7.47 – For Xavier

Warning : Written and visual gore pg-13 verging on pg-16

ScreenshotKyxa’s POV

Even though the two vampires were squeezing my arms tighter with each struggle making my hands go numb from loss of blood…


Even if I’m staring down the inside of a gun knowing that any time now a bullet could come rushing out and I wouldn’t be able to block it with my sword let alone dodge it…


Even though seeing James looking so frustrated and at a loss made my chest tighten and made me only want to struggle more against the vampires…

I had a plan. It was a risky plan, but it was a good bet.


And the moment our eyes met I let him know. I let him know that I could take care of these two jimbos, or at least get away from them. I made a small gesture at Carla.

It was a risky plan, but there was good chance of it working.

James only hesitated for a second before putting his trust in me. He was ready to go after Carla, even if that was the one option that had the most chances of getting both me and Xavier killed. It made me happy to know he trusted me that much.


My plan involved me trying something I’d only ever tried once in my life – and I’d regretted it then. Even if all supernaturals are slowly losing their powers, I’m still considered pretty weak when it comes to fairy magic. I’m not like those two fairies who were with the witch Assaria. I can’t teleport back and forth with no problems. The first time I teleported was when I was seventeen years old and I nearly died from it. The energy requirements are enormous for me, but there isn’t much of another choice right now.

So I gathered my fairy energy into the middle of chest until it exploded into a ball of light. All I had to do then was envision where I wanted to go.


A few seconds later, I’d appeared behind Carla just as two gunshots shook the air.

My legs and head were starting to feel woozy, but I used the adrenaline pumping through me to grab Carla’s knife arm to prevent her from harming Xavier.


As I held her from behind, James had rushed over and had grabbed Xavier from Carla’s arms.

A wave of relief washed over me as the initial danger washed away.


Carla angrily shoved me off her back, and I didn’t have the strength to resist so I let myself fall onto the soft snow.

As the black dots dangerously appeared in my vision, my eyes caught sight of the two dead vampires.

They’d been shot at and their blood was starting to slowly trickle into the snow. More killing. I’m so tired of seeing dead people…


James had controlled the female vampire so she was now aiming her gun at Carla.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you.” The vampire said. Carla sighed and crossed her arms. She’d surrendered.


And I’m close to passing out.

Why’s the world tilted? Damn it, I must’ve fallen…

Well doubly proven, I just don’t have the magic to teleport.

Then again I wouldn’t need to teleport if situations like these didn’t keep following us.



James’ POV

“Is this really what you call an interrogation? You have weird methods James.” Carla said glaring at me.

“Just answer the question.” The female vampire demanded. Of course, she didn’t really do that of her own free will.


“The question? Let me ask you one. Why aren’t you talking to me directly? You know I can understand sign language.” Carla protested.

“Maybe because I have something better to do.” Miranda (I hadn’t searched for her name, it had willingly come up on its own in her mind) said.


“You’re one weird ass vampire James bringing your kid down here. Might even go as far as saying weirder Velor.” Carla scoffed. I admit it was a bit (maybe) irresponsible to bring Xavier down in the basement, but I didn’t want to leave him upstairs. Hell, I didn’t want to take my eyes off him.


And besides, looking at his gorgeous little face was more fun than interrogating Carla. I ended up making the vampire called Miranda tag along for this purpose. I’ll probably kill her or give her to the Weapon once I’m done though.

“Let’s ask again, why are you suddenly resistant to mind control?” Miranda asked.

“You really think I’ll just answer your question? Goodness James.”


Please stop stalling. I’m rather curious as well. I must admit seeing some torture might be more suited to the situation.” The witch chipped in. She rolled her eyes as I closed her mouth shut.

It is unfortunate to have to do this in front of her, but a nice upside with my power is I can make her forget any ground breaking discoveries I get from Carla.

“Oh so you do torture now? You did always look pretty shady when you were a toddler.” Carla muttered.


“I don’t usually torture, but since you’re family I’m sure we can make an exception. Now this girl here seems to think it’s due to an artifact, but we’ve searched you up and down and we haven’t found a single thing.” Miranda said.

“And you won’t. Instead of being concerned with such a tiny thing, shouldn’t you be thinking about Velor?” Carla asked.

I clenched my teeth. Right after Carla had surrendered I’d done a mental search to find Velor. He’d been smart not to stay too close, and unfortunately I only managed to catch a few minds who’d seen him before he was completely out of my coverage area.


“You know, there is a place we haven’t checked. She could’ve swallowed it.” Kyxa casually proposed.

I made Miranda pull out the knife Carla had dared bring to Xavier’s throat. At least this way things would end more quicker I could tend to the annoying suicidal stalker who’d just shown up at our doorstep.

Carla’s face grew pale. “Woah, wait! In front of the kid? Really James? Come on…” She started to plead.

“Huh good guess.” Kyxa whispered. Carla’s reaction confirmed. She actually had swallowed it.

Miranda brought her armed hand up. “Look I’ll tell you what it does okay? Just don’t kill me!”

Who knew my aunt’s facade broke so easily when death came into the equation?


“Go on then.” Miranda urged.

“It’s just an artifact Velor stole from some blue-haired guy. It makes the host immune to mind control, but it also prevents them from controlling others. There you happy?”

Blue-haired guy probably meant William. Why did my uncle even have that in the first place? Sounds pretty useful, especially for someone who can’t normally control people.

A sudden weird and strange idea came to mind.


