fetch the weapon… I’m sure there’ll be an opportunity on the way to save the day.

    Besides he can always get the weapon back from Velor, who’s probably at the house already, stealing the weapon…

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      First scenario presents too much harm for Xavier though! During Carla’s surprise she’s either going accidently/or/purposefully kill Xavier, or she’ll drop/throw him away to avoid getting shot. Plus James is slightly in the way of that bullet, and Carla’ll see it since Miranda’ll have to turn towards her.

      That might work, but Carla would probably have him make the Weapon come to them, or at least leave the house and make itself known so Velor can grab it or something…


  2. ivaneluna says:

    Oh phooey. I was happy to see Joshua again! He’s like a sim after my own heart… Woot! But geez… what a way to end a chapter.


    • blamsart says:

      Haha! I think its what people call cliffhangers XD


      • ivaneluna says:

        Yeah… yeah… that would be correct. I, of course, have no idea what cliffhangers are. *nods* True story. Lol. Missed your characters, your writing, and well… you. 🙂 Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Lol XD

          It’s good to have you back!
          Though I have to admit, I’ve been curious, are the Clarke’s over?


          • ivaneluna says:

            Nah… I’m not quitting. The updates just aren’t coming as quickly as they used to. Plus I really need to upgrade my computer memory or something if I want to remain sane trying to play the game. (I’m sure being so far along in your legacy that you know what I’m talking about with having technical problems with my legacy. Gah.)

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              Oof! I got scared when I couldn’t find any trace of the Clarke’s on your blog XD

              (oh god tell me about it OTL)


              • ivaneluna says:

                Ohhh… I understand the confusion. I have two blogs. One is my writer portfolio (brainofivane.wordpress.com). The other is where the clarkes are (chroniclesofclarke.wordpress.com). I need to update a lot of links on the sims blog though because my domain is about to expire. So much work!

                I’m most likely going to add a link to the chronicles of clarke on my portfolio under stories. Right now, all’s under construction and still quite a mess.

                Liked by 1 person

                • blamsart says:

                  I really got scared of losing such a good legacy XD
                  *takes out toast* Well cheers to you for being back! (I need people to vote for these kids, I still can’t choose)
                  Yeah I was thinking you might do that, but it was still in construction XD. Anyway, good luck with all that, I can’t wait to see when the next Clarke chapter appears 😀 (though no worries, I can wait patiently…)


                  • ivaneluna says:

                    Well, here’s to hoping I catch up in time for the vote!

                    I’d say the update will come soon, but I already said that before and it didn’t happen, so *shrugs*. The update will come in due time. Haha!

                    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can find out in about a minute what James ultimately decided to do, but if I were him in this situation, I would give them Jane. Why? Because as far as I’m concerned he can regroup and simply take her back later. It’s obviously a risk, but it’s the only one that doesn’t cost him either Kyxa or sweet little Xavier. I mean I’m sure there are other options too, but when what’s on the line are the lives of your infant son and the woman you love more than your life, I wouldn’t take a single chance. He can get Jane back later. For now, he needs to protect the people he loves.

    Liked by 1 person

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