I got up and Kyxa followed.

“There’s not much else you can get from me James, so I’d suggest you let me go. Velor doesn’t love me enough as a daughter to come ‘save’ me anyway.” Carla pleaded her case, but she didn’t how much that argument had just done the complete opposite.

I grabbed Kyxa’s hands and looked into her eyes before motioning for her to go upstairs with Xavier. Her brow furrowed in worry.

“James you’re not actually going to…”

‘For Xavier.’ I signed at her.

She pursed her lips, but she stopped herself from protesting. She always did that when it came to taking important decisions about Xavier. Almost as if she felt she had no say in it at all. She ended up nodding and bending down to pick up Xavier.


She headed up the ladder with Xavier as I made Miranda hand me the knife. The knife that could’ve killed my son.

The idea was enough to pull out the rage I’d started building up. That coward, why weren’t you here to face me Velor? Because of you I’m going to be forced into doing things to protect Xavier.

“James…what are you doing?” Carla said, her eyes glancing between my face and the weapon in my hands.


My hand gripped the knife almost as if I was nervous. Was I nervous?

I felt Miranda’s weak and faint struggle against my control. I was done with her. In a swift mental attack I overwhelmed her mind and she fell to her knees under the pain unable to let out a scream. I didn’t want to hear someone scream. She eventually succumbed to it and fell flat on the ground from the sheer force of my attack. If I’d done it right, her brain was fried beyond repair.

Carla’s eyes drifted to Miranda’s now dead body.

“James, it doesn’t serve you anything to keep me here. Ask me any question and I’ll answer, but you probably know as much as I do.” She said slowly.


I faked looking pensive for a second.

‘My only question, is how you thought you could get away with threatening my kid.’ I signed at her.

She shook her head in disbelief. “No, you’re not that kind of guy James. Not with a mom like Zyla.”


I smirked, shaking my head at her.

‘You were raised by the same person.’ I signed at her. She pursed her lips.

“Still, James, you and your siblings you aren’t-”


“Haven’t you noticed that out of the four people who actively participated in endangering Xavier’s life, three of them are dead?” Assaria said from behind me. She was having so much fun watching…might as well make her participate.

Carla’s face twisted in anger.


She bounded up from her seat.

“I’m not tied up or anything James! Do you really think I’ll just let you kill me without fighting back!?” She shouted a slight desperation tinging her voice. Somehow this reminded me of when I was younger.


“This is unfair! Why…I thought I was stronger…”

That was when I was still thinking about not abusing my power for mom’s sake. But I remember the exhilarating feeling of beating Carla…it’s hard to remember how I managed without controlling before.

Carla never really changed did she? As pathetic then as she is now.


I’m not doing this only for revenge. This is to give Xavier extra protection. Because if I don’t I’ll lose him for good. And when I do it’ll really be entirely my fault.

A father like me…he’d be better with someone else.

At this second, as the dagger slashes through the air, splitting Carla’s stomach open, I don’t care if I’m the goddamn worst dad in the planet. I don’t want to lose Xavier. And the one person going against what I want is myself.


It’d be better for him if I gave him up.

I don’t want to! Xavier is my son! Even if he’s been kidnapped more times than I want to count by the worst people that walk this earth, I can protect him. I don’t want to give him away.

That’s what drives me to stab Carla until her last breath leaves her body.

If I can prove to myself I can protect Xavier I’ll stop having these goddamn horrible thoughts.

I cut her stomach wide open, and with a slight grimace I dug my hand in. The things I’m doing for that kid…

After a few seconds of panic thinking it was a lie, that she’d never actually swallowed it, my fingers finally grasped a small metallic slippery bead that had attached itself to her stomach wall.

With a sign I took it and stood up.


I took a few seconds to breathe as I let what I’d done sink in.

I’ve killed before, but I’ve never had the victim’s blood actually dripping off my hands…I just killed Carla, but I don’t feel sad or remorseful.

There’s only this weird slightly nauseating feeling in the pit of my stomach.


I hope it passes and I hope the bead works on Xavier.

I don’t want to give up Xavier, he’s fine with me.

Of course. A father like me…who wouldn’t want that?


…OKAY yeah, I missed dark James 😀 and I will shamelessly admit this chapter was an enormous amount of fun to write. Sorry for the quality of the last few pics, I wanted to try something out XD

Well *AHEM* let’s finish off this chapter with a vote. We have an intermission coming up in a few chapters so Peeping Tom decided to make a comeback.


R.I.P Carla


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5 Responses to 7.47 – For Xavier

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Bitch deserved it! James you do what you have to to protect your son!!! Unless the person you kill is a total innocent I wouldn’t feel bad

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  2. ivaneluna says:

    So. Much. Death! Almost seemed like Kyxa was getting tired of it all. Ah but yeah… still… James and Kyxa together = ❤


  3. Heh, well, it should come as no surprise to you judging by my previous comments that more than anything, James’ actions only served to sicken me further. It’s difficult remaining in his point of view, and I still have such a ways to go, haha. But there’s no doubt his story is an interesting one. It’s just….personal preference. For me, personally, his head’s a challenging place to linger.

    *takes deep breaths* I’ll just try not to think about it too much and keep going.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. *Mpart* says:

    I honestly don’t feel bad for Carla dying. She held a knife to his son’s throat and threatened to kill him. She was going to kill him. If I had put any of my characters in the same position, that’s the least they would do. Even my little awkward main character who happens to like explosions. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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